When the crazed West Poison Au Yeung Fung fought North Beggar Hung 7 Gung and East Heretic Wong Yerk See at the Second Mt. Hua Sword Tournament, neither of the other two Greats could handle him because they couldn't make any sense of Au Yeung Fung's unpredictable, "crazy" fake-9 Yum Jen Ging techniques. Even Wong Yerk See, known for his unorthodox thinking and martial arts, was nevertheless too rational to adjust to Au Yeung Fung's completely irrational new fighting style.

Chow Bak Tung had originally planned on taking part in this battle, but left the site early due to the affairs concerning Ying Goo, South Emperor 1 Deng, and Kau Cheen Yan. Had Chow Bak Tung stayed around for the fight, would *he* have beaten Au Yeung Fung? Chow Bak Tung isn't exactly quite rational himself, and his Left/Right Hand Technique was just as unpredictable as Au Yeung Fung's crazy techniques. Moreover, Chow Bak Tung had a thorough understanding of the real 9 Yum Jen Ging, which would go a long way towards neutralizing Au Yeung Fung's crazy fake 9 Yum Jen Ging techniques.