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女人帮妞儿 Women Help Girls (2012) / "Sexy Fox" "Baby Baby"
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Thread: 女人帮妞儿 Women Help Girls (2012) / "Sexy Fox" "Baby Baby"

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    Default 女人帮妞儿 Women Help Girls (2012) / "Sexy Fox" "Baby Baby"


    Didn't see a thread for this, and I am quite shocked.

    Anyway, I was drawn to this series because I saw a promo with Chen Jian Bin (Cao Cao from Three Kingdoms (2010)) apparently being in this series.

    Also the fact that it stars Cherrie Yin and Xiong Nai Jin (whom I am familiar with from Heavenly Master Zhong Kui - Legend of Beauty (2010)).

    I ended up watching the entire drama in ONE sitting (it's pretty short).

    Pretty shocking. China's answer to Sex and the City, apparently. Outrageous, over-the-top storylines and envelope-pushing promiscuity.

    Sexy Fox (Opening Theme) Music Video

    Baby Baby (End Theme) Music Video

    More info + images/screenshots:
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    I'd only be able to watch this if someone subs it :T

    Looks interesting enough and I also like Xiong Nai Jin.
    I like me.

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