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Thread: Recommend a wuxia series or just any ancient chinese series

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    Default Recommend a wuxia series or just any ancient chinese series

    I've already watched:

    Big Shot
    Chinese Paladin
    Chinese Paladin 3
    Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber (Alec Su & Alyssia Chia version)
    Journey to the West (Dicky Cheung version) and the second one
    Legend of the Condor Heros (Hu Ge & Ariel Lin version)
    Lotus Lantern (2000)
    The Mischievous Princess
    The Legendary Siblings (Jimmy Lin & Alec Su)
    The Legendary Siblings 2 (Jimmy Lin)
    The Swordsman (2013)
    Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra

    Can someone please recommend me other series? With romance in it. It doesn't have to be the main genre but at least a big part of it. And please don't tell me to rewatch this series or that because the one I watched was a crappy remake. I honestly don't care and I hate rewatching the same thing even though the others might be better.

    Please don't recommend me:
    Return of the Condor Heroes - I'm watching it but so far it is boring so I might drop it soon.
    Xuan Yuan Sword 3 - Tried it, not interested.
    Princess Returning Pearl - Just not interested, unless you can give me a good reason to be.
    Startling By Each Step - Not interested in the fighting of royalty stuff.

    Thank you so much!

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    Default Recommended

    Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei
    World's Finest
    Treasure Venture

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    A Chinese Ghost Story 2003
    The Fairies of Liaozhai
    Seven of the Sky
    The Young Warriors

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    Meteor, Butterfly sword 2010 (Baron Chen, Ivy Chen, Victor Huang)
    The New Heroic Legend 2011 (Pan Yue ming, Dong Jie)
    World's Finest (Li Yapeng, Roger Kwok, Wallace Huo, Michelle Ye)
    Strange Hero (Wallace Huo, Liu shishi, Edwin Siu )

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    If you don't mind sad endings then "Horizon, Moon Sabre" starring Wallace Huo and "Peacock Symbol" starring that little Xiaolong kid who used to play little monk are both quite enjoyable.

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