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Thread: Stardust Dreams

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    Totally like the twist that you've wrote with Micheal liking Eva not Vanessa.
    It took me by surprise!
    Keep going!

    True what you said, but just wished people out there to give modern fanfic a try atleast!

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    Thanks for your comments! They really mean a lot to me. Here is a short episode from last night....

    “Thanks for tuning in once again to Showbiz News Uncut!”
    In the offices of ‘Showbiz News Unedited’, Gigi is watching her company’s show and doing some homework. Her assignment this week is Tina Hui.

    “On tonight’s show – breaking news on the entertainment front. It would seem there is a new couple on the scene as Tina and Steven have been spotted waiting for each other after work!”

    The reporter runs to the studios and sees Steven standing outside one of the main sets. Without wasting a second, he runs up to him and Steven puts on an expression of humiliation.

    “Steven! I’m Jimmy from Showbiz News Uncut. Care to tell us who you are waiting for?”

    “I’m not waiting for anyone,” Steven replies as he appears to shy away from the camera. “I was just …ah… passing by!”

    “But Steven, we’ve had reports that you have been seen waiting late into the night for Tina and bringing her some soup when she’s been on long shoots! Is that right? Are you vying for her affections?”
    The reporter’s questions are like bullets shooting from a machine gun.

    “Not at all! We are just friends!” protests Steven.

    Just at that moment, Tina emerges from within the studio and is quickly accosted by Jimmy.

    “Ah the female lead emerges! Tina! Is it true that you are dating Steven?”

    Tina’s reaction mirrors that of Steven.
    “What do you mean? We are just good friends – that’s all!”

    “On that note, we leave you the viewer to draw your own conclusions. I certainly think there is more to this, but if they don’t admit it, what can we do? What can we do?? This is Jimmy Chan for SNU at the TV studio – and don’t worry folks, I’ll keep working on this until we get an admission!”

    The reporter winks to the screen as the camera swings to Steven and Tina standing beside each other looking a little embarrassed. Secretly, they are smiling as step one of their plan is taking shape. They know that they will be the top story on the following day’s entertainment pages.

    Gigi wastes no time and jumps onto the phone to Tina’s agent. She has to be the first to get the scoop on this story.


    “Michael! What are you doing here?”
    Eva is surprised as she arrives for recording of her English language music show and finds Michael talking to her producer.

    “Hi Eva! So nice to see you here!” says Michael totally at home in the studio.

    “Well, this is my show and this is my studio!” comments Eva.

    “Oh yeah! Of course.” Michael scratches his head and smiles coyly.

    “What are you discussing? Is there a problem?” Eva asks.

    “No, not at all!” replies Producer Wong.
    “Michael was just making a suggestion for a guest. He is knows Louis Lok quite well and was wondering if you wanted to introduce him to some of our English viewers.”

    Eva stops for a moment.

    “Yeah! His career’s taken off a little in the past few months and I’m sure our audience would love to meet him too. Michael was just suggesting that Louis comes and joins us next week: he’ll put in a good word for us with his friend.”
    The producer is getting excited.

    “Sure! Why not? We’ll see what we can do!” Eva’s response is a little shaky – her nerves are beginning to show.

    “Are you getting excited at meeting your idol?” asks Michael tactlessly.
    “Vanessa said you really like him so I thought I’d try and sort something out for you.”

    “Oh? Thank you Michael.” Eva’s intended sarcasm luckily doesn’t show.
    “I’m really looking forward to it!”

    “You are welcome! I’d better be going.”
    Michael struts off feeling proud with himself, leaving Eva’s stomach filling with butterflies. She is finally going to see Louis again, but she can’t show any of her feelings towards him. Surely that is worse than not being able to see him again. Lost in the conflicts of her heart, she is totally oblivious to the intentions of Michael’s actions.


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    hehe... love the conspiring between Tina and Steven <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    Hoping for more story....
    my right arm slams shut

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    another couple of scenes ... been flittering between forums these past few days!

    “I’m very impressed with your work, Gigi!”
    Cecilia beams as she leafs through the latest copy of ‘Showbiz News Unedited’.

    “Well, Tina wasn’t exactly holding anything back when she was describing her ideal boyfriend – she was pretty much describing Steven!” admits Gigi.

    “I’m glad you was the first to get her to admit there is something going on between them though – that is definitely the SNU spirit! Always the first to the best news and straight in at the heart of it!” says Cecilia proudly.

    The article details how Tina started the interview being very coy and shy and ending it practically admitting that she is head over heels in love with Steven. Coupled with pictures of him waiting outside the studio and the two holding hands in the corridor, this is all breaking news to the gossip-hungry public. Making it more juicy is that this well tailored charade by Tina and Steven seems so genuine and heartfelt that the public are entranced and are accepting them as a couple.

    Jimmy the roving reporter’s face appears on the monitor in the office.
    “On tonight’s Showbiz News Uncut, we visit this shopping mall where Steven and Tina perform in a promo show together. I hear that they will be singing a love song – let’s see how the fans have reacted to the story that they are dating!

