TVB's new boss Charles Chan has been very strict in making sure the tabloids play fair when reporting about their artistes, and has made certain that any media platform making insidious falsehood about the station is boycotted.
As so, the latest report from Groove Asia claimed that the next victim of his boycotting mission included Next Media that allegedly has been taking advantages of TVB stars to participate in public functions for free, starting with the Next Magazine TV Awards 2013 that will be held in March.

TVB recently issued a company-wide letter internally to notify their managers, contracted artists, employees and producers about the company's relationship with Next Media, stating in a gist that TVB artists and programmes were unknowingly arranged to participate in various awards and were linked to consumer brands and commercials this year a practice that TVB believed to be inappropriate and unacceptable, and therefore it has been decided that they would not support Next Magazine's award ceremony and does not recommend their artistes to participate in any of their events.

TVB's General Manager, Mark Lee, expressed his agreement with the decision frankly, "This time, I hope to bring this issue to our artistes' attention and let them clearly see how the magazine has been treating TVB artistes and programmes in the past month."

Meanwhile, most TVB stars, including Myolie Wu, Michael Tse, Sharon Chan and Ron Ng, expressed their support for the decision and will let TVB handle everything.