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Title: 唐宫燕之女人天下 // Tang Gong Yan Zhi Nv Ren Tian Xia

English Title: Women of Tang Dynasty


Annie Liu (刘心悠) as Meng Fu
Liu ting Yu (刘庭羽) as Meng Fan
Kristy Yang (杨恭如) as Princess Tai Ping
Hui Ying Hong (惠英红) as Wu Ze Tian
Nathan Lee (李承铉) as Tang Xuan Zong
Florence Tan (陈秀丽) as Shang Guan Wan Er

Episodes: 46

Broadcast Period: unconfirmed

Looks like another Wu Ze Tian drama, looks like it is in her older years. I think I am going to watch this for the ladies, have my fav Annie, Liu Ting Yu abd Florance Tan. I am not familiar with the males, they look cute keke. I hope it will be good.