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Thread: Some questions regarding Sword of The Third Master

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    Default Some questions regarding Sword of The Third Master

    Hope you guys/girls out there can assist on these questions:

    1)who was it that invented the fourteenth stance ? It looks like
    Xie Xiaofeng developed it when he demonstrated it to Tie Kaicheng.
    But then later Tie Kaicheng said the originator was Yan Shisan.....
    So I am abit confused here.
    The final stance used by Yan Shisan, which resulted in his death: is that the fifteenth or fourteenth stance.

    2) who is the cat-like woman that The Kid & Xie Xiaofeng encountered in the carriage.


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    I'm not a Gu Long expert but in answer to Q1:

    For those who understand the essence of the 13 Death dealing swords, i.e. Yan Shisan and Xie Xiaofeng, the 14th & 15th stances are a logical progression. I think it was the 15th that caused Yan's death though it was not the actual stance per se. Yan felt that he did not have control of the sword with the 15th stance so he killed himself in response to that loss of control.

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    the 14th sword move was the combined essence of the previous 13 moves. XXF saw the essence of the moves when he fought TKC. he told TKC the 14th move definitely exist and YSS actually demonstrated the move in the beginning of the story.

    Obviously the Doat Menh 13 Swordplay only has 13 moves, how can there be a fourteenth move? But Yen Thap Tam understood. Even though Doat Menh Swordplay only has 13 moves, but it has 14 variations. The last variation is the true Ďspirití of the swordplay. Even though no one can see the Ďspirití of the swordplay, no one can deny its existence. Mo Dung Thu Dich suddenly stood up. Though her figure was weak and gentle, her face was as sharp as a knife thrust. She looked at Yen Thap Tam and articulated each word slowly.
    below is the translation link in spcnet.

    YSS also learnt XXF's move so he could counter it from XXF's former lover. but the 14th move couldn't beat XXF's move. the 15th move was created in order to defeat XXF's move but YSS did not want to kill XXF in the end. so he turned the sword on himself, because the 15th move was death itself. once executed, you must kill or die yourself.

    the last chapter was translated somewhere in spcnet but i cant find the link. look for it.
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