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Thread: Lu Xiaofeng Book 6: The Phoenix Dances in the Nine Heavens (凤舞九天 Fengwu Jiutian)

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    Default Chapter 10 - Part 1

    Ycb, Anh, you are welcome. Hari, here you go ...

    Chapter 10 Aware of imminent death
    (Translated by Foxs)

    Xiao Yu laughed. She seemed to forget that pair of scary hands already.

    But Lu Xiaofeng let her go. With a deliberate straight face he said, Indeed you cannot tell lies. I dont like you.

    Xiao Yu looked at him; she rolled her eyes, and suddenly said, You think I was really scared that you might like me?

    You arent scared? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Xiao Yu shook her head; she said unhurriedly, I told you all those things, it was because I cant tell lies to begin with.

    Lu Xiaofeng guffawed.

    The sun had just risen, illuminating her apple-like face, it also illuminated her nicely budding breasts.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed and said, Whether you are telling the truth or not, youd better put on your clothes now.

    Xiao Yu blinked. She said, You have looked at me anyway, why should I put on my clothes?

    She untied the dark green turban on her head, letting her jet-black, soft and shiny long hair fell loose. Turning toward the sun, she said, I have never basked in the sun here, I really want to strip naked and have a full-body sunbathing.

    The sun was shining bright, the sea was deep blue; to be able to strip naked and bathing in the sun was a delightful thing indeed. But Lu Xiaofeng cried out, You must not do that!

    Why? Xiao Yu asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Because because I am a wolf [i.e. lecher].

    Xiao Yu said, I am not afraid of wolf, could it be that the wolf is afraid of me?

    Lu Xiaofeng sighed and said, The wolf is not afraid of you, but the wolf is afraid that he himself might

    He has not finished this sentence when suddenly his countenance changed, because he suddenly discovered that water has entered the bottom of the boat.

    Can you swim? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    I cant, Xiao Yu replied.

    This time it looks like we are finished, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    What do you mean finished? Xiao Yu asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, That Gong Zhu [see Chapter 9] of yours, not only she wanted to kill me, she wanted to kill you to close your mouth as well.

    I know, Xiao Yu drily said.

    You do? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Xiao Yu said, She bored two holes at the bottom of this boat and sealed them with wax. Soaked in seawater, the wax dissolves, seawater bubbling up, then this boat will sink.

    Lu Xiaofeng cried out; he said, Since you already knew it, why do you still want to ride on this boat?

    Xiao Yu said, Because I have been wondering for a long time, how does it feel to drown in the sea?

    Lu Xiaofeng was dumbstruck. He had never imagined that this little girl, who appeared very clever and quick-witted, was actually a muddle-headed little muddled egg.

    Xiao Yu said, I know that in your heart right now you are cursing me as little muddled egg. Actually, if you did not meet me, you would still be drowning in the sea. And now you have someone to accompany you; whats not good about it?

    With a wry smile Lu Xiaofeng said, I just have a little regret.

    What is it? Xiao Yu asked.

    I regret that just now I did not like you for real, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Xiao Yu blushed; but she could not help giggling.

    Lu Xiaofeng stared at her. What are you laughing at?

    Xiao Yu did not answer. She fished out a large lump of yellow wax from a board on the bow, and cut it into two-halves, kneaded the wax until it turned soft, and used it to plug the holes at the bottom of the boat. When this wax dissolves, what are we going to do? she muttered to herself.

    I dont know, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    I know, Xiao Yu said, I have prepared seventeen, eighteen pieces of wax like this.

    Lu Xiaofeng was pleasantly surprised. Turns out you are not a little muddled egg, but a little fox, he said.

    Xiao Yu made an exaggerated sigh and said, Although I want to know what it feels like to drown in the sea, but I have never had anybody like me; if I die without rhyme or reason, dont you think Id die in vain?

    Lu Xiaofeng roared in laughter and said, If that Gong Zhu of yours see you back alive and well, I wonder if she will be scared to death?

    She wont, Xiao Yu said.

    How do you know that she wont? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Xiao Yu said, Because each time she sends me to do something for her, she always tries to kill me to shut my mouth; too bad each time I did not die. Each time she sees me back alive and well, she seems to be very happy instead, because she knows that she can send me to do something else for her.

    Since you knew that she always tries to kill you, why do you keep doing things for her? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Xiao Yu sighed. Because if I dont, she said, I will die for real very quickly.

    Lu Xiaofeng also could not help sighing. To be together with that Honeybee, it was really not easy to keep on living. He knew that when he was back on the island, the Honeybee would definitely come after him. He cant even think of a place to hide.

    Xiao Yu stared at him. Suddenly she said, You are a good man.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed. Finally; your vision is indeed not bad, he said.

