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Thread: Stardust Dreams

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    hey em! i'm glad useem to have an ideafor another chapter <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">i cant wait for te next post <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> darn i think i made like 10 comments

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    oopsie...I accidentally post twices. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    Where are you? I need updates!!! I want to know what is going to happen next. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

    Oh yeah, I was reading the character descriptions and one thing came across my mind. Isn't Louis too old for Eva? Well, he has been in the industry for a while and Eva just a high school graduate. <IMG SRC="smilies/confused.gif" border="0"> May you can clear this up for me?! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">I think I have too much time on my hands. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    hi paradise! thanks for thinking about the story so much.... I kinda worked out that Louis is probably about 6 or 7 years older than Eva ... which isn't that much really. (I did think about this before...)
    If you look at chapter 1, Louis says he has been in the industry for about 7 years and Eva says she has been a fan since she was 12 years old so you can kinda work something out from there.
    I'm just typing up the next chapter for you now.... <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    The peace of the hospital reception area is momentarily broken as Michael barges through and throws himself against the counter.
    “Where is Ho Wai Fan?” he gasps.

    “She is in room 8, down the corridor and to your left.” Comes the reply as the experienced receptionist continues tapping at her computer.

    Without another word, Michael rushes off leaving an astounded Louis to thank the lady. He never realised that Michael and Vanessa were so close. Noticing that Michael has sped off, he quickens his step to catch up.

    As they reach the designated room, Michael pushes open the door to see Vanessa lying in a bed awake and Eva is sitting by her side. Without a second thought, he kneels against the bed and grasps Vanessa’s hand. He is overcome with his concern for her and has broken into a huge sweat.

    “Are you alright?” he manages to say.

    Vanessa looks up at Michael and smiles.
    “Yes, I am ok. The doctor says I have food poisoning and I just need to stay in for observations…” she whispers.

    “Oh… I thought… I don’t know why…” Michael’s brain finally catches up to his heart.

    Louis glances at Eva who looks over to Vanessa, whose eyes are transfixed on the rather embarrassed Michael.
    “Can I have my hand back now please?” she requests.

    Wanting to find a large rock and hide underneath it at this moment in time, Michael quickly drops Vanessa’s hand, stands up and pats himself down before staggering backwards and swaying his shoulders. His eyes wander as he tries to comprehend his own actions. Then he feels the piercing looks from three pairs of eyes and his awkwardness is unbearable.

    He turns to Eva and improvises:
    “You must be hungry. I’ll go out and buy some supper for you.”

    Through the glass in the door, Eva and Louis watch as Michael carefully feeds Vanessa the rice porridge, with the greatest of attention. Nothing more has been said about the incident, but they can both see there is something untoward.

    Eva turns to Louis and suggests the obvious:
    “They have to be more than just friends.”

    “Well she is your best friend, so you must know what’s happened!” laughs Louis.

    “And he is yours – so what do you know?” adds Eva.

    “I think we should leave them to it. Come on, I’ll take you home.” Offers Louis.

    It has been a long while since Eva and Louis had some quality time together, but on the journey home, their conversation is quite muted. They talk about work, and the weather and Auntie’s family before the golden silence sets in. Feeling uncomfortable, Eva switches on the radio which starts to play Louis’ first song.

    “Oh! Switch it off… I can’t listen to my own stuff!” he moans.

    “No no, leave it!” protests Eva. “I want to relive the memories.”

    Louis grudgingly agrees as Eva continues.
    “Being with you at the hospital brought everything back to me tonight. Remember how we met for the first time, how you brought me in, signed my CD…”

    Everything gushes back to Louis’ mind and a wide smile appears on his face. He stops the car and turns to the girl to his left.

    “Let me take you somewhere special.” He says.
    Making sure that he is not being tailed by any reporters, Louis cautiously drives to a viewpoint near the Peak and parks his car facing out towards the sea, looking out into the dark night sky. He opens up the roof of his car and they look up in wonder at the blanket of stars in the heavens.

    “Wow! I never thought you could see so many stars in Hong Kong.” Marvels Eva. “It feels like I am dreaming!”

    The brisk night breeze blows over the couple and Eva shivers slightly. Louis passes her his jacket and puts his arm around her shoulders, pulling her tightly towards him so she can feel the warmth of his body. Resting her head against his arm, Eva sighs a sigh of contentedness. She hasn’t been so relaxed for a long time.

