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Cast List:

Hu Ge as Guang Ming
Liu Shi Shi as Song Tao Hua
Yang Mi as Jiang Hua Lei
Yuan Hong as ChunYu Wu Ding
Lin Geng Xin as Bailizuo Cheng Yu
Jiang Jin Fu as Yanfu Chen Xiang

Extended Cast:

Nicholas Tse as Jiang Tong Man
Sun Fei Fei as Yu Dai Zang
Li Bing Bing as Bai Mu Xun
Chen Qiao En as Bai Mu Xiang
Dou Zhi Kong as Shao Gao Lie
Dicky Cheung as Song Tian Lv
Chen Xiao as Wu Xu Yi
Huang Xiao Ming as Li Jie Wei
Bryan Leung as Uncle Gong
? as Wu Dong
Florence Tan as Xiang Huo Mi

This is a Character Intro MV if you want a visual of how the characters look like


Silent Moon Sect is a righteous and fair sect who helped orphans and people in need. They taught and sheltered many many people which eventually became their disciples. When the Elder of Silent Moon passes away and gives her position to a pair of sisters, Bai Mu Xun and Bai Mu Xiang, they turn the sect around into a violent and literally silent sect. Bai Mu Xiang falls in love with a villager by the name of Li Jie Wei, a swordsmaster; after finding out about his marriage with another woman, Mu Xun and Mu Xiang murders his wife whic results in Li Jie Wei to hate them and Mu Xiang has aquired a life of regret. Mu Xun soon meets a villager too by the name of Cheng Hu Yi. Hu Yi is from a town known as Cheng Guang City and he comes from rich family. Mu Xun falls in love with him, but the same fate falls on her as it did on her sister; Hu Yi is marrying another woman by the name of Yu Dai Zang. Mu Xun then decides to send out one of her best disciples, Jiang Tong Man, to kidnap Dai Zang and bring her back to Silent Moon Sect. As Tong Man goes to kidnap her, he falls in love with her and instead of kidnapping her, he runsaway with her not having the face to return to his teachers. Mu Xun won't let him off the hook that easily.
7 months later, the couple builds their own little town, Ping An Town (Peace and Quiet), and Dai Zang is pregnant with Tong Man's child. The Ding family living nearby comes to Tong Man one day and offers him a little two year old boy, Guang Ming. He says that the Guang family left their only son with the Ding family when he was 2 months old, and they took off. Now that Guang Ming is 2 years old and too much trouble, they want to give him away. Since Tong Man and Dai Zang are already expecting their own, Tong Man turns down the offer, but Dai Zang is a really nice and soft-hearted person so she insists that they MUST keep the child. When Dai Zang finally gives birth, they have a girl and name her Hua Lei.
As Ming Er and Hua Lei grow to be little kids around the age of 5 and 6, Tong Man knows that his teachers will never let him go easily since he disobeyed them. Out of fear, he sends Ming Er off to a martial arts school away from town at the age of 9. From time to time, he will take his daughter and wife to visit their son.
10 years later the Emperor sends out his men to Ming Er's school; his orders were to have the students compete and determine who was the best. Whoever was the best, would go to the capital and accomany the Emperor as a scholar of Martial Arts. On the day of the competition, all the students are told that the winner of the final round will proceed to the capital, as the loser of the final round will be granted to return home and rest until next season. Upon hearing this, Ming Er decides that he will do his best until the end, and purposely lose to go home and be reuntied with his family again. He goes tot he final round and he loses on purpose to one of his good buddies,Shao Gao Lie.
At the same time, Silent Moon Sect has sent out two of their disciples to go out and kill Tong Man's blood kin, Hua Lei. They're also ordered to kill Hua Lei's best friend who is the daughter of an enemy of Silent Moon Sect, Song Tao Hua.
Tao Hua is a very poor girl who lives in another town not too far from Ping An Town, Gan Zao Tai Yang Town (Dry Sun Town). Her parents are from JiangHu who fought and went against many bad sects when they were younger, after Tao Hua became 3 years old, her mother and father was attacked by Silent Moon Sect, and unfortunately her mother died. Afterwards, her father became a crazy man leaving Tao Hua to be in the care of a nurse in their town. To provide for her father, Tao Hua works in a brothel in Cheng Guang City at night time, and she wanders the around in the morning and afternoon. The only person who knows about her working in a brothel is Hua Lei, because she works in an inn next door, and her best guy friend, Yanfu Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang is a middle class young man who has dedicated his life to helping Tao Hua make hers better.
As Guang Ming returns to Ping An Town, secrets are revealed, lies and betrayal become his only escape, and his most treasured things in life slowly disperse.

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