    Xiao Yu said, Although your two strips of moustache that look like your eyebrows are a bit annoying, but all in all you cannot be considered ugly.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, When you grow up a bit, I cant say for sure, but you might like my moustache.

    Xiao Yu sighed again. She said, Too bad you are Lu Xiaofeng.

    Whats so bad about me being Lu Xiaofeng? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Xiao Yu said, If you are not Lu Xiaofeng, I will definitely marry you. Even becoming your little concubine, I dont care.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, So I am Lu Xiaofeng, why cant you marry me?

    Because I dont want to be a widow, Xiao Yu said.

    Marrying Lu Xiaofeng becomes a widow? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Xiao Yu sighed and said, That Gong Zhu of mine is intent on taking your life, Ninth Young Master also does not necessarily want you to keep on living. If I married you, perhaps not even three days I would already become a widow.


    The skiff finally reached the shore. The two of them were so tired that their muscles were weary and their strength exhausted; they lay down on the beach like dead people.

    Nobody knows how much time has passed. Suddenly Xiao Yu said, Being a widow seems to be fun.

    Its not fun, Lu Xiaofeng said, Not fun at all.

    Its fun, Xiao Yu insisted, It must be very fun.

    Why? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Xiao Yu said, Sooner or later a woman must get married. After she got married shell have a husband. But a widow does not. If one can live a free and easy life, with nobody to mind her business, and she can even steal someone elses husband, wont that be very fun?

    Lu Xiaofeng was dumbstruck again. In all honesty he has never imagined that this little girl could have this kind of thought. That being a widow was very fun, this was the first time he had ever heard such concept.

    Why dont you say anything? Xiao Yu asked, Dont you think what I said makes a lot of sense?

    With a bitter laugh Lu Xiaofeng said, Turns out not only you are a little fox, you are a little muddled egg as well.

    Xiao Yu laughed. But dont you worry, she said, This little muddled egg does not wish to marry you, a big muddled egg.

    She sprang up and said, I want to go home, what about you?

    I Lu Xiaofeng said. He was unable to continue, because he really did not know where to go.

    He was not afraid that someone would harm him, he was used to this kind of thing long ago. But today was the day Sha Man got married. To have him watch Sha Man was married to another man, he really cannot bear it.

    Wave after wave came crashing onto the beach; he suddenly realized that this was the beach he first landed on this island.

    Xiao Yu asked, Are you going to come with me or not?

    Lu Xiaofeng said, I have a very nice house around here, do you want to see?

    You are lying, Xiao Yu said, I dont like men who lie.

    I also have a friend waiting for me in that house, Lu Xiaofeng said, His belly is big, not only he is very fun, he never tell lies either.

    Xiao Yu doubled over in laughter. She said, Turns out not only you can tell lies, you can toot your horn really loud as well. There are all kinds of men in the world, but men who dont lie, I have never seen any.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, If you dont believe me, why not see for yourself?

    Alright, Xiao Yu said, Going is going, whats the big deal? Besides She puckered her lips and laughed, and then continued, Besides, I am not afraid of you, it is you who are scared of me.
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    Default Chapter 10 - Part 2

    Ycb, Anh, Hari, you are welcome. Here's the end of Chapter 10.

    The spring was still bubbling with fresh water, his straw hut was still standing unharmed like before. There are actually a lot of things on this earth that is never going to change.

    Xiao Yu doubled over in laughter again. Is this your very nice house? she asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, This house is pleasantly cool and airy. Tell me, which part of it is not nice?

    Very very very shameful, Xiao Yu said.

    Lu Xiaofeng guffawed. He pulled Xiao Yus hand and took her inside. The big-bellied Buddha Maitreya was still lying on its place, his mouth was still smiling wide.

    And this must be your friend? Xiao Yu asked.

    You think he can tell lies? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    He cant, Xiao Yu replied.

    Therefore, I did not lie to you, Lu Xiaofeng said. Stooping down, he patted the Buddha Maitreyas belly, and said with a laugh, Good friend, I knew that you will definitely wait for me here. Not only you cant tell lies, you wont sell out your friend either.

    The Buddha Maitreya looked at him with a grin; suddenly he said, But I can bite.

    The sound was coming from the Buddha Maitreyas mouth. Lu Xiaofeng was really shocked. Since when can this Buddha Maitreya speak?

    The Buddha Maitreya suddenly sighed and said, Not only I can bite, I can also tell lies.

    Suddenly Lu Xiaofeng jumped up, he grabbed the Buddha Maitreya and lifted him up. He was jumping up and down and laughing at the same time.

    Xiao Yu looked at him in shock; she thought he was sick.

