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Thread: Lu Xiaofeng Book 6: The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens (凤舞九天 Fengwu Jiutian)

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    Thanks foxs

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    Great story

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    Default Chapter 5 - Part 4

    Anh, you are welcome. Kyss, welcome. Here's familiar character ... Happy Fourth to y'all in the US.

    Naturally there was no beef soup on her face right now. Had it not been for Lu Xiaofeng has looked at her carefully, he could never have seen her as a miserable Beef Soup, who had been bullied around by other people.

    She has now completely changed her appearance; from a little servant girl who cooks meals for others, she was now a little princess who makes people want to cook meals for her. Not only that, she was the Princess among many princesses. Anybody who saw her would feel that if they were given the opportunity to cook for her, it would be a huge honor.

    People can change.

    Lu Xiaofeng knew that a lot of people changed. Some changed from abject poverty into rich and powerful. Some changed from being a gentleman to a lowly person. Some changed from being a hero to a coward. Yet some others changed from wealth to dirt poor, from lowly person to a gentleman, from coward to a hero. But he has never seen anybody who changed so fast, so much, like her.

    Practically she seemed to completely shed her mortal body and exchange her bones.

    If not because Lu Xiaofeng had seen her up, close and personal; even parts of her body that other people were not supposed to see, he would not have believed that she was indeed the Beef Soup.

    Beef Soup stared at him coldly, as if she had never seen him before.

    Do you know her? the little old man asked.

    At first I thought I knew her, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    And now? the little old man asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng sighed and said, Now it looks like she does not know me, and I dont know her either.

    Beef Soup neither confirmed nor denied. She seemed to hear this exchange, yet she also seemed not to hear anything.

    The little old man no longer paid any attention to Lu Xiaofeng, he walked over and pulled her hand; his eyes were brimming with love. I told you to go to sleep a bit early, he said, Why did you slip out again?

    Beef Soup said, I heard the maids said that just now someone is coming back; I wonder if there is any news of the Ninth (older) Brother?

    The little old man winked. What do you think? he asked.

    Beef Soups eyes brightened immediately. I knew it, she said, Ninth Brother will never forget me.

    I was going to tell you tomorrow, the little old man said, Not only Ol Ninth sent some news, he had his new assistant, Mu Yiban [Mu wood, Yiban one half], brought some gifts for you.

    Beef Soups expression brightened like blooming flower, her eyes shone, as if she had just turned into somebody else. Wheres this man Mu Yiban? she asked, Quickly tell him to come, bring the Ninth Brothers gift as well.

    The little old man smiled; he waved his hand and snapped his fingers. Immediately sixteen bare-chested, bald men, wearing only leather pants in Kunlun-slave style, crossed the nine-bend winding bridge, carrying eight huge wooden chests. In front of them was a man, with one arm, one leg, walking with the help of a steel cane. His right leg was cut at the base, his right arm was cut from the shoulder, there was a long blade scar on his face, from the right eye all the way down to his cheek. Not only his right eye was gone, even his nose was cut in half, and one of his ears was gone.

    It was unclear whether this man was originally ugly or handsome, but now he looked unspeakably mysterious and terrifying.

    But when Beef Soup saw him, she looked very happy; she said with a laugh, Ninth Brother has told me about you, you must be Mu Yiban.

    Mu Yiban bent his left knee in respectful salute and said, Xiaoren [lit. little/lowly one] Mu Yiban pays his respect to the Princess.

    Before he could kneel down, Beef Soup has already reached out to help him up. She was a lot more polite toward this ugly and strange handicapped man compared to toward Lu Xiaofeng, presumably because she was looking at her Ninth Brothers face; love the house and its crow.

    Lu Xiaofeng watched from afar, he had a bad feeling in his heart. He saw under the sunshine her hands were spotlessly white, soft and beautiful, totally different from the greased-covered hands he had seen before. Thinking about what happened in the bathroom of the Fox Den the other day, he could not stop his heart from beating a bit faster.

    Mu Yiban had already supervised the shiny-black clothed Kunlun slaves opening five chests. The chests were full of silk and satin, rouge and face powder. When the fifth chest was opened, pearls and jewels dazzled the eyes; unexpectedly inside the chest was all kinds of emeralds, agate, gold, pearls, jewels and jade.

    Not a single one of these things was not womens favorite, when ordinary girl saw this, perhaps she would have fainted with joy early on.

    But Beef Soup did not even cast a single glance; instead, she pouted and said, Ninth Brother is not unaware that I do not cherish these things, so why did he deliberately order you to send them here?

    Mu Yiban laughed and said, Princess, look at whats inside these three chests?

    His laugh seemed to be very mysterious, so that even Lu Xiaofeng could not help feeling curious. What could possibly make a girls heart happier than pearls and jewels?

    When the three chests were opened, Lu Xiaofeng almost could not refrain from crying out.

    The chests unexpectedly contained people, one chest contained one person. Out of the three people, Lu Xiaofeng recognized two.

    The first had gray hair, with majestic appearance; although he was stuffed inside the chest for a long time, when he stood up he was still as straight as a ramrod. Unexpectedly he was the Zongbiaotou [head escort] of the Qunying [lit. crowd of heroes] Escort Agency, the Iron Palm Golden Saber Situ Gang [see also Chapter 1]. This mans Iron Sand Palm has been trained to near perfection. His Golden-backed Mountain-splitting Saber, with the Five-Tiger Gate-breaking saber technique, had even less opponents in Jianghu. How could he be caught and stuffed inside a chest?

    The second person was a slim, heroic-looking man, the Taiyang acupoints on both sides of his temples were bulging out; apparently he was a prominent Wulin character expert in both internal and external martial arts.

    The one that really surprised Lu Xiaofeng was the third person.

    This mans bare feet only wore straw sandals, his attire consisted of old, worn and greasy kasaya[1]. His round face unexpectedly was still smiling. To Lu Xiaofengs shock, this person was one of the Four Great Monks, in fact, he ranked the third; he was none other than the Honest Monk.

    Nobody knew for sure whether this monks honesty was real or fake, but everybody knew that his martial art skill was very high; this fact was definitely not a fake. If any Jianghu bandits provoked him, although he would always show a smiling face without the slightest hint of anger, this man would often go in the middle of the night and take the offenders life.

    Therefore, the number of people in Jianghu who dared to mess with this monk have recently become less and less. Even Lu Xiaofeng would have headache every time he saw him.

    For the last half a year or so, he suddenly disappeared, nobody knew what he was doing, yet against all expectation he suddenly appeared from inside the chest. The man who could put him into the chest must have had a shockingly high-level of martial art skill. If Lu Xiaofeng did not see it with his own eyes, he would definitely not believe it.

