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Thread: 神印王座 - SHEN YIN WANG ZUO, Sealed Divined Throne, by Tang Jia San Shao (NO SPOILER)

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    Default 神印王座 - SHEN YIN WANG ZUO, Sealed Divine Throne, by Tang Jia San Shao (NO SPOILERS)

    Hi guys,

    I'm totokkk, and I discovered the Chinese literature because of you, people from spcnet.

    I have read quite a few translations from here, and I became 'addicted' to reading the kind of wuxia/xianxia novels. The biggest shame was that, the more I finished reading, the more I wanted to continue to read, but of course, after having read for quite long, I found out that I would soon run out of reading.

    Oh, that's terrible. For me, this revelation had an incredible impact, and came with the same pattern as the terrorist attack of the 9/11/2001: a terrible surprise attack that came from nowhere and that would have unrepairable consequences.

    So, then I remembered one thing. Oh wait, I can speak Chinese too... After all, I speak to my family in Chinese, and I studied the language since my youth. So why can't I at least try to get started translating too? Thus I tried. And unexpectedly... I found out that I really liked doing this. So why can't I become at my turn one of those heroes bringing every few days new chapters, saving thousands of people of the evil deed called 'boredom' that made already so much victims, bringing them back the feeling called 'passion'.

    Will I be able to ? This question marks the beginning of my adventure.

    SHEN YIN WANG ZUO [Sealed Divine Throne], is a novel written by Tang Jia San Shao, one of the most famous web novel author in China. He has also written Douluo Dalu, a masterpiece that got me more addicted than any video games, and its sequel Douluo Dalu 2.

    The story : While the demons were rising, mankind was about to become extinct. Six temples rose, and protected the last of mankind. A young boy joins the temple as a knight to save his mother. During his journey of wonders and mischief in the world of temples and demons, will he be able to ascend to become the strongest knight and inherit the throne?

    I started working on it last Sunday 3/8/15 , and I have currently translated on my website the 3 first chapters, and half of the 4th. This is the link :

    I consider my level in Chinese as correct (enough to understand most of the words used in this novel), and in English as well, though my biggest weak point is that I am not a native english speaker, so I may not be as good as most of you, and thus slower than most of the other translators. But I will try my best to improve my English level, to become someone worth making you spend some time reading my translations.

    This is the first chapter, the next ones will be released directly on my website :
    I will also try to post a little message here every time I release a new chapter.

    SHEN YIN WANGZUO (神印王座, literally meaning Sealed Divine Throne) by Tang Jia San Shao

    CHAPTER 1 : Knight Examination (I)

    The town of Odin (o dīng), contains 3000 households and is located at the southern border of the Temple Alliance (Shng din linmng) and counts itself as one of the bigger towns under the city of Hao Yue (Hoyu chng).

    The morning sun rises, its bright and warm touch carefully nurturing the earth, as if was calling for everyone to wake up. At this time, at the center of the town of Odin, in a relatively big two-story building of more than a thousand square meters, there is an examination going on.

    Tell me, why do you want to become knights? A vigorous, powerful voice, a hint of metallic, rings.

    To defend humanity, to defend the kind hearted, to defend the Temple Alliance, to defend our families. The voices answering the question sound young and coordinated, clearly, its not the first time theyve had answer to this question.

    This two story building is the knight temple hall of the town of Odin, abbreviated as Odin hall, is the place where the potential children are selected to undergo training to become knights.

    Today, there are a little more than 30 children, all attending the selection test to become the most basic squire. Only after they become a squire can they proceed to study and practice there.

    The master of the vigorous sound is a tall, burly middle aged strongly built man. He is called Balza (Bāěr zhā) and is the chief knight teacher of Odins hall. It is said, that when he was in his prime, he was very, very close to becoming a genuine knight.

    Tell me, what are the standards of a knight? Balza severely glares at the bunch of kids ranging from 8 to 10 years old.

    Once more, the answer is coordinated, Modesty, honesty, compassion, courage, fairness, sacrifice, perseverance, love, justice.