    Lu Xiaofeng was indeed sick, the disease of happiness. Of course Buddha Maitreya cannot talk, but the person hiding inside him can. Lu Xiaofeng could hear this persons voice clearly.

    This person was Sha Man.

    Sha Mans face was still pale. Although she appeared more haggard than before, her eyes were shining with joy.

    Lu Xiaofeng stared blankly at her. Nobody knew for how long. Finally he said, How can you be here?

    Sha Man winked. She said, You can come to my house, why cant I come to your house?

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed and said, Of course you can come; you can come any time, its just that

    He suddenly felt sick in his stomach again. Today you are not supposed to be here, he continued.

    Why? Sha Man asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng wanted to force a laugh, but he simply could not laugh. Isnt today the day you are getting married? he asked.

    Sha Man chuckled. Didnt I just tell you? she said, Not only I can bite, I can also tell lies.

    Lu Xiaofeng was dumbstruck.

    Xiao Yu could not resist from interrupting, Now I understand why you like a girl who can tell lies, it is because you like Miss Man. She winked, and then continued, And now the two of you can really like each other, but I have to go. Otherwise, I am afraid you might catch up with me.

    This little girl was very tactful. As soon as she said she wanted to leave, she just left. Of course this time Lu Xiaofeng did not try to hold her back.

    When Xiao Yu was out of their sight, Sha Man asked, The two of us can really like each other; what did she mean by that?

    Lu Xiaofeng replied, Exactly like this. And then he suddenly pounced forward, wrapped his arms around her, and the two of them rolled around on the soft leaves.

    The sea breeze was warm and moist, the waves gently lapped the beach, gentle and tender, just like a lovers breath.

    But their breathing was not as gentle and tender as the sea breeze. Their breathing was short, and rapid. Just like the beating of their hearts.

    -- Why did you lie? Why did you kick me out?
    -- Because I wanted to test you, but I knew that you would come back.

    These questions, they did not need to ask, neither did they need to answer. There was no need to explain anything.

    What they were doing right now was the best explanation. In the deepest part of the hearts of two people who loved each other, there has never been any explanation better than this.

    The sea breeze was still as gentle as before, their breathing has become as gentle and tender as the sea breeze. This tiny thatched hut was their palace. In their palace, there was only peace, only love. All the cruel, evil things in the world, seemed to be very distant, very far away from them.

    But they were wrong. Just then, their palace the Palace of Love, suddenly collapsed; the roof fell on top of their bodies.

    Lu Xiaofeng did not move. Sha Man did not move either. They were still embracing each other tightly, as if even the sky fell down on them, crushing them, they did not care. Because they have found the one thing that their hearts desired the most real passion, real love.

    They have satisfied the others desire. They did not even seem to hear the voice outside.

    Actually, it was not that they did not hear it, but they did not wish to hear. It was the voice that they did not wish to hear the most. Because for them, there was nothing more unpleasant to hear than the sound of Beef Soups laughter.

    The sound from the outside right now was exactly the sound of Beef Soups cold laughter.

    Not only Beef Soup was sneering, she was also talking. The thing that she said was even sharper, even more ear-piercing, than the sound of her cold laughter. Not only that, she even clapped her hands!

    Wonderful! Marvelous! If your martial art skills are half as good as what you have just done, absolutely nobody would be able to stand.

    Finally Lu Xiaofeng sighed; with one hand he pushed aside the straw roof on top of their bodies.

    Beef Soup was standing above their heads, looking at him. Her eyes were brimming with hatred and jealousy.

    How are you? Lu Xiaofeng asked. [Translators note: in Chinese how are you? is ni hao are you well?]

    I am not good, Beef Soup replied.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed. Now thats a true statement, you are indeed not a good person.

    Beef Soups cold laugh suddenly turned into an enchanting smile. I just want an honest answer from you.

    What is it? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Beef Soup said, In this kind of thing, am I better, or is she better?

    The two of you cannot be compared, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Why? Beef Soup asked.

    Because there are two ways to do this kind of thing, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Which two? Beef soup asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng replied, One is as human, the other is as beasts.

    Beef Soups enchanting smile turned into a cold laugh. And if the human died after that? she said.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, I remember someone said that ten thousand dead people cant be compared to one live b1tch.

    It must be a very smart person who said that, Beef Soup said.

    Whether you are a human or a b1tch, maybe I am not too clear myself, Lu Xiaofeng said, I only know one thing.

    What is it? Beef Soup asked.

    That we are still alive, at least right now we are still alive, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    For how much longer? Beef Soup asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, As long as we can live one day, it will be better than you living for ten thousand years.

    You are wrong, Beef Soup said.