    Louis looks deep into his emotions and his memories and opens up his thoughts about the woman in his arms.
    “The stars in the sky are just like the stars on the screen,
    You admire them from afar, but can never get close.
    If you do try and get close, you risk being burned up in the environment,
    But you are so special because you have taken that chance to be come near.
    This lonely star never wants to be lonely again,
    And will do everything it can to make sure you don’t get harmed.”

    Eva is touched immensely by Louis’ words. She turns to look at him and whispers:
    “You are the only star that shines in my heart.”

    They look into each others eyes and do not say any more as they move closer and share a loving passionate kiss, watched over by a million twinkling lights in the sky.


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    Hey Em!

    Just wanted to let you know that I haven't abandon your story, it's just that I have been kinda busy, but I promised I will leave comments later <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

    P.S: It's great to see that you are beginning to update quite often <IMG SRC="smilies/clap.gif" border="0">

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    Hi Em,

    How come you never talk about Louis's background/family/ex.gilfriend? It seems like we know so little about Louis and his personal life. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Hi Paradise!
    It's so cool to find you are so interested in my characters. Louis' background is mysterious because it reflects the little you tend to know about stars' backgrounds. It will be addressed as his relationship develops with Eva and she breaks down his protective shell....just to keep you intrigued!

    More soon! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Chapter 8 – Holding On

    Early the following morning, Louis arrives back at his apartment after taking Eva home. He lives alone in a small but well furnished bachelor pad, minimalist in presentation with a bookcase partition separating his black leather sofa and lounge area with his kitchen and breakfast bar. Placed in the centre of the bookcase, among his selection of reading material and CDs is a picture frame, the only photograph on display in the house.

    As he walks through the door, Louis’ heart is merry and he is cheerfully humming to himself. He throws down his jacket and keys and collapses into the soft folds of his chair. Running through the events of the evening before, he sighs gently and chuckles to himself madly. His eyes wander aimlessly across the accustomed sights of the bookcase, they pass over the books, the ornament, the CDs and mini system until they land on the picture frame and the face of the person in the photograph registers in his mind. The expression on his face changes suddenly and turns to one of distress and concern.

    Louis stands up and walks over to the photograph, picking it up gently and speaking to the smiling face of the pretty girl in the picture, he says:
    “Oh Julia. I’m sorry, I hope that one day you will understand…”

    Eddie arrives at the restaurant looking around for a familiar face. He spots Sylvia who waves him over to her table.
    “Hi Sylvia! You haven’t seen Gigi around have you? She invited me to lunch today, saying she had something important to tell me.” Explains Eddie.

    “Umm… actually, it was me who wanted to see you. I just asked Gigi to pass on the message.” Admits Sylvia.

    “Oh, right! Did you like the camera? I wasn’t really sure what you wanted or whether it would be suitable for you.” Eddie points out.

    “I wanted to say thank you to you. You didn’t have to buy me a new one, I didn’t think you would manage to get it fixed anyway. Let me pay you back or at least pay for lunch today, otherwise I will feel so guilty.” Sylvia is becoming a little flushed.

    “That’s okay. If you’re a friend of one of my sisters then you’re my friend as well. My mother always taught me to help out if you can.” Says Eddie.
    “Then again, lunch is not a bad idea. Shall we order?”

    Sylvia is puzzled. Is there really no motive behind the generosity of this man? Or is it just an act to make her feel at ease. She studies Eddie as he consumes his lunch with her and engages in general conversation about their friends, their lives, the economy… but there is no mention of feelings or relationships and he looks at Sylvia without the caution or interest she would expect from a pursuer.

    “Do you have a girlfriend?” bursts Sylvia, unable to hold her curiosity any more.

    Eddie chokes on his coffee, frightening Sylvia.
    “Oh, I’m sorry! Are you okay?”

    He wipes his mouth and regains his composure, thinks for a second and says:
    “No, not since Eva turned me down and I became her brother!”

    Sylvia looks enquiringly into Eddie’s deadly serious expression.

    “I’m joking!” laughs Eddie. “About Eva that is, don’t go writing about it in your magazine okay… I’m too busy to think about these things right now.”
    His expression changes in the same way as Louis as he seems to remember something he has momentarily forgotten about.
    “There are more important things I need to worry about anyway.”

    Sensing his unwillingness to continue with this topic, Sylvia waves to the waiter for the bill.
    “Thanks for lunch!” smiles Eddie.

    “You’re welcome, maybe we should do it again sometime.” Sylvia replies.