    “So, you seem like a Steven fanatic with your big banner there – how do you feel about his relationship with Tina?”
    Jimmy shoves the microphone into the face of a screaming fan brandishing a huge sign with ‘STEVEN FOREVER’ boldly printed on it.

    “I think they make a lovely couple – I’m starting to like Tina too now that she isn’t as flirty as she used to be!”

    “And how about you – aren’t you a bit old to be out with these youngsters?”
    Jimmy spares no tact as he moves along to a housewife in her forties.

    “Oh! I think he’s gorgeous! If only my husband could be as caring as he seems!” exclaims the middle-aged woman with a sparkle in her eyes.

    The camera pans across the crowd, which has built up consisting of fanatics, male and female – young and old who have all stopped to wait for something to happen. As Steven and Tina appear on the stage and burst into the tune of “Unchained Melody” – a roar is raised from the masses and it is clear that their popularity is starting to soar as they are propelled into the “Perfect Couple” celebrity status.

    On the day of Louis’ interview by Eva, the tensions are high in the studio.
    All the feelings of the second date come flooding back as the two seem awkward and unable to concentrate on the job in hand. Eva fluffs her lines and Louis’ attentions seems transfixed on something about two metres behind Eva’s head as he speaks to her. Visiting the set to make sure everything goes well, Vanessa tries to create a distraction. She “accidentally” spills water over the co-host’s skirt and causes a little commotion.

    “What is the matter with you people?” yells the producer as the co-host Millie storms off to get changed.
    “Take a break everyone!”

    At this moment, Michael also arrives to see how his friend is getting on. Vanessa grabs her opportunity to pull Michael away.
    “Michael – can you put in a good word for me with the Producer? He does a lot of English programmes and I can speak English fluently too!”

    “…but I wanted to go and speak to Eva and see how she is getting on!” protests Michael.

    “Please! You want me to move on don’t you and you know the producer so well!!” pleads Vanessa.

    “Oh okay! I suppose I can catch up with her later!”
    Vanessa leads Michael into the office to find the producer and Eva and Louis take their chance to catch a moment together in the wardrobe room.

    The two give each other a hug and their anxiety melts away.

    “I thought you had forgotten me!” admits Eva.

    “How could I forget you – it’s just been so difficult but I have been thinking about you all the time!” The soppiness is almost spine chilling, but Eva’s heart warms.

    “That makes me feel so much better!” smiles Eva as she makes the most of the little time that they have.

    “I promise you – as soon as things settle down, we can get together and not worry about what anyone says or thinks.” Louis vows boldly.

    They share a final hug before heading back out to the set feeling so much more relaxed once more.

    After they have left, a figure emerges from behind a rack of clothes.
    It is Steven and he has another scheme hatching.


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    “Eva! I have a surprise for you!”
    Uncle Wo greets Eva as she arrives at her studio for filming.

    Just as he is about to continue with the news, Eva’s producer comes running over and pats her on the back.
    “Well done Eva!” he praises.
    “The ratings for our show have reached new heights for foreign language viewing and we have been offered an extension and a new slot for the show. I’ve found you a co-host to help you out! Ah, here she is now.”

    Eva glances over and sees a friendly face.

    “Vanessa! How could you keep this from me?” exclaims Eva as she realises who her new partner will be.

    “I wanted to give you a surprise!” replies Vanessa. It would appear that her little chat with Michael reaped rewards for more than just Eva.

    “Do you know each other already?” asks Producer Wong.

    “Oh, only for the last twenty years!” replies Eva sarcastically.

    “Well, it looks like we have the beginnings of a fantastic partnership already! Let’s get to work then…” calls the producer.

    With Vanessa’s help, Eva’s show goes from strength to strength and builds quite a following. With the raised profile and great confidence, Eva’s career takes off and on occasions she is invited to take part in Cantonese speaking shows on the main channel. Busy schedules for both her and Louis mean that chances for the two to meet are even less. Content with a quick “Hello!” and an even quicker “Goodbye!” once in a blue moon when they bump into each other at the studios, the relationship has ground to a halt, but the two are far too occupied to think about it too much.

    On the other hand, Michael becomes a frequent visitor to their studio, much to Vanessa’s annoyance. Eva is diplomatic as ever with him, but this leaves him with the hope that he may have a chance to vie for her affections. Vanessa sees this as another potential embarrassment and tries her hardest to avert this situation. She is starting to grow quite fond of this crazy man and she doesn’t want his feelings to be hurt.

    “Louis, this is Yuen Yuen. Miss Yuen, meet Louis Lok.”
    Steven makes the introductions as the three sit down to coffee in a secluded café.
    Yuen Yuen is a girl in her late twenties, who is wearing a bright pink strappy top and a tight black skirt. She brushes away her long flowing hair to reveal a face which has seen better days, but hasn’t been averse to a few alterations. Her appearance leaves nothing to the imagination and her well endowed body is one which has helped revive the dwindling film industry by selling to the hot blooded youth of today.

    “Pleased to meet you!”
    Louis offers his hand to Yuen, but she does not take it. Instead, she pulls out a mirror and starts admiring herself.

