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Thread: In China, is censorship the mother of creativity?

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    Default In China, is censorship the mother of creativity?

    In China, is censorship the mother of creativity?

    Ai Weiwei, Chinaís most outspoken artist and government critics, continues to speak out against the authoritiesí attempts to silence him.

    Aiís most recent project, a self-surveillance project known as, was shut down last week after a government request. His work has been featured in filmmaker Alison Klaymanís new documentary ďAi Weiwei: Never Sorry."

    In this episode of The Stream, we speak with Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei, filmmaker Alison Klayman and J.P. Singh, associate professor of Communication, Culture and Cechnology at Georgetown University.
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    Ai Weiwei needs to learn the meaning of "Take one step back, there is a great sky and plain" and embrace it. In Chinese that is 退一步海闊天空. If he minds his own business like 99%+ of the Chinese population, nothing will happen to him. The authority will leave him alone.

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    China bashing done right can make one a lot of money.

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    It comes with being a Great Power. Stop whining and get used to it.

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