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Thread: Did anybody update the BOOK OF WEAPONS after Bak Hiu Sang's death?

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    Default Did anybody update the BOOK OF WEAPONS after Bak Hiu Sang's death?

    After Bak Hiu Sang's death, the ranking hierarchy of his BOOK OF WEAPONS changed twice in rapid succession. First, # 2-ranked Seung Gwoon Gum Hung defeated and killed # 1-ranked Old Man Sheun. Not long afterwards, Lee Chum Foon (originally ranked # 3) killed Seung Gwoon Gum Hung, taking the # 1 ranking. Also, newcomers Ah Fei and Ging Mo Meng demonstrated skills that should have placed them high on the ranking hierarchy, while several other elites (e.g. Gwok Sung Yeung; Yi Huk; Lui Fung Sin) either died or met with other mishaps. In other words, there were numerous changes to the rankings, but with Bak Hiu Sang dead, did anybody bother to update the ranking? Did anybody take responsibility for updating the BOOK OF WEAPONS after Bak Hiu Sang's death, or did the ranking system basically die with him?

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    I think it died with him. In Eagles Flying in September, many references are made to the new generation of fighters such as Yi Yeku, Guo Ding and Lu Di (the successors to Yi Ku, Guo Songyang and Lu Fengxian), and how they compared to the people in the old list such as Jade Flute (although I don't recall his name being in the old list during Sentimental Swordsman). There was no mention of any new ranking.

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    I think in Horizon Bright Moon Sabre it was written that if there was a Book of Weapons written, Ye Kai's dagger would be number one..of course this was long after Li Xunhuan and Ah Fei had retired

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