    “So you’re the guys who are supporting me in the new summer lovin’ movie then?”
    says Yuen abruptly.

    “Yes, that is right!” replies Steven enthusiastically.
    “I thought it might be a good idea for us to meet up before filming starts and just discuss some points with the movie. It will give us a head start and maybe give the director a good impression.”

    Yuen laughs.
    “Oh really?! Listen, I don’t need to do that to give a good performance. Otherwise, Hong Ching wouldn’t have offered me the lead roles in his last three movies!”
    She pulls out a nail file and sits back looking very disinterested.

    “Excuse me, I must make a phone call.”
    Steven gets up from his seat and walks away, leaving Louis to make small talk with the arrogant starlet. Just as he is beginning to ask a question, a waiter pours the coffee. His hand slips and the hot liquid splashes over Yuen’s hand.

    “Yow!” Yuen pulls her hand back and calls out in pain.

    “Are you alright?” asks Louis as he instinctively grabs her arm to take a look.

    Unbeknown to the pair, Anthony has the picture and the scandal story he has come for.
    Sorry I have been a bit sluggish with the story lately. Will pick up again soon. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    OMG! Finally!
    I was afraid, you weren't going to continued.

    Please Update!

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    Thanks for ur support Hannah.
    Short extract tonight, but plenty of drama....
    <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
    It is Gigi’s birthday and Auntie Sin has organised a barbecue for her on the roof. The family – that is Uncle, Eva, Vanessa and big brother Eddie are all there and Gigi has invited Sylvia as well. Anthony invited himself and sits in the corner, strumming his guitar gently.

    “Anthony – come and get some food!” calls Auntie.
    “Thank you Mrs Siu, but I am fine for now.” He replies before slumping back into his chair.

    Sylvia pulls Gigi to one side.
    “C’mon – you said you’d introduce me to him!” she moans.

    “Okay, but I have to find a moment. I can’t believe that after all this time you are still so crazy about him.” Laughs Gigi.

    Eddie sits down next to the girls after grabbing a sausage from the barbecue where Auntie and Eva are cooking and munches away. Gigi seizes the moment.

    “Bro – I don’t think you have met Sylvia. She went to the same primary school as us and we were in the same class. Now we’re working together at the magazine.” Starts Gigi.

    Eddie nods to Sylvia.

    Sylvia’s eyes twinkle as she nods back.
    “Hello!” she says shyly.

    The moment is interrupted by Eddie’s pager.
    He looks at the message and curses. Then he shouts out to Auntie:
    “I have to head back to the station – there is a problem. Don’t need to wait for me, I don’t know if I will be back!”

    Eddie rushes away and in his haste, he bumps into the table and rebounds into Sylvia, knocking her blackcurrant juice all over her yellow trousers. He doesn’t realise what he has done and runs off, leaving Sylvia shocked and frustrated.

    “Oh no!” exclaims Gigi as she reaches for the napkins.

    “OH NO!!!” comes another shout from the stairs – it is Vanessa, who has just returned from buying some more drinks from the convenience store. She rushes onto the roof, drops the bag of beer and wafts what appears to be a copy of ‘Showbiz News Unedited’.
    “Eva – you’ve got to do something about this!”

    A chuckle comes from the corner where Anthony has suddenly come back to life and he recites:
    “Showbiz playboy Louis Lok and his secret rendezvous with Sexy Star Yuen Yuen… potential love triangle with young TV presenter.”

    “Anthony! How could you?” Gigi is flabbergasted.

    Eva stands frozen from the shock as Sylvia and Vanessa leaf through the photographs and Anthony’s reports. Auntie starts wailing about how she knew it would all end in tears and Uncle asks Anthony to leave.
    “So it is all true – my lead wasn’t bad after all!” Anthony laughs as he heads for the stairs, not before assessing the reactions from everyone ready for his next story.

    “It can’t be true!” Eva tells herself before heading back to her room as the rest come to terms with what has been revealed.

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    <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> still reading, and still wanting more <IMG SRC="smilies/drinkpepsi.gif" border="0">

    hmm... it's starting to take a bit longer for updates now no? <IMG SRC="smilies/french.gif" border="0">
    my right arm slams shut

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    Yes MYF - sorry for keeping you waiting! I have been busy, coupled with the added difficulty as the drama starts to build... here is the next bit! Thanks for reading!
    <IMG SRC="smilies/typin.gif" border="0">
    Chapter 6 – Acceptance

    “Eva! Eva! Are you really dating Louis?”
    “Did you know about his relationship with Yuen?”
    “What would you like to say about the story?”
    “Have you heard that Louis says you are just his fan and nothing else?”

    The paparazzi are lying in wait and pounce on poor Eva as she arrives for work at the TV station. Luckily, Michael is nearby and helps her to fend off the reporters. Uncle Wo faces the media on her behalf as her manager and mentor.

    “Please, can you give us some room please? I don’t want anyone getting hurt!” he says diplomatically.
    “There is nothing the Eva wants to say for now. If you can book an interview later I am sure she will answer any questions you have.”

