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Thread: The Magical Backwaters of Kerala

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    Default The Magical Backwaters of Kerala

    Kerala,situated in the South of India, is famous for many things among whichbackwaters are the most famous. Unlike the canals in Thailand andMilan, the Kerala backwaters are less crowded and less polluted. TheArabian Sea caresses the Southern tip of India and hence Keralabackwaters have a complex network of lagoons, lakes and canalsmeandering through the entire state. Cruising down the backwaters,catching a glimpse of the scenery around is an experience never to beforgotten

    Houseboatsare the chief attraction in the backwaters and are much more modifiedthan the old models that were used for carrying goods. The houseboatsused for tourists are huge, slow moving, exotic barge suitable forleisure trips. The houseboats are called Kettuvalloms which mean‘boat with knots’. As the name suggests, the entire boat is heldtogether with coir knots only without using a single nail. Planks ofjackwood are joined together with coir. Caustic black resin made fromboiled cashew kernels are used to coat the boat. A portion of thehouseboat is covered with bamboo and coir that serves as a restroomand kitchen for the crew. These houseboats provide tourists withexotic travel experience. To add comfort to the houseboat they areprovided with furnished bedrooms, modern toilets, cozy living rooms,a kitchen and balcony for angling. The curved roof of wood or plaitedpalm is built to provide shade and allows uninterrupted views. Thebreathtaking view of the rural and untouched Kerala provides amagical experience and hence the Kerala holiday tours are in great demand.

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    Looks like Kerala is really a beautiful and nice place, someday I will try to visit Kerala.

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