Recently, the tabloids described Kate Tsui as a "**** Goddess". The report stated Kate was the main person who caused Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu's break up. Last night, Kate attended the finale celebration dinner for TVB series Highs and Lows with the other cast Raymond Lam, Michael Miu, Ben Wong and Ella Koon. The report clearly caused a great impact on her. When she mentioned about the related report, there was tears glowing in her eyes, "Now that the series is over, I hope these terrifying headlines will stop. I am indeed unhappy about this. Seriously, I want to clarify once again that there is absolutely nothing between Bosco and I. These reports does not only damage my reputation, but also affects my friendships. It is nonsense, worthless and shouldn't be happening."

Kate frankly expressed the rumor has affected her friendship: "I'm saying this for the last time, Bosco and I are unrelated. There is no such thing, we are just colleagues at work. These reports makes me feel terrible." Kate said the magazine labeled her as the '**** Goddess', she honestly feels helpless: "I am indeed upset, I just feel so wronged because I never done such thing. I didn't do anything wrong, my conscience is clear."

When asked if she's afraid the report will affect her votes for TV Queen? She said: "I hope everyone won't get affected by fabricated reports. I really used my heart in the performance." Kate smiled and said when she was buying coffee, the cashier wrote her character name "Chan Ka Bik" on the coffee cup. She said: "I'm so grateful, very pleased with the results and I hope the ratings can reach near 40 points."

Raymond and Michael paid for the dinner that night. Raymond was asked about the artists in The Confidant and Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles becoming the hot favorites for anniversary awards? He said: "I'm banished to work in Hengdian, and couldn't even watch my own series until the next day. I don't have time to worry about the others." Raymond will rely on his fans to help him pull in more votes. When asked who he supports for TV Queen this year? He said: "I will support Kate. She is the only one who can do this character." When speaking of the great disappointment in Kate Tsui's gang rape scene ended up being only 1 second? Raymond said: "From my understanding, it was not 1 second. If we get the Best Series award, I will tell the director to make a Director's Cut for the series!"