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Thread: Jin Yong short tales

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    Default Jin Yong short tales

    Hi everybody, I'm an italian student and I'm doing a work for my university so I have to translate a short tale by Jin Yong that's never been translated into english yet. Do you know if there's a short work of him that's never been translated? Thanks to everybody who wants to help me !

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    It will be appreciated even a short story by Gu Long (never translated before) Thanks!

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    Jing Yong has I believe about 36 "books/editions" in his complete works... For Gu Long, go to WikiPedia and you'll find his complete works, or many of which "co-written/proof-read" by him... because he had a REALLY bad drinking habit later in life...

    Most are un-translated, though... Bing/Google translate does a VERY rough job if your impatient. I'm fluent in both cantonese & mandarin, so I use to use a REALLY nice woman's voice in a text to speech program in both dialects which allowed me to have it read to me many years ago. It was great... though it was under Windows 2000, no longer works in Win7, wished I had converted them to MP3's.... Anyhow... If your like me, understand speech but not text, grab a text to voice software that has a very natural voice and do the translation that way.

    good luck...

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