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Thread: Smiling Proud Wanderer II (笑傲江湖 II 东方不敗重出江湖)

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    Default Smiling Proud Wanderer II (笑傲江湖 II 东方不敗重出江湖)

    I have recently finished watching the Smiling Proud Wanderer by Joe Chen Qiao En and enjoyed the story very much, its is by far the best Smiling Proud Wanderer (笑傲江湖) I've ever seen. The story ends with Dongfang Bu Bai giving her heart to Ren Ying Ying while she lies in the frozen lake.

    As such I have written the events that took place after that.

    Part I

    It was a cold and stormy night. Only the sound of the wind howling could be heard at the frozen lake. Deep underneath the frozen lake laid a stunning looking young lady who was in a deep sleep. In the sleep, she suddenly saw Ling Wu Chung placing three roasted frogs into her hands and asking her, Have you forgotten me?
    I have not! I have not! Wherewhere have you been? the young lady replied loudly. But all of a sudden, Ling Wu Chungs image vanished before her eyes. Dont go! I have a lot to tell you, she shouted hastily. But all she could see now were countless of knives, swords, and various weapons striking toward her one after another. She cried out loudly and woke up. Her entire body discharged a gust of energy into the frozen lake setting off a powerful explosion. The young lady leaped out of the melting iceberg, descending to air before disappearing into the dark skies.

    The Heng Shan Sect temple was vacant. The young lady glided to the top temple at the speed of light. She searched the entire temple but there was no one around. Instead, she spotted a gravestone in the backyard with the name Ling Wu Chung engraved on it. The young lady kneeled at the gravestone letting out a loud cry that echoed through the temple. A powerful burst of energy coming from the young ladys body shook the entire temple.

    The depressed young lady walked along a forest not knowing where she was heading to. Just then, a group of swordsmen arrived at the scene. One of them approached the young lady asking her about the Nine Swords of Dugu manual. The still depressed young lady insisted that she knew nothing about the manual. The swordsman reached for the handle of his weapon. The young lady glared at the swordsman sending out a surge of energy at him paralyzing his nerve points temporarily.
    I do not wish to shed blood here, the young spoke in a stern tone.
    The other swordsmen unsheathed their weapons. The young lady turned towards them and swept her sleeve at them, sending out a blast of energy that knocked all of them to the ground. One of the swordsmen recognized her. Tungfang Bu Pai., he said in a shaky voice. Upon hearing the name all the swordsmen returned to their feet and started to flee from the scene. The young lady shoots out a stack of needles from her sleeve sending it flying into the back of their heads killing them on the spot.

    Tungfang Bu Pai the previous leader of the Holy Sun Moon Cult was a formidable martial artist with supreme prowess in martial arts. She was the first female who ever became the leader of the Holy Sun Moon Cult at a very young age. Her mentor, the progenitor of the Holy Sun Moon Sect rescued her from a group of bandits and took it upon himself to train her martial arts. Due to the fact that Tungfang Bu Pai was a female she was not allowed to take over as leader after her mentors passing. Instead, Yam Ngo Hang was chosen as the next leader. The discontented Tungfang Bu Pai used her evil ways to oust Yam Ngo Hang and became the cults new leader. During her reign there was peace across the martial arts community. It was also during this period of time that she had the opportunity to meet Ling Wu Chung, a disciple of the Hua Shan Sect and soon developed deep affection for him. The couples romance was a rather short one. Misunderstanding and imprudence soon separated the two. Upon learning that Ling Wu Chung was together with Yam Ying Ying, the daughter of Yam Ngo Hang, the disheartened Tungfang Bu Pai decided to isolate herself from the martial arts community by sealing herself under a frozen lake.

    Tungfang Bu Paiyou may have supreme martial skills but you cant even save the life of the person who means everything to you!, the young lady stood at the edge of a feeling disheartened. Just when she was about to jump off from the cliff Yee Lum arrived at the scene. Yee Lum advanced towards Tungfang Bu Pai grabbing the sleeve of her dress. Big sister please dont leave me again, Yee Lum weep. Tungfang Bu Pai turned to her younger sister giving her a big hug.