    Eva and Michael pass through security with Uncle Wo holding back the press. They retire fruitlessly and lie in wait for Louis, with some calling their colleagues to see if they have any joy with Yuen and others transmitting pictures back to base on their laptops and mobile phones.

    Not long later, Louis arrives at the station. He has been called in by his producers. Like a pack of piranhas they flock in towards the troubled star.

    “Louis! Who is your real love or is this just another publicity stunt?”
    “How long have you known Eva?”
    “So just how good is Yuen Yuen in person??”
    The questions begin to overstep the mark a little but Louis takes little notice and pushes them away. In an error of judgement, he pushes one of the reporters a little too hard and she trips on her colleague, tumbling to the ground. With greater drama than an epic film, the journalist puts on an act of great pain and innocence as the story of Louis assaulting a reporter is rapidly prepared to grace the next edition of countless newspapers and magazines.

    Louis runs past security into the studios as the “injured” journalist pats herself down and heads back to her offices – they have their story. Her job is done.

    From across the car park, a couple looks on at the proceedings and smile. Tina and Steven know that their plan has worked out better than could be expected. Steven takes comfort in the knowledge that the next big role will be his and Tina is elated that Louis has received his just desserts after shunning her affections.

    Michael is in denial. As he sits with Louis in the private room at Incognito, he cannot face the possibility that the woman he dreams about day and night is actually in love with his best friend. As a form of protest, he recounts his interactions with Eva for the day, totally unaware of Louis’ feelings.

    “Eva’s losing weight you know! She hasn’t eaten properly in days and is always so unhappy.” Michael rambles on.
    “It is so tough for her – only just starting out in the industry and having to face so much pressure… Don’t the press have anything better to write about? Why do they have to involve her? It’s not as though the two of you ARE dating. You would have told me about that wouldn’t you Louis?”

    An earnest look from Michael leads Louis to force a lie to his friend. He is afraid that Michael will not be able to handle the truth in his current state.

    “Of course!” mutters Louis.

    “I am doing my best to look after her and she seems to be accepting my help now.” Continues Michael.
    “Maybe if I carry on with this, she might even give me a chance. Then I will stand out and announce that she has nothing to do with the story…
    What were you thinking when they took those pictures? You should know better and have your wits about you!”

    Louis begins to lose his cool and is about to snap back, but he is interrupted by the sound of Michael’s mobile phone. He answers it and turns to Louis as the call ends.

    “I’m really sorry, I have to go. Vanessa needs a lift to Eva’s place and wants me to help keep her company.” Michael explains as he grabs his jacket and leaves.
    “I’ll call you sometime.”

    How Louis wishes that it could be him going to see Eva.
    How he longs to be the one who she calls when she is unhappy.
    How he would love to see her and explain to her that it has all been a big misunderstanding.
    How he hopes that she will stand by him through everything.

    The scenes from the past few days roll around in Louis’ mind. Eva hasn’t called him since the article was published. He is then forced to deny both relationships by his manager and producers, explaining that he and Eva were simply colleagues and he understands that she admires him a lot but there are no more feelings than that. Yuen publicly admits that she hates him and finds him totally without talent. He is withdrawn from all the major projects, including the summer film blockbuster and all his completed shows are placed on hold. The journalist is still considering her lawsuit against him for assault.

    Everything he has worked so hard to achieve has come crashing to the ground.
    Louis has no alternative but to drown his sorrows with alcohol. As the place is quiet, he moves to the bar and sits beside a figure, signalling to Milo for some more beer.

    “Lok Man.”
    The man sitting beside Louis turns to him – it is Uncle Wo.

    “Leave me alone!” murmurs Louis beginning to fall into a drunken haze.

    “She still cares a lot for you.” Continues Uncle Wo.

    “…who are you talking about?” asks Louis angrily.

    “You know perfectly well who I mean!” replies Wo sharply.

    “She hasn’t even called – she probably hates me and I deserve it.” Cries Louis in despair.

    “Have you called her?” enquires Wo rhetorically.
    “Have you told her how you feel? Have you even tried to explain? Have you thought about her feelings instead of wallowing in your own problems?”

    “I…” Louis suddenly regains consciousness slightly.

    “Young man, sometimes it’s not what other people can do for you. It is what you can do for other people that reaps the greatest rewards.”
    And with those words of wisdom, Uncle finishes his drink and heads for the door.
    Louis finally understands what he must do.


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    In front of the bright orange walls at the SNU offices, Anthony sits back in his seat with his feet propped up on the desk and a mobile phone in his hand held up to his ear.

    “Well, Stevie boy. Looks like it has worked out well for both of us this time! When shall we meet for lunch?” Anthony is very proud of himself as he cracks peanuts with his other hand.

    “Any time for you as long as you keep up the good work…” comes the voice on the other end of the line.

    “Keep me posted if you have any more juicy material and I’ll make sure that your news is good news.” Agrees Anthony.

    “Sure – have to go. Talk to you later.” Steven ends the call.
    Anthony chuckles to himself as he settles down to write the next instalment.

