Yesterday it was 201314 (Jan 4th 2013) - "Love You Forever" day. TVB actress and breast cancer survivor Mandy Lam announced she'll be a Snake Bride! Sugar Club's 'sugar brother' Poon Wan Fung announced he'll be marrying his girlfriend Jessie in April concluding their 8 year love marathon. The two will be holding a romantic wedding in Korea.

The 36 year old actress and former Miss HK, Mandy Lam, suffered from stage 2 breast cancer a few years ago. With all the support from her boyfriend (Tommy), she was able to get through chemotherapy and fortunately survived without having to remove her breasts. After fighting off breast cancer, she announces she'll be a Snake Bride on February 23rd, concluding her 12 year love marathon with Tommy. The couple will hold a simple ceremony at the church in Wan Chai and then host a wedding party after. Earlier Mandy and her boyfriend did a wedding photo shoot in North Point sponsored by As Bride.

There is only a little over a month until her wedding day, soon-to-be bride Mandy expressed over the phone: "I'm feeling nervous and excited. I invited Iva Law to be my bridesmaid and the best man is a friend of Tommy." After marriage, Mandy expressed she will work hard to be a housewife, she said: "Life after marriage will remain the same, but as a wife, I think I should cook more for my husband, so he can feel the difference between before and after marriage. I hope our love can go on forever."

Since Mandy has now completely recovered from breast cancer, she plans to have a baby. She said: "My body was unwell before, but I really like children. I'm still taking hormone medications now, so the earliest is three years later. The doctor said my case is going to be difficult to have a baby, but I still hope for a gift from God. If I can't have my own baby, I will consider adoption."