    Deep inside the wilderness was a wooden hut. Tungfang Bu Pai stepped on a row of bamboo trees gently treading towards the hut. She leaped off from the last bamboo tree somersaulting into the vicinity.
    Luk Chuk Yung, an elder of the Holy Sun Moon Sect was resting on a bed enjoying a bottle of wine. Tungfang Bu Pai sent a gust of wind at the doors from her palm pushing it wide open and proceeded into the hut. Luk Chuk Yung got up from his bed confronting the intruder. He got to his knees the moment he saw her.
    Chief Tungfang, its a great pleasure to see you again, he greeted her.
    Tungfang Bu Pai ordered him to rise, I need you to do me a favor.
    Luk Chuk Yung agreed to help her out without thinking twice. His loyalty to her has not changed even though she was no longer the leader of the sect.
    Find out who killed Ling Wu Chung, were her only words to him.
    Luk Chuk Yung lets out a long sigh. It was Yeung Wing Chun, the newly appointed sect leader who murdered young master Ling Wu Chung.
    Tungfang Bu Pai was stunned to hear the name. Who is this Yeung Wing Chun? she asked in a shocking tone.
    Not long after the death of Yam Ngo Hang, the 13th leader of the Holy Sun Moon Sect, a young lady disguising as man using the name of Yeung Wing Chun was brought to the Black Woods Cliff by Yam Ying Ying, holy lady of the sect. Yam Ying Ying had high regards for Yeung Wing Chuns martial arts capability and intelligence and soon fell for her without realizing that she was only disguising as a man. The treacherous Yam Ying Ying with the help of Yeung Wing Chun killed Chief Hiong Mun Tin, the newly appointed leader and appointed Yeung Wing Chun as the new leader. We believe that young master Ling Wu Chung who was already married to Yam Ying Ying was also murdered by them.
    Tungfang Bu Pai stumbled a few steps backwards. Abandoning Ling Wu Chung so that he could be with Yam Ying Ying was a big mistake. She used her inner powers to lift a wooden table up into the air shattering into flames.

    A group of swordsmen from the Hua Shan Sect scurried through a forest. A group martial arts experts clad cloaks leaped from tree to tree pursuing after them. It did not take long before all the martial artists clad in robes caught up with their targets. One of threw a few kicks at the back of swordsmens head sending them crashing to the ground. The swordsmen returned to their feet right away preparing to battle their opponents. A fierce battle broke out in the forest.
    Suddenly, a gust of wind came blowing towards the scene breaking up the two groups of people. Tungfang Bu Pai soared to the scene landing on a twig. The group of martial artists clad in cloaks returned to their feet changing at their assailant. Tungfang Bu Pai swiftly swerved her right arm at them firing a needle into their foreheads killing all of them on the spot. The Hua Shan Sect swordsmen gave her a bow thanking her for lending a helping hand. Tungfang Bu Pai ignored them and proceeded to search the body of a dead man. She pulled a small emblem out from the dead mans robe. It was the Black Cliff Woods emblem. Only someone who was carrying out orders would be carrying the emblem. Tungfang Bu Pai tucked the emblem under her sleeve and soared off from the scene.

    Tungfang Bu Pai sat on a railing while playing a solemn melody on her flute to rest her anxiety. Her mind was clouded with the good times she had with Ling Wu Chung. She was still unable to accept the fact that he was no longer alive.
    Yee Lum stepped out of the hut standing beside her elder sister. She did not say a word as she could feel her elder sisters sorrow.
    All of a sudden Tungfang Bu Pai puts the flute away looking into the moon. Her eyes were filled with anger and hatred emitting an aura of bloodshed from her body covering the entire area.