    At the other end of the office, a heated argument is brewing between Cecilia and Gigi.

    “I can’t do that to Eva, she is my cousin!” protests Gigi.

    “All the more reason for us to get the news first.” Returns Cecilia.
    “She won’t agree to it – she hasn’t given any interviews to anyone since last week’s report.” Gigi is adamant not to force Eva into another awkward situation.

    “Root through her things. Find a love letter. A photograph – any shred of evidence.” Cecilia continues.
    “You won’t get anywhere in this business if you aren’t ruthless. Feelings and conscience should be left at the door when you entered the office.”

    “But…” Gigi is torn between the love for her work and the love for her cousin.

    “No more excuses. You get that story for me and I’ll have it on the headline… and you WILL get it for me won’t you Gigi?”
    Cecilia doesn’t offer the opportunity for Gigi to reply as she sweeps back into her office and Gigi takes a deep breath.

    “Can I come to yours again tonight?”
    Gigi jumps at the unexpected tap on her shoulder.
    “I wanna see if I can meet Eddie again!”

    Sylvia is totally besotted despite the juice incident and is actively creating as many opportunities as she can to meet with Eddie.

    “I suppose so! I don’t want you going out and getting arrested so that you can see him at the police station.” Despite her worries, Gigi is sharp as ever.

    “Oh that’s so great! Thanks Gigi.”
    Sylvia skips off. She has not noticed the troubled look on Gigi’s face.

    “There has to be a way to make this work for everyone…”


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    “Good evening to all our viewers! Yes, it’s time for another live broadcast from your favourite gossip show – Showbiz News Uncut! I’m Jimmy Chan, but you know me by now so lets not waste any more time and move straight on…

    Tonight, we are joining the relaunch party of ‘The Language of Music’ which has recently hit the top of the English language ratings and is planning on a cooperation with its sister show in Cantonese “Solid Gold Music” on two nights a week. Apart from finding out about the new format for the show, I’m sure you are as eager as I am to find out the truth behind the stories surrounding one of the hosts Eva Cheung and her rampant romeo Louis Lok!

    Here she is – let’s see if she has anything to say today…”

    Jimmy runs off to where Eva is sitting and starts to question her on her show. He has decided to ease into the interview by starting off on the right foot. Gigi is on hand to cover the story for the magazine and along with a few other selected reporters flits from star to star to try and squeeze a story within the strict guidelines that have been issued by the production team in a move to try and minimise any extra-curricular reports.

    Facing the media properly for the first time in the two weeks since Anthony’s report, Eva is wary, but remarkably calm and confident. The reporters all seem to be acting within the rules for fear of being asked to leave and are asking only questions about the show, that is until Jimmy decides it is time to ask the question.

    “Eva, I know I’m not supposed to ask about this, but we are all very concerned about you and your friendship with Louis. Do you have anything you want to say to all your fans?”
    Jimmy smirks as everyone stops and watches.
    After a moment of stillness, Eva smiles at Jimmy and answers his question.

    “I just want to say thank you to you all for your support, but there really isn’t anything going on between us at the moment. Above all else, we are both so busy with our careers and that is the most important thing at the moment.”
    Her response is clinical and non-committal.

    Uncle Wo breathes a sigh of relief as the buzz is revived and the questions continue to flow. Jimmy continues his commentary.

    “Well, an answer to be expected but at least we all know that Eva is still as positive as ever which is great to see. Hold on, who do I see from the corner of my eye? And what does he have in his hands? Is this another publicity stunt?”

    All eyes and cameras shoot towards the door as a figure enters holding a bouquet of flowers. It is Louis…

    Everyone is stunned as Louis walks over to where Eva is sitting and taps her on the shoulder. She turns and a look of surprise and bewilderment blossoms across her face as she sees who has arrived.

    “These are for you. Congratulations on the show and all the best.”
    Louis kisses Eva on the cheek to the cheers of the audience and a shower of flashes.

    Eva is speechless.

    Jimmy rushes over with his long-suffering cameraman.
    “Louis! What are you doing here? Is there really something going on between the two of you?”

    “I just dropped by to say hello to a good friend of mine.” Louis keeps to his script.

    “Aren’t you just here to build some publicity for yourself while your careers going down the drain?” comes an anonymous voice from the crowd.

    “If you want to say that then that is up to you. I know that is not the reason I am here and I hope that someone else will know that as well.” Louis drops a less than subtle hint as he looks at Eva.

    Uncle Wo exercises his improvisation skills yet again as he announces:
    “Louis is one of our special guests. It is a music programme, so it wouldn’t be complete without some singers would it? Look! Here comes our other guest tonight – it’s Raymond!”

    As the bigger star enters the party, the hoard of reporters together with Jimmy muscle over to his side of the room and begin to fire him with questions and finally Eva and Louis are left alone for a little while.

    Eva puts the flowers down and starts to gather up some of her things. She is intentionally not paying any attention to her unexpected guest. Louis desperately tries to regain her attention.

    “Eva. I’m sorry…”
    She continues to ignore him. He dodges around her and tugs at her arm.
    “Please, can we talk? There’s something I want to tell you.”

