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Love You You 夏日樂悠悠 - Eddie Peng, Angelababy
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Thread: Love You You 夏日樂悠悠 - Eddie Peng, Angelababy

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    Default Love You You 夏日樂悠悠 - Eddie Peng, Angelababy

    I notice there wasn't a thread for this movie, so I'm starting one now that fans of Tangren series are going to see him paired onscreen with LSS and bromancing HG in Da Mo Yao.

    I really highly recommend a watch of this movie and enjoy Eddie's devil-may-care character You Lele who's ultimately devoted to one woman. You will know why Karen Tsoi decided to cast him as Huo Qu Bing.

    Love You You is a picturesque tropical island resort off the East Coast of Malaysia, designed specially for romantic getaways and beach weddings. Here's the welcome signboard...reminds me of Flintstones!

    And here's the Love You You wedding chapel along the jetty dressed up in sunny pastels and an unconstructed fence to relay the "beach bum" relaxed, airy feel of the resort.

    To cut a long story short, Xia Mi (Angelababy) is hired by a law firm under the instructions of You JK, to gather incriminating information on his younger brother You Lele at Love You You resort. Basically JK and Lele come from a wealthy family and the patriarch has set his sons (from different wives of course) a contest where each of them run an island resort for a year, and the most profitable gets to head the patriarch's hotel chain.

    Unbeknownst to all, Love You You island brought back nightmares for Xia Mi, as her parents drowned in the sea near the island 12 years ago. But it's part of her job, so she comes to Love You You...though with plenty of emotional baggage.

    At her first encounter with Lele (dressed up as Jack Sparrow!), Xia Mi takes an instant dislike to him and sees him as a scammer who swindles wealthy tourists into signing up for over-priced "spiritual retreat" packages through tall tales of his fake buccaneering adventures.

    See Eddie as Jack Sparrow, hahaha! I have yet to see Wallace Huo's comic performance in his Jack Sparrow impersonation in the upcoming C-drama, Xing Ming Shi Ye, but I'm convinced Eddie's fabulous comic timing will be hard to match.

    Claiming her money and passport were stolen at the harbour, Xia Mi offers to work for free for Lele. But Xia Mi has a sleepwalking problem, and accidentally walks into the room of a wealthy client, Hao Chang (Zhu Yuchen), to the horror of his fiancee Miss Sophia (Zhou Yang). The couple end up quarreling even after explanation by Xia Mi and Lele rages about losing his big client. Xia Mi feels guilty and conspires with Lele to reconcile the couple, who makes up and the splashy wedding goes ahead as planned.

    And it turns out that Lele is also a Justice Of Peace!

    Gradually, sparks of love fly between Xia Mi and Lele under the magical atmosphere of Love You You Resort. It was touching how much Lele could get in tune with Xia Mi's inner fears and deep insecurities. Xia Mi is actually partially deaf, but refuses to wear a hearing aid due to a past trauma where her ex-boyfriend refused to accept her disability as well as cold shouldering by her foster family. She can hide her disability well as she is able to read lips. Lele guessed at her disability and feels for her when she runs out during the wedding ceremony as the groom starts to sing a romantic lullaby to his bride, which she's unable to listen to. He makes her a beautiful dessert called Heart of the Sea and reveals to her that his secret dream was always to be a chef rather than head a big hotel chain.

    Droool...take a look at Lele working his mastery in the kitchen! I have a weakness for men who love to cook and cook really well, heheh!

    Xia Mi later realizes that Lele's "spiritual retreat" package isn't a scam after all, when she undergoes it herself! It actually involves spending the night all alone in a deserted island with just a sleeping bag and screaming out your unhappiness and sadness as loud as you can. It proves to be therapeutic for Xia Mi as she cries her heart out for her dead parents.

    Later, Xia Mi suspects that her client JK simply wants to get some inside information on Lele's business through her. When Lele discovers Xia Mi was hired by JK, their burgeoning romance hit the rocks and the couple quarrel heatedly. However, when the crux came where the winner of the family contest was announced (Love You You Resort came up to be the most profitable), and JK tried to frame Lele with a video showing him apparently instructing Xia Mi to steal JK's files, Xia Mi steps up to reveal her painful secret - her hearing disability - to vouch for Lele's innocence. Xia Mi then leaves the island resort in tears, refusing to let Lele reach out to her again. But she turns to try to find him after reading his letter and personal diary where he poured out his feelings for her.

    Lele was there when she cried out over her dead parents on that deserted little island. Lele understood when she ran out in tears from the wedding chapel because she couldn't hear Hao Chang's serenade to his wife. And importantly, it was love at first sight for Lele during their first meeting in his Jack Sparrow get-up.

    Beautiful! Lele watches over Xia Mi who sleepwalked out of her tent.

    Anyway, this is a breezy summer romance movie and the couple finally reconcile after a series of hits and misses, with Lele quitting his family business to realize his dream of becoming a chef and Xia Mi beginning a new job. Lele reveals his own little secret to her - that he knew and loved little Xia Mi since 12 years ago when he helped to rescue her during that fatal accident that took her parents' lives.

    By itself, the movie script, written by director Jingle Ma, has loads of cliches and loopholes. That's the issue some critics might have with Jingle Ma. His scripts are far from weighty and his success in translating them to the big screen depends very heavily on the acting chops of his leads. His movies can either be crappy (if his leads fail to deliver) OR awesome (when his leads are right). I, for one, didn't think much of his remake of Butterfly Lovers as Wu Chun and Charlene Choi (MORE singers-turned-actors who just cannot act!) are weak leads and need really great scripts (like Charlene Choi had in The Sorcerer and The White Snake) to actually win over the audience.

    To Jingle Ma's great luck, Eddie more than delivered with a truly wonderful performance and ability to ignite sizzling chemistry with a fluffy model-turned-actress like Angelababy, resulting in a great rom-com that won critical accolades across the movie world. It's tough for a rom-com, much less one with a fluff-inducing title like "Love You You", to actually be critically acclaimed. And it's 1000% due to Eddie's engaging charisma that truly brought out the best of his co-stars and the essence of the movie.

    Love Eddie Eddie! And I dare say he single-handedly made me appreciate Angelababy's acting and onscreen charm, something I thought was impossible.

    To end off, may I share Love You You's lovely theme song, composed and performed by none other than Singapore's most successful C-music export, JJ Lin!

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    I just finished watching this drama yesterday. It was quite entertaining and fell in love with Eddie's acting. Then went on to watch Love. Didn't like his character so much there. Now I'm thinking about Jump Ashin.
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    This was a cute movie, I especially liked the ending. The beginning was a little slow, but the later half was sweet and enjoyable. Eddie gave a good performance as well, you can totally see the HQB in him.

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