    Honest Monk did not seem to see him, putting his palms together, he giggled while looking at Beef Soup.

    Seeing these three men, Beef Soup was extremely amused; she also laughed and said, Strange things happen every year, but it happens especially a lot this year; how could a monk suddenly appear from inside the chest?

    Honest monk said, Little Miss vents off the anger from your breast, big monk is stuffed into the chest. Amituofo! Shanzai, shanzai![2]

    Mu Yiban said, Ninth Young Master knew that these three men have offended Princess; therefore, he ordered Xiaoren to deliver them here pronto, so that Princess can vent off your anger.

    He kept calling Princess this and Princess that, Beef Soup unexpectedly felt no qualms in accepting the appellation, just as if she was really a Princess[3].

    Mu Yiban continued, But I wonder how is Princess going to vent off your anger?

    Beef Soup winked and said, I havent thought about it, how about you give me an idea?

    Mu Yiban said, It depends on whether Princess wants to vent your anger in a big way or in a small way.

    Beef Soup seemed to think that his idea was very amusing. Pfft, she broke into giggle and asked, How do I vent in a small way?

    Mu Yiban said, Take off their pants and flog them heavily seventy, eighty times, and thats it.

    How about big way? Beef Soup asked.

    Mu Yiban said, Cut their heads, dry them in the sun, and then give them to Xiaoren to accompany my wine.

    Beef Soup laughed and said, Good idea, really good idea. No wonder Ninth Brother likes you.

    Mu Yibans ideas were indeed sinister; having their heads cut was all right, having their heads cut, dried in the sun, and eaten to down the wine was already very bad, but having their pants pulled down and spanked, it was even more difficult to bear than death.

    The tall and slim, with heroic appearance, black-clothed mans face was already devoid of any color; the Honest Monk was still giggling without showing any care. Situ Gang was like a raging inferno, his temper was the worst; he said in stern voice, Since we have already fallen into your hands, you want to kill, you want to cut, I wont knit a single eyebrow; but if you deliberately humiliate me, I even in my death I wont let you go!

    Situ Gang was able to move unhindered in Jianghu, he was not the kind of people who would easily give up, but his last sentence, even in my death I wont let you go, was spoken with total despair. It was obvious that he knew that he was not Beef Soups match, and would rather die.

    In a very sweet voice Beef Soup said, When you are alive you are helpless to do anything to me, when you are dead, how are you going to not letting me go? Are you telling me that you want to be a big-headed ghost and come in the middle of the night to strangle my neck?

    Situ Gang gnashed his teeth, cold sweats dripped down his head like rain, suddenly he let out a roar and his palm smashed down heavily on his own tianling [heaven spirit] acupoint on the top of his head.

    The five fingers on his hand were of almost the same length, his fingernails were cut short, there was a faint darkness at the hollow of his palm. His Iron Sand Palm has been trained to at least 80% perfection, when this palm smashed down, although it was smashed on his own head, it was equally deadly.

    [1] Kasaya, a patchwork outer vestment worn by Buddhist monks.

    [2] I dont know how to translate this, but I believe it is better stay un-translated. Amituofo calling the name of Buddha. Shanzai peace, good, excellent.

    [3] A bit of explanation here: the word Princess [公主] is usually reserved for princess of royal blood.

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    Thanks for the update foxs and happy 4th!

    This is getting more and more interesting. Is Beef Soup really a princess? I wonder what the old man has in mind for LXF.

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    Thanks foxs

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    Default Chapter 5 - Part 5

    Sky, maybe she was a princess of some minority kingdom? But then again, maybe it's just like American parents calling their daughter 'princess'? I guess we'll find out together. Anh, you are welcome. How's the weather on east coast (New York and Florida)? Here on west coast it is HOT, even up here in northwest. Anyway, end of chapter 5 ...

    Who would have thought that Beef Soup flashed forward, like an orchid her fine, long, tender and beautiful fingers lightly brushed, Situ Gangs arm immediately drooped down, and was unable to move at all.

    Mu Yiban immediately cheered in loud voice, Good martial art skill!

    Beef Soup said drily, This is just the simplest move of the Adaptable Orchid Hand, cant be considered any good martial art skill!

    She spoke it lightly, but Lu Xiaofeng who heard it was shocked. This Adaptable Orchid Hand, although the name was beautiful, it was actually one of the most terrifying martial art skills of the Wulin world. It dislocated the tendon and separating the arteries and veins, and caused invisible injury to its victim. Situ Gangs injury did not look serious, but actually his arm was crippled forever, once the wound flared up, the pain would be unbearable. Other than chopping off the arm from the base, there was no second way to provide relief.

    Situ Gangs face already turned deathly grey; he shouted, You you wont even let me die?

    Although he shouted loudly, his voice was trembling; obviously in his heart he was extremely frightened.

    Beef Soup sighed; she said, A live dog is better off than a dead lion; why do you want to die? Even if you are aware that you have offended me, you are guilty of capital crimes; you can always find someone else to die in your place.

    Situ Gang was startled; he could not help but asked, What do you mean die in my place?

    Beef Soup said, You may choose anybody in here, as long as you can win over him by one move or half a stance, I will kill him in your place.

    Mu Yiban said, In my opinion, among the people in here, he wont dare to find a single one.

    Beef Soup laughed and said, A single person he wont dare to find; how about half a person?

    Mu Yiban sighed. He said, Thinking back and forth, I think at the most he would only dare to find me, half a person.

    Situ Gang roared, Thats right, I definitely am looking for you. Amidst the sound of his shout, his palm already shot out.

    Qunying Escort Agencys prowess reached out far and wide, the Head Escorts annual salary was fifty-thousand shi [not sure what it is], approximately the same as a one-pin rank high-ranking official of the imperial court. [See Deer and Cauldron, translated by yours truly, for more information on pin ranks.]

    His virtuous wife was tender and sweet, just before his departure they enjoyed an evening of passion together just like newlywed. His sons and daughters were intelligent and filial, his eldest daughter was already betrothed to the eldest grandson of his maternal uncle, the great hero of the Central Plains, Xiong Tianjian. The two families were well-matched in terms of social status, the two people were matched made in heaven. As long as he could stay alive, naturally he did not want to die. Although his right arm could not move, fortunately the skill he trained could be used with just one arm. This one palm strike carried profound and ferocious force; he was indeed worthy of his title, Golden Saber Hundred Victory, Iron Palm Without Rival.