    Balza nods satisfied, Good, all of you here have already practiced for one year, today we will hold the examination. Squires are classified from first to tenth level, corresponding to a spiritual energy between ten and a hundred. Your task of today will be to attain at least a spiritual energy of above ten and thus becoming a first level squire. All those who successfully pass this exam will be able to remain here and practice for three more years and then participate in a final assessment to become an official knight. Only after you become, like me, an official knight, can you be considered as a genuine member of the Temple. Now lets begin, Jiang Hu (Jiǎng hǔ)!

    Yes. A youngster with a quite big stature walks forward and at the same time he takes out the wooden sword strapped to his back.
    All the youngsters have the same equipment: a wooden sword with a length of three foot, a width of three inches and a thickness of two inches. The examination for becoming squire is simple, in front of Balza is something that seems like a big wooden block connected to a stone grove. Within that stone groove is a stone bead. Hitting the block of wood would make the stone bead vibrate and judging from the height in which the stone bead rebounds, the spiritual energy is determined. This can be considered an outdated method to evaluate the spiritual energy but it is very precise when evaluating spiritual energies below 100.

    Spiritual energy, in Sheng Mou Da Lu is the main factor used in evaluating everyones rank in their occupation, whether they are knights, magician, or any other profession, the level of the spiritual power is used as the main factor for assessing their strength. 10th spiritual level, is generally the average spiritual energy level for normal adult males.

    AahhJiang Hu shouts loudly and with both hands grasping the wooden sword, he swings it fiercely onto the block of stone.

    Bang The stone bean moves up and down.

    Balza nods satisfiedand takes from his hand the name register as he tells : Jiang Hu, spiritual energy 13th level, you pass. Next one, ..
    This examination is quickly carried on, in an instant, half the people already finish, the ones who succeeded being about half of them.

    Long Hao Cheng (Lng ho chn) (literally the Dragon of the bright morning). As he calls this name, Balza subconsciously raises his head, before him is a thin young bodys figure.

    This young boy looks a little malnourished compared to the other boys: he is quite thin but has a handsome face.

    With naturally supple eyebrows, big eyes, long eyelashes, a straight nose, a white skin and thick lips, even though hes only 8 or 9 years old, hes beautiful enough to make women jealous of him. Especially because of his black hair in combination with his pair of dark blue eyes. If he were to crossdress, he would become a national-level beauty.

    Long Hao Cheng goes in front of Balza but he doesnt take out his wooden sword like the others. Instead, his places his right hand on his heart and makes a bow, saluting Balza.


    Balzas originally serious look softens slightly. He nods, saying :



    Drawing out his sword, Long Hao Cheng takes a deep breath and suddenly swings it with full force and hits the block of stone.

    With a puff sound, the stone bean bounces; but it obviously doesnt jump ten graduations.

    Balza immediately frowns, Spiritual level of nine, you dont pass.

    From the speed of the slash from Long Hao Chens sword that he saw, he could see that Long Hao Cheng had really used all his power and gone all out, but, he still couldnt pass the examination to become squire.

    Long Hao Chens pretty face becomes flushed and looking at Balza, he says pleadingly: Instructor, I, I

    Balza slightly sighs and says: Go down.

    Long Hao Chen eagerly repeats: Instructor, give me another chance. I will definitely pass.

    Balza scowles, saying: But, that would be unfair to others who didnt pass.

    Long Hao Chen suddenly becomes silent but the determination in his eyes persists. Balza notices the expression in his eyes and at the same moment moment, he cant help but stare blankly at Long Hao what is that? Perseverance? The Perseverance described in the Ten Rules of the knight? The 10 Rules of the knights are the ten essences of the knight. Even for some genuine knights, they havent been able to display one of the ten essences, but this kid before his eyes.

    While Balza was lost in thought, Long Hao Chen turns to face the other examinees and using a very sincere tone towards the ones who trained alongside with him for the past year : I beg of you, give me another chance. As he pleaded, he unexpectedly kneels down.

    Balza was flabbergasted. The youths were also flabbergasted, to these kids that were eight to nine years old, it was fundamentally impossible to understand why Long Hao Chen was so persistent.

