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Thread: Legend of the Hero Beyond the Great Wall (塞外奇俠傳)

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    Default Legend of the Hero Beyond the Great Wall (塞外奇俠傳)

    I said I was going to do this a while back but I never did. The story is called "Legend of the Hero Beyond the Great Wall" (塞外奇俠傳) by Liang Yusheng, which is a sequel to "Legend of the White Haired Demoness" but a prequel to "Seven Swordsmen of Mount Heaven", so it's recommended to read the former first if you haven't. It's only 28 short chapters so I can probably finish it in about 3 months if I do a chapter every 3 days. I'll post the first chapter tomorrow or the day after.

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilz91 View Post
    I said I was going to do this a while back but I never did. The story is called "Legend of the Hero Beyond the Great Wall" (塞外奇俠傳) by Liang Yusheng, which is a sequel to "Legend of the White Haired Demoness" but a prequel to "Seven Swordsmen of Mount Heaven", so it's recommended to read the former first if you haven't. It's only 28 short chapters so I can probably finish it in about 3 months if I do a chapter every 3 days. I'll post the first chapter tomorrow or the day after.
    Wow, looking forward to this! I love your translation of A Deadly Secret. Feel free to post it on my Rivers and Lakes forum as well, if you want.

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    Thank you. Waiting...

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    Default Chapter 1

    Hey whiteskwirl, what forum is that? It's been a while so I don't remember.

    Chapter 1 The Martial Brothers Unusual Encounter in the Desert

    The rose blooms like a red cloud,
    Its fruit larger than a bowl,
    My guest, what is wrong with your mouth?
    Please get off your horse, there is sweet honeydew inside.

    Sounds of singing were mixed with sounds of jingling camel bells, floating around the vastness of the barren wasteland. Several camels pulled along a heavy load, slowly advancing through the towering weight of the great desert. A Kazakh youth had just finished singing at the top of his voice. Another youth on a camel scolded: Yishida, are you not going to die of thirst? Keep singing like that and your throat will be completely parched!

    Yishida laughed. To think that youve lived with us for all these years, yet you dont understand us Kazakh people. The Kazakh will laugh even at the most bitter of hardships!

    Another Kazakh youngster interrupted: Yishida, you speak true words, only that the song you are singing doesnt really match our circumstances! Look at various sandy hills in front of us, it would be difficult to even find a drop of water, yet you speak of eating honeydews. Are you deliberating trying to provoke us?

    Yishida pretended to be angry and scolded: Oh Maigeti, you dare to call our region a ghostly region? You were born and raised in the prairies; your footprints spread north and south of Mount Heaven. Do you think I dont know what goodies we have? Let me count for you: We have peacock fruits that are as blue and jade-like as a real peacock; on both coasts of the river bank, the pear gardens in every household are filled with pears that taste as sweet as grapes from Tulufan; we also have peaches and apricots from Akesu and Kashi, and mouth-watering honeydews, are they all not good foods? Hmph, melons and fruits are nothing spectacular, we also herd sheep as white as clouds in the sky, and the most beautiful girls with braided hair on this land. Ah, Maigeti, after crossing this desert, I will help you find a beautiful and adorable shepherd lady.

    Maigeti raised his head and said: You dont have to count. If you actually name all the good things we have, it would take more than an entire day. We also have sparkling gold radiated by the sunlight in the Altai Mountains, and a jade river flowing down from Mount Kunlun; on top of rocks there are gemstones that are as red pomegranates and as white as a lilies. Its too bad that all these things will soon be taken away by the Manchus!

    The young Han who initially reprimanded Yishida said: Thats why we have to take it back. Maigeti, dont laugh at my wishful thinking; I think that one day, we will lure the snow and water on Mount Heaven down to the desert. When that time comes, not only will we not have to preserve anything, we will also get many other goodies! That shepherd lady of yours will no longer have to fear the desert storm swallowing her sheep. She will probably laugh and be even more beautiful and adorable than before.

    In one leap Yishida made his way to the camel of this young man. He pulled on him and said: Hero Yang, your heart is worth a hundred times more than our most valuable gem. You are a Han, different from our Kazakh brothers, yet you are even closer to us than real brothers! You helped us in war for so many years, yet you show no signs of weariness. You even accompanied us through the desert. Oh, I am really willing to kiss you.

    The one called Hero Yang laughed: Dont be foolish! I am your leader. I order that from now on, you guys should stop speaking so much nonsense. It is getting hotter every day and we didnt bring enough water. The more we talk the thirstier we will get. Our water supply is limited!

    Yishida stuck out his tongue. He jumped back to his own camel and lashed at it like a naughty child.

    The one called Hero Yang was named Yang Yuncong. He was the eldest disciple of Reverend Huiming from Mount Heaven. Reverend Huiming lived in seclusion at the summit of Mount Heaven and spent his time studying swordplay. He collected the techniques of various schools and clans and invented 148 stances of the Mount Heaven Swordplay. If these stances were to be used successfully, its force would be extremely remarkable. Yang Yuncongs father was a descendant of a loyal state official of the Ming Dynasty. To escape the castration calamity (authors note: During the Ming Dynasty, the eunuch Wei Zhongxian took full control of the court, this was later known as the castration calamity.) he escaped to Xinjiang and, under suggestion, brought his son to become Reverend Huimings disciple[1]. Yang Yuncong had been learning since the age of eight and had completed ten full years of training. He had fully comprehended the essence of the Mount Heaven Swordplay.

    The year Yang Yuncong turned 18, he descended the mountain. He travelled through the north and south areas around Mount Heaven and became a wandering hero, rooting out the strong and supporting the weak. He became good friends with many herdsmen. It was now the seventh year since Shunzhi entered the pass. The situation was settled, the Qing court began to invade the northwest and various tribes in Xinjiang. Yang Yuncong entered the Kazakh army and assisted them in defending against the Qing soldiers. The battle had already lasted for six years, but they were simply outnumbered. From Xinjiang they retreated all the way to South Xinjiang and were chased to the Taklamakan Desert. Their army was divided into many smaller groups and spread into all directions.

    Yang Yuncongs group consisted of eight people and four camels. Yishida and Maigeti were both young and famous Kazakh warriors in Xinjiang. The two of them were naturally optimistic, even in such a dangerous situation they believed the Kazakh would not be bullied by others. Although they brought laughter along the way, they were actually arousing the weary mind of the other members.

    The desert sand was limitless. After travelling for a few days, they still did not reach home. Their water supply depleted day by day. The sun scorched the yellow sand, even the camel was running out of breath. Fortunately, the weather gradually got cooler. Yang Yuncong found a small ravine, the bottom already cracked open. He pushed against the bottom a few times and pushed aside the dirt. He picked up a handful of sand and inspected. We will camp here tonight.

    After the tent was set up, everyone drank some water and ate some food. Yang Yuncong said: Although the dirt in this ravine is dry, there could still be a supply of water. Yishida and Maigeti, please make a trip around the ravine and see if there is any water.

    To find a source of water in the desert requires plenty of experience. Otherwise, the search would simply be in vain. Yishida and Maigeti knew the desert like their own family. Naturally, Yang Yuncong was confident in letting the two of them find water.

    The climate changes of the desert were extremely polarized. In the afternoon it would be extremely hot but it would be very cold at night. Yang Yuncong waited for a long while but the two still did not return. He recalled that when the two of them rushed outside, they only wore one layer. Although they knew martial arts, it would be difficult for them to endure the cold. Yang Yuncong picked up two sheepskin coats and left the tent. He was about to call out when suddenly he heard Yishida whistling. Immediately he ran over in rapid haste. Under the moonlight he saw that a Han youth was battling intensely with Yishida and Maigeti. The two of them both retreated quickly and were clearly outmatched. From the shadow behind the Han youth, Yang Yuncong could make out that there were about ten people.

    Yang Yuncong was startled. The martial arts of these two could be considered one of the very best in the Kazakh tribe. Naturally, whoever they were facing must be an expert of the martial world. Without a weapon, Yang Yuncong leapt forward and whirled the two sheepskin coats over the top of this persons head. This persons swordplay was remarkably fast, as soon as he turned around, the tip of his sword had already evaded Yang Yuncongs Iron Cloth Garment stance and pierced directly at his opponent. Yang Yuncong twirled the two coats left and right and rolled it up like a whirlwind. Chi! His coat was ripped apart by the sword, but he also seized the sword from his opponent.

    Yang Yuncong shouted, Are you martial brother Chu Zhaonan?

    This persons face flushed red and picked up his prized sword on the ground. He backed away one step and after looking carefully, urgently paid his respects and said: Ah, how did Brother Yang end up here!

    Chu Zhaonan was an orphan. He went up the mountain three years after Yang Yuncong. He was the second disciple of Reverend Huiming[2]. On the third year of Yang Yuncongs descent from Mount Heaven, Chu Zhaonan had completed ten years worth of training and left the mountain to uphold justice. At this point it has also been three years.

    Yang Yuncong had not seen his martial brother for six years. He was very delighted to meet his martial brother by chance in the middle of a desert. He pulled over Chu Zhaonan and said: Martial brother, when did you descend the mountain? Why didnt you notify me? Martial brother, we have not seen each other in several years, your martial arts has improved substantially. You were actually able to tear apart my old sheepskin coat. Haha!

    He did not know that Chu Zhaonan was using a precious sword, its name was the Gliding Dragon Sword, and just like the Jade Fracturing Sword, it was given to him by their teacher Reverend Huiming[3]. Although Chu Zhaonan wielded a precious sword, it was taken away from him by his martial brother in the matter of two stances, consequently he felt extremely embarrassed. Although Yang Yuncong greeted him so warmly, he only spoke one minute and was quiet the next. Yang Yuncong continued, Did you come with those people? Tonight we can stay together.

    We have urgent matters to attend to and must travel north overnight. We only need a bit of water. Chu Zhaonan replied.

    You do not have water? asked Yang Yuncong.

    Chu Zhaonan nodded. Yishida went forward and pulled at Yang Yuncong. Speaking in Kazakh dialect, he said, Your martial brother is quite unreasonable. It took us so much effort to unearth this water supply, yet he simply comes over and claims it as his own. I will give it to him out of respect for you, otherwise, no way!

    After Yang Yuncong heard this, he felt very uneasy. He looked closely at Chu Zhaonan. How could he become like this? he thought. Originally he wanted to reprimand him, but meeting again after such a long period of separation and knowing that there were others who came with him, he did not want to humiliate him in front of everyone. Since a source of water has been found, we should share it together. He asked Yishida, Where is the water?

    Yishida pointed to a ditch on the side, water flowing down drip by drip. Maigeti was filling a leather pouch with water at this exact moment.

    Yang Yuncong walked over to the ditch. He joined his fingers together and unleashed the Iron Finger martial arts to pierce the rock. A stream of water began to flow out like a spring. As a result, he waited until the middle of the night before filling six full leather poaches of water before the source died. When he filled the water, the other five people in the tent began to gossip and ask questions. Yang Yuncong did not have a chance to talk with his martial brother during this time. Even if he had the chance to talk, his martial brother would respond evasively so he would not be able to get any information. He only talked about how he wanted to find his elder martial brother but could not find him, while Yang Yuncong talked about his various experiences in the past few years in extreme detail. Chu Zhaonan listened attentively and raised a few questions.

    Yang Yuncong saw that the water supply had dried up. He smiled. Not bad, there was actually enough for six full pouches. Very well, martial brother, you have 12 people in your group. Since you guys are travelling north, the distance is very far, I will give you four pouches. Do you think that is fair?

