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Thread: Use of 哥 or 姐 in everyday speech

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    Default Use of 哥 or 姐 in everyday speech

    I'm curious as to what is the appropriate usage of these terms for people who are not related to you?

    I was always under the impression that 'ge/gege' and 'jie/jiejie' can be used freely to respectfully address those who are older than you (e.g. Jing Gege), but there's this person on tumblr who insists that using such terms for someone who is not related to you is awkward/uncommon.

    Have I misunderstood things? Are these terms used back then but not now? But, that doesn't make sense...the dramas I've watched seem to use these terms as stated above. Is it less awkward for those of a certain age range to use them?

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    Besides our elder siblings, I also make use of brothers/sisters with my close friends.

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    I have used these terms to address friends older than me who are not related to me before, but, mostly when I was little.
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