    Mu Yiban only had half a person left, slanting his body slightly, the steel cane under his ribs shot upward. Unexpectedly he was using the steel cane like a sword. The move Laughing toward the Southern Sky was the sword technique of Hainan Pai [Sect], handed down directly from their founder.

    Hainan sword style was derived from the horizontal brush stroke in calligraphy, since he was just half a person, coincidentally he was able to execute the essence of Hainan sword style vividly and thoroughly. A series of swish, swish, swish was heard, followed by a miserable scream. Four chi long [1 chi is approx. 1 foot/30 cm] steel cane penetrated Situ Gangs left ribs, and came out from his right ribs. A stream of blood shot out like an arrow, painting the air around him red with his blood.

    Beef Soup clapped her hands and said with a laugh, Good sword technique.

    Mu Yiban laughed and said, This is just the simplest three moves of the Thirteen-Style Destroying the Heaven, cant be considered any good sword technique.

    He copied Beef Soups tone a while ago, deliberately speaking it lightly, but Lu Xiaofeng was shocked again.

    The Thirteen-Style Destroying the Heaven was originally Hainan Pai mountainous regions sword technique, unfortunately it disappeared thirty years ago that even the current Sect Leader only mastered two styles. Yet this half a person conveniently executed three moves and Situ Gang met a violent death under his swordplay.

    Where did this half-person come from? Based on his martial art skill and sword technique, how come he was willing to be a slave, to be that Ninth Young Masters attendant?

    Obviously the tall and slim, heroic-looking, black-clothed man also recognized the sword technique; he started at him in shock, his eyes were brimming with fear.

    Mu Yiban laughed and said, With your Swallow Flying across the Clouds and your move Flying Swallow Coming Over Fort Master Luo ran amuck all over the world, killing countless people; I was very looking forward to meeting you. But I wonder if Fort Master Luo would also have any regard of me, a half person?

    This man in black was unexpectedly the stronghold master of the first stronghold of the Twelve-Dock Alliance [see Chapter 1], the Black Swallow Luo Fei. This man made his name by his qinggong [lightness skill]; his move Flying Swallow Coming Over was indeed a killer move that was rarely seen in the Wulin world.

    His eyes were looking at Mu Yiban, but his feet were stepping backward. Suddenly he turned around and flew; he pounced toward a drunk who was lying under the railings of the nine-bend winding bridge. This move was exactly his consummate skill, the Flying Swallow Coming Over; his stance was ingenious, his posture was graceful. Even if this strike missed, he would still be able to escape.

    The person under the railings was as drunk as mud, the amethyst and gold court hat on his head nearly fell off, his drool flowed down from the corner of his mouth; he looked exactly like a dead man. Obviously dealing with a dead man was a lot better than dealing with a half man. Apparently Luo Fei had already had his eyes on him early on.

    Lu Xiaofeng sighed inwardly. No matter what, just now this gentleman, Minister He [He Shangshu, see Chapter 4] had given him a cup of wine. If right now without any rhyme or reason he died while still dreaming in his drunkenness, Lu Xiaofeng could not bear to watch.

    He heard a miserable cry, followed by a splosh! water splashed everywhere; someone had fallen into the pond, and disappeared under water. After a long time, a thin stream of blood appeared amidst the lotus leaves, followed by a face appeared like a petal of flower among the lotus leaves. It was none other than Luo Fei.

    Minister He turned around and went back to sleep, finally the amethyst and gold court hat on his head fell off.

    Mu Yiban immediately walked over and respectfully put the hat back on his head while saying, Drunken Lying-down Flowing Cloud Seven-Killer Hand, authentic handed-down techniques of drinkers. Minister He has a very good martial art.

    Beef Soup laughed and said, Mu Yiban has a very good pair of eyes; you can even recognize the Drunken Seven-Killer Hand, which has been extinct for eighty years.

    Honest Monk sighed and said, Just one killer hand is enough to take peoples life, why must use seven-killer hands?

    Monk wants to try it? Beef Soup asked.

    Monk is still clear-headed, why would I want to mess with drunkards? Honest Monk replied.

    So who are you going to look for? Beef Soup asked.

    Do you want to look for me? Mu Yiban asked.

    Honest Monk said, Monk is at least a whole person, I must not fight half a person.

    I am a whole person, Beef Soup said.

    Honest Monk said, Monk is at least a man, I must not fight a woman.

    My Dad is a man, Beef Soup said.

    Honest Monk said, Monk is still young and vigorous, I must not fight an old man.

    On that side, the people were still absorbed in throwing the dice; on this side two people already died, they did not even cast a single glance. It was as if this kind of matter was a common occurrence to them. It appeared that in their eyes, other peoples lives were not as important as dice.

    Beef Soup said, What do you think of those people?

    Honest Monk said, To Monk, this world is an illusion [orig. four elements are vanity], I am scared of gambling demons.

    Beef Soup laughed and said, You pick left choose right, yet selected no one. Why dont I select one for you?

    Who? Honest Monk asked.

    Beef Soup carelessly pointed ahead, What do you think of him?

    Her slim, lily-white hand was pointing at Lu Xiaofeng.

    Lu Xiaofengs heart jumped. Honest Monk turned his head around to look at him; he laughed and said, Monk tells you the truth, if Monk wants to live, it seems like I must pick him.

    Beef Soup laughed aloud. Monks eyesight is not bad [orig. not lacking], she said.

    Lu Xiaofeng immediately shook his head; he said in loud voice, Lacking, lacking. He lacks by 108,000 li. [1 li is approx. 0.5 km or 1/3 of a mile]

    Where does he lack? Beef Soup asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Monk and I are friends, he would never want to take my life, and I dont want to take his life.

    Honest Monk said, Monk actually does not wish to take your life, its just that now

    He sighed, and then continued, Even if other peoples life is important, it can never be more important than my own life. Even if Monks life is of little value, good or bad it is Monks own life.

    It was indeed an honest statement. Honest Monk always made honest statements.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Since to Monk this world is an illusion, if you still want to take a friends life, wont it mean you are gravely mistaken, you are desperately lacking?

    Honest Monk said, A live dog is better off than a dead lion, a live dog can bite the dead lion; when its a life-and-death situation, lacking a little bit is not a big deal.

    Lu Xiaofeng sighed and said, Why didnt you go look for someone else, but you looked for me instead?

    Because you are lacking, Honest Monk said.

    Where do I lack? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Honest Monk said, Well, you dont know Thirteen-Style Destroying the Heaven, and you dont know Adaptable Orchid Hand, wont it mean you are desperately lacking?

