Recently there has been some 'heavy after taste' in TVB series. It appears TVB is trying to boost the TV ratings with a chain of rape scenes! Earlier there was Kate Tsui's 'one second gang rape' scene in Highs and Lows and yesterday Tavia Yeung gets 'raped' by three men in anniversary series Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles. Her rapist played by Law Mong forcefully took her virginity, then laughed lasciviously, "Looks like you're still a virgin!" In the series, the rapist seriously wounded Tavia's character and she became infertile.

Netizens were outraged and criticized TVB's rape scenes, making it seem as if the production is not taken seriously. Netizens scolded: "It's either a 1 second scene or it's pitch black!" Additionally, Netizens were upset and disappointed that TVB's recent series have so much 'heavy after taste', lacks creativity and many scenes are inconsistent too!

As Ella Koon said before, audience are psychos for wanting to see rape scenes. In fact, TVB is the most psychotic. Aside from Kate and Tavia, earlier Aimee Chan had a rape scene in The Last Steep of Ascent and she ended up becoming pregnant as a result. In addition, there are still two more unreleased series that have rape scenes in it. These include Natalie Tong in Detective Columbo and Samantha Ko in Friendly Fire. Natalie joked: "I do pretty well in rape scenes, and I'm getting a hang of seducing others too." TVB, enough raping already, isn't it time to put a stop to it?

What do you guys think of this?