    Oh? Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Beef Soup said, Perhaps the two of you can still live a day and a half.

    Oh? Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Beef Soup said, This is a very big island.

    Oh? Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Beef Soup said, In our estimate, there are at least 5,700 places where you can hide yourself.

    Oh? Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Beef Soup said, As long as you can hide for 18 sichen [36 hours], then you might be able to live for 180 years. With a cold laugh she added, Too bad that you wont be able to hide.

    Why? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Beef Soup said, Because the two of you are already considered two ants, he will be able to find you and squish you dead within half a sichen [1 hour].

    Is it he? Or you? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    He, Beef Soup replied.

    And by he you mean your Ninth Brother? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Certainly is, Beef Soup replied.

    Her eyes were brimming with conceit, He is even willing to give you half a sichen advantage, she said.

    How? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Beef Soup said, Starting from now, in half a sichen he will absolutely not run after you.

    Absolutely not? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Beef Soup said, Whatever he says, each word is like a nail on the wall, one nail one small hole.

    I believe you, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Beef Soup said, Even if you dont, at least the person who has just slept by your side should believe.

    Suddenly her voice became very gentle and soft, Because I seem to remember she has also slept by my Ninth Brothers side.

    Lu Xiaofeng was not offended at all.

    If there is complete trust between two people who have real feeling and real love to each other, there is nothing in the world worth their feeling offended.

    But if you said that Lu Xiaofeng was not mad at all, that is also not a true statement. At least his countenance has changed somewhat.

    Beef Soup was laughing. Lu Xiaofeng said, Is that all you wanted to tell me?

    Beef Soup nodded. Lu Xiaofeng said, And now I have heard it all.

    Have you heard every word clearly? Beef Soup asked.

    Every word, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Do you want to bet with me? Beef Soup asked.

    Bet what? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    I want to bet than in less than three sichen [6 hours], Ninth Brother will be able to find you, Beef Soup said.

    And then hell squish me dead like squishing an ant? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Exactly right, Beef Soup replied.

    The sea breeze was as gentle as before, their breathing was just as gentle, but their mood was totally different.

    Gong Jius [jiu means nine] sword, Gong Jius method of killing people, naturally Sha Man knew a lot better than Lu Xiaofeng.

    But right now, the matter she had in mind was nothing to do with Gong Jiu.

    She was thinking about what Beef Soup was saying a moment ago.

    -- In this kind of thing, am I better, or is she better?

    Up to this moment, unexpectedly she was still drinking vinegar [i.e. jealous].

    Actually, it was not surprising at all.

    No matter when, if you want a womans life, it is not a difficult matter at all, but if you want a woman not to drink vinegar, then you can simply keep on dreaming.

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    gee thanks foxs... coffee? or wine? waiting again
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    LOL very Sha Many and Beef Soupy! does it go together well with pisang goreng?
    No idea & no plan to try
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    Default Chapter 11 - Part 1

    Ycb, Anok, Anh, you are welcome. Hari, Baldy, I was going to say the same ... 'vinegar'. Actually, I was contemplating changing all reference to vinegar with simply 'jealous', but then some sentences won't make sense.

    Chapter 11 Eluding pursuit
    (Translated by Foxs)

    Lu Xiaofeng also had a worry of his own. But what he was thinking was not Gong Jius sword either.

    A matter of life and death, he had always been less concerned about. He should have been dead many times before.

    Sha Man suddenly asked, What are you thinking about?

    Lu Xiaofeng said, I am thinking about you.

    Me? Sha Man asked.

    I am wondering if you are jealous, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Sha Man bit her lips, Why would I be jealous? she asked.

    Because you have reason to be jealous, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Because you have had a good time with her? Sha Man asked.

    I have had good time with a lot of girls, Lu Xiaofeng said, She was nothing more than one of them, and you He deliberately paused.

    Sha Man instantly continued for him, I was also only one of them.

    Although Lu Xiaofeng did not utter a single word of admission, he did not offer the least bit of rejection either.

    Sha Man looked at him; she stared at him for a long time. Why didnt you ask me whether I really slept with Gong Jiu or not? she suddenly asked.

    I dont need to ask, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Because basically you dont care about it, Sha Man said.

    Not only Lu Xiaofeng did not deny, unexpectedly he even nodded.

    Again Sha Man stared at him for a long time. Finally she sighed softly and said, If you still think that I dont understand your intention, then you are wrong.

    Whats my intention? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Sha Man said, You intentionally want to make me angry so Ill leave.

    Oh? Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Sha Man said, You think that if I leave you, Ill be able to live for a hundred and eighty years?

    This time, Lu Xiaofeng neither deny nor confirm.

    Too bad you have forgotten a little something, Sha Man said.