    But I dont want to take your life at all, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Honest Monk said, You dont want to take Monks life, but Monk wants to take your life, that means you are seriously lacking; you deserve to die.

    Beef Soup coldly said, This kind of people, one died means we have one less of them; you still havent made your move?

    Honest Monk said, Miss is right. Monk is going to make his move.

    Unexpectedly he did make his move as soon as he said he was going to make his move. Rolling the big, raggedy sleeve of his kasaya, he shot the roll forward, a strong gust of wind assailed Lu Xiaofengs face.

    Turns out he was still scared of Lu Xiaofengs two fingers; he was afraid that any part of his body would be pinched. Even if he did not die, the pinch would be unbearable. But if the sleeve of his kasaya were pinched, then it would not matter. Much less he concentrated his internal power on the tip of his sleeve that it was as sharp as a blade. The number of people in Jianghu who were able to pinch this sleeve of his was indeed not many.

    All along the little old man was watching with folded arms; suddenly he said, Lu Xiaofeng, are you going to die in this monks place, or are you going to preserve your own life? You have to think about it carefully.

    Actually, Lu Xiaofeng has been thinking about this exact same question countless times in his mind; although he could not bear to see Honest Monk die in here, but he did not wish for Honest Monk to see him die in here either.

    The little old man had just finished speaking, suddenly there was a rip, Honest Monks sleeve was torn, exposing an arm that was even whiter than womens arm. Evidently the arm had not seen the sun for many years.

    Human shadows flashing here and there, as if there were countless butterfly fluttering about. In the blink of an eye Honest Monks raggedy kasaya was torn to shreds.

    Lu Xiaofeng loudly said, If Monk does not stop, I am afraid little monk will soon show itself.

    It was really a vulgar language, but if he wanted Honest Monk to stop, Lu Xiaofeng had to say something that Honest Monk would find it difficult to bear.

    Who would have thought that Honest Monk did not give a damn; his mouth muttered, Little monk shows itself is always better than the big monk being stiff dead.

    He had not even finished speaking, his feet suddenly tripped on Situ Gangs body, he almost stumbled.

    This was exactly a very good opportunity for Lu Xiaofeng, but Lu Xiaofeng was still considering whether he should seize the chance to make his move.

    Honest Monk, however, did not need to consider; taking the opportunity while he was tripping, suddenly he grabbed Lu Xiaofengs waist and brought him down to the ground, rolled over, and pinned Lu Xiaofengs body down.

    Beef Soup clapped her hands and said with a laugh, I didnt know Monk knew Mongolian wrestling.

    This is not Mongolian wrestling, Honest Monk replied, This is Fusang Islands Judo. Other than the Monk, really not many people knew this technique. Perhaps Lu Xiaofeng himself has never seen it, and thats why Monk was able to control him.

    It was also an honest statement, Lu Xiaofeng was really under his control that he was unable to move at all. But the little old man said, This is not an honest word.

    Honest Monk had never said any dishonest words.

    The little old man said, Even if he had never seen this kind of technique, you would not have been able to control him; if not for the fact that he could not bear to kill you, I am afraid right now Honest Monk could not even speak honest words.

    Honest Monk thought for a while, and then said, Even if he was really yielding to the Monk, Monk can always pretend not to know.

    The little old man sighed and said, Thats an honest statement.

    Lu Xiaofeng was lying face down on the ground, with Honest Monks knee on the small of his back, his arm was also twisted behind his back; thinking about he had just missed a golden opportunity, and now he had to listen to this kind of honest words, he almost died of anger.

    He was so angry that now he did not even know how to die.

    On that side the gambling was finally over. He seemed to hear someone asking, I lost seventy thousand taels; how about you?

    I am a lot worse than you are.

    Since there were people who lost that much, naturally there were also people who returned from a rewarding journey. Too bad he was not one of those people.

    Not only his own self had been lost early on, now he seemed to have lost even his own life!

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    So many 'lost' martial arts!

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    Thanks foxs
    The weather here is hot and humid with scattered showers some days.
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    Thanks for another update foxs.

    The lil exchange between LXF and the Honest Monk is hilarious! I wonder if they're only pretending.

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    Default Chapter 6 - Part 1

    Ycb, that's Gu Long. He had a bad habit of introducing a lot of names, and then never mentioned it again. Anh, time to go on vacation! Sky, from earlier books, I did not think Lu Xiaofeng and Honest Monk were friends. True, they were not enemies, but not friends either. Am I wrong?

    Chapter 6 Wooden Men Formation
    (Translated by Foxs)

    Those several people walked over to this side, only one persons footsteps sounded heavier than the rest, presumably he was loaded with the gold, pearl and jewels, and banknotes.

    Lu Xiaofeng was dying to see who this person was, but he could not even lift his head; he only heard Beef Soup said, They are coming only to see Ninth Brothers new attendant, his name is Mu Yiban, he seems to be a disciple of Hainans Lone Wlid Goose. Ninth brother sent him here especially to deliver quite a lot of gifts for me.

    Her voice was brimming with delight. Immediately someone asked, Where have Ol Ninth been these days? When is he coming back? Has he been well recently? Did he get drunk?

    Immediately Mu Yiban answered all those questions respectfully, one by one; but as for this Ninth Masters whereabouts, even he himself was unclear.

    Hearing that the Ninth Masters return was uncertain, everyone seemed to be very disappointed; hearing that he was well, everyone seemed to be very happy.

    Toward this wanderer, who was far away at the end of the world, whose whereabouts was unclear, everyone seemed to show unspeakable concern; but toward the man who had just gambled with them, who right now was lying on the ground in front of them, nobody even cared to ask. Whether Lu Xiaofeng was alive or dead, they did not care at all.

    Even Sha Man did not cast him a single glance. Beef Soup was asking her, What did Ninth Brother get you this time?

    Sha Man replied indifferently, He knew that I have never had any interest in these mere worldly possessions, why bother?

    You dont have any interest in his worldly possessions? Beef Soup asked, You only have interest in him, dont you?

    Unexpectedly Sha Man did not deny.

    With a cold laugh Beef Soup said, Too bad he will never give himself to you.

    The exchange between these two women seemed to be thick with vinegar [i.e. jealousy]. The more Lu Xiaofeng listened to them, the worse he felt. All along he was always the darling of the Jianghu, those who knew him were very proud of themselves, wherever he went, he was always well-received. The Master of Crouching Cloud Buildings collection of aged famous wine, only he could get access to it. Even reclusive and haughty Kugua Dashi [Great Master (usually Buddhist) Bitter Melon], when he knew of his arrival, would personally go to the kitchen to cook some vegetarian dishes just for him. When girls saw him, they were simply unable to resist; even iceberg would melt.