    Balzas eyes widened, if it were another kid, he would have believed this kid was greedy or cowardly, but it couldnt be the case for Long Hao. Because, even though Long Hao may seem thin and weak, during this past years training, amongst all of the kids, he was the most assiduous one. Not only did he perfectly accomplish the mandatory training everyday, he also came an hour earlier and left an hour later.

    Balza is tied as a 10th rank knight squire but he had already been an instructor for ten years and Long Hao Chen is the most diligent student he had ever seen. This boy never needed to be supervised and not only trained hard every day, but also was good to everyone and helped his fellow trainees whenever they asked him for help.

    This is also why when arriving at Long Hao Chens turn, Balzas look became gentle. But the fact that Long Hao Chen didnt pass the exam took him aback. If such a diligent child didnt pass the examination, the only explanation would be that he was talentless.

    I am opened to any remarks and suggestions.
    If you want to talk over this novel, feel free to use this thread.
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    besides the fifth complex root of the zeta function


    Thanks for the translations totokkk
    Much appreciated
    I think I am gonna fall in love with you

    Quote Originally Posted by someone who is lost
    People get lost in thought because it is unfamiliar territory

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    Thank you
    and you dont need to change font for the ch it just make it difficult to read

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    This is such great news...
    Totokk gonna take all of us to another great journey...
    Thanks again..

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    I just changed it, my bad, you're right, I just realized it was difficult to read with this font copy pasted from wordpress :/ XD

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    Thanx you for translating this.Bookmarked your site. ^^
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    Quote Originally Posted by totokkk View Post
    I just changed it, my bad, you're right, I just realized it was difficult to read with this font copy pasted from wordpress :/ XD
    Thank you for the fix

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    Default CHAPTER 2 : Knight Examination (II)

    Chapter 4 is out ! And, every time one chapter is out, I will put an older chapter here, if anyone minds, that will motivate me to read over my translations (I corrected just now 6 spelling/tenses mistakes by reading over a single time), and try to convince those who didn't like the first chapter that this book is interesting.

    And chapter 2 :

    CHAPTER 2 : Knight Examination (II)

    Instructor, then let him be evaluated once more. the one saying this is Jiang Hu, the first who passed this examination as well as the oldest of this group of children.

    Yes ! Instructor, give Hao Chen one more chance.

    Instructor, Hao Chen is working every day such diligently, let him try again.

    At this moment, a pleading for Long Hao Chen came from almost all of these children. This is the result of his popularity, plus they are only a bunch of kids, that dont have the notion of interest relationship, fact that shows they have just deep concern for him and no hidden purpose.

    Balzas voice rings: Silence. And everyone in the hall calms down.

    Balza says: Okay, I will give him an opportunity, but, for this to be fair, Long Hao Chen, you will have first to defeat Jiang Hu in a one versus one duel. The same applies for anyone who failed, those who can beat Jiang Hu within 3 days from today on, I will let them be evaluated again.

    Long Hao Cheng is overjoyed, he first thanks his partners, and afterwards turns towards Balza : Thank you Instructor.

    Looking at this stunning boy with a bright face and a pure smile, even if Balza is a man, he cant help being startled. Putting aside Long Hao Chen, he takes instead a look to Jiang Hu, lightly saying: Go all out, or else, I will cancel your promotion as squire knight, understood?

    Yes Jiang Hu agreed, pulling a wooden sword from his back, all the other youth scattering around, letting place to an empty area.

    Hao Chen, be careful, I will show no mercy. Jiang Hu pulled from his back his wooden sword, giving Long Hao Chen a knight salute.

    Long Hao Chen saluted as same, Jiang Brother, please.

    Jiang Hu let out a sound, as he took a step forward, his hands on his wooden sword going straight towards Long Hao Chen, aiming for his left shoulder.

    Long Hao Cheng appears very calm, as if he was seeing in slow-motion, until the wooden sword in Jiang Hus hand split half the distance between them, he didnt move. Pulling his wooden sword, he swings at the location in the bottom of Jiang Hus sword.