    Chu Zhaonan thanked him repeatedly and told someone to take the water. They returned to their tent and took the camel to travel overnight. Yang Yuncong asked him what matter was so important, but Chu Zhaonan would not answer. Yang Yuncong thought that his matter had to do with the people travelling with him as well, so he did not pursue his question.

    After parting with Chu Zhaonan, Yang Yuncong travelled for another three days but still did not reach the end of the desert. Yishida said: Fortunately there has been no gales in the past few days. If there was a gale, even if we are unaffected, the sandy hills will change shapes and we will lose sense of direction. He did not even finish speaking when a strong gust of wind blew towards them, a gust of yellow-gray sand mist floated toward the east. Yang Yuncong said, Fortunately it was only a small breeze.

    We still need to be cautious, Yishida remarked.

    Yang Yuncong was just about to find a good spot to set up a tent when all of a sudden he heard the sound of a camel bell along with the sound of neighing horses. Yang Yuncong said: Thats strange. It appears that there are several dozen people, but it is not trading season, why are there so many people? After a while, the group of camels made its way near them, there were also two Mongolian camel groups. The one on the horse was actually his martial brother Chu Zhaonan, while the other was a Han man in an attire. The various riders got off their camels. There were both Hans and Manchus, and they all wielded weapons.

    Yang Yuncong was completely startled. He went forward and shouted, Martial brother, why have you returned?

    Chu Zhaonans face sunk, he pointed at Yang Yuncong and said to the Manchu: He is the rebel leader of the Kazakh tribe, Yang Yuncong! The Manchu signalled with his hands and immediately over a dozen strong men swiftly approached, completely encircling Yang Yuncong and his eight companions.


    [1] In <Legend of the White Haired Demoness>, Yang Lian was framed and imprisoned by Wei Zhongxian. Yu Luocha tried to rescue him but he refused to leave and died. Yang Lians son Yang Yuncong was saved by Luo Tiebi who asked Yu Luocha to take him as a disciple, but Yu Luocha told him to take Yang Yuncong to Reverend Huiming.

    [2] In <Legend of the White Haired Demoness>, Chu Zhaonan was an orphan escaping the chaotic Ming China. Reverend Huiming came across him by chance and accepted him as a disciple.

    [3] The Gliding Dragon Sword is a long sword while the Jade Fracturing Sword is a short sword. They were originally made by Ouyang Yezi on request of Huo Tiandu (the founder of Mount Heaven Sect and Huimings teacher.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilz91 View Post
    Hey whiteskwirl, what forum is that? It's been a while so I don't remember.
    Among the Rivers and Lakes. You let me post your A Deadly Secret translation there.

    Thanks for the first update on this one. Haven't read any Liang Yusheng before.

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    Great translation, I really enjoyed that. I already loathe Yang's traitorous martial brother.

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    Chapter 2 The Meeting with the Peculiar Girl after the Incident

    In an instant, Yang Yuncong harboured feelings of both shock and fury. He was shocked not because he felt he was in any danger, but because he was concerned about the Kazakhs in his group. He was very confident in his own sword skills, and to rush out of a circle of ten or so people was not very difficult for him. Besides, after going through so many battles these past few years, he had long cast away any regards for his own life. However, he could not help but feel worried for his comrades; they were all outstanding Kazakh youths. The enemy has the overwhelming majority, even if they were able to get out of this mess, a few casualties could not be avoided, it would be worse than losing a hundred flocks of sheep.

    Yang Yuncong was furious because of his martial brother Chu Zhaonan. At such a young age it would be the chance for him to show promise and do something heroic, his heart now felt like a gangrenous apple, he unexpectedly defected and surrendered, letting their enemies lead the way. He wanted to use his own blood to dye his hat red.

    All of these thoughts happened in a split second, feelings of shock and fury flashed by like lightning or a spark of fire. Time did not allow him to think further, his enemies had already drew their weapons. In this same moment he bellowed in rage and brandished his dagger to execute a stance of Natures Wind Sweeps Dust and displayed the various exquisite stances of the Mount Heaven Swordplay. He swept in all four directions, and immediately several of his opponents had their weapons swept away from their hands.

    Yang Yuncong was as ferocious as an angry lion, with one stance of his dagger, its essence as powerful as lightning, he overcame his circle of opponents, rushing to the left and dashing to the right. It would not be long before he made his way to his martial brother Chu Zhaonan.

    Chu Zhaonan called out, Martial brother, come join our side. Why bother helping these Kazakh people!

    Yang Yuncong slashed forward and shouted: I do not have a martial brother like you!

    Chu Zhaonan retreated three steps in succession and said: The Mandate of Heaven is set, the Manchurian Qing have already sat firmly on the throne in Beijing. Millions of Ming soldiers in the Central Plains have collapsed or defected. They will soon be completely wiped out. If you just bring these few people running around the desert, how can you have any sort of accomplishment!

    Yang Yuncong clenched his teeth. Shua! Shua! Shua! He stabbed three times and scolded: Shameless scoundrel, acting as a tiger to cause despair! Each stance was executed with more intensity, causing Chu Zhaonan to be completely flustered.

    Chu Zhaonan resisted the attacks with all his might when all of a sudden a long whistle was heard, the Qing soldiers that fought alongside him separated into two sides like a tidal wave. Yang Yuncong was perplexed. He saw a Manchu officer urging his horse forward about 700 feet away. This person soared high on horseback and wielded an extremely strange looking short weapon and inserted it downwards like a goshawk. Yang Yuncong was extremely furious, he stamped both feet and picked up his short sword and executed a stance of Setting the Skies Aflame and clashed his weapon against his opponent. Ting! That persons weapon was jolted out of his hands. At this interval, Yang Yuncong was in midair and with a gust of cool wind rushed straight forward without a care of hurting his opponent. He executed his lightness martial arts of Slender Chest Flips Over Clouds and jumped forward. He swiftly landed on the ground light as a feather. He turned his head and saw that Chu Zhaonan was on the ground, looking around all directions in a defensive position. Just now the one that was saved was his own martial brother.

    Yang Yuncong had a glimmer in his eyes, a stare of vast spirits. He turned over his short sword, intending to fight the two in front of him. The Manchu officer was named Niu Kulu, he was the subordinate of Windy Thunder Sword Qi Zhenjun from the Changbai Sect[1], he wielded a weapon called Mourning Gate, it could be used like a Five Elements Sword and was also capable of sealing acupoints. In the Eight Banners[2] his martial arts was reckoned to be either first or second best. Even Duoduo, a high-ranking military officer of the imperial clan, in terms of elderliness could be considered his martial nephew. Ever since he entered the pass he rarely encountered any foes. Recently he was relocated to Xinjiang to assist the Yili general Nalan Xiuji to pacify the Chinese Muslims. Because he was overconfident in his own abilities, he did not admit that he was inferior to the Yang Yuncongs marvellous Mount Heaven Swordplay. When they saw each other he immediately jumped up to strike downwards, intending to demonstrate to Chu Zhaonan his profound abilities. He did not expect that Yang Yuncong was actually an expert of lightness martial arts. When they exchanged a stance with each other he nearly died by Yang Yuncongs sword, he could not help but eliminate his flames of vitality and restrain his arrogance. At once he brandished his weapon and focused his complete attention to execute all the martial arts he knew to battle with Yang Yuncong.

    In this manner, Yang Yuncong could not easily succeed in his attacks. Niu Kulu dazzled and swung his weapon swiftly around. Sometimes it would act like a sabre or sword and strike downwards, while other times it would act and point like a judge pen. It pointed at the 36 largest acupoints in the body, and compounded with Chu Zhaonan who was proficient at the Mount Heaven Swordplay constantly pointing at his vital areas and giving hints on his weaknesses, on one side he had to evade Chu Zhaonan while on the other side he was warding off Niu Kulu, how could he endure? It seemed like a practice match, although Chu Zhaonans martial arts were shallow and vastly inferior to Yang Yuncong, but because he was familiar with his clans swordplay, he was capable of instructing Niu Kulu and collaborated with him to expose Yang Yuncongs weaknesses. The two of them cooperated in such a way that Yang Yuncong felt very constricted in his movements, not allowing him to escape to call in his Kazakh comrades for reinforcements.

    At this point the great desert had already become a muddled battlefield. Yang Yuncong heard the shouts and roars of Yishida and Maigeti, both of them were too in an intense battle. He became extremely angry and changed his sword stances to become more strong and fierce, the sword light glistened and fluttered around in the breeze with great diversity, spiralling with many variations beyond description and difficult to fathom. Chu Zhaonan knew that this was Mount Heaven Swordplays Revolving Chain-Linking Swordplay, but because Yang Yuncong executed the stances with such remarkable speed, and also that he separated the stances into segments during execution, Chu Zhaonan could not take it all in at once. He was completely occupied attentively, how could he have time to instruct Niu Kulu?

    Yang Yuncong became fiercer as the battle drew out. Chu Zhaonan executed a stance of Observing the Fast Waves stabbing directly. Yang Yuncong swiftly evaded the attack, his short sword followed the momentum of his opponents attack. Chu Zhaonan could not return to defend in time, originally he would be defeated for sure, unexpectedly when Yang Yuncong saw Chu Zhaonans expressions of fear and dread his heart softened and the tip of his sword only pierced slightly on his chest and only managed to lightly tear his clothes but did not pierce into his flesh. He retracted the short sword and said: Martial brother, are you not going to repent and come over here! Yang Yuncong was a pure-hearted character and compassionate, he recalled the times he was together in Mount Heaven with him, whenever Chu Zhaonan had martial arts he did not understand he would ask him for pointers. Their relationship was actually quite good, because Chu Zhaonan was an orphan, he was first adopted by another person before he was brought up to Mount Heaven to learn under Reverend Huiming. Yang Yuncong had sympathy for him so was especially caring for him. He would not have guessed that only three years after his martial brother left the mountain he would become such a person. Yang Yuncong thought that he was an ignorant youth who was tempted to revolt by malefactors, so he showed mercy and wanted him to repent.

    He never would have guessed that this slight moment of hesitation allowed Chu Zhaonan to take the opportunity to counterattack, the attacks even more deadly. Niu Kulu also executed the most deadly stances he knew with his Sang Mencuo. The two of them whistled repeatedly, signalling over a dozen Qing soldiers to surround Yang Yuncong. At the same time the miserable screeches of Kazakh were heard, most likely dead or seriously injured. Yang Yuncongs creased his eyebrows and his anger shot through the roof. He executed the Mount Heaven Swordplay, attacking both forwards and backwards, the sword illuminated swiftly with agility, amidst the battle quite a few people fell to his sword. Niu Kulu and Chu Zhaonan were repeatedly pressured by his attacks, feeling as if a cold wind was blowing in front of them back and forth!

    The battle was in its utmost intensity at one of its most crucial moments when suddenly the yellow sand of the desert erupted. Someone yelled, The sandstorm is approaching! Yang Yuncong was taken aback. Niu Kulu and Chu Zhaonan withdrew their weapons and jumped out of the circle. In an instant, the gale blew in their direction, as far as the eye can see it was filled with the yellow sands and gray mists of the desert, it looked like the screen of sand was several hundred kilometres thick, covering up the heavens and earth completely. The sky of day became dark as night. Amidst the mist one could only see various shadows of people escaping in all directions trying to find a camel and a tent or to find a place for cover.

    Yang Yuncong shouted, Yishida! Maigeti! Where are you? But in the middle of such a strong gale, his voice was like that of a small boat drowned in the middle of an ocean, how could he get any responses? At the same time, Yang Yuncong felt he was being pushed by sands and stones from behind, he was completely startled for he knew it was no small matter. If the sandy hills were to be moved by this wind, even if ones martial arts were higher, they would be buried alive.

