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Thread: Farthest away from the Central Plains (China) that any wuxia character has traveled?

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    Default Farthest away from the Central Plains (China) that any wuxia character has traveled?

    What is the greatest distance that any character in wuxia fiction (particularly protagonists) is known to have traveled?

    In LOCH, Gwok Jing and Wong Yung traveled as far west as Samarkand, which is located in what is now Uzbekistan.

    In ROCH, East Heretic Wong Yerk See and Yeung Gor were known to have traveled extensively, but nobody knows precisely where.

    In HSDS, Golden-Haired Lion King Tse Tsun, Cheung Chui San, and Yan So So traveled to Ice Fire Island, where Cheung Mo Gei was born. Ice-Fire Island is far away from the Central Plains of China, but it was never established precisely how far away it was.

    In DOMD, Wai Siu Bo and Seung-yee made it as far as the Chinese-Russian border of the time, and I think Siu Bo actually made the trip to Moscow (which would make him the farthest-traveled if it's true).

    Various other characters originated from Persia and India in various stories, but they traveled from those countries *into* the Central Plains.

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    Subedei is mentioned in LOCH, and he co-commanded the expedition that crushed sizeable European armies in Poland and Hungary. He and Jebe also co-commanded a previous expedition that first took care of one of Genghis's old enemies who had set up a new kingdom in Georgia, before scouting out the land in that direction.

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    Xiaozhao going back to Persia. Of course, provided that she made it.

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