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Thread: I hate the Peach Valley 6 Fairies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPlayWow View Post
    it look like they might do this again in swordsman 2012

    And I was excited that Wallace Huo was in it! Oh well, guess what I won't be watching.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IPlayWow View Post
    it look like they might do this again in swordsman 2012
    I don't think LHC will be sleeping with DFBB in 2012. But I'm guessing its more of one-sided love for DFBB or his sister or something else other than romantic.
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    I like these guys. I think Jin Yong spent a lot of time on their dialogue, and I feel it was worth it. There were a lot of play on words and playful mischief involved.

    If you want to know what boring means, try to read the Game of Thrones series. 90% of that series is EXCELLENT, but the parts involving the little kid Brandon, ugh just awful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yuet Thi View Post
    In the Swordsman 2, Linghu Chong slept with Dongfang Bubai and that scarred me. Please don't let this repeat!
    Don't think of them as novel characters, when it's the handsome and talented Jet Li with the impeccably beautiful Brigitte Lin.

    I love that movie. I pretty much don't associate it with the novel at all and just enjoy it on its own terms.
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