    “Where have you been Anthony? You haven’t answered my messages and you never seem to be in the office any more. I’ve been looking for you all over!” A frantic Steven has finally caught up with his publicity man.

    “I’ve been working on another project,” replies Anthony calmly over the phone.
    “Anyway, you don’t need me to create news for you any more, you seem to be doing pretty well. Nice pose there for the camera. What have you got planned next?”

    “Don’t joke Anthony! I need your help in putting things right. Tina’s gracing the covers of this issue with Joe Li and I am being portrayed as a violent pauper! I need something that will rescue my reputation otherwise I am doomed.” Steven is suffering the consequences of his actions.

    “I think you’d be better off just letting things blow over. I’ll see what I can come up with once I’ve finished my current work. There is one thing you can help me with though Steven, you never know it might even help you with your predicament indirectly.” Anthony’s devious plans are starting to emerge.

    “Anything, as long as you will help me!” agrees Steven.

    “You’ve known Louis Lok for a while - tell me what you know about a girl called Julia Wang…” Anthony is onto something.

    Gigi wanders up onto the roof to collect some of her clothes and notices Eddie sitting on the side looking down at the road and working his way through a six-pack of beer. He seems preoccupied and doesn’t notice her presence.

    “Hey Bro!” calls Gigi. “It’s not like you to hide up here on your own. Don’t you usually visit Auntie at the rest home on Wednesday evening?”

    “I’ve already been this afternoon, I had a few hours free so I went early.” Eddie replies restlessly.
    Gigi senses that there is something not right, she has never seen Eddie so run down before. She eases into conversation with him gently with the topic of Sylvia.

    “I’m sorry about setting you up with Sylvia, I hope you were okay about that.” She says, knowing that this isn’t the reason for Eddie’s troubles.

    “That’s ok. She is quite friendly. She just wanted to thank me for the camera.” Says Eddie without his usual cheeriness.
    “I quite enjoyed her company actually – we had a good chat.”

    “Eddie, what’s the matter? Is there something wrong with your mum?”
    Gigi’s journalistic senses are sharp and perceptive as ever.
    “Is there anything we can help you with?”

    “Her second kidney has finally given in and she is too old and frail for a transplant. The doctors say she has to undergo dialysis every day, but she will grow weaker and weaker…”
    Eddie sheds a tear at the prospect that his mother does not have long to live.
    Gigi doesn’t know what to say, she wasn’t expecting this news.

    “Oh Eddie! I’m so sorry to hear that.” Whimpers Gigi as her own eyes start to well up.
    She places a hand on Eddie’s shoulder and passes him a tissue. He pushes it away and takes another swig at his beer. Gigi knows that Eddie wants to be left alone for the time being so she taps him on the back and says to him before she goes back downstairs.
    “I’ll go with you to visit Auntie tomorrow.”


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    Hi em,
    I sensed that you intentionally left that part out. Its getting to the interesting part now. Yayayayayaya <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

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    hmm... i sese there somthing yourholding back about louis and 'julia' cant wait to yo leak it out

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    No updates still. <IMG SRC="smilies/redface.gif" border="0">

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    Aiya, sorry been busy with study these past few days... here is a bit more! Enjoy and thanks for reading! <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

    The following afternoon, Gigi accompanies Eddie to the market and buys a few oranges and apples before he drives out to the secluded retirement home in the depths of the New Territories. Situated next to a temple, it is an ideal place for an ailing widow to spend her days. The dormitories are situated around a central courtyard where the occupants enjoy the sunshine, take on some Tai Chi in the mornings and share a little gossip or a story about the old times.

    “Ma!” calls Eddie as he spots Mrs Wai sheltering beneath a tree, gently wafting her bamboo fan and humming some Cantonese opera.

    Her tired eyes light up as she sees her beloved son and even more so when she notices Gigi following behind.
    “Kit Jai! Ah Gi!” she smiles.

    “Auntie Yu. How are you?” says Gigi respectfully.

    “Oh my old bones aren’t keeping too well.” moans Mrs Wai. “That’s what you get for being old!”

    “Never! You don’t look a day over forty!” jokes Gigi.

    “Have you had your dialysis today?” asks Eddie concerned about his mother’s condition.

    “Yes, son! How would I dare not to? Am I not afraid of being nagged by you?” laughs Mrs Wai, she is ever cheerful. After her husband died five years ago, she sees so many things in perspective and enjoys each day as it comes. It is this spirit which the youngsters all respect and admire.

