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Thread: Tang Dynasty Twin Dragons

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    Default Tang Dynasty Twin Dragons

    Whew! Finished reading the malay comics version of the Tang Dynasty Twin Dragons featuring Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling (sans the missing chapters 76-166)

    I'm posting this in a new thread so as not to disturb the translation thread here
    It's an amazing roller-coaster ride (graphic version emphatically overemphasized the fights!)

    The names were different but after a while you get used to it.

    A great ending, reminiscent of Yang Guo condor heroes ending.

    click to show/hide spoilers

    Kou Zhong turns out to be a great general but realises he will make a poor emperor. He hates paperwork! He has excellent support of his army and lieutenants.

    Xu Ziling turns out to be a natural pugilist. Topmost fighter of the next generation!

    Both of them are natural adept, able to grasp kung fu principles easily.
    Kou Zhong is like a "play-boy" but married 2 women that he realised he loved. Could have married the third but...
    Xu Ziling marries one women but has 2 other world-famous beauties loving him as well...

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    how many chapters are there?
    he's the strongest in history but he's the disciple.

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    Don't know, but the comics consists of 252 books!!!
    It is a very very long novel [from what I can gather from the comics].

    IMO it is one of the good ones (assuming the comics are true to the book)

    edit: in this old post it says there are 63 books!

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