    “There’s nothing more to say. There was nothing to start with anyway.”
    Eva as she pushes his hand away, but he does not let her go and pulls her into a side room.

    “Hey let go! What do you think you’re doing?” Eva retrieves her arm sharply as Louis finally lets go.

    “Please! Give me another chance…” pleads Louis with a glint of earnestness in his eyes.
    “I’ve been stupid. I really need you right now.”

    “It’s been two weeks and you haven’t even called me to explain. Why do I have to listen to you now? How do I know whether to believe you any more?” Eva finally speaks her mind.

    Louis looks at Eva and holds her hands. She doesn’t draw away but waits for an answer. As she does so, a tear falls from her eye and her lip starts to tremble.

    Louis takes a deep breath.
    “I’ve been so selfish. I can only dream that you will forgive me, but this time I have followed my heart. I don’t care what anyone thinks or says – apart from you. Please, will you give me another chance?”

    Eva looks at the sorry state of Louis, the man whom she thinks about every moment of the day and her heart breaks. At this moment in time, he has none of the confidence, the sparkle or the charisma, which she has admired over the years. And yet she feels stronger for him than she has ever done before. She doesn’t need to forgive him because she has never been angry with him. Eva throws her arms around him and floods of tears run down her face. Louis joins her as tears of joy, tears of relief and tears of shock stream down his cheeks.

    Through the half open door, Vanessa and Michael have been watching the proceedings and extremes of emotion build up in each of their hearts. For Vanessa, she is relieved and happy for her best friend, but Michael’s thoughts are less defined.

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    heh, Louis is a crafty person no? <IMG SRC="smilies/french.gif" border="0"> :chap: Am eagerly awaiting your next update <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">
    my right arm slams shut

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    “Michael, stop it! You will make yourself ill!”
    Vanessa has followed Michael who has headed from the studio straight to a bar, where he is downing shots like drinking Chinese tea.

    He grabs Vanessa and shakes her, not realising his own strength.
    “How could they do that to me? My best friend and the woman I love so much!”

    “I’m sorry Michael, I should have told you earlier.” Vanessa apologises as she pulls away another glass from his lips.

    “And you… I thought you were my friend. If you knew all about this, then why did you work so hard at building up my hopes?” accuses Michael.

    “I’m so sorry. Just stop doing this to yourself, you should be happy for them. They are truly in love. And besides there are plenty of other people who truly care for you.”
    Vanessa chooses the wrong time to hint at her own feelings for him.

    “Just leave me alone!” yells Michael as he calls out to the barman for more drinks.
    “Give me another ten!”

    Vanessa loses her cool as he pulls Michael away from the freshly laid out shot glasses on the polished bar top.

    “Let it out and face it like a man!” she demands.

    Michael can’t hold in his emotions any more. As the gush of disappointment, resentment and anger floods his veins, he grips hold of Vanessa and cries like no man has cried before. Vanessa holds him tight and cries with him in the same way that Eva and Louis did a little while ago.

    After the tidal wave of emotion has passed, Michael stands straight, regaining his composure somewhat and still holding Vanessa, he looks into her tear strewn eyes. He kisses her and she does not pull away. She doesn’t care that he is on the rebound from his failure with Eva, she is enjoying the moment whilst she has it.

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    Chapter 7 - Aftermath

    Gigi happily strides from Cecilia’s office, her face beaming she passes by Anthony’s desk and notices that he has been reading her article.

    “Eva and Louis – Just Good Friends? Showbiz News Unedited brings you the story straight from the two stars in our exclusive interview by Gigi Siu!” recites Gigi, fully aware of Anthony’s change in composure. After making up with Louis, Eva has agreed to give an interview to Gigi about their friendship and how it all developed. The story has caught the hearts of the readers and the magazine has done well once again, despite the relationship still being wrapped in the mystery of ‘just good friends’ – the ‘are they aren’t they’ factor being the talk of the town.

    “You learn fast – but remember, I have ten years experience to my advantage.” Warns Anthony.

    “Gossip doesn’t have to be bad to sell magazines Anthony, this is the twenty-first century, readers are more sophisticated now!” retorts Gigi.

    “What do you know about life? You can’t depend on this one story for the rest of your career!” argues Anthony.

    “No, but at least I don’t have a generation gap with my readership!” comes the reply.

    There is a certain rift developing between the two and the conflict between Steven and Louis seem now to have spread to the offices of SNU. Gigi knows that she must now take care of what Anthony has up his sleeve and is aware that he does have experience and a lot of sneaky tricks on his side.

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    “Welcome once more to your eye on the entertainment world, this is Showbiz News Uncut and I am your host Jimmy Chan. Tonight, we join the character release for Louis’ first big production since the fiasco after the ‘battlefield’ – once again in the good books for the TV producers, thanks to his image resuscitation by his ‘good friend’ Eva Cheung. Will he have any surprises up his sleeve for us tonight?”

    Louis seems to have learned his lesson and is keeping well away from any of his female co-stars. Jimmy runs over to continue his report.

