the drama is about something related to counselor social workers or can called as psychology.. they helped the kids who gt raped or bullied... whatever things that related to children.the main actor last time when he was young, he got child ald.. his wife died when she gave birth... the daughter always tells the friend that the main actor is her brother.... then the main actress also counselor.. if im not mistaken, her family quite rich one.. she gt some health problem.. got 1 time, she fell down and knock the tree then become blind temporary.. then after that the main actress go oversea but i forget go oversea for what... then at the end part there, they said the president of s'pore wants to see all the counselors coz they did a good job then when the main actor on the way to see the president, his car break down.. then the main actress so ngam passed by then she fetch him... oh oh.. and also.. the daughter died at the middle of the drama... i forget what happened to her d... Pls help me find this drama!!!!! is very nice but i forget the name d!!! thankiuuu so muchhhhh!!!!!