    But here, he seemed to suddenly turn into a worthless person, a nobody who was not even worthy to wipe that Ninth Masters shoes.

    When one lived to such an extent, he might as well die; but Honest Monk definitely was not going to make his move.

    It also seemed like Beef Soup was unwilling to continue talking to Sha Man; she turned around and glowered at Honest Monk. You havent made your move? she said.

    Make what move? Honest Monk asked.

    Beef Soup said, Make you move to kill.

    You all really want to kill him? Honest Monk asked.

    Of course we do, Beef Soup replied.

    Alright, Honest Monk said, Just find any person to kill him. As long as Monk won by one move or half a stance, its enough; Monk wont kill people.

    He clapped his hands, stood up, and left. In the blink of an eye he crossed the nine-bend winding bridge; unexpectedly, no one stopped him. It seems that although the people in this place were secretive, they were warriors who kept their words.

    With a cold laugh Beef Soup said, Finding someone whod kill is not easy. Whoever willing to kill him, Ill give you ten thousand taels.

    Lu Xiaofeng was lying on the ground, he did not seem to have any inclination of standing up. Killing this kind of man did not seem to be difficult at all, yet Beef Soup offered ten thousand taels, not because her money came too easily to her, but because to have someone killed in this place one must pay that price.

    Someone casually offered ten thousand taels to kill him, Lu Xiaofeng originally thought that there would be a lot of people who would scramble to do it.

    Who would have thought that nobody even showed any reaction?

    Sha Man coldly said, You want to kill people, why dont you do it yourself? Could it be that you have never killed anybody?

    Beef Soup ignored her; staring at the Kunlun slaves who brought the chests over, she said, You worked hard for several days carrying these chests around, at most you only earned about a hundred or so; killing someone youll earn ten thousand taels. This kind of good business, you dont want to do it?

    Each and every one of the Kunlun slaves was just standing silently like wooden statue; turned out they did not even understand what she was speaking about.

    Beef Soup said, Mu Yiban, how about you?

    Mu Yiban sighed and said, Actually, I wanted to earn this ten-thousand taels, its just a pity that Ninth Master instructed me that every day I can only kill one person at most. I do not dare to disobey Ninth Masters order.

    Clearly Beef Soup did not dare to disobey Ninth Masters order either. She said coldly, I know all of you dont like it that my offer is too little. Alright, fifty thousand taels, paid in advance.

    Lu Xiaofeng suddenly sprang up. Ill do it, he said.

    Youll do what? Beef Soup asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Anybody whod kill me, you agree to pay him fifty thousand taels, right?

    Thats right, Beef Soup replied.

    I want to earn this fifty thousand taels, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    You want to kill yourself? Beef Soup asked.

    Killing oneself is not a difficult matter, Lu Xiaofeng said, But fifty thousand taels is not a small amount.

    After you die, what do you want the money for? Beef Soup asked.

    To settle the debt, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    He sighed and said, Right now I owe too much debt, if I dont pay in full, even becoming ghost I wont be at ease.

    Beef Soup looked at him with cold eyes; suddenly she said coldly, Very well, Ill let you have the fifty thousand taels.

    From her bosom she casually took out a stack of banknotes, the smallest denomination was at least five thousand taels.

    Lu Xiaofeng picked several sheets, the total was exactly fifty thousand taels. He gave the little old man one and said, Heres fifteen thousand taels; ten thousand to pay your money back, five thousand is the interest.

    The little old man beamed from ear to ear, The interest is indeed not small, he said.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Thats why you ought to give me loans a bit more often. I am the kind of guy who is always generous.

    The little old man sighed and said, You are indeed generous, extremely generous.

    Lu Xiaofeng turned to Sha Man and said, Here is five thousand and five hundred taels; five hundred taels to redeem the knife, five thousand taels is the interest!

    Five-hundred-tael yields five-thousand-tael interest? Sha Man asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Five hundred taels loss is no different than ten thousand taels loss anyway, its only natural that the interest is the same!

    Sha Man stared at him. There was a hint of smile in her cold and detached eyes. Now I know why you are this poor, she said, If thats the way you spend money, how could you not being poor?

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed and said, The money came easy anyway. Now I know that to make money, perhaps nothing in the world is easier than killing people.

    Sha Mans face became cold again, cold and completely emotionless. Taking out his chamber pot knife, she said, Are you going to kill yourself with this?

    Lu Xiaofeng immediately shook his head, It wont do, he said, This knife has a bit of smelly aura around it.

    Looking at the banknotes in his hand, he muttered to himself, After paying back twenty thousand five hundred taels, I still have twenty-nine thousand five hundred taels. Money has not been spent, wont I die in vain?

    Then quickly spend it all, Beef Soup said.

    Lu Xiaofeng thought for a moment, and then he went to the little old man and said, Didnt you say that theres the best wine in the world in this place, but the price is very high?

    I did, the little old man replied, But I also said that today you are my guest; all drinks are free.

    With a cold laugh Lu Xiaofeng said, Your daughter paid people to kill me, you expect me to drink your wine? Come, take these nine thousand five hundred taels, I want the best wine. I want all the wine this money can buy.

    The moustache suddenly laughed and said, You just spent another nine thousand five hundred taels; seems like you still have twenty thousand taels left?

    How much did you lose just now? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    The moustache said, I am the big winner.

    How about we have another round? Lu Xiaofeng asked, You might as well eat em all and be delighted.

    The moustache laughed aloud and said, Alright, I like a delightful man like you.

    Beef Soup coldly said, Not only he is delightful, very soon he will be painful[1]. Whether he swipe his neck or cut his head, it will be very painful.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed and said, I know a kind of death that is not painful at all.

    What kind of death? Beef Soup asked.

    Death by losing [in gambling], Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    The dice were back in the bowl, the wine has also been delivered. Ten full jars of wine, there was Nuerhong [blushing young maiden], there was also Zhuyeqing [green bamboo leaf].

    [1] Its a play on word: the word I translated delighted/delightful was 痛快 (tong kuai), Beef Soup was saying soon (快), he will be painful (痛).

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    foxs, great translation! Where did you get the titles from though? In my version, chapter five is '一场豪赌', ie "A Grand Gamble'. Chapter six is named '神秘地穴', "The Mysterious Cave". The titles for the first four chapters are off as well.
    Read the latest chapters of Coiling Dragon at Wuxia World!

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    Thanks foxs
    Vacation is in September this year.