    In such danger he evaded the head wind and ran as fast as he could. Although he had been at Xinjiang for many years, he never spent his days in the desert. Usually when encountering such a powerful wind, the best thing would be to dig and hide inside a ditch, but if they just happened to come across a collapsing hill, their lives would certainly be lost. But if it was not such a coincidence, even if the sand and stones blew with the wind it would not cause injuries. Moreover, even if the sands accumulated several feet thick, after the wind passes it could still be dug out. Yang Yuncong did not have much experience resisting a sandstorm so he only rushed like violently. Although his lightness martial arts were outstanding beyond compare, no matter what he would not be faster than the speed of such a strong wind.

    After running for a while, he was soon at the mercy of the wind. His clothes had already been torn apart by the sands and stones and he gradually felt dizzy. All of a sudden he heard the sound of dripping water. Yang Yuncong spirits rose abruptly. He thought that he may have found a lake in the desert. At once he followed the sound of water sprinting as fast as he could. Suddenly, the wind became even fiercer and swept a large amount of yellow sand akin to a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses and rushed forward. In the middle were several pieces of large rocks which just happened to hit him when it fell. He was already completely exhausted his stamina and he was also hit on the back of his head, he shouted, My life is finished! he breathed one last breath and leapt forward with all his might. He felt the ground he landed on was soft and velvety, then he passed out.

    Not knowing how much time had passed, eventually Yang Yuncong woke up. After he regained consciousness, he felt a peaceful fragrance around which seeped into ones heart. Yang Yuncong opened his eyes and saw that he was inside a tent, all four directions were piled with fresh flowers. In the middle was a young girl dressed in a hunting suit with her back facing him, reading a scroll on her hands.

    Half-believing and half-doubting, half-dreamy and half-fantasy, Yang Yuncong was about to speak out, but he had much experience in the battlefield so he was cautious. He closed his eyes and pretended to not have woken up while observing his surroundings.

    The young girl did not know that he had awoken and was chanting quietly. Yang Yuncong listened attentively and heard that the young girl was reciting a verse:

    The river and night sky thousands of miles away, the group disbands; your shadow descends the pond.
    The hides are dry, the sky stretches horizontal endlessly, many thoughts unworthy of writing.
    Expecting to follow the remnant snow, reminiscing old companions.

    A pitiful journey free of worries, the night quiet and endless, the bright zither plays.
    Wishing for a companion to observe flowers, awaiting the arrival of Spring before returning.
    The evening rain calls, afraid to meet the Jade Gate; not shy to return, writing half a scroll!

    Yang Yuncong was a descendant of a loyal official and was well-educated. Although he was sent to Mount Heaven to practice martial arts, he did not abandon his studies. As soon as he heard these words he knew it was a verse from Zhang Yan, a poet who lived during the Southern Song Dynasty. The poem talks about a lonely goose. That young girl lives beyond the Great Wall, she must be extremely lonely and isolated. Thats why she is reciting such a verse! he thought.

    He was in the middle of his thoughts when another young girl entered the tent. This girl asked the girl in the hunting suit, My Lady, has that person awakened yet? Do you have any orders for me?

    The girl in the hunting suit closed her scroll and replied, Has he not awakened? Go and take a look. Is he exuding cold sweat? Has his fever passed? If there is cold sweat, change his clothes.

    The young girl let out an Oh! and said: My Lady, you particularly sent me to attend to this filthy man, I am not capable.

    Yang Yuncong thought: The girl who just came in must be a servant, while the girl in the hunting suit must be the lady of a rich family or official; if not then she is the daughter of a tribal chief.

    The girl in the hunting suit spat in contempt and said: When did you learn the manners of a Han lady? We Manchus never care about what inappropriate relationship between a man and woman. You do not like reading Han books, I also dont like their formalities and etiquette. Besides, have you sniffed his body odour yet? How can you say he is a filthy man.

    The servant girl smiled. My Lady is more and more powerful with words, intentionally making fun of us lowly servants. Right, he is not filthy at all, he is actually a handsome man!

    The girl in the hunting suit looked serious and said: Dont talk such nonsense. The only reason I rescued him was because I saw the precious short sword that he had and knew he is from an impressive background, alright?

    The servant girl said: Right, I dont know anything. I only know that My Lady does not yet have an ideal husband!

    The girl in the hunting suit was teased to laugh and scolded: If you speak anymore nonsense, see if I dont tear your mouth open.

    The servant girl slowly approached Yang Yuncong. The girl in the hunting suit also turned to look. Yang Yuncong opened his eyes slightly to look. He saw that the girl was beautiful beyond compare, even the servant girl was somewhat decent looking.

    All of a sudden, the servant girl clapped her hands and laughed. My Lady, he is awake! He is peeking at you!


    [1] The name of the sect is 長白山派 I have called it Changbai Sect for short. Their sect is likely based off Changbai Mountains.

    [2] The Eight Banners (八旗) are a military organization of the Manchu.

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    Wow, these chapters really are short, too short I feel.

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    I said I was going to do this a while back but I never did. The story is called "Legend of the Hero Beyond the Great Wall" (塞外奇俠傳) by Liang Yusheng, which is a sequel to "Legend of the White Haired Demoness" but a prequel to "Seven Swordsmen of Mount Heaven", so it's recommended to read the former first if you haven't. It's only 28 short chapters so I can probably finish it in about 3 months if I do a chapter every 3 days. I'll post the first chapter tomorrow or the day after.

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    looks like the beginning of another great translation ...thank you so much sweet devil you

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    You're welcome, Irwika and sanskrit. @whiteskwirl: that's probably a good thing for me because it's not too overwhelming. I always make it a point to not start a translation unless I intend to finish it, and I'm pretty sure I will finish this one.

    Chapter 3 Daughter of an Enemy

    The girl in the hunting suit laughed gently and approached. Yang Yuncong was busted by the servant so he had no choice but to open his eyes. He slowly got up but as soon as he moved he felt an aching pain all over his body. Then he realized how much damage he took from the blowing gale and sand. At once he harmonized his pulse and did not dare to move rashly.

    The girl in the hunting suit smiled. You have already slept for a full day and night, are you still not feeling well?

    Yang Yuncong expressed his gratitude in a low voice. Thank you for saving me. May I ask what place this is? Where is Lady from?

    The girl in the hunting suit said: This is the Zhamu Platform. It is only about four hundred li away from Yili. You do not need to care who I am, you only have to worry about recovering from your injuries. What about you? Where are you from? How come you were mindlessly wandering around the desert alone?

    Yang Yuncong was surprised. Ever since he went from North Xinjiang to the Gobi Desert, he planned to cross the desert to reach South Xinjiang, he did not expect that he would wind up in the west. This place was not too far from Yili, but Yili is infested with an accumulation of Qing troops, so he had to be extremely cautious.

    The servant saw Yang Yuncong in a daze staring blankly at her Lady without answering. She laughed and said: Young fellow, why do you keep looking at My Lady like that? Do you know who she is? If I tell you it will scare you, her name is

    She did not finish speaking when the girl in the hunting suit quickly interrupted: Dont be so wordy. My name is Minghui. The day before yesterday I brought people hunting and happened to set foot in the desert. We did not expect that there would be a sandstorm filling the entire sky and earth. Fortunately there was a mountain peak to hide from the powerful storm. Our tent is also very stable, thats how we survived the disaster.

    The servant girl added: The day before yesterday the wind was sluggish so we went hunting by the lake, when all of a sudden the sandstorm came. We saw that you were running for your life like you were racing against the wind and sand, rushing to the lakeside, you didnt even know. We only saw you looked like an antelope who encountered a lion, you suddenly leapt forward and with a plop you fell into the swamp. My Lady and I pulled you out! Hmph! You were covered in mud, we told the groom to clean you up for an hour before you were completely clean, and you looked like a dead person who didnt know anything!

    Yang Yuncong felt both grateful and ashamed. Then he recalled how the young girl named Minghui would not reveal her name or background. He saw how she had her own servant and groom and personally led a group to go hunting. It was obvious that she was not an ordinary girl. But who she actually was, he could not make out.

    The servant girl said: We have already told you everything, but you have not answered our ladys question!

    Yang Yuncong said: Originally I was with a group of camel and horse traders. We came from North Xinjiang and travelled for about a dozen days for our appointment, but we encountered a sandstorm and I ended up being isolated. Theres nothing interesting about my story.

    The servant girl pursed her lips and laughed. Then that is strange! If you travelled a dozen days from North Xinjiang, you should be at the center of the desert. If you travel from the center to here it would be at least 500 or 600 li. Judging by your speed you can probably race with an antelope.

    Lady Minghui laughed faintly. From her clothes she produced an extraordinarily dazzling short sword and said: My little servant girl knows nothing, you dont have to take her words to heart. I saw that you have a very precious sword, it must not be difficult for you to travel several hundred li in a day. I think that your martial arts must be very good. After you recover your vitality, will you teach me a few moves?

    The servant girl interrupted: Right, our lady really loves martial arts. So many martial arts coaches cannot beat her!

    When Yang Yuncong heard the word coaches he creased his eyebrows.

    Suddenly, two more servant girls entered the tent. They were carrying a large ladle of sour horse milk for Yang Yuncong. Yang Yuncong was hungry so he drank it without mention. The girl in the hunting suit said: You just woke up so you should probably not talk so much. You should rest for another two days. When you recover, I will take you outside to play.

    Yang Yuncong rested for another two days. Indeed, that was enough for a full recovery. During these two days, Minghui and the servant girl would be by his side, talking to him to relieve boredom. Minghui understood both martial arts and literature. Yang Yuncong found it very easy to talk to her. Only that whenever the two of them would mention their backgrounds, they would quickly change the topic.

    On the third day, Yang Yuncong was capable of moving normally. Lady Minghui brought him outside the tent for a stroll. Yang Yuncong saw a lake beside the tent and recalled how the two girls talked about the lake. There was also a mountain peak, the sun illuminated through the milky white clouds and shone on the mountain, the inverted image floated like a bluish green ripple over the lake, its beauty magnified by the blowing wind. It was nothing like the coarse winds of the desert. There were many groups of mallards and water birds leisurely swimming around the lake, producing beautiful chirps. The cloudy like flocks of sheep were eating grass. On the lakeside there were many men and women in hunting suits, brandishing their lashes and singing shepherd songs. When they saw Lady Minghui come out, all of them paid their respects and also held Yang Yuncong in high regard.

    Yang Yuncong trembled slightly and asked: Did you bring these people here?

    Minghui nodded and changed the topic. This is really the oasis of the desert, look at the beautiful landscape!

    Yang Yuncong sighed. The peaceful and serene atmosphere here is really like a utopia, it would be better without weapons!

    Minghui said: What are you lamenting about? If you do not like conflagration and weapons, why do you have such a precious sword and such remarkable martial arts?

    Yang Yuncong said: If the fire of war did not exist in Xinjiang, we would not have to use swords or sabres!

    Lady Minghui stared at Yang Yuncong with hope and asked: Are you Kazakh or Uyghur? I take it you are someone from the army?

    Yang Yuncongs face suddenly changed colours and asked: Supposing that I am your enemy, do you regret saving me?

    Minghui laughed. I am just like you, I am not willing to go to war. You may an enemy of our tribe, but you are definitely not my enemy!

    They were just talking when suddenly the sounds of horse and camel bells were heard from the mountainside. Lady Minghui said: If anyone comes and asks about you, just say you are a shepherd who lost his way in the desert whom we saved. Do you understand?

