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Thread: Trying to find a very old tvb show

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    Default Trying to find a very old tvb show

    Hello!! I am trying to find a costume tvb series that is about eagles. I slightly remember that it is about eagles transforming into humans. It central around a teenage girl. Her father is the prince of the eagle. I don't remember any of the characters' names. Thanks!

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    The only series I can think of which comes even close to what you're describing is "人鬼狐" or "The Man, the Ghost and the Fox". Ironically, "Eagle" isn't part of the title even though the second half of the series focuses almost entirely on the eagles and the Foxes and Ghost are long gone. It stars Hugo Ng as the main character who loves a female fox at first, then she commits suicide by throwing herself onto a forge to allow him to forge a magic sword which can kill the big bad fox. I remember being really upset about that part because I really liked the actress, and that was probably her largest role in TVB ever. After the fox dies the story shifts to Jimmy Au's Ghost arc, and returns to Hugo as he meets the eagle girl.

    Here's a link to the opening theme and series on tudou:-
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    I hate the serial. The story line is ok but the problem is there are lot of nudity in the serial that shouldn't be in there.

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