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Thread: In Hong Kong, people don't carry knives in public to kill others: Oscar Leung

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    Default In Hong Kong, people don't carry knives in public to kill others: Oscar Leung

    In Hong Kong, people don't carry knives in public to kill others: Oscar Leung

    By Rachael Boon
    In Mongkok district in Hong Kong, there are many youths who look like triad members, says actor Oscar Leung, who stars as one in the new gangster flick, Young And Dangerous: Reloaded.
    He does not know if those Mongkok youths are actually in triads but he believes films such as his do not influence the behaviour of the young.
    "After all, you don't see people jumping from the 30th storey after watching scenes like that in foreign films."
    He adds that the film, an update of the 1996 hit Young And Dangerous starring Ekin Cheng and Jordan Chan, is not really Hong Kong, for "it's impossible to see a group of people to carry knives and kill someone".
    The past year has seen the 33-year-old made a breakthrough as an actor. After toiling in bit-part roles for the better part of a decade, he won the prize for Most Improved Male Artiste at last year's TVB Anniversary Awards, beating favourites such as Him Law, his Young And Dangerous: Reloaded co-star.
    He is level-headed about the long road he has taken in show business to get to where he is now and received offers for significant roles.
    "In doing anything, you need experience," he says. "Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today."
    Young And Dangerous: Reloaded opens in cinemas tomorrow.


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    After watching the trailer for the new Young and Dangerous, I didn't realize how much better of an actor Ekin Cheng looks compared to Him Law.


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