    A group of swordsmen were patrolling the foot of the Black Woods Cliff. Tungfang Bu Pai leaped from rock to rock making her way to the top of the cliff. Her movements were so swift that none of the guards notice her.
    Yam Ying Ying sat at the courtyard playing a zither. Tungfang Bu Pai jumped out from the bushes confronting her. Without saying a word she shot a blast of energy out from her palm sending it to Yam Ying Yings back. The rather alert Yam Ying Ying heard a stream of energy coming her way. She very quickly tilted her body sideways dodging the attack. Tungfang Bu Pai hurled both her palms at Yam Ying Ying sending out a more forceful blast of energy. Yam Ying Ying using her quick reflexes climbed onto the stone table leaping to the rooftop. She took a quick look at her attacker, Tungfang Bu Pai?!! She could not believe her eyes.
    A dozen of swordsmen rushed to the courtyard. Tungfang Bu Pai hurled a blast of energy at them knocking all of them off their feet. The swordsmen coughed out a mouthful of blood before succumbing to death.
    Impressive inner powers, a young lady disguising as a male burst out from the rooftop of a chamber. By looking at her movements Tungfang Bu Pai could tell that this young lady is the new sect leader. The two young ladies looked into each others eyes while summoning their inner energy. The intensity of their inner energy produced strong gusts of wind.
    Yeung Wing Chun? Tungfang Bu Pai uttered.
    The young lady lets out a loud laughter, Its a great honor to finally meet the invincible Tungfang Bu Pai. Ive heard much about your superior martial art skills.
    The two of them advanced towards each other and started exchanging stances in the air. Each time they exchanged a stance blasts of energy would be emitted into the air ripping objects around it. The two martial arts experts exchanged more than two hundred stances with no victor. At the end both their palms collided into one another. The force of their meeting blows rattled the air forcing both young ladies apart.
    Both of them suffered serious internal injuries after that strike. Tungfang Bu Pai who did not care about her own life swerved her arm ready to make another move. Just as she tried to summon her inner energy once more she felt a deep pain on her chest.
    Three men somersaulted to the scene. One of them held the Yeung Wing Chun by the arm escorting her to a corner. The other two men charged towards Tungfang Bu Pai attacking her with deadly strikes. The injured Tungfang Bu Pai grabbed the sides of her extended long garment swerving it with the use of her remaining inner energy using it as a weapon to deflect the strikes. Seeing that they were unable to defeat the injured Tungfang Bu Pai the two men combined their inner powers to hurl a blast of energy at her. Tungfang Bu Pai created an impenetrable force field that fended off the hit sending it back at them. The two men immediately dived to the side to avoid the oncoming blast that ended up hitting a wall instead, bursting it into flames.
    Tungfang Bu Pai who used up the last bit of her inner energy stumbled to the ground. Seeing that she was completely out of inner energy Yeung Wing Chun throws a palm blast at her. Just then, a shadowy figure leaped over a wall and dashed to the front of Tungfang Bu Pai blocking the attack. Using his swift movement skills he grabbed Tungfang Bu Pai by the waist and pulled her out from the area. The two of them gently sailed into the air disappearing into the skies.

    The sky started pouring heavy rain drops later. It was rather cold inside a cave. There was a small fire to keep the temperature warm. Tungfang Bu Pai lay beside a wall resting. She regained conscious much later but was too exhausted to even move her fingers. All she saw was a blur figure of a young man feeding her with some water.

    There was a strong smell of roasted chicken all over the cave. Tungfang Bu Pai slowly opened her eyes to find a whole chicken being roasted under a small fire. There was also a small bottle of wine as the side. Flashbacks of her and Ling Wu Chung eating and drinking came into her mind.
    "You're awake," a voice of a young man said. Tungfang Bu Pai quickly turned to the direction of the voice thinking that it was Ling Wu Chung talking to her only to find a pleasant looking young man bending beside her. Who are you?" she asked while trying to get up from the floor. The young man held her by the arm helping her to get to her feet. "You can call me Loh Sei Hoi," the young man introduced himself. Tungfang Bu Pai who was still disappointed that the young man was not Ling Wu Chung thanked him for rescuing her.
    "I was going to the Black Wood Cliff to steal some wine and coincidentally bumped into you. I could not let them take the life of such a beautiful person like you," Loh Sei Hoi responded.
    Tungfang Bu Pai suddenly raised her arm and sent a mild palm strike into the right side of Loh Sei Hoi's chest sending him flying backwards knocking into a wall. She was only trying to test his martial art skills. Seeing his inability to react she was convinced that he did not know any martial art skills.
    "How did you manage to get away from those martial artist experts up at the Black Wood Cliff," she asked curiously. She was already too weak to notice the appearance of Loh Sei Hoi and rescuing her back at the villa. The angered Loh Sei Hoi got back to his feet, "How could you hit a person who saved your life. Mother was right about the prettier the woman is the more dangerous they can be." Those words made Tungfang Bu Pai speechless for a moment. "I'm truly sorry. I was just trying to test your martial art skills," she spoke in a sincere tone.

    The following morning, Loh Sei Hoi went to a nearby river to some fishes. He leaped towards the river stepping on the surface of the water while casting the net into the river. Within seconds he filled the net with fishes.
    Tungfang Bu Pai stood behind a tree watching the young man in action. He actually possesses great inner energy but has no knowledge on martial art skills. That explains why he was not able to evade my strike yesterday. Tungfang Bu Pai lets out a sweet grin, It might be a blessing that he is not aware of it after all.
    The only reason why she thought of this was because she was once the greatest martial artist in the martial arts community but was never happy. Her martial arts skills and her involvement in the martial arts community caused her to lose other more important things in her life.

