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Thread: Cui Can Ren Sheng/Shining Days: Peter Ho, Michael Zhang

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    Default Cui Can Ren Sheng/Shining Days: Peter Ho, Michael Zhang

    从小生活在单亲家庭的余非,天性乐观善良,虽然母亲余玥对她很冷淡,但她没有怨恨过母亲,反而对她加倍照顾 。叶琳从小被捧在手掌心,虽然有着一些“公主病”,但却懂事惹人疼。机缘巧合,让余非和叶琳成为了无话不谈 的姐妹。 长大后,叶琳发现她爱的章赫凡钟情于余非。原来,幼时的余非意外解救了被绑架的赫凡。自此,赫凡便对余非难 以忘怀。心高气傲的叶琳认为这都是余非的错,于是决定追求余非青梅竹马的男友宇扬。岂料这时却爆出余非和叶 琳是同父异母的身世之谜。 得知真相的余非决定用自己的努力,换回原本属于她的一切。而叶琳无法承受这一切,她暗下决心,绝不将璀璨人 生还给余非。在经历了各种纷争后,在她们共同面对家族企业危机时,决定联手对外,她们用智慧和坚持保留了家 族的荣耀。叶琳和余非也成了真正的姐妹,并获得了属于各自的幸福。

    Spotty translation on my part of the synopsis: There are 2 girls YeLin and YuFei. YuFei is raised by a single mother but is cheerful and optimistic. YeLin is a "princess" raised in a rich family and is spoiled. YeLin is in love with Zhang HeFan, but for a mysterious past (involving a kidnapping) with YuFei he can't forget her. YeLin decides to pursue YuFei's childhood love YuYang in anger. They also find out that the two girls are sisters with the same father, and they have to save the family business from disaster. From the trailer there might be baby switching going on.

    Trailer is out, not sure when to air, but is scheduled for this year.

    Peter Ho - He Fan
    Michael Zhange - Yu Yang
    55-60 episodes

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    WAIT i had no idea he was even filming this! :O
    yayyyyy i love modern peter

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