    “You must be so tired!” exclaims Gigi, realising how painful it must be for both her and Eddie.

    “I am fine. I’ll get used to it soon.” Insists Mrs Wai.

    “I’ll go and peel you some fruit,” says Eddie as he picks up the plastic bag and walks towards the kitchens.

    As he passes through the dining area, he sees a face he recognises. She is sat with one of the other residents of the home and the old man in a wheelchair is looking pained.

    “Tell me more about your son. What was he like as a child?”
    Sylvia sits with her notepad and pencil. She is questioning the old man and he looks very distressed about the things she is saying and asking.

    “He was a very good son to me and my wife.” Replies the gentleman, trying hard to hold back the tears.

    Eddie rushes over and starts to scold Sylvia.
    “What do you think you are doing? Have you reporters no ethics at all?”

    “I… Eddie! Please…” Sylvia is shocked and tries to explain.

    “ I can carry on for you Miss Lee.” Forces the old gentleman as he swallows hard.

    “No! She will leave now.” Interrupts Eddie.
    “How dare you come in here and upset the residents? He may be the father of a film star, but he is here to rest and not be harassed by the likes of you! How can you be so cruel and heartless? Leave now!”

    Sylvia is very upset. She grabs her bag and runs out of the home in tears. The old man tries to call her back and some of the other residents sigh in despair.

    “Kit Jai! You are always so irrational.” Calls Mrs Chong.

    Eddie ignores her as he chops up the fruit and takes it out to his mother and Gigi who are catching up and joking about Gigi’s antics. They notice his rather disturbed expression.

    “What’s up bro?” asks Gigi.

    “I can’t believe what I have just seen!” complains Eddie as he sets down the plate. “And I thought your friend Sylvia was a decent girl – I couldn’t believe she was here harassing old Mr Bao into giving her an interview and making him so unhappy.”

    “Where is she now?” asks Gigi, looking around for her friend.

    “I chased her out. I wasn’t going to stand for that!” bursts Eddie, getting excitable again.

    “Oh son! You can be so silly sometimes…” sighs Mrs Wai knowingly.

    “Why? Do you know her?” queries Eddie.

    “Siu Man comes here as a volunteer a few times a week.” His mother explains.
    “We all get on really well with her and she likes hearing all the stories from the old folks here as well as being very caring and helpful. When Old Bao realised that she was a journalist, he offered to give her a story about his life with his son because if it wasn’t for Siu Man arranging for his son to come and visit us then they would never have overcome their differences and been reunited.”

    “… but he seemed so upset when she was questioning him…” protests Eddie as he realises that he has misunderstood Sylvia’s actions.

    “Old Bao gets really emotional whenever he talks about his family, in particularly his wife and his son because they spent so long apart.” Continues Mrs Wai.
    “That doesn’t surprise me at all.”

    Eddie looks forlorn and feels disgusted with himself.

    “Oh dear bro! Looks like you might have hurt her very badly… do you honestly still not realise how she feels about you yet?” Gigi piles on the guiltiness.

    “Really? Oh no…” Eddie feels totally awful as the penny finally drops.

    “Your girlfriend!” yells Donny, a fellow artiste taking part in a daft TV game show with Louis and a few other guests.

    Louis stands on the platform with a big picture of Eva showing on the screen behind him. Donny is desperately trying to describe the picture for Louis to guess but under the pressure he can only think of one way to describe her.

    “Who?” asks Louis – still refusing to acknowledge his relationship with Eva to the public.

    “Your girlfriend… you know… her… that girl!”

    “I don’t have a girlfriend!” insists Louis, not really getting into the competitive spirit.

    “Oh come on Louis, you know who I am talking about!” shouts Donny angrily.

    “Times up!” calls the little host with the big personality. “And Donny and Louis lost by just one point! Just think, you could have been going home with that big prize if you had just admitted it.”
    Louis is still as defensive as ever. “Admit what?”

    They wrap up the show and as he leaves, Donny spits to Louis:
    “What is your problem Lok Man? We could have won that cash prize then – everyone knows what is going on so why can’t you just be open with it and get on with it?”

    Donny walks off feeling very frustrated, leaving Louis sighing.

    “What IS his problem?” gasps Vanessa a few days later as she watches the same show on TV together with Eva on one of their rare days off.
    “I know it isn’t you because you don’t care what people think. Why won’t he just admit that you and him are an item?”