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    Thanks foxs.

    I'm not sure if LXF and the Honest Monk were friends. Maybe RWX can help with this.

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    Doing catch-ups on your prolific postings, foxs. This poignant meeting of the three protagonists, LXF, Beef Soup and Old Man. I can't help but feel, based on my recollections, that this would be a sort of step-back-in-time moment for them. Knowing the outcome, would 1. LXF wished he had remained at the beach and wait for rescue, 2. Beef Soup continued cooking her beef dishes or retire to her chambers, 3. Old Man would rather forgive LXF's debt to him and send him packing back to where he came from?

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    Default Chapter 6 - Part 2

    Ren, thanks for the input. To the rest of you, I have had private exchanges with Ren. All's good. Turns out there are different versions of Gu Long's work. Anh, does that mean you already have a plan? Sky, it's nothing important, I was just asking your personal opinion. LuDongBin, knowing LXF, I would say that the more you told him not to do something, the more he would insist on doing it. I know someone like that. For example, if you tell him that certain movie (or book) is bad, the more he would want to watch that movie (or read that book). His reason: 'I just want to know how bad ...'

    Nine thousand five hundred taels for ten jars of wine, the price was rather too expensive, but Lu Xiaofeng did not care. He opened a jar of Green Bamboo Leaf and poured almost half a jar into his mouth. Good wine, he loudly exclaimed.

    The moustache laughed and said, You drink like cattle, but still able to tell whether the wine is good or bad; that is indeed not easy.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Actually, I cant necessarily tell, its just that expensive wine is always good. And good wine, no matter how much you drink, the next day your head wont be aching.

    Beef Soup coldly said, If the head is already fallen, you wont care whether it is aching or not.

    Lu Xiaofeng ignored her. Picking up the dice, he tapped the edge of the bowl and said, How much do you want to bet?

    How about ten thousand taels? the moustache said.

    Ten thousand is too little, Lu Xiaofeng replied, It would be best if we bet twenty thousand. With one throw we decide the winner and loser.

    Alright, that will be delightful, the moustache said.

    He had not even taken the banknote out, Lu Xiaofeng had already tossed the dice into the bowl. They rolled only twice and stopped immediately. All three dice showed six dots, the banker eat em all, there was not even a chance to catch up.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed aloud and said, When someone is going to die soon, a change of fortune always comes.

    The moustache still had the banknote in his hand, But I havent put down my bet, he cried out.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed and said, Thats alright, I trust you. Besides, I am going to die soon, I am sure you wont renege a debt to a dead person.

    Although the moustache did not agree ten thousand times, his mouth did not utter a single word.

    Lu Xiaofeng took his banknote and asked, You still want to bet?

    The moustache replied, Naturally I still want to bet, but this time let me be the banker.

    Alright, Lu Xiaofeng said, We can always take turn in being the banker. As long as you can throw three sixes, you can eat em all, no need to be polite.

    He even put down the twenty thousand taels he had just won and said with a laugh, You wont be able to throw three sixes anyway.

    The moustaches eyes brightened. He grabbed the dice, but turned his head around to the white-haired old pedant, who had been standing by his side all along, Do you think I can throw three sixes this time?

    The white-haired old man smiled and said, I think you ought to be able to. If you could not, now that would be strange.

    The moustaches spirit was trembling with excitement; with a loud shout the dice were thrown into the bowl. Very soon you can tell that there were six dots showing at the top. Who would have thought that one die suddenly jumped, flipped in the air, bounced several chi more, and then when it fell, it turned into a pile of dust.

    The other two dice in the bowl had stopped; it was two sixes.

    Lu Xiaofeng suddenly asked Sha Man, Two sixes, plus one dot, how many dots are there?

    Sha Man said, Still one dot, because whatever the last die produces, that is the one that counts.

    The last die, what if it does not have any dots? Lu Xiaofeng asked again.

    No dots means no dots, Sha Man answered.

    Which one is bigger, no dots or one dot? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Naturally one dot is bigger, Sha Man replied.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Since one dot is even bigger than no dot at all, and the banker does not have any dots, whats to be done?

    Sha Man said, The banker pay em all.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed aloud and said, Thirty years reversal of wheel of fortune; I couldnt believe this time you threw a no-dot.

    The moustache did not utter a single word, immediately he paid Lu Xiaofengs forty thousand taels. He pushed the bowl to Lu Xiaofeng and said, This time its your turn to be the banker. I just hope you wont throw a no-dot.

    Although his mouth was saying that, in his heart he said, It would be strange if this time you did not throw a no-dot.

    Naturally other peoples thoughts were the same as his. Even if Lu Xiaofeng was using three metal dice, if they wanted to pinch one, it would be as easy as pinching an ant.

    Trickery and fraud in gambling was originally a sneaky thing, a shameful matter; however, now it seemed to be a just and honorable matter.

    The snow-white-haired old pedant scrambled forward to put down thirty-thousand-tael bet; he said, Too bad the bankers capital is only eighty thousand.

    The moustache said, I am the loser here, he has to pay me in full first, and then you all can have your share.

    He already took out all banknotes from his pocket. One persons bet was already more than eighty thousand taels. This time, only if he neither win nor lose other people would have any share. However, everybody seemed to believe that Lu Xiaofeng would definitely lose.

    The old pedant sighed and said, It seems that this time we can only drink the soup.

    When the banker failed to compensate for his loss, the winner was said to be drinking the soup. In the gamblers eyes, apparently there is nothing more terrible than drinking the soup.

    He was just thinking to taking his thirty thousand taels back when suddenly someone said, This time Ill help the banker. Just put down whatever you want to bet. Pay em all or eat em all.

    Unexpectedly the speaker was the little old man. He had a stack of banknotes in his hand. Slap! he tossed it in front of Lu Xiaofeng, saying, Here I have one million three hundred and fifty taels. Just consider it my loan to you. If it is not enough, just ask; youll get whatever amount you want.

    Lu Xiaofeng was both surprised and delighted at the same time. Since when did you become so generous? he asked.

    The little old man laughed and said, Not only you are a trustworthy debtor, the interest you pay is also high. If I dont lend money to you, whom should I lend it to?

    Lu Xiaofeng said, This time, if I lose, and then I die, where are you going to collect the debt?

    The little old man said, No matter what kind of business you are doing, you must be willing to take some risk!

    Beef Soup said, This time the risk is a bit too much. I am afraid you would lose your life savings.

    The little old man said drily, My money has long ago become moldy; even if I lose my life savings, its not a big deal.