    With a Duh quiet sound, in a situation where Jiang Hus spiritual power is far greater than Long Hao Chen, Jiang Hu is unexpectedly the one being swung at.

    Seeing this sword, Instructor Balzas eyes flash, showing his surprise.

    Jiang Hu is being swung at, but his reaction is quick, he makes a rotation, the power of the back of his waist driving the back of his hand, the wooden sword from his hand circling once, cutting horizontally.

    Jiang Hus adaptability is brilliant, at this age, the fact he was able to have such a level is pretty good. However, Long Hao Chens answer is the most surprising.

    By the time Jiang Hu swung his sword, he already advanced forward, the distance between the two persons was already pretty close, and with this advancement, he is already at the side the Jian Hu. At this moment, his body rotates.

    How does he plan to attack? Doubt appeared in Balzas heart, wooden swords are 3 foot long, and Hao Chen is already that close, he absolutely cannot attack him openly.

    But, at this moment, Long Hao Chen already attacked. He used the swords hilt.

    As his body goes downwards, simultaneously his swords hilt goes upwards, right under Jiang Hus rib, and although this attack from Long Hao Chen contains no force, Jiang Hus body still falls down, and he is just swept right next to Long Hao Chens wooden sword by chance.

    Stop, Balza shouted.

    Balzas eyes flashed, he says with a heavy voice: Balance lost, ancient move, Jian Hu, you lost. If Long Hao Chens sword really used more force, you would already be lying down on the floor.

    Jiang Hu embarrassedly scratches his head, Hao Cheng, you are so sly

    Long Hao Chen stand on his sword, apologetically looking at Jiang Hu because he could not easily stand firm..

    Balza nods towards Long Hao Cheng : You can try for a second time the assessment

    Back before the wooden stake, the look on Long Hao Chens face changed, becoming more dignified, this look appears on the youth and his face gives an unusual feeling.

    Both hand holding wooden sword, Long Hao Chens eyes looked imposing, his body looked like it was producing light. Especially his eyes, these clear blue eyes wearing a firm look.

    Suddenly, Long Hao Chen fiercely turns, taking hold off his wooden sword, far more obsessed than his peers.

    Bang the stone beads go up, as Hao Cheng is repelled by the shock and takes a step back, the wooden sword in his hands almost falls, as they leak a trace of blood.

    Spiritual Force of 11, you pass, Balza says with a shocked voice, going from ninth spiritual power level to eleventh level, it sounds just like a little difference of two levels. However, in his previous assessment, Long Hao Cheng went full force. To produce such an increase, it means that his potential was stimulated at its limit.

    After a brief surprise, Balza comes back to normal, letting Long Hao Chen go to infirmary to bandage, then continues the next assessments

    The assessment are finished, those who failed, dont come again tomorrow, Those who passed will be assigned to new instructors tomorrow. Now disband, after receiving some Elemental Training Liquid (Pi yun y), you can go back home.

    Thank you Instructor the youth shouted in unison.

    Long Hao Chen, you stay a little more.

    The youth cheerfully leave, whether they passed or not, at this age, they easily found joy and happiness.

    In Odin hall temple, were only left two people : Long Hao Chen and Balza Instructor.

    Hao Chen, tell me, why did you choose during your duel against Jian Hu to attack this way? Balza seriously asks.

    Long Hao Chen replied with no hesitation : Because my strength doesnt match Jiang Hu big brothers, so I can only look for his weaknesses. You taught us, that when cutting, the strongest point is at the tip of the sword, and the closest to the handle, the weakest is the strength. Thus at the times he attacked, I located on his waist his center of gravity so I just closed the distance towards him, preventing him to full-use his power, aiming for his center of gravity, so he had no way to continue attacking.

    Balzas eyes were full of surprise, So you say that, all of this was done by observing him? He never taught these kids combat, because of their age, for which the most important was laying the foundation, not actually time spent practicing.

    Okay, you can go home. Balza waved, he felt, that this child a kind of potential that other children didnt have.

    Instructor, this portion of Elemental Training Liquid wearing this beautiful face and showing a moment of shyness, Long Hao Chen tentatively asked.