    Eva wears an air of resignation. She feels the same way, but doesn’t want to upset Louis by bringing up the sensitive topic of making their relationship public.
    “I really don’t know.” She sighs.
    “He just says it isn’t the right time and he wants to keep it private for now. Things would be so much easier if it wasn’t like this.”

    “Really, I will never understand men… just take Michael Tsui for instance!” says Vanessa. Then she realises she has let slip.

    Eva is straight on her case.
    “So what is it with you two? One day you are worst enemies, next day he is feeding you porridge.”

    “Nothing! I guess he was just worried because I was in hospital…” Vanessa starts trying to dig herself out of the verbal hole.
    “He is a friend after all…”

    “Just a friend?” pries Eva.

    “Yeah! That’s all….Ohh I feel sick! I knew I shouldn’t have eaten all that food before….”
    Vanessa dashes off to the toilet to vomit and pushes past Gigi who has just returned home.

    Eva rushes to make sure that she is alright and Gigi joins her.

    “Are you okay? You seem to be throwing up a lot recently!” says Eva who is very worried about her friend.

    Gigi puts two and two together and once again her eyes light up.
    “You aren’t pregnant are you?”


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    just hadto say what a cute avatar!!! and thanks for the update <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">

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    Eva and a rather nervous Vanessa sit on a bench in the brightly lit waiting room in their local doctor’s surgery. A heavily pregnant lady sits opposite them gently stroking her bump and reading a magazine whilst she waits her turn. Vanessa glances over and looks away, clearly agitated by the scene. She doesn’t want to be there, but has been dragged in by a very concerned Eva.

    A nurse emerges from a door to the left of the reception area and passes a file to the receptionist before turning to the room and calling the name of the next patient.

    “Ho Wai Fan!”

    Vanessa is bundled into the examination room where she hands over her urine sample to the nurse and lies down on the trolley. Dr Wei emerges from behind a screen and greets her with a laugh.

    “So Vanessa, what can I be doing for you?” he asks merrily.

    “I feel sick all the time, it has been like this for a few weeks…” begins Vanessa.

    “Hmm…” says the doctor as he ponders the diagnosis. “Well it could be food poisoning, but that wouldn’t last so long. Any chance you could be pregnant?”

    “Possibly.” Admits Vanessa.

    “Any other symptoms?” asks the doctor.

    “No, not really. Although I do get really tired from time to time.” Replies Vanessa.

    “Amy, can you run a pregnancy test on the sample for me please?” calls Dr Wei over to the nurse.

    Vanessa swallows hard as they await the result of the test. The five minute wait for the result of the test seems like hours to her as she endures the confirmation of her fears.

    “Congratulations!” Dr Wei breaks the silence.
    “It would appear that you are having a baby – that would explain the sickness and your condition. Everything else seems fine, although I would suggest that you go for a scan and a more thorough check up sometime at the antenatal clinic.”

    Vanessa thanks the doctor and walks out of the room to an eager Eva who is waiting outside. She hurries over and pesters Vanessa for the result.

    “So are you pregnant?” Eva queries.

    Vanessa who is still in a state of disbelief nods gently.
    Eva notices her friend’s cold and dispassionate demeanour and holds back her joy. She holds Vanessa’s hand and asks empathically:
    “Is it Michael’s?”

    Vanessa nods again.
    Eva puts her arm around Vanessa’s shoulders and comforts her friend.
    “Michael is not an irresponsible man. I am sure he will stand by you!”

    In the coffee shop of an exclusive tennis club, Anthony meets Steven and they settle down to a cappuccino. They have arranged this rendezvous to discuss their latest co-operation. Anthony settles back in his chair with his notepad and voice recorder ready, whilst Steven is wary that Anthony is no longer on his side and is wary and a little restless.

    “So tell me about you and Louis at the academy.” Anthony launches into his interview.

    “Why the sudden interest in Louis?” asks Steven suspiciously.

    “Ah! Just a little project I am currently working on.” Explains Anthony.

    “Doesn’t he get enough publicity already?” says Steven spitefully.

    “I am particularly interested in his relationship with a girl called Julia Wang. You should know her.” Continues Anthony.

    “Only that she used to date Louis whilst we were studying together, but that was about eight or nine years ago.” Recalls Steven.

    “Then what happened?” pries Anthony.

    “There was a car accident. I think the story was that Julia was so angry that Louis had destroyed her car that she left for Canada and never returned. I think she had some businesses over there because she was quite well off.” Steven tries to remember the details of the past.