    “Louis! So where is your ‘other half’ tonight? Not come to join the party?” pries Jimmy.

    “Er.. if you are referring to Eva, she is busy filming her own show. We are both working on our respective projects at the moment and don’t have much time to keep in touch really.” Louis replies diplomatically.

    “So how long will it be before you will announce your relationship? Or are you going to keep it hidden underground forever?” Jimmy digs deeper.

    “There is no relationship apart from us being very good friends. That is all I have to say about that.” Closes Louis.

    “Okay, well I know that Eva’s show is going from strength to strength, do you worry she will shadow you in her popularity? After all she is still a newcomer!” Jimmy changes the subject.

    “We each have our own career progression, I am happy she is doing well.” Says Louis, getting restless.

    “…but doesn’t it annoy you at all that she was once just one of your fans?” continues Jimmy.

    “Not at all – like I said, she has her work and I have mine. Excuse me…” With that remark, Louis walks away.

    “Oh dear! It looks like I hit on a raw nerve there!” laughs Jimmy sarcastically.
    “Back to the studio crew…”

    “Steven, what’s the point of continuing with this charade? Someone is going to find out about us soon!” Tina is concerned that their partnership is breaking down.

    “What do you mean? Once the new show goes out, with you and me as lovers the news will be all over the papers again. Then all we have to do is some acting off camera and we’ll be top couple again!” enthuses Steven.

    Tina sighs and lights up a cigarette before taking a sip of her drink.
    “We’re old news Steven. Being linked with you isn’t doing me any favours and it is putting off my rich flames from contacting me. Do you realise how much money you are losing me?”

    “Isn’t that more than made up for by all this notoriety you are getting?” protests Steven.

    “So you got a series! Wow!!” spits Tina.
    “Just wait until it goes out and the audience sees how pathetic we look together and how little chemistry we have. They aren’t daft you know!”

    “Well, I can always give Anthony a few more tip offs to bring down our opposition.” Suggests Steven.

    Tina laughs harshly.
    “Ah! It is all finally coming out now. This isn’t about fame or success, this is your own personal vendetta against your buddy. Why was I ever so stupid to fall for all this?”

    “Hey, you’ve done pretty well out of this – if it wasn’t for me, you’d still be stuck in the little sister or singing girl roles!” Steven reminds Tina of her past.

    “Well, I am through with this now. If you want to continue, you can carry on on your own!”
    As Tina gets up to leave the bar, the brightness of a camera flash slices the dim lighting.

    “Damn! Forgot to switch that off!” comes the remark from the owner of the camera – it is Sylvia on an undercover operation.

    “Hey you! Why are you taking pictures?” shrieks Tina as she grabs Sylvia by the arm.
    “Give me that camera now!”

    “No! You can’t take that.” Yells Sylvia, pushing Tina’s arm away.

    Steven rushes over to see what the commotion is about as a crowd begins to gather. As he tries to grab the camera from Sylvia, she struggles to free herself and in the confusion, Steven’s elbow knocks her in the face and she is flung towards a figure in the crowd. The camera falls to the ground and smashes.

    “Let’s go!” calls Steven to Tina and they hurriedly leave the bar.

    “Are you alright?” The man who has caught Sylvia asks.

    “I am fine… oh! Eddie! It’s you…” The pain of the developing bruise on her cheek and the anger at the destruction of her hard work has miraculously disappeared for Sylvia as she looks dreamily into Eddie’s eyes and feels his comforting grip around her. For a brief moment she is in heaven, then she realises what has happened to her camera.

    “Oh no! That cost me three thousand dollars!!”


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    Though I am haven't read the last two posts, I really like it. Your writing is great!!! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> Did I mention that I read a lot of your summaries and reviews as well? <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    Keep writing got many supporters like me. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Thanks for your support Paradise!
    I must admit I have been neglecting my fanfic recently - hopefully I will overcome my writers block and get back on track with this soon! (Too many distractions - reviews, translations, TV, work, sleep, study, life..... <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">)
    <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    The sound of plastic and glass clatters over the kitchen table in Auntie Sin’s dining room as Eddie empties the contents of a plastic bag for all to see. Eva and Gigi look in amusement at the pile of pieces which were once the components for a camera as Eddie looks at them earnestly and asks:
    “Do you know anyone who can fix this??”

    Gigi looks at his totally serious expression and tries her hardest to hold back her laughter.
    “You aren’t serious are you?” she asks.

    “Surely it can be fixed – should be cheaper than replacing it right?” Eddie adds.

    “Eddie!” calls Eva, “It is the year 2002. We live in the age of consumerism – no-one fixes stuff any more! Just go out and buy a new one.”

    Eddie looks back sheepishly at the two girls who by now have started giggling furiously.
    “Oh, well… okay, I guess I’d better go and get another one then.”

    “How did it get that way anyway?” enquires Gigi as she finally resolves her composure. “That is a pretty decent piece of kit – didn’t know you were into photography. Hmm… it does look very familiar.”

    “Erm, it belongs to a friend… well I’d better go and catch the shops before they close.” Eddie becomes very defensive as he picks up his things and makes a quick exit.

