Recently, "3D Sex And Zen Extreme Ecstasy" director Christopher Sun has his name used illegally for a fake nude casting call.

According to Popular Asians, the media reported that recently, several online ads appeared on Renren, Rencai, QQ, and other social networking sites in China, claiming that Christopher Sun is planning to hire a number of actresses for a new movie called "Operation Nightlight".

The ads stated that the applicants are required to be "pretty, sexy, and possess a nice figure". It also asserted that complete nudity will be involved in the film, but genital areas will be hidden through camera angles.

Christopher Sun was only aware of the scam when the manager of mainland artist, Daniella Wang, contacted him and asked him whether he will be in Beijing soon for the casting interview of "Operation Nightlight".

Christopher quickly realised that scam artistes have been using his name for the unlawful casting calls and that gullible movie stars and models have already stripped for the screening tests.

Due to the seriousness of the crime, Christopher has decided to stop the scam once and for all. On 10 December, the director clarified, "I have no plans to film "Operation Nightlight" and have never authorised anyone to represent me to interview potential actresses."

He continued to say that the perverted scam artistes were despicable, and should be punished by law.
"I hope that people will be careful and aware of such crimes. Please contact me directly if my name is involved in any such ads," Christopher concluded.

The director also revealed that the interview process for movies that requires nudity is self-regulated and openly transparent and no online casting ads are needed. The potential candidates are usually recommended by friends and associates.

The only reason why an actress may need to appear nude in the auditions is to scan for any tattoo(s) or noticeable scar(s). The rest of the casting interview would usually involve the discussion of the movie, and whether or not the nude scenes will present any problems for the actress.

Ugh, this is disgusting...