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Thread: The four constables by wen ruian translation

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    Default The four constables by wen ruian translation

    can Anyone please help me with this translation? I'm translating "the four constables" but there's a lot of phrases I can't translate. I translated chapter 1, but I don't think I can translate it all. So, can anyone help me translate the leftover chapters?

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    There is a reason that groups never translated it before, it's because the language was too difficult. I mean the phrases and flowery words he use so I applaud you for taking up the feat. I wish I could help but I can only suggest you use an online translator and figure it out that way or just summarizing the chapters instead or just skipping some parts.

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    I've translated more than half of book 1
    Si Da Ming Bu Hui Jing Shi (4 Great Constables Going to the Capital City) 四大名捕会京师
    Book 1: Xiong Shou (Murderer) 凶手

    But I'm busy and I'm getting less and less time to do it........
    I'm still looking for anyone to translate this book.
    I'd appreciate it if someone actually translated the book from the first chapter again so that we can cross-reference the texts to make it perfect.
    I'm using 2 translators and some sophisticated tools to figure the text out 'cause i'm not so good at chinese.
    Most of the text was translated by the help of PCs.

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