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Do read up on the places you guys wanna go beforehand. would help alot to do some or little research. a little goes a long way too..

"taken from website [COLOR=#417394][/COLOR], i got scammed, thus creating awareness to help buyers from being a victim" cheers.

Acting on the false belief that Singapore has extremely low prices on electronics, tourists flock to Sim Lim Square to snatch up the latest cameras and computers.

Some unscrupulous salespeople are unable to resist the easy sales and take advantage of tourists who assume theyíre getting a great deal.

Most of Sim Limís vendors are reputable, but you can defend yourself from the rip-off artists by following these tips:

Compare prices
Before you make a major purchase itís a smart idea to check the price at other local shops and even in your home country. Prices on new brand-name electronics really donít vary that much and Singapore is definitely not the cheapest place to shop. I got a much better deal on my DLSR camera in Canada and the warranty is longer!

Information is power
Itís easy to use the internet to check a productís suggested retail price and even print out information about
what you plan to buy. S$400 may seem like a great price for a digital camera with accessories, but not when you later discover itís an old model and suggested retail price is now S$300.

Confirm the total price
One of the most common complaints is salespeople who add surprise 'unlocking fees' to the bill for phones and video games. These fees are often a scam.

Be wary of fakes
I donít recall Apple launching an iPhone nano, but I have seen one at Sim Lim Square! Though police raids have made them rare, fakes do exist.

Donít be charmed
The shops on the first floor are known for specifically targeting tourists. Anyone who shouts at you across the mall about special deals Ďjust for youí probably doesnít have good intentions.