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Thread: Joel Chan told ex-girlfriend to pay his credit card bills

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    Default Joel Chan told ex-girlfriend to pay his credit card bills

    The Hong Kong actor reportedly asked Florinda Ho to pay his credit card bills after the latter initiated a breakup with him

    Hong Kong actor Joel Chan reportedly left his ex-wife two years ago to woo the daughter of Hong Kong's 'King of Gambling' Stanley Ho.

    Despite criticisms from the public that Joel was eyeing the Ho family's wealth, Florinda Ho firmly believed that he was truly in love with her. Rumours of an upcoming marriage broke out several times throughout their years of dating.

    However, sources revealed that Joel started asking for money from his girlfriend frequently, claiming that he required funds to start his own fashion business and café. Florinda was also asked to request for a house from her mother as their wedding gift.

    When the heiress rejected all of his requests, Joel took her no-limit credit card and spent her money freely.

    It was said that Florinda finally decided to break up after seeing her boyfriend's true colours. An insider said, 'The credit card bills kept accumulating and Joel continued to ask for money from Florinda. She couldn't take it and finally decided to break up with him.'

    'But he didn't give up and he told her that she should at least help clear his credit card debts first, so he was immediately chased out of the house,' the insider continued.

    Florinda posted a photo of a heart shaped hairpin on her social media site yesterday, along with the comment 'Money=Love', indirectly confirming rumours of their break up. She declined to comment on the rumours when reporters contacted her.

    Meanwhile, Joel has been staying out of public eye after the rumours surfaced. Reports claimed that the 36-year-old is desperately trying to save the relationship.

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