    Oh, go receive it.

    Instructor, goodbye. Long Hao Chen happily left.

    As he watched his jumping away figure from behind, Balzas face cannot help letting out a smile This child, hes well behaved, works hard, and it looks like he has a very promising talent for fighting. It is really a rare good seed.

    Do you know why he could so easily fight by attacking the opponents weak point? At this moment, a cool and bright melodious voice sounded around Balza. Because this sound came so unexpectedly, Balza is suddenly scared a hop.

    He didnt know since when he has been here, but in Balzas side, there is one more middle aged person. He looks about 30 years old, wears a simple and plain robe, but has a pair of eyes that are as bright as stars. In the depth of his eyes is revealed a sense of disappointment, and a radiance of memories, as well as a feeling of pain that could be felt by others.

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    i just want to say thank you for translating this work.

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    We're in something of a golden age for Chinese novel translation! Bravo!
    Read the latest chapters of Coiling Dragon at Wuxia World!

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    Awesome! This more interesting than the manhua version,thank you very much totokkk

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    Chapter 5 out.
    Some inconsistencies of chapter 3 have also just been corrected, and this is the new version:


    Senior, I dont know. As soon as he sees that middle aged man, Balza hurries to salute him. This middle aged person came a few days earlier to Odin Hall, he cant be sure of this middle-aged mans identity and circumstances, but he only knows that he is a figure of the knight group from Hao Yue city.

    The middle aged looked back, saying faintly: It is because his mental strength is different from ordinary peoples Otherwise, why do you think he can show that kind of talent?

    Long Hao Chen is happy, as he is preciously holding a glass in his hands, jubilantly running towards his home.
    For the other kids, the liquid in this bottle is just a hard to drink medicine, but for him, it is actually the reason why he joined the Knight Temple.

    As he walks, he thinks aloud on the road : Big brother Jiang Hu was right, this Elemental Training Liquid is really a good thing, since she started to drink a bottle of this each week, Mothers health had gotten better. Mother, sorry, you taught me that as a man, I cant beg other people, but, if I couldnt pass the examination today, I would never be able to bring you again Elemental Training Liquid to drink.

    If Balza heard Long Hao Chens remark, he would have stared at him flabbergasted.

    The Elemental Training Liquid is, for the Knight Temple, a kind of medicine that will have an effect on children below fifteen years old, enabling them to strengthen the basic cultivations results, assisting their practice and laying the bodys foundations. The reason why Long Hao Chen had almost failed the examination today, was that he didnt drink any Elemental Training Liquid at all! All of it was given to his mother. One year ago, he was just thin and weak little boy and today, one year after this, he had to make intensive efforts in order to break through the tenth spiritual level while letting his mother drink his elemental training liquid, which was supposed to support his spiritual level cultivation.

    For a nine years old kid to go through this, in terms of difficulty, completely surpasses the hurdles of the examination to become a knight.

    The sunlight falls on Long Hao Chens body, shining with a kind of golden luster that seems as if it came from his heart.
    Long Hao Chens home is located at the west side of Odin town, he has to even cross a river to reach it. Quickly, he passed through the wooden bridge. However, he doesnt go straight home, but goes along a little road that gives access to a forest to the west of Odin.

    Every time he gets the Elemental Training Liquid, to give it to drink to her mother he must first pick up some vegetables, then mix the medicine liquid with wild vegetables with a strong taste in a soup.

    Going through the forest, he quickly gets to work. These years, Long Hao Chen and his mother were depending on each other. Even in the town of Odin, their household was the poorest one and, as the child of a poor person, he had to take care of the chores early on whereas a lot of children of the same age only knew about playing everyday, but he needs to help his mother, to let him share some of her pains. Mother and child were only relying on the mother, Bai Yue (Bi yu), having a meager income from cutting some clothes every day, for their life expenses, but he always felt that he had a happy life.

    After a while, quite a few herbs were piled up, Long Hao Chen is quite familiar with them and although they were only wild herbs, their flavor was not so bad. He knew because since his infancy, he had eaten a lot of them.