    Yang Yuncong looked at himself and saw that he was wearing the attire of a herdsman. He knew that it was Lady Minghui who gave him these clothes and praised her thoughtfulness. He nodded in agreement. Lady Minghui took out the short sword and said: I will give this sword to you. I expect that you wont take it and use it against me.

    Yang Yuncong said softly, I would never hurt you!

    At this time from the mountain approached a group of horses. The one in front was riding a large horse and appeared quite awe-inspiring. It was actually a Manchu officer. When Yang Yuncong saw this he nearly called out. This was no ordinary person, it was the Yili general Nalan Xiuji. He was one of the officers who led Qing soldiers to invade North Xinjiang. When Yang Yuncong resisted the Qing soldiers, he once battled against this person. Yang Yuncong lowered his head and looked elsewhere.

    He heard Nalan Xiuji say, Minghui, your father has come home with a victory! On my way home I heard you were hunting nearby. Did you hunt anything for your father?

    Yang Yuncong was completely startled. He never would have guessed that the young girl who saved him was actually Nalan Xiujis daughter! He felt very empty and very disappointed! But immediately another thought came to his mind: he had an enormous mission at hand, he had to regroup the Kazakh people, he had to battle again and again! He could definitely not be discovered by his enemy. If he was really discovered, he would have to find a way to escape. He began to exercise his muscles and felt that he had an abundance of energy. He grasped onto his short sword and felt full of valour!

    At this time Nalan Xiuji had already led his troops to drink water by the lake. The followers of Minghui rushed forward to greet them, singing the Manchu battle song. Yang Yuncong clenched his teeth in anger, but thought: Why should I hate these people? They have all been deceived by others! He mixed in with the group and pretended to sing and dance, hoping to avoid capturing their attention.

    At the same moment, two Qing officers suddenly came forward. They seemed to be drunk and danced their way here. They tapped Yang Yuncong loudly on the shoulder. Yang Yuncong instinctively channelled his internal energy to repel; the two Qing officers immediately staggered backwards over a dozen feet before they came to a halt. One loudly yelled: Who are you? It turns out that these two Qing officers saw Yang Yuncongs shepherd outfit when he mixed into Lady Minghuis group and became suspicious, so they purposely tested him.

    Lady Minghui quickly rushed forward and said: He is a Uyghur herdsman, please dont trouble him! At this time everyone else was completely quiet, waiting for what would happen next.

    Yang Yuncong calmed himself down. He welcomed the two Qing officers and spoke in a bright voice. I am a herdsman from Kuerhan. Several days ago, my companions and sheep were blown away by the sandstorm. I was taught by your Gege (Manchu way to speak of a respected Lady). Minghui can attest to this, the two of you officers need not have any doubts.

    Nalan Xiuji stared at Yang Yuncong intensely. All of a sudden he moved his right hand, a spring-loaded arrow concealed in his sleeve shot forward. Yang Yuncong slanted his body sideways to evade the arrow.

    Nalan Xiuji exclaimed: He is a spy, capture him! At once the several Manchu warriors by his side rushed forward from all four sides and encircled Yang Yuncong and adopted a capturing posture. It turns out that the troops of Nalan Xiuji and Yang Yuncong had fought before, and they have seen each other once before in the battlefield. When Nalan Xiuji saw Yang Yuncongs shepherd outfit he already felt familiar but could not recall immediately. Then he tested this person by attacking with his sleeve arrow. He saw the way this person evaded the weapon in an extremely dexterous manner and knew that this was no ordinary shepherd. Thereafter he immediately ordered his troops to capture this man.

    Yang Yuncong suddenly shouted loudly as a Manchu warrior rushed towards him. They met face-to-face and with a loud snap this warriors wrist was completely snapped off. This warrior was in as much pain as a slaughtered pig and cried out loudly. Yang Yuncong did not care and with a bang he threw this warrior on the ground. Then he turned a semi-circle to block the punch of a second warrior. With a pull he grabbed him and with a loud scream he whirled this warrior around with his arms and with the swiftness of fluttering wind he threw the warriors large body towards the lake. Plop! The warrior fell in the lake causing ripples. Nalan Xiuji was so intimidated he was stunned.

    At this time the other Qing warriors all attacked at once. Yang Yuncong was extremely nimble. He knew that the situation was not good and with short sword in hand, he swept several dozen feet and aimed to attack Nalan Xiuji directly. Several officers tried to obstruct his path but were either promptly wounded by his short sword effortlessly or their acupoints were sealed. Who was capable of blocking his attack? In an instant, he was already in front of Nalan Xiuji.

    Nalan Xiujis martial arts were quite adequate, he directly attacked with a fist. Yang Yuncong evaded the attack with his neck. Nalan Xiuji took the opportunity to seize his opponents short sword, but Yang Yuncong was formidable and with a flip of his wrists his short sword pierced directly. At the same time, he heard Lady Nalan yell: Father! Father! Yang Yuncongs heart softened and he turned his wrist, the tip of his sword barely grazing his opponents neck.

    Although Nalan Xiuji had been in hundreds of battles, at this point he felt a cool sensation in his neck, the cool wind seeped into his flesh, he was so scared he lost his soul. His arms and legs felt numb.

    Yang Yuncong used a finger on his left hand to seal the Yongquan Acupoint on his opponents waist. Thereafter he clasped his opponent under his arm and loudly shouted: If you value your life, let me out at once!

    When the various Qing soldiers saw their leader was captured, none of them dared to make a move. Yang Yuncong whistled and rushed outward, looking out for a fine steed. He abruptly jumped forward and knocked the officer on this horse down with his left elbow. His right hand was still holding Nalan Xiuji, he urged the horse forward. The Qing soldiers did not dare to act rashly and did not unleash their arrows, they could only chase with their own horses.

    Yang Yuncongs horse was quite fast, in no time at all the Qing soldiers were already left far behind. There was only one horse who still kept in pursuit. Yang Yuncong turned his head to look and heard a voice as melodious as a silver bell who said: You have already escaped danger, why are you still holding my father? The speaker was the girl who saved his life only a few days ago, Lady Nalan Minghui!

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    Chapter 4 Heroine Fei Hongjin

    Yang Yuncong was startled. He watched Nalan Minghui urging her horse forward in rapid haste, her voice trembling and her expression mournful, he was at a loss for ideas. At this moment, the brave and unwavering man capable of rushing in and out of a hundred thousand soldiers was being startled by this young girls pitiful expression, his thoughts were like waves clashing against other waves. He thought about the innocent Kazakh people that were bullied, and at this moment he had captured the great nemesis of the Kazakh people. But he also thought about the several peaceful nights he spent in the tent and thought about how his life was saved by this young girl. Then he reined in his horse to return. He extended his hands to unseal Nalan Xiujis acupoint and tossed him on the ground. Then facing Nalan Minghui he said: Lady, your father is here, he is safe and sound. You dont have to worry.

    Nalan Xiuji gasped for breath and stared at her daughter, not knowing what had happened. Nalan Minghui helped her father up the horse and rushed to Yang Yuncong and said: Thank you.

    Yang Yuncong said: No need to thank me. You saved my life so I gave you back your father. Now we dont owe each other anything. He pressed on with both legs, the steed let out a whinny and began galloping forward without looking back.

    Yang Yuncong spoke these words with such resolution and decisiveness, but in his heart he was full of regret and disappointment. He felt both the reality of life and felt the emptiness of emotions. He was a hero, but he was still only a man. He expelled his unhappy thoughts, he did not want to think that she was the daughter of an enemy, although this was the cruel truth, she is still a gentle and understanding girl, only that she has a father who had his hands filled with bloodshed.

    Yang Yuncong mindlessly urged his horse forward and travelled towards South Xinjiang. The blazing sun gradually shifted westwards, the horizon erased the sunset glow and reflected on the prairies, illuminating beautiful and bright red clouds. Yang Yuncong mumbled to himself, The day will soon be over, night will soon arrive!

    He felt hungry and tired, when he ran for his life earlier he stole an officers horse by the lakeside, but he did not take his food. Amidst his thoughts and urging his horse forward in a daze, his hunger was like an enemy who concealed itself for many years who did not come out to fight. Now the sun was shifting westwards, the concealed enemy has come out! He felt an attack of hunger in his stomach.

    The evening breeze blew towards him. Yang Yuncong vaguely heard the sounds of horse bells in front of him and thought that he would be fortunate should he encounter a trader. He leaned against the horseback and lightly patted its neck. The horse suddenly unleashed its hoofs and as fast as lightning rushed forward to chase the sound. After chasing for a while, two white horses appeared in sight. The horsemanship of the rider was remarkable. Both Yang Yuncong and his horse were tired, although they rushed forward with all their speed they still could not catch up.

    Yang Yuncong was feeling greatly disappointed when suddenly he saw the two horses decreased its pace being reined slowly. Yang Yuncong was delighted and urged his horse forward at once. He saw an attractive and intelligent lady on top of the horse, the red sash on her head blown by the wind. On the other horse was a young man. Yang Yuncong was about to call out when he heard intermittent voices transmitted by the evening wind:

    Fei Hongjin, why do you have to rush your horse so much? Let me live for another moment are you not happy? Ai, Fei Hongjin, do you really have the heart to do this?

    A sigh from the front floated back and it was filled with the girls tender voice. The two horses slowed down its pace.

    Yang Yuncong trembled slightly. He thought: Fei Hongjin? Could it be that the young girl in front of me is the famous heroine of the prairies?

    Fei Hongjin is the daughter of Old Hero Tangnu of the Luobu tribe. Her real name is Hamaya, both her horsemanship and swordsmanship are exquisite and she often travels north and south of Mount Heaven. Just like Yang Yuncong, she could be considered an honorable person beyond the Great Wall. Because she liked to wear a red sash and travel on horseback, she was nicknamed Fei Hongjin[1]. Yang Yuncong had long heard of her reputation, but because he was busy in the army he had never seen her before.

    Although Yang Yuncong was hungry, he could still endure it momentarily. He loosened the reins on his horse to listen to what the two were saying. After a while, he saw Fei Hongjin brandish her lash and say, Sing me another song!

    The young lad blew on a reed-pipe wind instrument, his voice full of sadness but also appeared to be full of fright and disappointment. After blowing for a while, he sang a song:

    Oh Lady,
    Do you remember the happy times,
    You said your lovewas deeper than the ocean!
    How could you have the heart?
    Have the heart to harm your beloved?
    You praise my singing,
    You say it is the nightingales of the prairies,
    Singing praises of your beauty and intelligence,
    Such a beautiful singing voice,
    Where can you find?
    How could you have the heart?
    To bring me to a journey of death?

    Yang Yuncong began to tremble. He suddenly remembered Nalan Minghui. Could it be that Fei Hongjin and this young man, just like himself and Nalan Minghui, were lovers and enemies? But it didnt look like it? He was pondering when suddenly the young man, when Fei Hongjin was in immersed, rushed his horse forward and rushed forward from the horse. Fei Hongjin raised her eyebrows and brandished her whip and yelled: Yabulu, do you want to die! The young mans horse turned its head, with one brandish of her whip Fei Hongjin pulled him back. Yang Yuncong let out an ah in surprise. Fei Hongjin turned around to see who it was and asked: Who are you?

    Yang Yuncong said: I am a traveller who lost his way.

    Fei Hongjin said: If that is so, then move along, dont meddle in other peoples affairs!

    Yang Yuncong urged his horse forward. Then he cupped his fists and said: Heroine, forgive my coarse and blunt question, but I have no more food and water! If you have some extra, would you be willing to spare some?