    He did not ask at all, she already continued on, For a woman, even if she could really live for 180 years, there is not much meaning in life.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, At least its bit better than to only have 18 sichen to live.

    Thats what you think, Sha Man said.

    What do you think? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Sha Man said, As long as I can be with you, even living for one sichen I will be perfectly contented!

    Lu Xiaofeng suddenly sprang up, pulled her hand, and said, Lets go.

    Beyond the flat sandy beach, there was lofty and rugged rock, followed by deep jungle with lush trees and bushes. In a place like this, it would be easy even for a rabbit to evade the foxs pursuit.

    Lu Xiaofeng was not a rabbit. But not only he had rabbits instinct and speed, he also had the cunning of a fox and the loyalty and bravery of a dog.

    Himself was a hunter, his survival skill in jungles and marshes was far superior than anyone could understand. As long as he could find a piece of twig, he was able to manufacture a deadly booby-trap in a very short period of time.

    On this kind of place, if he wanted to evade one mans pursuit, it should not be a very difficult thing to do.

    But that man is not a human, Sha Man naturally was talking about Gong Jiu. He is a viper, a fox, a devil.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed. What exactly is he? he asked.

    Sha Man said, Some say he is made of nine different things.

    Which nine? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Sha Man said, The vipers spit, the foxs heart, the ice and snow of the north sea, the rock of Tianshan [Mt. Tian, between Xinjiang and Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan], the bravery and fierness of a lion, the viciousness of jackal and wolf, the patience of a camel, and the intelligence of a human, plus the spirit of the eighteenth level of hells ghost.

    Although Lu Xiaofeng was laughing, anybody could see that his laugh was not a joyful one.

    Sha Man said, On this island, there are indeed a lot of places one can hide.

    How many do you know? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Sha Man said, Although what I know is no more than around five thousand places, it cannot be considered too few.

    How many does he know? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    He knows all of them, Sha Man said.

    -- What I know, he also knows; those that I dont know, he still knows.

    Sha Man continued, Therefore, it doesnt matter where we hide, he will definitely find us.

    Lu Xiaofeng was silent for a moment. Suddenly he laughed again.

    Sha Man was not surprised; she knew that there are people in the world that are able to laugh in any circumstances. She liked this kind of people, but in all honesty she though that Lu Xiaofengs laugh was too happy. She could not help but ask, What are you laughing at?

    I just remembered something funny, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    In our situation right now, what can possibly make you think of funny thing? Sha Man asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, We can hide in a very amusing place.

    Sha Man said, No matter how amusing that place is, if he can find it, it will become very boring.

    I guarantee that he wont find that place, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Where is it? Sha Man asked.

    Inside the egg shell, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Sha Man was a bit angry. At a time like this, he really shouldnt crack a joke like that.

    Not only Lu Xiaofeng was laughing, his eyes were shining. Sha Man could not bear not to say, Only an egg would hide inside the egg shell, only you are a muddled egg.

    You are forgetting something, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Oh? Sha Man said.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Only an egg will have egg shell.

    Sha Man did not understand.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Do you know the biggest muddled egg around here?

    Its not you? Sha Man asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng shook his head. I cant be compared to him, he said, At most I am only made of six or seven different things.

    Are you talking about Gong Jiu? Sha Man asked.

    Correct, Lu Xiaofeng said, and then he added, Exactly because he is the biggest muddled egg that whoever is able to hide inside his shell will be very safe.

    [Translators note: the word I translated as muddled egg 混蛋 means [email protected]/son of a b1tch/jerk, etc. But if I translated it, the exchange above would not make any sense. Besides, I feel that the word muddled egg is very amusing ]

    Sha Mans eyes also shone. Finally she was able to understand Lu Xiaofengs idea.

    -- Since Gong Jiu was going out to hunt and capture them, his own house must be empty.

    If they could hide inside Gong Jius house, it would be a very safe place. Because nobody would even dream that they were hiding there; nobody, including Gong Jiu himself.

    Naturally the place where no one could think about was the safest place.

    Sha Man said, Now only one question remains: how can we get in?

    Naturally Lu Xiaofeng also knew that it was the biggest question, but he was confident that they would find a way.

    In his eyes, nothing is absolutely impossible in the world.

    Sha Man said, Do you already have the answer to this question?

    Lu Xiaofeng said, Naturally you know where that egg shell is?

    Ehm, Sha Man said.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, In that case, the question is already answered.

    Sha Man said, Do you think we can just swagger it, and hope that nobody would see us?

    Lu Xiaofeng said, We do not need to swagger in, we practically do not need to even take a single step.

    We dont need to take a single step? Sha Man said, Are you telling me that you turn into a housefly and fly in?