    His gambling capital suddenly increased by one million three hundred and fifty taels, not only Lu Xiaofengs spirit received a big boost, other people were also beaming with joy; it was as if they already had the banknotes in their money purse. Seven, eight hands were outstretched at once, gold, jewels and banknotes immediately filled the table, the total amount was at least a million taels.

    On the side stood a carton box where dozens of brand new dice were stacked neatly inside.

    Lu Xiaofeng grabbed three dice. He was about to throw, suddenly he shook his head and mumbled, The dice in this place is a bit possessed; just like fleas, for no rhyme or reason they like to jump, even bigger dots cannot stop it from jumping. I have to think of a better idea.

    Suddenly he picked up a golden cup from behind, and drank the wine inside the cup in one gulp. While his right hand threw the dice, his left hand immediately dropped the golden cup down. They heard the tinkling of the rolling dice underneath the golden cup. I want to see if this time you can jump or not, he said.

    The old pedant and the moustache you look at me, I look at you, neither one guarded against Lu Xiaofengs move. When the golden cup was raised, the three dice had stopped. Sure enough, it was three sixes.

    Lu Xiaofeng roared in laughter, Three by six, eighteen dots. Eat em all!

    As soon as he finished speaking those eight words, he swept the gold, jewels and banknotes from the table.

    The moustache sighed. He said with a bitter laugh, This time you really eat em all, you even cleaned up all my capital and profit.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, As long as we can still gamble, you cant be considered losing. Come again.

    The moustache sighed and said, Today we dont have any gambling capital anymore, how can we gamble?

    He looked at Lu Xiaofeng with the corner of his eye, his sigh was also particularly heavy; although he did not say it, his meaning was very clear.

    Such a generous person like Lu Xiaofeng, in this kind of situation, he ought to take his winning and lend everybody a little bit, so that they all could continue gambling.

    Who would have thought that Lu Xiaofeng seemed to be completely oblivious? As soon as he finished sweeping everything from the table, he stood up and said with a laugh, Today we cant gamble, theres still tomorrow. As long as I am not dead, you will always have the opportunity to recover your capital.

    The moustache said, And if you die?

    Lu Xiaofeng also sighed and said, If I die, I am afraid all these banknotes will follow me into the coffin.

    He took out one million four hundred taels and handed it over to the little old man. Counting the remainder, he still had more than nine hundred thousand taels.

    The little old man was beaming from ear to ear. In just a short while I made fifty thousand taels profit. We can do this kind of business again next time.

    Lu Xiaofeng counted the rest of the banknotes again. Suddenly he asked, If you have nine hundred thirty thousand taels, would you be willing to kill people for fifty thousand taels?

    The little old man replied, It depends on whom you are going to kill.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, If you have to kill yourself?

    The little old man replied, That kind of matter, no one would be willing to do.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Therefore, I also am not willing to do!

    He had already had a piece of banknote worth fifty thousand taels in his hand, which he handed to Beef Soup and said, Youd better find somebody better qualified than me!

    Before he even finished speaking, his body had already at the head of the bridge; laughing heartily he said, Whether you want my money, or you want my life, you can always find me any time; I cannot escape anyway.

    By the time he finished speaking, he had already entered the cluster of flowers, and was out of sight.

    Everybody watched him shaking his sleeve and leaving helplessly, surprisingly no one tried to stop him.

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    Thanks foxs.

    LXF did have the last laugh after all!

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    Default Chapter 6 - Part 3

    Anh, you are welcome. Sky, it was too easy, and made me suspicious ...

    The setting sun filled the sky, all kinds of flowers showed their brilliance. Lu Xiaofeng was very happy. Today he finally returned from a rewarding journey after all.

    Would other people still be able to find him later? Would he be able to escape? These were questions for later. Just like when eating flat bread there is a good chance of choking to death later, who would want to worry about this matter too much now?

    He had observed the surrounding and made sure of the way out, but after going around the clusters of flowers seven, eight times, making about ten circles, he still could not find the path among the clusters of flowers from which he came. Looking up, he saw the twilight was turning deeper into the night, the setting sun has long ago disappeared behind the western hills, the valley turned into a piece of darkness; he could not even see the nine-bend winding bridge anymore.

    He stopped, calmed his nerves, and tried to find his bearings. After walking for another hour, he was still among the clusters of flowers. Jumping on top of a cluster of flowers and looking around, he saw that outside this cluster of flowers there were still flowers. Other than flowers, he could see nothing else. Even the shadow of the flowers gradually was beginning to blur.

    Surprisingly, not a single lantern light was seen in the valley, the moon and the stars did not give their light either. The flowers were fragrant, but after a while, the sweet fragrance even made his head a little dizzy. Were the people in this place never lighted any lantern at night?

    If he forced his way through the clusters of flowers, wouldnt it be like a blind man riding a blind horse, without knowing when they would suddenly fall into a trap, and then their death would be for nothing.

    Anybody could see that this place was not the kind of place where people could come and go as they please. When he wanted to go, others let him go, perhaps it was simply because other people had already known that he would not be able to leave.

    The people in this place, other than that little old man, each and every one of them was Wulin experts with consummate martial art skills, yet they obviously had never exposed their faces in Jianghu. Even if they walked among the people of Jianghu, no one could see their martial art clearly.

    Lu Xiaofeng had always had good eyesight, but when he met Beef Soup this time, his eyes failed to see.

    That one-eyed old fisherman and the horse-faced man, there was a very good chance that they died under Beef Soups hands!

    After the horse-face died in the sea, when Lu Xiaofeng was taking a bath, didnt Beef Soup also take a bath at the same time?

    The Old Foxs ship could set sail any minute, even if the passengers had spare time to slip out of the ship, they could not possibly spend that time to take a bath, otherwise she happened to just kill someone in the sea.

    When the one-eyed old fisherman died, it was also Beef Soup who happened to have the opportunity to kill him.

    Although now Lu Xiaofeng finally was able to understand a lot of things, there were still many more things that he did not understand.

    Why did she kill those two men? Why did those two men plot against Yue Yang? What was the relationship between Yue Yang and her? How did they know the Old Foxs ship was going to capsize?

    Lu Xiaofeng sighed. He suddenly felt that the pickled radish in the firewood storeroom at the back of Wudang Mountain smelled a bit better than the flowers in this place.

    In his heart he already started to have slight regret; perhaps he really should have heeded Yue Yangs warning not to get on board the Old Foxs ship, then perhaps by this time he was already on the Fusang Islands, embracing the tender and obedient girls, while drinking top quality sake.