    Fei Hongjin looked at Yang Yuncong and laughed. You are a good Han person, doesnt look like you are lying. Then she took out a bag of provisions from her pouch and threw it along with the watering can and said: That food is for you, the water you cant finish.

    Yang Yuncong drank a few mouthfuls of water and ate some provisions, then he threw the canteen back and said: Thank you lady!

    Fei Hongjin said: Very well then, you should leave now! I will not travel with you.

    Yang Yuncong acknowledged and whipped his horse to rush forward. After a while, he saw Fei Hongjin and the young man urging their horses forward, and it did not take long for them to catch up to him. Fei Hongjin kept whipping her horse forward, as if to threaten the young man to speed up!

    Yang Yuncong was filled with suspicions. He did not understand in the least bit. He thought: This Fei Hongjin is well-known throughout South Xinjiang. It doesnt matter what this is all about, I should find out so I can seek her cooperation to resist the Qing soldiers, see if she will lend a helping hand. Yang Yuncong also excelled in horsemanship and obscurely followed behind Fei Hongjin. He saw she was some distance away and the sky was getting dark, Fei Hongjin appeared to be quite familiar with her surroundings and continued urging her horse in front of an old fort. She tied the horse on top of a cliff rock by the side of the road and holding the young mans hands they went inside the fort together.

    Yang Yuncong circled the fort outside once. This place was already out of desert area and water was no longer scarce. Yang Yuncong found some water and let his horse drink some, he also drank a few mouthfuls and finished his remaining provisions. After resting for a while, he tied the horse by the shore and exerting his lightness martial arts he snuck into the stronghold.

    At this point, the new moon slowly made its way to the center of the night sky. The moonlight illuminated the three words Fire Beacon Platform. Yang Yuncong was educated in history and knew that this was built for the Chinese army in ancient times. Using water and glaze to establish a tall pyramid-shaped figure. It was easy to get lost in the prairies or desert, so in old times the army troops built this thing to measure the distance between various locations, using it both as a landmark and a resting place. In case of important matters, the garrison soldier on top could light the fire beacon to call for help. The fire beacon platforms in Xinjiang were mostly constructed during the Tang Dynasty, there were not as many in South Xinjiang but more in North Xinjiang. And after so many years, most of them had collapsed. Unless this person was familiar with their surroundings, otherwise it would be difficult to find and make use of a fire beacon platform to take a rest.

    Yang Yuncong straightened his legs and swept over the fort like a wild goose. This fort had two storeys, the top floor exposed to the sky so that soldiers can observe from an elevated position. The lower floor was a place for men and horses to rest. Yang Yuncong made his way to the upper floor and crouched down, his short sword lightly poked a small hole to peek underneath. He saw Fei Hongjin and the young man on the lower floor gathering straws and branches to build a fire and appeared to be in a conversation.

    Fei Hongjin saw some dirt falling from the top and took a look but did not find anything and said: This fort is too old, the dirt falls from the top from the wind. But she still wasnt assured and conveniently brandished her hand. Yang Yuncong urgently evaded to the side and with palm wind shaking, he saw several silver needles fall on the terrace. He thought: This Fei Hongjin is really powerful! She knew that there was a hole on the roof and was vigilant against onlookers so she unleashed those needles. If I did not move away, I would have been blinded already.

    Yang Yuncong jolted the silver needles down before he crouched to look again. Fei Hongjin saw that there wasnt any activity so she did not pay any more attention. Yang Yuncong heard Fei Hongjin scold: Yabulu, what else do you have to say?

    The young man called Yabulu replied: Fei Hongjin, you only listen to what other people say, but what about what I say? You are the one I love the most, why would I secretly harm your father? Old Hero is in the prairies in Akesu, unexpectedly he encountered Qing soldiers and was surrounded. He battled intensely for three days and three nights, I stayed with him the whole time. Later the Qing soldiers were too many and overcame our formation and rushed to Old Heros tent and killed him. I was extremely grieved! How could you blame me?

    Fei Hongjin said: Nonsense, my father is no ordinary hero. If you were in the same tent as him, how could you escape but not him? According to what I heard from the elders, he had proof to verify that it was you who brought the Qing soldiers to night raid, you even killed him secretly! Furthermore, if you are not guilty, why would you run so far away and not return to the tribe?

    Yabulu suddenly began to sob and said: Fei Hongjin, you dont believe me. You are a reasonable person, think about it. Your father is our tribal leader, naturally if the Qing soldiers issue a night raid, they would capture him first; that I did not die with him is my fault, I am a coward, I do not deny this. But for you to say that I betrayed him is much too unreasonable. You know how many elders in the tribe do not get along with me. They wanted to frame me, thats why I did not return. But when you went to capture me, did I not surrender myself to you? Fei Hongjin, just send me to be killed then!

    It appeared that Fei Hongjin was touched by his words. Her voice became more moderate and spoke softly, Yabulu, the elder said that they have proof! You must return with me to the tribe. If it is a misunderstanding, I will ask them to forgive you.

    Yabulu said: What evidence does the elder have to say I betrayed the tribe leader?

    Fei Hongjin said: When you guys were surrounded, I was at Lop Lake establishing communications. I had not yet returned to the tribe, but I received orders from the elder to ask me to capture you first.

    Yabulu said: So you have not seen the evidence, yet you believe it so firmly. Oh Fei Hongjin, just let me go! Otherwise I will wander in the prairies with you, singing songs for you day and night.

    Fei Hongjin said: Our elder is an upright and honest person. No matter what he says you must return to the tribe to speak to him face-to-face! Although she said these words, her voice was actually even more gentle.

    Yabulu took out his reed-pipe wind instrument and blew a tune. Afterwards he softly said: Fei Hongjin, do you still love me?

    Yang Yuncong was immersed in their conversation when suddenly he heard footsteps approaching from outside. Yang Yuncongs ears were intelligent, he did not need to listen further. He looked outside and saw four shadows approaching the fort.

    From below Fei Hongjin laughed coldly. Yabulu, dont go anywhere. I will take a look and see who dares to attack me!


    [1] Fei Hongjin literally means Flying Red Sash.

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    Nice even managed to do a decent poetry translation ...this is the most difficult type of translation !

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    Thanks lol. Yeah those tend to take the most time. Here is the next part.

    Chapter 5 Night Battle at Ancient Fort

    The four figures made their way closer to the fort, when suddenly they saw the front gate was open, in the gloomy darkness of the night, a flash fluttered lightly in the wind, its colour especially bright and dazzling to the eyes. Fei Hongjin was holding a soft whip on her left hand and a precious sword on her right, silently standing in front of the gate, her appearance resembling the statue of an ancient goddess.

    In the night of the desert, the stars sparkled in the sky, illuminating on her elegant and magnificent appearance, giving off an eerie feeling of chilliness to others. Yang Yuncong leaned against the edge of the upper floor and observed the upcoming battle. He thought: I should check out the martial arts of Fei Hongjin first.

    The four night travellers did not expect that Fei Hongjin had a sword in hand and became quite afraid and did not dare to attack immediately. Fei Hongjin gave laughed grimly. Shua! She brandished the whip with her left hand and pulled one of the assailants forward, then she scattered the whip outwards and casted that person several dozen feet away. She scolded: I will get rid of this traitor first! It turns out that that person was from the Luobu tribe, and the other three were Qing soldiers. As soon as these people approached she knew that this person was responsible for leading the other soldiers to capture her.

    Fei Hongjin moved her hands fast as lightning, the three of them were so scared they jumped. They urgently grasped onto their weapons and surrounded her. Fei Hongjin laughed coldly again and with the whip on her left hand and the sword on her right, she attacked like a swift dancer in the breeze, battling the three soldiers single-handedly without the slightest bit of fear.

    The martial arts of these three warriors were not too bad. One of them wielded a sabre, the other wielded an iron crutch, and the last one wielded a very unorthodox tiger-headed hook. Together they attacked one after the other, their power was frightening. But Fei Hongjin was even more formidable than them; up close she would attack with her sword, and from afar she would strike with her whip. Yang Yuncong was impressed and repeatedly praised her skills. Fei Hongjin was truly deserving of her reputation, worthy of being considered the one and only heroine of the desert!

    Fei Hongjin was just about to gain the upper hand when her red sash brushed away. She turned her head and asked, Why did you come out? It turns out that her companion Yabulu tried to sneak out like a little thief. Fei Hongjin turned her body and with a spiral of her whip she twirled him backwards. Then she flipped her hand and attacked, a loud scream was heard, the whip swept Yabulu hard on his leg and he only collapsed on the floor. This is because Fei Hongjin was forgiving and only used two or three-tenths of her power, if she only lightly swept him with the whip, would he not die at once?

    Fei Hongjin warned: You better crawl your way back, otherwise I will hit you again!

    Yabulu groaned and shouted: Fei Hongjin, you are very unforgiving! I merely wanted to lend you a hand! Why did you misunderstand my good intentions?

    Fei Hongjin paid no attention to his rebuttal. She drew half an arch with her precious sword, with a turn of her body she stopped the attack of three weapons!

    When Fei Hongjin turned around to deal with Yabulu, the three warriors thought it was an opportunity. The one wielding the tiger-headed hook pounced himself forward from the side and executed a stance of Azure Dragon Ventures the Ocean to prick Fei Hongjins chest. Fei Hongjin brandished her sword in defense. Crack! The crescent moon part of the hook was missing two teeth! The one wielding the iron crutch along with the one wielding the sabre attacked from the front at the same time. When Fei Hongjin drew half an arch with her sword and resisted the hook, its momentum had not waned completely and swept away the sabre and crutch as well! The one wielding the hook was reckless, as soon as his weapon broke he continued to attack Fei Hongjin on the waist. Fei Hongjin became very angry and swept with the long whip on her left hand, yelling, Let go! The tiger-headed hook flew in midair, Fei Hongjin violently swept forward, with her sword she pierced this warriors body, the short sword pierced through his heart and came out on the other side!

    The one wielding the tiger-headed hook had the most formidable martial arts of the three warriors, yet even with all his might he could not last more than one or two stances before he died. The other two were trembling to the core, how would they dare press forward? They stood shoulder to shoulder, the iron crutch stroke horizontally while the sabre stroke sideways, retreating as they battled. They repeatedly whistled as if they were calling for reinforcements.

    Yang Yuncong could see everything clearly from above the fort. He saw from the distance two shadows approached in rapid haste. With one look he discerned that these people were moving according to the formidable lightness martial arts of the Eight Steps Overtakes Cicada", he could not help but be astonished! He did not expect that in the late night of the desert such remarkable experts would appear. Could it be that they were assistants of the Qing soldiers? But according to what he knew, the warriors outside the pass were most proficient at swordsmanship and archery, even the ones who had decent lightness arts could not have reached such a level. This lightness art was certainly from a Han internal expert. If one had such formidable martial arts, why would they be willing to help a villain do evil?

    Fei Hongjin appeared if she saw the two approaching shadows. She tightened her stances and brandished her whip repeatedly, tying the two warriors in a bundle. Amidst the shadow of the whip and the glimmer of the sword, there was a loud shout approaching her. Fei Hongjin jumped up and executed a stance of Dark Dragon Disturbs the Ocean. The warrior wielding the sabre did not even see her attack clearly and was already stabbed in the chest. He collapsed on the ground and died immediately! The one wielding the iron crutch swept his crutch mindlessly in an attempt to escape, but he was not quick enough. Fei Hongjin twirled her whip and seized the crutch from his hands, then she turned her whip over and struck him on the head. The warriors skull cracked immediately and with a miserable shriek his brains splattered all over the ground.

