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Forbes Koreas Top Power Celebrity 40′ List 2013
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Thread: Forbes Koreas Top Power Celebrity 40′ List 2013

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    Default Forbes Koreas Top Power Celebrity 40′ List 2013

    *All data based on 2012

    *Based on 2012 People Search Rankings from Nate, 100 nominees were selected from the fields of film, drama, variety, music, and sports. Then sales, frequency of media appearances, variety activities and professionalism were researched.

    1. Sales: Annual salary, donations, income from album sales, broadcast & advertisement appearance fees.
    -Guarantees from the production agency and advertising companies are also considered.
    -Production companys share (of income), taxes and other expenses are not calculated.
    -Only published/revealed income from Japan, China, US, etc. are reflected.

    2. Media appearance frequency (celebritys influence)
    -Number of times appearing in main daily newspapers Joongang, Joseon and DongAh etc.
    -Cover appearances on the magazines Movieweek, Cine21, Womens Joonang, Womens DongAh, Womens Joseon, Ceci, Vogue and AstaTV
    -Number of times on Daily Sports front page and search ranking

    3. Broadcast activities (fame/reputation)
    -CF model ranking from advertisement info site TV CF
    -Number of times appearing in talk shows, variety programs as guests

    4. Professionalism (differs by occupation)
    Actors and MCs: TV program ratings
    Film actors: number of film viewers
    Singers: Gaon album sales and combined digital sales
    Athletes: competition results
    *Awards received at various award ceremonies also included
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