    I cannot change, Lu Xiaofeng said, Even if I can, I wont change into a housefly.

    He laughed again. The flight of a housefly is too tiresome, he said, I am thinking of sneaking in comfort and ease.

    Sha Man opened her eyes wide, staring at him just like a child who had just listened to a fairy tale.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed and said, I know that in your heart you dont believe me, but I guarantee that you dont need to worry the least bit over this question.

    Are you telling me that there is something worth worrying? Sha Man said.

    There is one, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Tell me, Sha Man said.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, I only have a way to hide in, I dont have any way to get out.

    Hence even though we can hide for 18 sichen, he will still be able to find us, Sha Man said.

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    Thanks for keeping the vinegar. The way you translate makes the story feel Chinese.

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    Foxs, you are doing fine translating those elusive Chinese phrases. Somehow I dun think the thread involving LXF falling deeply in love with Sha Man was fully explored ....

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    Default Chapter 11 - Part 2

    Ycb, you are welcome. Anh, LuDongBin, I am glad you agree. It is indeed difficult to translate while maintaining the playfulness of the words. Gu Long's sentences are short, yet oftentimes playful.

    By that time, Lu Xiaofeng continued, If he wants to kill us, we

    For that, Sha Man cut him off, You need not worry.

    Why? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Because, Sha Man replied, After 18 sichen, he will definitely not be here.

    He has to go? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    He must go, Sha Man said.

    Why? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Because there is something outside waiting for him to attend to, Sha Man replied.

    Other than murder, what else would require his personal attention that he has to go? Lu Xiaofeng wondered aloud.

    Nothing, Sha Man said.

    This time, who is he going to kill? Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Anybody deserving his personal attention, naturally is an extraordinary character, Sha Man said.

    Who is he? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    I dont know, Sha Man replied.

    Perhaps she really did not know, but perhaps although she did, she was unwilling to tell him. Either way, Lu Xiaofeng did not press. He did not want any woman to betray her former lover for his sake.

    Sha Man stared at him. And now, are you going to turn yourself to something? she asked.

    What do you think? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    In my opinion, Sha Man said, Only dead people can hide inside Gong Jius room in comfort and ease.

    Lu Xiaofeng chuckled. You forgot something, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Oh? Sha Man said.

    There are a lot of dead objects, Lu Xiaofeng said, Not necessarily humans.

    Objects without life are dead objects. Trees have life, but if the tree is chopped off, sawed into boards, and made into a chest, then it becomes a dead object. Therefore, a wooden chest is a dead object.

    Along a remote, deep, winding mountain path, ten living persons carrying five big wooden chests trudged by. Apparently the chests were very heavy, everybody was struggling.

    Especially the last chest. The two big men carrying this chest were sweating profusely; they were already lagging some ways away. Fortunately, it was already not far from the mouth of the valley.

    Right this moment, they saw Sha Man.

    Just like a gust of wind, she suddenly appeared, blocking their way. Do you know me? she asked.

    Of course they did. People who have entered the valley, no matter who, would have stolen a glance toward her direction at most they only dared to steal two glances on her. Because everybody knew that if the Ninth Young Master ever caught anybody stealing a glance toward her, the Ninth Young Master would be angry.

    And nobody dared to provoke the Ninth Young Master to anger.

    The two men hung their heads, What order does Miss Man have?

    I dont have any, Sha Man said, But the Ninth Young Master does.

    The two men were listening. The Ninth Young Masters order, no one dared not to listen.

    Sha Man said, He sent me here to tell you to bring this chest into his room.

    Although the order they received previously was definitely not that, nobody dared to doubt, let alone to defy the order.

    Everybody knew that whatever Miss Man said, it was no different than if it were the Ninth Young Master himself!

    Sha Man said, Ninth Young Master likes cleanliness, so youd better find a place where you could give your hands and feet some washing.

    A small stream happened to be nearby, they quickly went over, and as quickly came back. The chest was still lying on the pathway, but Miss Man was gone.

    Although she has gone, what she said was still in effect.

    It was dark and quiet inside the chest; it had been set down gently.

    Outside was full of life and death dangers and crises, yet two persons were in each others embrace inside the chest. Have you ever wondered how did it feel?

    Perhaps very few people in the world knew how it feels; but Lu Xiaofeng definitely knew, and so did Sha Man.

    Because right now they were in each others tight embrace, breathing each other breathe.

    By the time they could speak up, Sha Man could not help asking, How did you know he was going to have some chests delivered inland?

    I have seen clearly that he is a very meticulous person, Lu Xiaofeng replied, Moreover, he loves to use gifts to buy peoples hearts. He had not arrived, the chests had already been delivered; what would happen when he finally arrived?