    “What do you know about Louis’ and Julia’s backgrounds?” Anthony moves on.

    “What’s that got to do with anything?” Steven is becoming more and more intrigued.

    “Just answer or I’ll leave!” threatens Anthony.

    “Not much really. Only that Louis never mentions his family or his background and that Julia was never short of money. I didn’t really know her that well but Louis was besotted with her so we were all very shocked when they broke up over a car.” Adds Steven.

    “Hmm… interesting.” Says Anthony to himself.

    Just at this time, Steven’s mobile phone rings and he excuses himself to answer it.

    “Hey Steven, it’s me!” comes the voice on the other end.

    “Oh hello Tina. What are you calling me for? I thought we were through.” Responds Steven sarcastically.

    “You’ll never believe what I have just seen!” gasps Tina excitedly.

    “What’s the matter?”
    The day’s proceedings are becoming too puzzling for Steven

    “I was visiting the convent on White Lily Hill doing some research for my new role and I swear I have just seen Louis’ twin brother walking out of there! The resemblance is uncanny – it was so weird.” She exclaims.

    “So why would I want to know about that?” Steven says, rather annoyed at the attention his nemesis is getting.

    “Just thought you might want to get your reporter friend to look into it, I know you are hungry for something to catch Louis out on.” Jeers Tina.

    “Thanks anyway, I am just with Anthony now – maybe you want to give him some details.”
    Steven passes the phone to Anthony who speaks with Tina and with a smirk on his face and a glint in his eye is pleased at his progress today while he takes notes and talks to Tina.


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    I am still waiting for you next update em. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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    Sorry for the wait.... <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
    I really have got myself doing far too much!
    <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
    “Wow! Sylvia… first it’s a camera, now it is such a beautiful bouquet! This boyfriend of your certainly has some tricks up his sleeve!” exclaims Cecilia, who is obviously quite envious at the rather exaggerated display of roses, tulips and orchids arranged neatly in a bunch and placed on the edge of Sylvia’s desk.

    Sylvia’s eyes are staring straight at her laptop screen and not even blinking as she carries on tapping away.
    “I don’t have a boyfriend – you can take them if you like.” She mutters.

    Detecting a slight density in the air, Cecilia decides to back off, quickly replying:
    “It’s okay, you can take them to your old folks!” before she withdraws to her office.

    Cecilia’s words strike a chord with Sylvia’s thoughts. She hasn’t been to see her friends at the home since the unfortunate incident with Eddie and she is starting to miss them a little.
    “I wonder how Old Pau is coming along – I must have really shocked him last time.” She murmurs to herself.
    Springing up in her seat, Sylvia shuts up her computer and places it in her case before gathering her things, dropping the bouquet in the waste paper bucket and heading for the door. As she walks into the corridor, the elevator doors suddenly open and she is shocked to find a rather eager Eddie looking at her through the doors.

    A stunned silence lingers for a few seconds before being rudely interrupted by the lift doors closing. Eddie hurriedly reopens the door and rushes out.
    “Sylvia – I’m so glad I caught you!” he gasps.

    Sylvia turns away, pressing for the elevator again, but a persistent Eddie follows her.
    “I thought you didn’t like unethical people, there are plenty of them here.” Says Sylvia sarcastically.

    Eddie tugs at Sylvia’s arm, he isn’t very good with his words.
    “I’m sorry, please don’t run away. Look… I’m not very smart – Gigi had to tell me to send the flowers I don’t know if you liked them… I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions - I just see things the way they seem.” He blurts out.

    Sylvia stops. Her heart is smiling, for it is this innocence, which attracted her to him to start with and she really can’t resist it, but she keeps a straight face in order to prolong this feeling.

    Eddie continues:
    “I was wondering if you were going to see the folks tonight. Gigi said that you usually go on a Thursday after work.”

    “Is there anything Gigi doesn’t tell you?” responds Sylvia.

    “I was hoping I could make it up to you in front of the folks – I’ll do anything you want me to – cleaning the toilets, making the dinner… anything as long as you will forgive me!” offers Eddie earnestly, knowing he won’t get away with this lightly.

    An idea crops into Sylvia’s head and her eyes sparkle.
    “Okay, but you better not go back on your word!”

    Eddie’s car pulls up at the entrance to the Old Folks Home and Sylvia jumps out onto the pavement.
    “You go and park up, I need to go and prepare your fate!” she laughs, seemingly over her upset.