    As Long Hao Chen is preparing to pack up these before going home, suddenly, a puff quiet sound startles him. Actually, this forest is not so peaceful, there are occasionally some wild animals in it.

    Long Hao Chen looks up to the direction he heard the sound from, seeing a kind of faint little shadow that seemed to be falling down. Urged by his curiosity, he walks at it cautiously, and after several steps, he sees that this shadow falling in the forest was fundamentally no wild animal, but unexpectedly a little girl.

    The little girl seemingly had a 7 or 8 years-old, very delicate appearance, and purple short hair. Her clothes were damaged, blood coming out from at least 6 or 7 places from her body. Although she fell on the ground, she still maintained her consciousness. She tries to get up, but it seems very difficult for her.

    Long Hao Chen hurried forward, trying to help her to get up, saying embarrassed: How are you?

    The little girl looks surprised and her body moves subconsciously, looking at him from the side. At this moment, Long Hao Chen sees the appearance of the little girl.

    A lot of dirt was on her beautiful cheeks, the corner of her mouth letting out a thread of blood. She looks very embarrassed, but she still easily gives people a shocking feeling. However, her beauty is different from Long Hao Chens. Long Hao Chens gaze is gentle, giving people a feeling of intimacy. But, although this little girl is young, her gaze looks stubborn and cold, and as she stares suddenly towards him, Long Hao Chen cant help shivering.

    Seeing Long Hao Chen, the little girl looks surprised, she doesnt know if it is because her affinity with Long Hao Chen is good enough, but she quickly calms down.

    Are you okay? Long Hao Chen asked one more time.

    The little girl lifts a hand reluctantly and writes a line of word : I cant speak, bad people are chasing me, they will arrive soon. Elder sister, save me.

    Looking at the words written in front of him, Long Hao Chen is shocked, but as he sees the last words written, a few black lines cant help appearing from his forehead.

    It is brother, not sister. After defending himself with one sentence, in a depressed tone, he lifts the little girl up, full of compassion. Because he passed the knights examination, his strength is already at the level of an adults, plus the little girls body is especially light, so when holding her, he doesnt find her heavy at all.

    After lifting her up, Long Hao Chen goes back to the spot he was at, using a rough rope to pick up the wild herbs. But at this moment, the little girl pulls anxiously the lapel of his cloth.

    Long Hao Chen gawks at her, hurriedly placing her on the ground, and the little girl writes quickly on the land : I feel their presence, they will arrive right away, they can track my scent, go quickly, otherwise it will be too late.

    Long Hao Chen wrinkles, firmly shaking his head, as he says : Out of the question! As a man, I must to protect you. Even though he is only 9 years old, as he says these words, his beautiful small face shows an incredible resolution.

    Your scent? the expression in Long Hao Chens eyes changes, very quickly extracting from these wild herbs some particular plants, pressing them with his hand and then in a high-speed rubs them on the little girls body as well as his own. Afterwards, he runs to a side, carrying her towards bushes, placing her carefully in the middle of these brushes, then lies on his stomach, using his elbows to support his body.

    He didnt notice that in the moment he was doing this, the little girl he protected stared at him with a strange look, without moving at all.

    As Long Hao Chen just finished hiding, he heard from outside some noise, and from a gap between the bushes he secretly looks at them, seeing a group of men in black clothes. These mens figures are very tall, and even hidden they still stink a little of fishy smell. Among these people some are specialized on smelling odors.

    Why does the scent trail end here? What if this little girl got someone to rescue her? These unpleasant husky voices resound in the woods.

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    thanks for your hard work

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    Chapter 6 is out. For the moment I think I will stop copy pasting earlier chapter here, because I often change some earlier chapters' little details, so the versions from the website will become better and better with time (whereas i will not have necessarily the time to edit here), thus it is better to directly go on to read the series !

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    Thanks, totokkk.

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    Chapter 7 out. And half chapter 8.

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    Thanks totokkk

    I am liking the story so far!

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    Chapters 8 2/2 and 9 are out !
    EDIT : Chapters 10 and 11 too
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