    The sky was drizzling that night. Tungfang Bu Pai sailed in the air gently enjoying the night scenery of Jiangnan City. Loh Sei Hoi was following her from a distance. After flying many miles Tungfang Bu Pai finally arrived at a wine store. She landed on the top of the store removing a piece of tile from the rooftop. Loh Sei Hoi somersaulted to the top of a nearby store.
    Why dont you come over and join me for a drink? Tungfang Bu Pai knew all along that she was being tailed but decided not to respond.
    Loh Sei Hoi jumped off from the rooftop sprinting towards Tungfang Bu Pai. The two of them sat on the rooftop as Tungfang Bu Pai used her inner powers to yank a bottle of wine out from the store. She ripped open the bottle cover and took a sip before handing it to Loh Sei Hoi,
    This place has one of the best wines in the entire city. Someone brought me here many years ago, she said.
    Loh Sei Hoi grabbed the bottle and took a big gulp. Great wine indeed! he took another gulp.

    Later on, the two of them sat at the grassland enjoying the wind breeze as they continued drinking the wine. Tungfang Bu Pai stood up and pulled out a hairband from her sleeve swerving and whirling it executing a series of graceful stances.
    Are those sword stances? Loh Sei Hoi asked. Tungfang Bu Pai folded up the hairband. She gave him a smile while nodding her head. I noticed that you possess great inner powers yourself your master must be a great martial artist.
    Loh Sei Hoi was silent for a moment. Tungfang Bu Pai bent in front of him looking into his eyes. You may possess great inner powers but lack knowledge in stances its like an unsharpened great sword. Given the right guidance and training youll be a top martial artist.
    The martial arts community has poisoned the minds and hearts of many people. I do not wish to be another victim of hatred, anger and dominance, Loh Sei Hoi explained.
    Tungfang Bu Pai was impressed with his opinion. The more they conversed the more he gained her admiration.
    The two of them raced each other back to the cave. They were joking and laughing while making their way back. Tungfang Bu Pai could not stop laughing at Loh Sei Hois jokes. The once cheerful Tungfang Bu Pai was finally back.

    The following morning, Tungfang Bu Pai handed a folded script to Cheung Mou Gei as she bid him farewell. It was time for her to look for her younger sister. The script contained a combination of punches and strike stances. She hoped that the arts in the script would be of use to him in the near future. Loh Sei Hoi in return gave her a packet of buns. I made them myself. Tungfang Bu Pai lets out a sweet long smile.
    Promise me that youll never fall in love with me, she requested. Im not as good as you think I am. Well only be good friends, she leaped off from the ground soaring out of the cave. Loh Sei Hoi lets out a loud laughter. I know Ill never qualify to be the man of your life but no matter what well always be good friends!

    The sky was clear and bright that morning. Tungfang Bu Pai glided in the air gently enjoying the morning fresh air. It has been a while since she was in such a cheerful mood. The time spent with Loh Sei Hoi over the last few days actually made her forget about all the sad tragedies in the past. His appearance brought a new hope to her life. After all that has happened Tungfang Bu Pai was still not ready to start a new relationship.

    The Hangzhou City gates were filled with people. Four men escorted a sedan chair through the gates shortly. Yeung Wing Chun was seated on the sedan chair. She peeped out of the window glancing at the atmosphere in the city. Ever since she took over as leader of the Holy Sun Moon Sect she had not have the chance to wander around the city enjoying the different types of wine like she used to. Wine drinking was introduced to her by a special friend.
    The waterfall was very windy that morning. A beautiful looking young maiden clad in pink garment sat on a rock playing a melodious tune on a zither. Yeung Wing Chun discarded her male disguise and reverted to her true female identity. She was waiting for someone who might not show up yet she kept waiting hoping for a miracle to happen.
    Loh Sei Hoi appeared at the scene. He ran on the walls making his way to the top of the waterfall. Yeung Wing Chun could sense his presence while playing the flute. Loh Sei Hoi stood still listening to the tune without saying a word. His eyes were focused on her invoking a smile.
    Youve nothing to say to me? she asked curiously.
    The kind and humorous Yeung Wing Chun I once knew died a long time ago. All I see now is a cold blooded dictator in front of me, Loh Sei Hoi said in a disappointed tone. He turned around and leaped into the air soaring away.
    Yeung Wing Chun rose from her seat and lets out a scream discharging a massive gust of energy into the area causing a sudden tremor to the ground.