    At this time the two shadows had arrived, one in front and the other behind. Yang Yuncong was taken aback, one of them was his own martial brother Chu Zhaonan. Yang Yuncong thought: So he managed to escape with his life during the sandstorm, now he is back to do more evil. I should take a look and see what kind of vendetta he has with Fei Hongjin. With brilliant executions of her whip and sword, Fei Hongjin managed to slaughter three renowned warriors and one traitor, she was extremely pleased. When she saw Chu Zhaonan arrive at the scene, her face suddenly changed colours. She raised her whip and shouted: Chu Zhaonan, so it is you!

    Chu Zhaonan said: It is me, Lady Fei Hongjin. It has been nearly three years since we last saw each other, yet you are still thinking of me after all this time.

    Fei Hongjin laughed sarcastically and said: I heard that you have sided with Qing soldiers, you are so proud of yourself to be part of the Qing army.

    Chu Zhaonans face flushed red but he forced out a laugh and said: Fei Hongjin, all this time you still dont realize my intentions. Dont you know I did it because of you?

    Fei Hongjin slashed with her whip and shouted: Nonsense! If you become a slave of the Manchus, then you are my enemy!

    Chu Zhaonan turned around and jumped to avoid the attack. He laughed sarcastically and said: The one you love is even worse than me! He surrendered himself to the Manchus but others only treat him as a petty character!

    Fei Hongjin was so angry her eyebrows became erect. She shouted: You were willing to do evil, do not speak so much nonsense! Shua! Shua! She attacked with her long whip and brandished her sword horizontally.

    Yang Yuncong was very astonished at what he heard. He did not realize that Chu Zhaonan and Fei Hongjin knew each other. Judging from what they said, it seems that the two of them had some sort of feud. It is most likely the case that Chu Zhaonan tried to pursue Fei Hongjin, but Fei Hongjin loved the singer instead. Yang Yuncong could not help but feel sorry for Fei Hongjin, she was the great heroine of the desert, yet the one she loves and the one who loves her are fully despicable people.

    Chu Zhaonan avoided several attacks in succession. Fei Hongjin became fiercer the more she attacked. Chu Zhaonan laughed bitterly and took out his Gliding Dragon Sword. He shouted: Fei Hongjin, you are making me fight back!

    Fei Hongjin did not say a word and continued her attack. Chu Zhaonan dodged and swept forward with his sword, the tip of the whip was immediately cut off. Fei Hongjin scolded: Even if you have a precious sword I still wont be afraid of you! With the whip on her left hand and the sword on her right, she executed her stances with agility and skill, she managed to fight to a draw with Chu Zhaonan.

    Chu Zhaonan whistled and changed his sword technique, it was faster than lightning and thunder, he pressed forward between the glimmer of the sword and the shadow of the whip. Fei Hongjin screamed and brandished her whip while she spiralled her short sword, with two weapons, she was able to both attack and defend at the same time and she used it extremely well in coordination. Although Chu Zhaonans Mount Heaven Swordplay was exceptional, Fei Hongjins stances were many and extremely diverse, after battling for several dozen stances he could not take the advantage.

    Yang Yuncong was extremely impressed at what he saw. Earlier when he saw Fei Hongjin defeat the three warriors, although he praised her martial arts, he did not think that it was extraordinary. But now that he saw the marvellous swordplay that she used to deal with Chu Zhaonan that was executed with free-form, he realized that she really did have an original technique. She was capable of wielding two different weapons that required different techniques, one on each hand, and was not confused in the least. Even just this capability would be hard to find even amongst first class fighters! However, Chu Zhaonans martial arts was superior, and he also had a precious sword, should the battle continue on, it is likely that Fei Hongjin would not be able to resist!

    Fei Hongjin focused her complete concentration on her battle with Chu Zhaonan and could not spend any effort to her surroundings. The person who came with Chu Zhaonan took the opportunity to sneak inside the fort and pulled out Yabulu. Yabulu had suffered a whip earlier but it was only an external injury and was nothing serious. Now at once he ran away with this person. Fei Hongjin was extremely furious when she saw this and wanted to pursue, but she was entangled in her battle with Chu Zhaonan so she could not run away. But because of this slight distraction Chu Zhaonan took the upper hand, pressing forward with his sword like a great river, his stances were aggressive and endless! Fei Hongjin forced herself to concentrate and defended, the other two had already ran past her!

    All of a sudden, a shadow from above rushed downwards like a large bird that swept downwards from the sky! Yabulu was running away when he suddenly felt a huge burden on his shoulder, as if he was clutched by five iron hooks, the pain went to his lungs. He shouted: Brother Luo, come save me! His ribs were poked by a finger and his entire body felt numb, he collapsed on the ground at once.

    The one who rushed down was none other than Yang Yuncong. After he subdued Yabulu, he followed by striking down Chu Zhaonans companion with both hands. This person was named Luo Dahong, and was the single great bandit inside the pass. When Dorgon lead the Qing soldiers inside the pass, he began to gather Manchu and Han troops and recruited Luo Dahong. When Nalan Xiuji advanced his troops to Xinjiang, he also brought Luo Dahong with him as one of the higher ups to guard the tent. Now he was Chu Zhaonans subordinate.

    Luo Dahong was just escaping with Yabulu when he heard noises from behind. He turned to look and saw Yabulu had already collapsed on the ground. He was both startled and angry, he attacked with his rattan serpent stick continuously and spiralled it above his head, the stick coerced the strong wind and with a roar he swept Yang Yuncong on the waist. Yang Yuncong twisted his body to evade the attack, the rattan serpent stick swept past him, and no sooner said than done, before Luo Dahong could retract his stick, Yang Yuncong had already pounced himself forward. Luo Dahong urgently countered with his stick. Yang Yuncong yelled out loudly and meeting face-to-face with his opponent, with both hands he grabbed his opponent by the wrist and squeezed. Luo Dahong shrieked miserably and felt powerless in his entire body. Yang Yuncong picked him up and tossed him to the side without a care whether he would die or live. Then he rushed forward to support Fei Hongjin.

    Fei Hongjin was disadvantaged in her fight and even when she heard screams from behind her she could expend no effort to look. All of a sudden Chu Zhaonan retracted his stances and retreated urgently. Fei Hongjin was extremely perplexed, when all of a sudden she heard a voice shouting, Dont move! She looked and saw a man whose movement was swift as a bird and blocked Chu Zhaonans path.

    Chu Zhaonan saw that his martial brother was empty-handed. Although he was still afraid he hoped that he could strike ferociously with his sword and find a chance to escape. Yang Yuncong angrily shouted: You dare to fight with me? He attacked with both hands amidst the illumination of the precious sword. In a split second the two had exchanged over twenty or thirty stances. Fei Hongjin rushed to support but became incessantly amazed at what she saw. How could this person deal with Chu Zhaonan and his precious sword with nothing but his bare hands? She wanted to join in the battle, but the fight was extremely intense to the point that she could not even find an opportunity to help out!

    A lot of Chu Zhaonans martial arts were taught by Yang Yuncong on behalf of their teacher. Even if Yang Yuncong fought with his eyes closed he would recognize the changes in his swordplay. Even with a precious sword in hand, Chu Zhaonan could only endure about forty or fifty stances before he could no longer resist. He wanted to come up with a plan to run for his life but with a twist of his wrists, Yang Yuncong seized the Gliding Dragon Sword and continued to point and seized him on the Yuqi Acupoint.

    Yang Yuncong turned around and smiled. Lady, I will hand this person over to you!

    The image of this person flashed across her mind. Fei Hongjin recognized that this was the same person who asked her for water earlier, she gave a thumbs up and said, Alright! and asked Yang Yuncong to pull Chu Zhaonan into the fort while she brought Yabulu back in.

    Fei Hongjin glared intensely at Chu Zhaonan and scolded: So it turns out you really have sided with the Qing soldiers, what more do you have to say?

    Chu Zhaonan did not answer and only stared at her intensely. Fei Hongjin shouted: I will rip out your eyes first! She extended her fingers to reach for his eyes.

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    Chapter 6 The Heroine and the Traitor

    Fei Hongjin raised her arm and extended her two fingers. She was about to dig out Chu Zhaonans eyes when she suddenly felt a numbness in her arms, Yang Yuncong gently extended his hands to grab her by the wrist.

    Fei Hongjin was taken aback. What are you doing? she asked.

    Yang Yuncong smiled and answered: He is my martial brother!

    Fei Hongjin opened her eyes wide and asked: You are a Kazakh?

    Yang Yuncong said: My name is Yang Yuncong. I am helping the Kazakh people fight in war, ashamed to say that that I have been utterly defeated. Right now I am heading to South Xinjiang to gather the Kazakh people in that area, then I will settle the score with those Qing soldiers!

    Fei Hongjin jumped up and said: Ah! So you are the great Hero Yang. When my father was alive he would often praise your accomplishments, only that he never had the chance to meet you!

    Yang Yuncong smiled and was about to say I have long heard about your name and reputation, but Fei Hongjin continued: You want to let him go? She pointed at Chu Zhaonan.

    Yang Yuncong laughed heartily. He pointed at Yabulu and said: Young lady, you are willing to let him go?

    Fei Hongjin angrily replied, Of course not!

    Yang Yuncong said: Then why do you ask me? You want to bring him back to your tribe, I also want to bring my sorry excuse of a martial brother back to Mount Heaven.

    Fei Hongjin blushed with embarrassment. She knew that she said something wrong, suspecting that Yang Yuncong would be favourable to his martial brother. When he countered with a question of his own she was speechless.

    Yang Yuncong put on a solemn expression and with his bright eyes he stared intently at Chu Zhaonan. Chu Zhaonan, do you remember when you practiced martial arts back at Mount Heaven? How did teacher and I treat you? You are an orphan, I love and protect you like my own brother. Teacher also taught you the same way, he told you over and over again to remember that you came from a poverty-stricken family, and that after you acquired a set of profound martial arts, that you should help do something for the herdsman of the prairies? Did he not repeatedly tell you to remember that you should not use your martial arts to become a feudal officer and bully the poor?

    Chu Zhaonan avoided directly eye contact with Yang Yuncong and did not answer. Yang Yuncong lowered his voice and continued: Martial brother, this is the last time Im going to tell you. If you dont change your ways, you will be my enemy! Even if I dont bring you back to Mount Heaven, I can still punish you. Tell me, did you willingly join with Hulu or did someone coerce you? You joined Tulu to humiliate and bully your own kind, hmph, that is even worse than becoming a government official!

    Chu Zhaonan softly said: Neither is the case.

    Yang Yuncong angrily said: Then how did you end up joining him?

    Chu Zhaonan pointed at Fei Hongjin and said, Ask her!

    Fei Hongjin was extremely furious, she raised her horsewhip and swept forward, shouting, Was I the one who told you to surrender to Tulu? You want him to ask me?

    Yang Yuncong said: Young lady, you need not be so angry. Why dont you tell me how my martial brother knows you!

    Fei Hongjin said: Three years ago, a young fellow came to our tribe. He said he was a disciple of Reverend Huiming, so we took him in! He would often find excuses to get close to me, I treated him like my own brother, hmph! Who would have thought that he did not have any good intentions!

    Yang Yuncong laughed inwardly. If he only wanted to pursue you, then that is not really a bad thing.

    Fei Hongjin continued: During that time we were at war with Qing soldiers and were in desperate need of manpower. We regarded very highly people with exceptional martial arts like him. But it did not take long for me to figure out that he did not sincerely want to help us fight!

    Chu Zhaonan shouted: Amongst all the people in your tribe during that time, did I not kill more Qing soldiers than anyone else?