    He heard that the laurel crown and great name, these two types of wine, were really not bad, just like the girls over there, whose mouths were pleasantly sweet, yet the strength of whose backs was more than enough.

    Lu Xiaofeng could not help heaving a deep sigh. He was thinking of finding a nice place to sleep among the clusters of flowers before doing anything else when suddenly he saw a bright lantern ahead.

    In the endless darkness suddenly there was a bright lantern light, it was indeed a lot warmer to his heart compared to the sixes on the dice. Like a moth drawn to light Lu Xiaofeng immediately went toward the lantern light. Even if he would be burned to death by the lanterns flame, he did not care.

    At least dying in the light was a lot better than forever living in the darkness.

    The lantern light came from an ornately decorated window!

    If there is a window, naturally there is also a house.

    It was a three-brightness two-darkness ornamented pavilion [not sure what it is, 三明两暗], with vermillion railings and winding corridor, the construction was extremely magnificent and exquisite.

    There was a window at an oblique angle from where he stood, looking from a distance, he could see that there were nine people inside; one was sitting, the other eight were standing.

    The sitting man had white face and small beard, wearing brocade gown and pearl-studded hat, he was looking at a scroll under the lantern light.

    The eight standing men carried respectful and solemn bearing, they were standing quietly, obviously they were the sitting mans attendants.

    These nine men were not among those in the water pavilion earlier. Looking at their attire and manner, apparently they were a lot more noble than those people. But Lu Xiaofeng was not able to figure out their background, hence it was only natural that he did not dare to rush in recklessly.

    There was a pond in the courtyard, the water was so clear that he could see the bottom. The lantern light shone outside, reflected by the rippling water. There seemed to be someone lying down motionless at the bottom of the pond.

    Lu Xiaofeng could not help walking over to take a closer look. There was indeed someone under water, only the white of his eyes was visible, looking straight up.

    Other than dead fish, no one would look at people like that!

    Lu Xiaofeng was shocked, but relieved at the same time. This man was a dead man!

    Who is he? How did he die in here?

    Lu Xiaofeng thought for a moment, he suddenly felt something was amiss. A dead man would definitely float up, how could he stay sunk underwater?

    Apparently the number of strange things in this place was indeed not small.

    I dont care whether he is dead or alive, he has nothing to do with me.

    Lu Xiaofeng decided not to concern himself with this matter. While he was about to leave, suddenly he heard a splash, something was flying over from a distance and fell into the pond. Unexpectedly it was a black cat.

    As soon as the splash arose, the man at the bottom of the pond suddenly swam up like a fish. Unexpectedly there was a thin blade in his hand; without speaking without noise he paddled up the water. The blade flashed, it entered the black cats underbelly.

    Before the cat could even cry out Meow! it already lost its life. The man dived back into the bottom of the pond, lying down motionless; he appeared to be like a dead man again!

    Although killing the cat could not be considered too extraordinary, but this mans movement was indeed too fast. Not only that, the way he moved was too strange, too mysterious. Watching him, Lu Xiaofeng could not help but was shocked and shivered with cold sweats.

    Once again the pair of dead-fish like eyes stared at him, as if considering him another black cat.

    Lu Xiaofeng suddenly turned around and charged into the room through the window.

    No matter what, a man sitting under the lantern looking at a scroll must be a bit more agreeable than a man lying in wait to kill a cat at the bottom of the pond.

    The lantern was not too bright, this man was still sitting on the same place with the same concentration looking at the same scroll!

    Actually, Lu Xiaofeng had been wanting to see what kind of painting was on that scroll; something that could make a man focused his attention on it for so long must be worth seeing.

    He had already aimed for a position; as soon as he entered through the window, he would made somersault in the air, and landed exactly in front of the table opposite to the man.

    He had also prepared some pleasant words of politeness to start a conversation, hoping to make this man happy, so that not only the man would not drive him away, he might also take out some good wine to entertain him.

    Who would have known that he did not have any chance to speak even one word? He did not even have a chance to open his mouth, because in the split second when his body landed, the eight standing man immediately pounced on him together.

    Eight men. Although their movement was not particularly swift, but the coordination among them was like seamless net of heavens, not one drop of water can leak out.

    These eight men used their fists, their legs, their palms, their arms, from four sides eight directions attacked together. In the blink of an eye Lu Xiaofeng was surrounded in the middle. Eight attacks with eight different moves, each move was a killer strike.

    Lu Xiaofeng dodged six strikes, then a fist and a palm; he was thinking to explain, to ask them to stop, but as he was parrying someones palm strike, he discovered that any explanation would be completely useless, because these eight men would definitely not hear anything he said!

    To his astonishment, these eight men were wooden men.

    There were many kinds of wooden men, some wooden men were even more frightening than real men. Although Lu Xiaofeng had never fought at the Shaolin Temples Wooden Men Alley, he had seen the wounded and crippled Shaolin disciples that have been through the Wooden Men Alley; many of those disciples martial art skill were not bad at all.

    He had been wondering all along, how could real people be injured under the wooden mens hands? If not for Reverend Iron Shoulder [see Chapter 1] urged him over and over not to do it, he would have gone to Shaolin Temple to have firsthand experience of how formidable those wooden men were.

    Now he finally experienced it.

    These eight men, no doubt they were designed based on the Wooden Men Alley principle, which was more complicated, as well as more powerful, than the wooden ox and wooden horse used by Zhuge (Liang) during the military expedition against the barbarians. Not only these wooden men had copper arms and iron bones, their moves and strength were profound. Furthermore, once the mechanism was activated, unexpectedly they unleashed Shaolins divine fist according to the Luohan Formation principle.

    The Luohan Formation was actually Shaolins consummate skill. In the past Devil Cults Xueshen Zi went up Mount Song alone, consecutively defeated seven Shaolins senior monks, but he was trapped in the middle of the Luohan Formation. He fought fiercely for three days and nights but failed to make any breakthrough, in the end his body was weary, his strength gone, and so he died of exhaustion.

    Since then, Luohan Formations fighting prowess was well-known throughout the world, and no Jianghu people dared to carelessly oppose Shaolin.

    When the same formation principle was applied to the wooden men, its power was even greater, because wooden men cannot be struck dead; even if you break one of its arms, or twist one of its legs, it wont fall down, and the formation wont be adversely affected either.

    But if its punch landed on you, you would definitely be unable to bear it; therefore, it was able to launch attack completely without any apprehension. You will find it difficult to dodge, and you cant fight brute force against brute force either. If you want to break out of their encirclement, it would be as difficult as ascending the heavens.

    Lu Xiaofeng suddenly realized that he could only take a beating until he was dead.

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