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Thread: which female character in xun qin ji , the novel, do you like the most

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    Default which female character in xun qin ji , the novel, do you like the most

    As titled,

    I like shan rou the most..
    she is the only female character in the novel which i personally think huang yi has created with unique personality... the rest are just vases , my personal opinion

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    I've read until book 2 only. So far, I still like his first wife Mei Chan Niang most. I like her simple and innocent way of thinking. She prayed for a husband and thought that the fall-from-the-sky Xiang Shao Long is heaven's answering her prayer and, just like that, decided Xiang Shao Long would be her husband. That's really funny. Furthermore, Xiang Shao Long would not have survived when he first drop to the past if not for Mei Chan Niang.

    Shan Rou has only appeared for a short while. So, I can't judge her yet. But, she has already earn points from me
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    for not choosing Xiang Shao Long at the end.

    I'm kinda disappointed on how easily all the women succumb to Xiang Shao Long's charm, even those who has guarded their chastity for years.
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