    Fei Hongjin laughed coldly. If you were in the same team as me, you would have been the bravest of them all, but if you were not in my team, you did not put your heart into fighting. You kill Qing soldiers like you wanted to show off to me.

    Yang Yuncong creased his eyebrows; Fei Hongjin continued: Your swordsmanship can be considered matchless in our tribe. However, whenever danger came your sword skills were only used to protect yourself and no one else. Hero Yang, you have lead the Kazakh people to fight so many years of war, you must understand that a war is not won with one or two people acting by themselves. In a war, the entire army is one entity, they must act in complete coordination!

    Yang Yuncong nodded. That is correct, young lady really knows how to fight a war!

    Fei Hongjin said: But your martial brother only knows to care for himself! He only cares about his own might, very rarely would he help out others. One day he was not on the same team as me but was on the same team as my brother. All of a sudden the Qing soldiers ambushed us and we were completely surrounded, the situation was extremely dangerous. In a great sense of urgency your martial brother executed his remarkable swordplay and singlehandedly rushed out of the encirclement. But my brother was trapped for three days and three nights. Because he tried to help out the wounded and protect his comrades, he was shot by an arrow over a dozen times and perished in the battlefield. Later on we arrived and cleared the enemy. We saved a lot of our comrades but my brother could not be saved. I hated your martial brother with indescribable resentment, but my father forgave him. My father said that after all he was only a guest, even if he would run at the first sign of trouble he cannot be blamed. As long as he continued to help us resist the Qing soldiers he would not be faulted! He reasoned that even if your martial brother wasnt there to help, my brother would have perished in that battle anyway. My father loved the two of us dearly, since he forgave your martial brother I have nothing more to say. But as soon as I would get near him I would feel a sense of anguish. I may forgive him but I would not get close to him.

    Yang Yuncong said: After a while, he ran away, is that right?

    Fei Hongjin nodded. Thats exactly what happened!

    Yang Yuncong was both angry and disappointed. He looked up and when he saw that Chu Zhaonans eyes became teary, his heart softened. He thought: Chu Zhaonan is a very intelligent person and also an orphan, hence during his time at Mount Heaven, teacher and I would love him very dearly. But that is also the reason that he became so uninhibited and conceited. Furthermore, after he left the mountain there was no one to instruct him, all of his bad qualities came to surface and eventually lead him to the wrong path. I am partially responsible for his actions; I am his elder martial brother, yet when I knew he left the mountain I did not send anyone to search for him. Although I was extremely busy with warfare back then, nevertheless I regret not doing so. If I had him with me the whole time he would not have turned out like this.

    After thinking for some time Yang Yuncong said: Zhaonan, normally your crimes are punishable by death, but because you are my martial brother, I will give you one more chance. If you turn over a new leaf I will let you go!

    Fei Hongjin scolded: Words are not enough! Who can guarantee that he will really change for good?

    Yang Yuncong continued: I will let you reflect on your past actions. Then you can tell me where you went wrong. To surrender to the Qing army was already a grave mistake, but amidst such a mistake you had already committed many more mistakes! For example, you only fought in war for this lady, although you fought courageously, it was still a mistake.

    Yang Yuncong muttered to himself for a while then said: I will not remind you any further. One has to realize his own mistakes in order to correct them, you must figure it out on your own. To surrender to Hulu was a grave mistake, it was the cause for many other mistakes to come, but you must figure out the rest on your own!

    Yang Yuncong looked very stately, when Fei Hongjin saw the impressive shine on his eyes and listened to his speech, she felt that it was very reasonable. Originally she disagreed but now she changed her mind and said, Let him think it over then!

    In a split second, Chu Zhaonans heart was aroused, it appeared as if his martial brothers words really took an effect on him. Suddenly, all of the things he did in the past rushed to his thoughts. He thought about how when he first left Mount Heaven he used his martial arts to do several chivalrous deeds. Later when he heard that Fei Hongjin was the number one beauty in the desert and had extraordinary martial arts, he could not help but become moved. He travelled thousands of miles to find her tribe. Originally he thought that he was too a young hero and would be a heavenly match for Fei Hongjin. He did not expect that Fei Hongjin would become more and more distant with him, and eventually she started to like that singer, such a beautiful girl falling for such a despicable singer. As he thought up to this point he looked at Yabulu who was snoring and sleeping like a dead pig. Chu Zhaonan laughed contemptuously and thought: In what way can this person compare to me that Fei Hongjin would love him! Even up to this point he did not understand why Fei Hongjin did not like him. He only felt deeply aggrieved and indignant.

    If he was so indignant even now, one can imagine how he was like back then! Back then he only wished that he could kill both Yabulu and Fei Hongjin. However, Fei Hongjins martial arts was not below his own and Yabulu would often be with her, he could not find a good opportunity to strike. At the same time he noticed that Old Hero Tangnu did not really trust him, although he treated him very sincerely, he would not put him in charge of any important tasks and treated him nothing more than a common soldier. Hmph, he has berated me on more than one occasion! In the entire tribe nobody can compare to my sword skills, yet he treated me so contemptuously! At first he only resented in his heart, but eventually it surfaced and he began to speak out. Several of his friends who shared the same thoughts listened to his rant and urged: A hero like you does not need to stay here to suffer his maltreatment. If you are here for Fei Hongjin, that sly little fox already has a lover. Thereafter they took him to see a Qing officer disguised as a merchant riding a camel and managed to persuade him to join them. It turns out those people were Qing spies who shared the same thought as Chu Zhaonan: If I become successful one day, I will enrage Fei Hongjin to death! Chu Zhaonan did not expect that he would fall deeper and deeper into a slippery slope, eventually he became an executioner and slaughtered many kind-hearted herdsman in the prairies.

    Thereafter, Chu Zhaonan became more and more confused in his thoughts. The menacing glare of his martial brother stared him right in the eyes. He thought about how his teacher and martial brother cherished him greatly and felt a bit of remorse. But where did he go wrong? The Manchus have already secured the country, if he wanted to make a name for himself, what better way was there than to assist the government? During the two years he was with the Qing army, he was instilled the thought of One who learns literature or martial arts should use their skills to help the monarchy. The words of his teacher and martial brother was slowly abandoned, he even went as far as to believe that his actions of following Old Hero Tangnu and resisting the Qing soldiers were nothing more than that of an ignorant youth.

    Yang Yuncong saw that his martial brother was silent for a long time and urged: Zhaonan! Have you thought it through yet? Do you understand where you went wrong?

    Chu Zhaonan wanted to resist and say, I am not wrong! but he was afraid of his martial brothers gaze and also afraid of Fei Hongjins whip. He thought: My martial brother is fine, but this Fei Hongjin is an untamed girl and her temper is terrible, if I argue with her she will really kill me! Then he said: Martial brother, let me think for some more time!

    Yang Yuncong sighed and said: I am naturally too hasty, to expect you to think everything through in such a short time is indeed difficult. Very well, I will give you two days. We will first accompany this young lady back to her tribe, then I will take you away. By that time you should have some idea about your mistakes. Yang Yuncong thought: Chu Zhaonan once followed Old Hero Tangnu in battle, I can bring him back to see his former comrades and have him listen to Old Hero Tangnus various brave and heroic accomplishments, that may be enough to touch him to come back. It will help him find out where he went wrong.

    But when Chu Zhaonan heard this he became really afraid. He knew how much the Luobu people hated Qing soldiers. If they knew that he had become a Qing officer, even if every person threw a rock at him that would be enough kill him already. Thereupon he tried to come up with a plan of escape.

    It was now past the third watch, the night wind outside the fort cried softly. Yang Yuncong had been on the run for the entire day and starved for half a day, further he just recovered from his injuries so he unconsciously yawned several times. Fei Hongjin said: Hero Yang, I will take turns with you to keep watch over these two. You should get some rest now, I will wake you up on the fifth watch. Then I will sleep for two hours and we will travel early next morning.

    Yang Yuncong said: Let me keep watch first, you can rest.

    Fei Hongjin said: I was born in the prairies, I am used to travelling around the desert, I dont feel tired.

    Yang Yuncong knew that she was a competitive person, so he laughed gently and reached to seal his martial brothers Ruanma Acupoint and said: Just in case. You can look after him until the fifth watch, then wake me up.

    During the time Fei Hongjin was watching over him, Chu Zhaonan wanted to speak to her, but Fei Hongjin paid no attention. Sometimes she would even brandish her whip for fun. Chu Zhaonan was extremely angry inside. He began to harmonize his breathing to exert his internal energy to release his own acupoint. Yang Yuncong was careless, he knew that back in Mount Heaven Chu Zhaonan did not learn the techniques of unsealing ones own acupoint, but he did not expect that over the past few years Chu Zhaonan had improved greatly. Although he still could not compare to his martial brother, for him to channel his energy to release his acupoint was not difficult at all. After two hours or so, he had completely cleared the blockage. He was extremely pleased inwardly and was about to run away when all of a sudden he heard Yang Yuncong call out, Martial brother!

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    Chapter 7 The Singers Fatal Journey

    Chu Zhaonan became very startled. Yang Yuncong called out again then turned around and fell asleep. It turns out that he was just talking in his sleep. Fei Hongjin glared at Chu Zhaonan intently and said: Even in his dreams your martial brother cares about you, why havent you turned good yet!

    Chu Zhaonan remained silent. He blamed himself for being so careless as to forget his martial brother. Fortunately he had not taken action yet, else even if he could defeat Fei Hongjin, as soon as she calls out, his martial brother would definitely wake up; even if he managed to escape from the fort he would still be recaptured. Although his acupoint was unsealed now, he pretended as if he was unable to move. He called out softly: Fei Hongjin, give me some water.

    Fei Hongjin paid no attention to him. Chu Zhaonan shouted: I am going to die of thirst! Give me some water!

    Fei Hongjin scolded: You deserve to die! You little brat, you are purposely trying to wake up your martial brother. She swept her whip to attack, Chu Zhaonan struggled to evade the blow; he cried out in pain and collapsed on the ground. At the same time he took the opportunity to secretly take out a small packet from his bosom. Fei Hongjin did not pay attention and continued to lash at him. She scolded: Stop faking it! Get up already!

    All of this ruckus caused Yang Yuncong to awake from his sleep. He relaxed his eyes and said: Fei Hongjin, whats going on?

    Fei Hongjin replied: Its nothing, go back to sleep!

    Chu Zhaonan said: Martial brother, I want to drink some water!

    Yang Yuncong said: Fei Hongjin, give him some then.

    Fei Hongjin opened her eyes wide and threw the water sack towards him and said: Very well, on behalf of your martial brother I will give you some water.

    Chu Zhaonan wedged the water sack between the crook of his arms, his actions appeared as if it was very difficult for him to move. He lowered his head and gulped down a few mouthfuls of water, with his right hand he stealthily pinched and flicked, releasing the contents of the small packet inside the water sack.

    At this time Yang Yuncong was already awake, his drowsiness faded. He got up and said: Fei Hongjin, it is my turn to keep watch!

    Fei Hongjin said: It is not the fifth watch yet!

    Yang Yuncong said: I am unable to sleep, there is no point in having two people watch over them.

    Fei Hongjin dropped her whip on the ground and said: Very well then, you should be careful.

    She took out a cloak and placed it on the ground to sleep. Yang Yuncong laughed inwardly. She really is a candid lady.

    After a while, sounds of snoring could be heard. Yang Yuncong softly said: Zhaonan are you not tired? You should get some rest too.

    Chu Zhaonan softly replied: I am adhering to martial brothers teachings and thinking over my mistakes.