    Eddie shrugs his shoulders and drives off to find a parking space, wondering what she has up her sleeve. His brotherly air of resignation is so lovable and enticing.

    A few minutes later, Eddie wanders into the home and is quickly bundled into a side room by a couple of grannies who sit him down in the make up chair where he gets a sinking feeling.

    “And the special guest performer today is our very own Kit Jai with his rendition of ‘Princess Flower’.” Introduces Sylvia as the audience of elderly ladies and gentlemen applaud enthusiastically and Eddie is pushed into the centre of the dining hall.

    Eddie gives Sylvia an enquiring look, she smiles back as if to say: “All is forgotten.”
    Then to everyone’s amusement and enjoyment, Eddie starts to sing the Cantonese Opera piece and gives a rousing performance.

    After the show, Eddie and Sylvia help to clear up and put away the chairs. He walks up to her and asks her how she knew about his hidden talent.
    “It’s not only you that Gigi talks to you know!” she replies, chuckling away as she heads off to the kitchen to clean the tumblers.
    Eddie starts to gaze at her as he finally lets some feeling gush through his veins as though Sylvia's words had opened his blocked senses. He is so entranced that he doesn’t realise his mother has sat down next to him.

    “Son,” she says, “Make her my daughter-in-law and I will depart this life a happy woman.”


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    “Hi cuz! It’s been a while hasn’t it? Starting to forget the last time we all sat up here!”
    Gigi calls to Eva as the three girls convene on Auntie’s rooftop for the first time in a long time, armed as ever with their soya milk and chocolate chip cookies.

    “Yeah, you’re right Gigi.” Replies Eva, tucking in at the food on the table.
    “Things seemed so much simpler then.”
    She glances over at Vanessa who says nothing but sighs, looking away. Gigi smells a rat and her inquisitive streak kicks in again.

    “What is going on?” she asks sternly. She is rather put out by the fact that she has been kept in the dark.
    Vanessa sighs again before deciding to start munching on a cookie. She really doesn’t want to talk.

    Eva takes it upon herself to explain. After all, the three had agreed to hide no more secrets from each other.
    “You know what you mentioned the other day about Vanessa’s sickness…”

    It dawns on Gigi what Eva is hinting at and she clasps her hands over her mouth to cover the gaping hole, which has emerged.
    “You don’t mean… oh my! Me and my big mouth!” she responds.
    Gigi glances over at Vanessa who is still not saying a word, then over at Eva who nods.
    “Does he know yet?” Gigi’s excitement is overwhelming.

    Eva shakes her head and once again turns to Vanessa.
    “You’re going to have to let him know…”

    Vanessa finishes her cookie and finally finds the motivation to speak.
    “I’ll deal with it.”
    She picks up her bag and stands up to leave. Her face is totally emotionless.
    “It’s getting late – I’d better be off.”

    “Do you need me to see you home?” offers Eva without thinking.

    “I’m pregnant, not paralysed.” Replies Vanessa sarcastically as she heads down the stairs.

    Eva is slightly stunned, but Gigi is concerned as she points out, “She didn’t seem to happy!”

    “I think she is worried about how Michael will react.” Explains Eva.
    “She doesn’t even know if he has any true feelings for her. I guess a lot of it is my fault.”

    “Hey! Don’t blame yourself. A lot of things can’t be helped, and falling in love is the worst of these. You and Louis were made for each other, even though he still won’t admit that you are dating.”
    Gigi stops, she realises that she has touched on a sore point with Eva, she tries to change the subject.
    “Talking of Louis, do you know that Anthony’s suddenly taken a great interest in his past recently?”

    “Really? Then again that is your job as journalists to research about artists.” Says Eva nonchalantly.

    “No-one does research to that extent unless they are onto something!” Gigi points out.
    “Do you know if Louis has any skeletons in his cupboard?”

    “Well, I don’t really like to pry too much into his past – if he wants to tell me then he will do of his on accord.” Protests Eva.

    “What do you know about his family?” questions Gigi, her curiosity getting the better of her.

    Eva thinks for a moment.
    “He says his parents left him to fend for himself when he was quite young. They emigrated and left him in Hong Kong, I think.”

    “Really? And what about his previous girlfriends? Surely you’ve asked him about that!” Gigi digs deeper.

    “From what he tells me, he has only had one other girlfriend before. They met when he was at the academy, but she went to Canada to study and they lost touch after that.” Recounts Eva.

    “Hmm…” Gigi thinks intensely.

