Kiu Fung was wuxia fiction's most legendary lover of alcohol. Nobody drank as copiously as did Kiu Fung, and nobody else in wuxia fiction seemed to enjoy drinking as much. That's really something considering that his competition would include individuals such as North Beggar Hung 7 Gung, Ling Wu Chung, Lee Chum Foon, Luk Siu Fung, and Wu Teet Fa, among others. None of those other prolific drinkers could compare with Kiu Fung in this department.

Because of his geographic location, however, Kiu Fung likely only drank Han Chinese (Central Plains) and Khitan (steppes) liquors. What do you think would have been Kiu Fung's opinion of these other global liquors that he never had an opportunity to drink?

1. French brandy

2. French champagne

3. German beer

4. Caribbean rum

5. American whiskey

6. Mexican tequila

7. Japanese sake