Rumour has it that TVB intends to compensate Raymond Lam's loss at the TVB Anniversary Awards by awarding him the Most Popular Male Singer Award at the Jade Solid Gold Awards, to be held on 13 January.

As reported on Jayne Stars, Raymond might have a good chance of winning the award for the first time, as Leo Ku, his biggest contender and winner of the award for four consecutive years has decided to pass up on the ceremony, and instead go on an overdue vacation with his family.

In addition, because of TVB's dispute with the 'Big Four' record companies -Warner Music, Universal Music, EMI and Sony Music, over copyright payments, singers such as Hacken Lee and Eason Chan will not be attending the event.
Meanwhile, despite winning last year's "Asia Pacific Most Popular Hong Kong Artist Awards", this year, Raymond Lam will be facing stiff competition from Taiwan's Show Luo and Mayday.