    Sha Man said, He arrived yesterday, how did you know the chests would be delivered only today?

    Lu Xiaofeng said, After following him to the sea for many days, those people would quickly be stifled and felt like they were suffocating to death, they would be dying to come ashore. Even if they could not find women, they would be sure to have a good drink. And when they were drunk, they wouldnt be able to crawl up early in the morning.

    Sha Man said, Therefore, you have anticipated that the chests would be delivered only this late in the day?

    Lu Xiaofeng chuckled and said, Of course I was also relying on my luck.

    Sha Man said, Your luck is pretty good, perhaps it was because you can usually make accurate predictions.

    People who are able to make accurate predictions usually do have good luck. Because only people who are able to make accurate predictions can grab the opportunity. And opportunity is equal to good luck.

    Sha Mans voice was even gentler, You even predicted that the men who brought the chest in would not know my affair, and that they would definitely obey my orders?

    Naturally Lu Xiaofeng had already predicted that. In this kind of matter, if Gong Jiu himself did not say anything, who would dare to talk?

    A proud and conceited man, if his own woman left him, would he announce it to the world? He would rather have other people think that it was he who abandoned the woman, he would rather have other people think that it was he who had a change of heart.

    He would rather die than to let other people know the pain of his suffering and the shame of his disgrace.

    Lu Xiaofeng understood this feeling, because he himself was also such a person.

    Sha Man asked, But how did you know that the chest would be delivered here safely, that along the way, no one would even question?

    Lu Xiaofeng replied, Because I can see that people in here dont like to meddle in other peoples business, especially this kind of trivial matter.

    Sha Man sighed. Your opinion is correct, she said, People in here, no matter what business, everything does have a price.

    Since during the delivery of the chest no one asked any question, now that it was here, naturally no one would ask.

    Since Gong Jiu was out hunting them, naturally he would not go back to his house.

    The chest has been opened only a crack, they were still in each others tight embrace.

    They were not eager to go out at all.

    When I die, if Yan Wangye [King of Hell, from Sanskrit Yama Raja] asks me: what I want to be in the next life?

    You surely want to be a little chick.

    You got it.

    This chest was really a lot like an egg shell. The egg shell was really safe, warm, and happy.

    I believe that when the chicks were still in the egg shell, they wouldnt be anxious to get out.


    Because they knew that as soon as they get out, they would have to grow into big chicken.

    And usually big chicken soon will turn into crispy fried chicken, braised chicken, or stewed chicken soup.

    I heard only hens can be cooked into stewed chicken soup.

    You want to make me into stewed soup?

    I cant bear to do that. But you smell much too delicious, much more delicious than crispy fried chicken.

    You want to eat me?

    I am dying to eat you.

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    thanx for the update....

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    Woot- another update! Thanks!

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    Default Chapter 11 - Part 3

    Szfong, Ycb, you are welcome. Here's the end of Chapter 11. We are officially at 50%.

    The dusk arrived. Two little chicks finally came out of the egg shell.

    One male and one female.

    Of course the Ninth Young Masters residence did not look like egg shell at all. It was a magnificent room, with sophisticated and elegant furnishing. The setting sun was shining on the snow-white paper window covering.

    When he is not here, will anybody ever come in?


    These past several years, absolutely no one dared to break into the Ninth Young Masters house, not even his old man.

    He has always been a reclusive man, so his most precious possession must be a mirror.


    Because the only person he truly likes is himself.

    Sure enough, there was a very large mirror in the room. Clearly it was the handicraft of a master artisan, ground from the best bronze material.

    He ground the bronze himself. He considers this as the undoubtedly the best mirror in the world.

    Next to the mirror hung a sword. The blade was long and narrow, the shape was old, yet elegant.

    This is his sword.

    He was out to kill, but he left his sword behind. He did not need a sword to kill.

    Lu Xiaofeng lightly ran his fingertip along the blade of the sword; he slowly said, I know only one other person whose swordsmanship has also been trained to without sword realm.

    Ximen Chuixue? Sha Man said.

    You know him? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Sha Man nonchalantly replied, All I know is that the without sword realm is not the highest realm of swordsmanship.

    Oh? Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Sha Man said, Since we are talking about sword training, why bother inventing the two characters, without sword?

    Before Lu Xiaofeng could even open his mouth, they suddenly heard someone clapping under the bed.

    The clap was very light, but it was more shocking than a clap of thunder.

    Lu Xiaofeng quickly turned around. He saw a bald head sticking out from under the bed.

    Honest Monk!

    Lu Xiaofeng had just called out, a swords ray flashed, the shiny, flickering sword has already rested on Honest Monks neck.

