Hong Kong news agencies had a field day after Gillian Chung admitted to her budding romance with a Korean man, whom she only revealed as "Mr K". The member of Cantopop group Twins refused to divulge further information on him and the public's interest in her mysterious new beau grew.

Taking matters into their own hands, netizens solved the mystery when frontal images of "Mr K" circulated online earlier on. He is believed to be Kush, a film producer who is a close friend to G-Dragon, leader of South Korea's popular male group Big Bang.

In light of recent speculations, Gillian made a public statement via her microblog yesterday and denied that she is dating Kush. She expressed that the film producer is "just a friend".

"Except for the reports on my new relationship, other claims in the tabloids [rumours that Kush is her boyfriend and that they are currently living together] are fictitious. It is unfair to implicate others into this matter," she wrote.

The 31-year-old plans to keep her new relationship low-key and refused to disclose further details on "Mr K's" actual identity.