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Thread: China urges Vatican to cut Taiwan ties

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    Default China urges Vatican to cut Taiwan ties

    China urges Vatican to cut Taiwan ties

    Pope Francis’ inauguration on Tuesday has given Taiwan’s president an unprecedented opportunity to visit Europe in his capacity as head of state, prompting a call from Beijing for the Vatican to cut diplomatic ties with Taipei.
    Many in China are waiting to see whether the new Pope tries to restart an informal dialogue with Beijing that started and then stalled under his predecessor. But a government spokesman said the country stood by its position that the Vatican should first cut its ties with Taipei and not interfere with the Chinese Catholic Church, a government-run body which says it has the right to ordain bishops in China.

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    On a related note, Pope Benedict actually wanted to compromise with the Commies. They would vet a list of people and Pope Benedict would choose from the list given to him. The Commies said no; they just won't accept anything less than absolute power and control.

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