    What a fast sword!

    The sword hanging by the bronze mirror has left its sheathe and landed in Sha Mans hand. Her move was so fast that even Lu Xiaofeng was startled.

    Naturally Honest Monk was even more scared than him, his face turned deathly pale. With a forced laugh he said, Actually, Miss did not need to make your move, Monk already knew that Miss is the Number One Swordswoman of this age.

    You knew? Sha Man coldly asked.

    Honest Monk said, Although Monk has never eaten pork, I have at least seen how a pig walks. Just now I heard Miss said those words, I already prostrated myself in utmost admiration.

    Lu Xiaofeng laughed, Turns out Honest Monk also know how kiss @ss, he said.

    Honest Monk said, Monk did not kiss @ss at all, Monk always speaks the truth.

    Sha Man did not laugh; with a straight face she said, Too bad Miss always dislikes listening to the truth.

    What is it that Miss likes to hear? Honest Monk asked.

    Miss likes to hear people kissing @ss, Sha Man replied.

    Honest Monk winked. He said, Although Monk cannot kiss @ss, there are many other things that Monk can do.

    Such as? Sha Man asked.

    Honest Monk said, I can be the matchmaker, I can be the witness when two people decide to get married. Those are things that Monk is most capable of.

    Who is getting married? Who needs a matchmaker? Sha Man asked.

    Its a couple of little chicks, Honest Monk replied, One male, one female.

    Sha Man laughed.

    As soon as she laughed, like a slippery fish Honest Monk slipped out from under her sword, and as soon as he was out, he hid himself behind Lu Xiaofengs back. If this little rooster will not marry the little hen, Monk will be the first to raise an objection.

    Who says I wont? Lu Xiaofeng said.

    You are really willing? Honest Monk asked.

    Lu Xiaofeng did not answer him, he only looked at Sha Man quietly.

    Ding! the sword in Sha Mans hand fell, the two persons suddenly became one.

    Honest Monk looked at them. The expression on his face was so weird, it was as if he was about to cry. Why didnt Monk become a little rooster? he muttered, Why did Monk want to become a monk?

    Surprisingly, there was no wine in that house, not even a drop.

    Honest Monk sighed and said, If a mans house does not have any wine in it, can the man still be considered a man?

    So those who dont drink wine are not men? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Honest Monk said, Even if he himself does not drink, he should at least have a little wine to invite other people for a drink.

    So Monk also wants to drink? Sha Man asked.

    I only want to drink a certain kind of wine, Honest Monk said.

    Which one? Sha Man asked.

    Your celebratory wine, Honest Monk replied. [Translators note: orig. 喜酒 (xi jiu), lit. happiness wine, the liquor drunk at wedding feasts.]

    Sha Man smiled sweetly. Lu Xiaofeng also chuckled. They suddenly discovered that this monk was really honest, as well as endearing.

    Honest Monk said, Since there is no wine, Monk can swallow my own saliva, it can be considered drinking your celebratory wine.

    He really swallowed his saliva before continuing, And now, since Monk has already drunk your celebratory wine, if you are thinking of not becoming husband and wife, you cant.

    Sha Man looked up, she looked at Lu Xiaofeng and said, Would you say we can or we cant?

    We cant, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Immediately the two became one.

    Honest Monks turned into that weird expression again, the one that looked like he was about to cry. If the two of you keep doing that, arent you forcing the Monk to return to secular life? he said.

    The night was deep.

    There was lantern in the house, but it was not lighted, it did not need to be lighted.

    Lu Xiaofeng did not care. Sha Man did not care.

    -- If there are true feelings, no stars, no moon, it does not matter. Why would no lantern, no flame matter?

    Naturally Honest Monk did not care even more. He happened to be in the position where what the eye doesnt see, the heart doesnt grieve over.

    The room was really pitch-black, they could not see anything.

    What are you two doing? Honest Monk asked.

    Nothing, Lu Xiaofeng replied.

    Is your mouth free to talk? Honest Monk asked.

    It is, Sha Man rushed to answer.

    Since you are free, Honest Monk said, Can you accompany the Monk chatting? Can you talk?

    We can, Sha Man responded.

    Lu Xiaofeng said, How did Monk hide under the bed?

    Honest Monk said, Because although the master of this place does not like to drink wine, he loves to drink vinegar.

    Monk is not stupid, Lu Xiaofeng said.

    Monk is annoyingly smart, Sha Man said.

    But little chicks are not too smart, Honest Monk said.

    Which part is not too smart? Lu Xiaofeng asked.

    Honest Monk said, Little chicks could have ordered those two idiots to bring the chest back into the boat. Then after less than three to five days, the two chicks can both go home.

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