    “Why are you asking so much about him? You’re not thinking of going against Anthony again are you?” queries Eva.

    “I just think that there is more to him than he cares to tell you and Anthony may already have found out. I’d suggest you try to get to know him a bit more – it might even explain why he is so hung up on making sure you are not a couple in public.” Gigi is deadly serious.

    Eva laughs it off.
    “You are always so suspicious!”
    However, deep down in her heart, Eva knows that her cousin is right and Louis is still a stranger to her.

    The sound of an opening beer can as two old friends share a drink in an alternative environment that is Louis’ balcony. Louis and Michael prefer this place when they want to discuss their innermost feelings, proving that men can have heart-to-hearts as well.

    “So what is happened between you two then?” Louis is eager to find out what is going on.

    “Umm nothing. Just friends…” Michael clumsily evades the question.

    “There must be more than that! You can’t trick me after so many years!” Louis becomes more forceful.

    Michael has been itching to tell someone so he doesn’t need much persuasion. He runs through the events in his mind before summarising it in a sentence.
    “I got drunk on the night I saw you with Eva… and Vanessa and I had a night of passion, a one night stand…”

    Louis wasn’t expecting anything less, but the news still comes as a shock to him.
    Michael continues:
    “… the thing is that I realised afterwards that I felt stronger for her than I ever did for Eva. Almost like the difference between fantasy and real love for someone.”

    “Have you told her how you feel?” Louis compares this to his own affairs.

    “I don’t know how she will react!” Michael’s attitude mirrors that of Vanessa.
    “After all I did in front of her for the sake of Eva’s affections, how can I turn to her and say that the one I love is her?”

    “You’re going to have to find out sooner or later and she hasn’t been hostile to your advances from what I can see.” Louis encourages Michael to take the plunge.

    “I’ll deal with it.” Michael makes it clear the subject is closed.
    “Have you dealt with your dilemma yet?”

    Louis sighs deeply as his own problems are surfaced.
    “I really don’t want to hurt Julia… not in her current condition.”

    “But you are hurting Eva in the process – you do realise that!” warns Michael.
    “You really have to start living your own life now. The past needs to be put behind you.”

    “I know it is unfair to Eva, but there isn’t a simple solution…”
    Louis swigs his beer and sits back to ponder his problem. He seems tremendously troubled with his predicament.


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    After another long day of filming, Vanessa and Eva head out of the studio for a well earned break. Suddenly, Eva remembers she has left her phone in the dressing room.
    “I’ll just pop back for it, you’d better stay here!” she calls to Vanessa as she hurries back inside.

    “You’d forget your head if it wasn’t firmly attached!” laughs Vanessa at her absent-minded friend, her mood is a little better today. That was until she notices Michael heading out from another room into the corridor towards her.

    He notices her and is unsure whether to acknowledge her or not. He nods and smiles as he walks past, uttering a quick “Hi!” to her. This is the straw that breaks the donkey’s back – Vanessa turns to him and yells:
    “Michael Tsui – you just stand right there!”

    Michael stops dead in his tracks and a cold sweat beads from his brow. He screws up his face as he tries to stop himself from trembling.

    “I need to tell you something.” Says Vanessa in an unusually calm voice.

    Michael turns round and looks at the solemn expression on Vanessa’s face and the serious glare from her eyes. He swallows hard, takes a deep breath and declares.
    “There is something I need to tell you too.”

    He walks back towards Vanessa, stopping before her and offers:
    “You first!”

    Vanessa says nothing and looks down at her abdomen. His eyes follow her glance before looking back up at her face, he understands.
    “It half belongs to you – I want to know if you want it!”

    Michael had half expected this would be the case, but the shock is still overwhelming. He forgets what he had to say and puts his arms around Vanessa, pulling her towards his chest. She doesn’t draw away, instead she puts her own arms around him and nestles gently onto his shoulder – she has been waiting for this moment for so long. After a long affectionate hug, but without letting go, he gently whispers to Vanessa:
    “Will you marry me?”

    “Of course!” comes the sobbed reply.

    “HOORAY!! Congratulations!” come the shouts from the crowd of passers-by who have suddenly rematerialised from the haziness of the public corridor, which had formed at various stages of the performance like extras waiting for their cue lines.

    Eva looks on – she is so relieved and yet so envious. If only Louis could be so open about his emotions.

    * *

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    Short update this time Em. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> I was about to reply and complain that you haven't update it yet. <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0"> Yeppie!!!

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