    Eva looks on in total bewilderment, wondering at the reason for her friend’s strange behaviour. Suddenly, Gigi jumps up as she realises the significance of the little Snoopy sticker on the side of the camera.
    “Sylvia!” she announces.

    “Thank goodness for digital memory cards!!” sighs Sylvia as she admires the cover of the latest edition of Showbiz News Unedited. Among the large characters of the headlines are several pictures of the dimly lit bar and the flash-lit photo of Tina looking angry as she leaves. By a stroke of luck, the camera also took a picture as it hit the ground, catching a lovely shot of Steven with his fist in the air. Steven managed to get his wish for more publicity, pity it was the wrong type!

    As the rest of her colleagues in the office raise a buzz of excitement, Sylvia contentedly slips back to her desk where she notices a parcel which has been delivered.

    “Who is this from?” she asks to the air, but no-one bothered to hear or answer her.
    “Never mind.” She shrugs as she looks at the little package.
    “I hope this isn’t one of your tricks Anthony…” she calls over to the disgruntled Anthony sitting opposite her.

    Anthony doesn’t answer her. He has plenty of his own work to be doing rather than playing silly tricks after this setback for Steven. He scowls and turns back to his computer screen.

    Sylvia pulls off the card from the box and opens the envelope.
    It reads:
    “Sorry I couldn’t keep my promise to you. It couldn’t be fixed after all, I hope you like this one instead. Ed.”
    Sylvia excitedly opens the box and finds a new camera inside. She takes a step back and collapses into her chair. Her mind has suddenly been thrown into a storm of questions – ten thousand whys, hows, what ifs suddenly become unanswered. She is shocked and instinct drives her to reach for her phone, call Gigi and scream down the phone.
    “This is an emergency – where are you?”

    “Michael, are you okay?”
    Eva has noticed Michael’s apathy for the past couple of weeks and is quite concerned. She is desperate to make amends and has finally drawn up the courage to do this today. She catches him in a quiet moment between filming and helps him to pack up some kit.

    “Any reason why I shouldn’t be?” he asks her back.

    “You seem so preoccupied lately, I hope it is nothing I have done. Or is it something Louis has done?” she minces her words as her nerves set in. This is even more difficult than talking in front of the camera.

    “What makes you draw that conclusion?” Michael is as cold as ever.

    “I, er we.., erm… I think we owe it to you that we have been quite close for a while. I’m sorry we didn’t tell you earlier, I hope there are no hard feelings.” Eva pours her heart out to him and feels a lot better for it, but Michael seems unmoved.

    “Why do you think it is so important to me?” he replies as he continues with his work.

    Eva is speechless and surprised by his lack of emotion. Just at this moment, Vanessa walks over and blanking Michael, turns to Eva:
    “Let’s go, don’t forget we have a meeting with the producer. Some of us have responsibilities to tend to.”

    The jibe is obviously aimed at Michael, whose expression has altered somewhat. He looks troubled, but walks away without saying another word. Eva detects the tension in the air and looks at Vanessa, but she has sneered and walked off in the opposite direction. Eva wonders if there is an eclipse or if there is something wrong with the air.

    Back in the familiar surroundings of Incognito, two old friends gather for the first time in a long while. However, the two men act as though they have only just met. The atmosphere is tense as Louis and Michael battle against their egos in an attempt to rekindle their friendship. Milo walks across with their drinks and tries to break the silence.

    “Gents! You are allowed to talk in here you know.” He jokes as he he drops off the glasses and walks off.

    Louis looks into Michael’s eyes and takes a deep breath as he goes to speak. Michael is one step ahead.
    “You don’t need to apologise, Eva’s already done it for you today.” He says.

    A little taken aback, Louis recollects his thoughts as Michael continues.
    “In any case, I am not mad any more. You haven’t done anything wrong, I just wish you’d told me before so I didn’t have to land so hard.”

    “Michael, I’m sorry. Thank you for being so understanding.” Louis speaks from the bottom of his heart.

    Michael lifts his drink and raises the glass to Louis.
    “It’s hard work being mad with someone who you’ve shared so many years with. Anyway, there are other things I really need to face up to now. Cheers Louis!”
    He pats Louis on the shoulder and the two celebrate their reunification. As they finally settle down to relax, Louis receives a phone call.

    It is Eva.
    “Come quickly, Vanessa has been rushed into hospital!”
    Louis tells Michael, whose face suddenly goes pale with fright and the two leave hurriedly to go to the hospital.

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    OOh!!! I thought you forgot this story!!! cant wait to see what happens <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><table border="0" width="80%" bgcolor="#dcdcdc" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="1"><tr><td width="100%"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="#DCDCDC"><tr><td width="100%" bgcolor="#eeeeee"><font size="1"> </font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table></BLOCKQUOTE>
    when anger arises think of consequences

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    Hi Danielle!
    Thanks for reading.. I'm glad ur enjoying the story. Now that the brain juices seem to be flowing again, I hope I don't keep you waiting too long for updates!

    <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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