Musician Lee Ming Ho Arrested For Suspected Rape of Anonymous TVB Actress

The day before, a 23-year-old TVB actress was raped while drunk. Last night, the Hong Kong Police Department arrested 32-year-old musician, Lee Ming Ho (李銘豪), due to the rape allegations. The rape reportedly took place at Lee Ming Hos music studio the day before. The victim was Lees long-time friend and discovered that she was being sexually violated after waking up from a drunken stupor.

While the identity of the TVB actress was not publicly reported due to privacy reasons, Apple Daily revealed that the 23-year-old had participated in a beauty contest, in which she declared her strong interest in music, especially enjoying singing Mandarin songs. Shortly afterward, she participated in another talent competition and although she was not placed, she signed with TVB and appeared in cameo roles.

The TVB actress maintained a Weibo blog, in which she had posted photos of recording inside a music studio. This year, the TVB actress has appeared in more promotional events, with greater public exposure.

How it Happened

It was reported that the TVB actress visited her friend of many years, Lee Ming Ho, at the VI-MAZ Music Studio in Tsim Sha Tsui the night before. She intended to confide to Lee about her troubled thoughts. She brought a bottle of red wine and the pair chatted on the sofa inside Lees music studio. Eventually, the TVB actress fell into a drunken stupor.

At 4 AM, the TVB actress woke up from her drunken state and realized that she was being sexually violated. After a physical shuffle with Lee, she ran out of the music studio distressed. She went home to sleep for a period of time. Regaining her soberness, she told her elder sister what occurred.

Consulting with her family members, the TVB actress decided to file rape allegations at the Hong Kong Police Department. Since she did not take a shower after being sexually violated, a rape kit with sample evidence was collected.

Lee Ming Ho Pleads His Innocence

Lee Ming Ho founded VI-MAX Music Studio in 2004, which recorded music for Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and overseas artists. Artists such as Karen Mok (莫文蔚), Eason Chan (陳奕迅), William So (蘇永康), and Grasshoppers have visited his studio in the past.

Although he acknowledged that he had assisted the police department, Lee Ming Ho denied that he was a rapist. I did not do it! This incident has a huge impact on my company and I! Lee continued emotionally, I do not know why the police came to me. Rape is a serious allegation! If it did occur, the police will lodge a case against me. Why would they release me?

Lee declined to reveal further details as to what had occurred on the night of the alleged rape, stating that his lawyer will be handling the matter.

It was reported that Lee was released on bail last night, but was required to report to the police department in mid-June.

Was he set up by the actress or he really rape the actress?