    Yang Yuncong felt very gratified and said; That is good too, take your time.

    Chu Zhaonan drooped his head and shut his eyes, his appearance like an old monk. Yang Yuncong sighed inwardly. After a while, Yang Yuncong also felt thirsty and unscrewed the cork of the water sack. He gulped down several mouthfuls of water. Chu Zhaonan stealthily peeked at him and after a while, Yang Yuncong felt his eyes turned black, his body began to sway.

    Chu Zhaonan exclaimed: Fall! He jumped up and as fast as lightning snatched the Gliding Dragon Sword hanging next to the wall. Yang Yuncong was unprepared for this, when he cleared his vision, Chu Zhaonan was already pressing forward to strike with his sword.

    It turns out that that small packet was an anaesthetic. At the end of the Ming Dynasty its use was prohibited, but there had already been some Western drugs imported to China. The anaesthetics used for surgery became precious treasures for generals and their troops. After Chu Zhaonan joined the Qing army he accomplished many contributions. When the Yili general Nalan Xiuji saw how brave and formidable he was, he wanted to win him over, so he gave him several packets of these drugs and told him, These are anaesthetics, if you are wounded by arrows or by poisonous hidden projectiles such that you need to disinfect your wounds, these drugs are fit for the job, it will make the process painless. Chu Zhaonan laughed back then and said: Although I am not as brave and tough as Lord Guan[1], if there really comes a time where I have to scrape and disinfect my bones, I will definitely not so much as raise my eyebrows. Nalan Xiuji said: It is better to be prepared just in case, it would be best if you took one or two packets with you. Chu Zhaonan asked in detail about the usages of this drug. He found out that if this was swallowed it would be even more effective than the sleeping drugs in the Jianghu. He remembered this point to heart.

    Furthermore, Yang Yuncong was feeling a gloomy darkness in his eyes and delirious, this strike startled him greatly. His internal energy was very deep and had the experience of facing many formidable opponents, at once he knew that he had been sneak attacked by Chu Zhaonan. His mind urgently took in this information, when he began to see clearly, Chu Zhaonans Gliding Dragon Sword was abstrusely vibrating and nearly stabbed him. Yang Yuncong yelled out loudly and soared into the air, he flipped over both palms, his left palm attacking straight to seal Chu Zhaonans Huagai Acupoint and with his right hand he tried to seize the precious sword.

    Chu Zhaonan did not expect that even after taking the anaesthetic his martial brother would still be so fierce. With a stance of The Dragon Spirals he evaded the palm attack and forced his way through a path of escape. Yang Yuncongs vision was still blurry, he tried his best to focus his concentration, he listened to the sound of wind to judge direction. He rushed forward as fast as a lightning bolt and directly blocked Chu Zhaonans path of escape. With both palms he attacked fiercely, he was going to fight against his opponents precious sword with his bare hands! Chu Zhaonan had never experienced the effects of this drug before. He thought the drug was ineffective and cursed inwardly, Damn it! If I get caught again, martial brother will not forgive me.

    In a split second, the two of them had already exchanged many dangerous stances. Fei Hongjin had just awakened and heard much hubbub outside. She jumped up and wiped her eyes. She saw that Yang Yuncong and Chu Zhaonan were in the middle of a very intense battle. She was really surprised and at once grabbed her whip and pulled out her sword and scolded: Little brat, you dare to try and escape! She rushed forward to assist, her whip lashing forward directly towards Chu Zhaonan!

    Chu Zhaonan was drenched in cold sweat which percolated over his body. He could not even handle his martial brother alone, much less another fighter! He sighed inwardly, Never would I have guessed that I, Chu Zhaonan, will perish here at such a young age.

    Who would have thought that Fei Hongjin would have been better off not joining the fight, as soon as she joined the fight Yang Yuncong became more weary. This is because the drug was beginning to take effect; Yang Yuncongs vision became blurred and he had to rely on sounds to continue his attack. The sound of Fei Hongjins long whip was easy enough to distinguish, but the noise emanated by her sword slashing against the wind was exactly the same as that of Chu Zhaonans Gliding Dragon Sword. Chu Zhaonan had already suffered a whiplash trying to avoid his martial brothers palm strike. Fei Hongjin became delighted inwardly and ferociously pressed forward to attack, stabbing forward with her sword. The sword swept past Yang Yuncong. Yang Yuncong suddenly yelled out loud, he flipped his body and both fingers matched against the blade of the sword and seized Fei Hongjins precious sword. Fei Hongjin shouted, What are you doing? Chu Zhaonan did not understand what just happened, he thought that his martial brother valued their relationship and once again stepped in to save his life. He became extremely delighted and immediately turned around to run away from the fort.

    Fei Hongjin was extremely angry. She was about to reprimand Yang Yuncong when the latter collapsed on the floor and cried: Fei Hongjin, I have suffered a sneak attack!

    Fei Hongjin was taken aback. She looked and saw that Yang Yuncong was already unconscious. She did not know what kind of attack he suffered, she thought that he may have been attacked by a hidden projectile so inspected carefully but did not see any tears in his clothes, nor was his flesh wounded. She was bewildered.

    At this time Yabulu had awoken. When he saw such a scene he could not fathom it and pulled out the water sack and downed some water. Fei Hongjin saw that he was awake and was about to reprimand him when suddenly he too collapsed on the floor. She was completely astonished and realized that Chu Zhaonan had secretly poisoned the water. She sliced the water sack in half with her sword, the water splashed on the ground and in no time at all it was completely absorbed by the yellow sand!

    Fei Hongjin felt Yang Yuncongs chest with her hands then she felt Yabulus chest. Both of their hearts were still beating, on the surface one could not see any signs of sickness, only that they were in a very deep sleep. She relaxed her breathing and grasped onto her whip and sword to guard the both of them.

    She kept watch over the two of them until the following afternoon. Yang Yuncong suddenly awoke from his sleep and the first thing he asked was, Did Chu Zhaonan get away?

    Fei Hongjin nodded. Yang Yuncong cried, What a shame! and picked himself up. He flexed his muscles until he felt normal and said: I dont know when he secretly put some sleeping drugs into the water. Ai, it is my fault for being too careless, I did not expect that he would be able to unseal his own acupoint!

    Fei Hongjin thought for a moment and said: I was even more careless than you. When I gave him the water sack he drank lying on the floor, that must have been when he poisoned the water. Hmph, both of us were careless, so we should not fault each other. I expect that he could not have gotten very far! She laughed out loud.

    After a while Yabulu woke up as well. He saw that Fei Hongjin and Yang Yuncong were laughing and having a merry conversation. He felt both jealous and angry and scared. He pleaded: Fei Hongjin, please let me go!

    Fei Hongjin said: Why should I let you go? If you have not done anything wrong, why should you be afraid of returning to the tribe?

    Yabulu said softly, Fei Hongjin, we had a past relationship after all, if you like someone else now then just let me go. Even if I am at the ends of the earth I will still sing and sincerely wish the two of you well!

    Fei Hongjin became extremely furious. She lashed out with her whip and scolded: Nonsense! Who do you think I am? When we return to the tribe and you turn out to be innocent, I will apologize to you, but I will no longer like someone with a moral quality like yourself. However, if you are actually guilty of killing my father, hmph, I will kill you personally! If you try to escape, you are seeking death! I will cut you into pieces!

    Yabulu became so afraid his face turned deathly pale. He was trembling with fear and did not dare to say anything more.

    Fei Hongjin dragged Yabulu up the horse, then said to Yang Yuncong, You should come with us as well, our tribe would love your company!

    Yang Yuncong said, Good idea! and got on the horse and travelled with them together.

    The three of them travelled on horse for two days. On the third day they passed the Iron Gate Pass in South Xinjiang and saw between a row of high mountains split open a strip of aperture, it was a rapidly flowing river. They decided to cross through the aperture.

    Fei Hongjin said: This is the famous Peacock River in South Xinjiang.

    Yabulus face became deathly pale. He took out his reed instrument and sang a grieving, distressful song. Fei Hongjin creased her eyebrows, then she sighed and said: Sing, go ahead and sing. I will let you sing for one more day, thereafter I never have to listen to your singing again!

    Yabulu pleaded again, Fei Hongjin, do you not like my singing? Are you willing to never listen to my voice again?

    Fei Hongjin brandished her whip again. She did it not to hit him but strike a posture and said: If you love to sing then sing! If you talk anymore I am going to hit you!

    After passing through the Iron Gate Pass they reached a wide expanse of prairies. The Peacock River meandered around the meadow; the snowy mountain in the distance was faintly visible, the clouds were coloured by the sun and fluctuated irregularly, both coasts of the river hung down drifting lightly. Amidst such a majestic scene carried hints of charm and gentleness. Yang Yuncong felt really open-minded and brandished his sword playfully while whistling.

    Fei Hongjin exclaimed, We are here! She pointed to the distance with her whip; from afar an indistinct smoke appeared. Yabulu stopped singing at once, his face increasingly pale.

    The three horses swept past the vast prairies. After a while, they saw many tents, many herdsman welcomed them; woman and children ran to the front, laughing and jumping with joy, singing, Our Hamaya[2] has returned! A team of youngsters played their dongbula[3] and sang:

    Our heroine Hamaya,
    Has a great reputation in the prairies,
    When children see her they laugh with joy,
    When her enemies see her they are scared!
    Roses are embroidered in all directions,
    Our Hamaya inspires our children to sing,
    All the youngsters in the prairies know of her!
    Ah, her horse is approaching!

    Yang Yuncong said softly, Fei Hongjin, the voices of so many people singing sounds much better than just one person singing.

    Fei Hongjin became teary and softly said, I know! She got off her horse and pulled along Yabulu and escorted Yang Yuncong, slowly making their way into the crowd. Yabulu trembled violently but tried his best to act if he didnt care.

    From inside the tent came three elders, their hairs and beards were silver. They bowed to Fei Hongjin respectfully. Fei Hongjin kneeled down in respect and with tears she said: I have come too late.

    One of the elders helped her up and asked: Yabulu has returned, but who is this young man?

    Fei Hongjin said: That is Yang Yuncong, the great Hero Yang!

    The crowd cheered and many youngsters crowded around him. The three old men bowed respectfully. Yang Yuncong knew that these old men were the elders of the tribe and urgently returned the courtesy.

    One of the elders said, Hero Yang is here, that is excellent! The elders brought Fei Hongjin inside the tent, Yabulu was tied outside the tent, while Yang Yuncong was lead to take a bath and rest. For a guest in the prairies, for the host to invite a guest to bathe was considered the greatest form of respect.

    The sun set as dusk came, the new moon of the prairies rose up to the sky. After dinner, a fire was ignited on the grass outside the tent. The woman and youngsters of the Luobu tribe played their instruments and surrounded the bonfire, singing aloud. Their voices were desolate and solemn, causing others to saddened.

    One of the elders came inside the tent and said: Hero Yang, tonight we are honouring the Old Hero Tangnu!

    Yang Yuncong jumped up and said: May I borrow an incense stick, I also wish to pay my respects to the Old Hero.

    The elder said: Wait until Hamaya has paid her respects first.

    Yang Yuncong followed the elder outside the tent. He saw that Fei Hongjin and Yabulu were already standing on the grass. Fei Hongjins entire body was dressed in bright white, Yabulus face looked no better than a pile of ashes. The atmosphere was extremely serious.

    [1]Referring to Guan Yu, a renowned general during the Three Kingdoms Period.
    [2]Hamaya is Fei Hongjins real name.
    [3]A dongbula is one of the musical instruments played by the Kazakh people.

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