    Later, Yeung Wing Chun returned to the Black Woods Cliff. Still dressed in a female garment she stormed her way into the fortress. Four guards standing at the doorway could not recognize her. They confronted her and got in her way. Yeung Wing Chun who was still in anger raised her arm and sent a swift deadly palm strike to their chests sending them flying backwards collapsing to the floor.
    Another group of guards were alerted and made their way to the scene. Yeung Wing Chun pulled a gold plated short sword out from her back whirling it in her hand. The guards recognized the weapon and immediately got to their knees. Only the leader of the sect possesses that weapon.
    Ku Yim Yong instructed the guards to leave the scene. He explained that the guards on duty were newly recruited and did not know that she was the sects leader. Yeung Wing Chun was not interested to listen to his explanation. She left Ku Yim Yong by himself and proceeded into her own room.

    There was a knock on the door. Yeung Wing Chun sent a mild surge of wind at the door pushing it wide open. Yam Ying Ying stood at the doorway with a bowl of medicine in her hands.
    Chief Yeung, I boiled some medicine for you, she said in a soft tone.
    Yeung Wing Chun remained seated on the bed used her inner power to pull the bowl towards her. She drank the entire bowl of medicine in one gulp before throwing the bowl to the floor. Yam Ying Ying could tell that she was in a bad mood. She excused herself and made her way out of the room.

    A group of top martial arts practitioners gathered at the Wudang Sect. Taoist Hui Chung, leader of the sect greeted his guests as he made his way into the hall. Abbess Chow Zi Yin of the Emei Sect, Hong Yu of the Kuan Lun Sect, and Lam Tin Fung of the Hua Shan Sect rose from their seats greeting the grand Taoist priest.
    After Yam Ngo Hangs death the martial arts community was able to enjoy peace and prosperity. However with the emergence of Yeung Wing Chung Im afraid that it wont be long before the martial arts community returns to where it was before, Lam Tin Fung sighed.
    Hui Chung has also heard of Yeung Wing Chuns name. After taking over as leader of the Holy Sun Moon Cult she restore the group to where it was before, a vicious cult that kills with no mercy. Her objective was simple, to dominate the martial arts community.
    It has been rumored that Yeung Wing Chung possesses unbelievable martial arts skill. Those who competed against him normally gets killed in the battle thus no one really knows the level of his skills, Chow Zi Yin added.
    They kept referring Yeung Wing Chun as a male as none of them as ever met him neither did they know that she was a female disguising as a male.
    Lam Tin Fung suggested that they need to combine their efforts in battling this new evil force. In the eyes of the orthodox sect using force against another person in the unorthodox sect was deemed as righteous. The other three sects supported his suggestion. Hui Chung however had a different thought. His encounter with someone from the Holy Sun Moon Sect many years ago changed his perception of the martial arts community. Even an unorthodox sect has respectable individuals.
    I still feel that we should take a more defensive stand, he added. He did not want to see any unnecessary loss of lives.
    Chow Zi Yin insisted that the Taoist priest being sympathetic would only lead to the destruction of the orthodox sect. The Five Mountain Sword Sect Alliance was destroyed by the Holy Sun Moon Cult. Hua Shan Sect is the only one left and we cannot allow the same tragedy to happen again!
    Hui Chung could finally understand why Reverend Fong Cheng from the Shaolin Sect did not attend todays gathering. The reverend probably knew ahead that this gathering was another one of those that will draw blood in the martial arts community.

    An assembly was held at the grand hall. All the Holy Sun Moon Cult members standing below the dais got to their knees greeting their leader. Yeung Wing Chun sat on the raised chair. Ku Yim Yong stepped forward as he greeted his leader, Chief, we received news that four of the great martial art sects had a gathering at the Wudang Sect days ago. They are probably planning on how to eliminate our group.
    Yeung Wing Chun lets out a cold laughter. Ever since she took over as leader of the Holy Sun Moon Sect she has always been regarded as a prominent martial artist in the martial arts community under the unorthodox sect. Not only was she skilled in martial arts but she was also full of confidence. The five great sects of the martial arts community, Shaolin, Wudang, Emei, Kuan Lun and Hua Shan was never seen as a threat to her. Even so, she knew that the only way she could dominate the martial arts community was to eliminate all the five sects. It was only a matter of time before she made her move. She knew now was not the time as she was still recuperating from the internal injuries that she suffered from her last battle with Tungfang Bu Pai. The only person in the martial arts community that would be a threat to her was none other than Tungfang Bu Pai. Both their skills are equally matched and up till now Yeung Wing Chun has yet to develop a method to defeat her rival.

    The birds were chirping that morning. Tungfang Bu Pai took a stroll along the street market. There were three other men trailing her from behind. She noticed them the moment she stepped into the city but decided to wait and see what they were up to. From the way they move she could tell that the three men were from the Holy Sun Moon Sect. As only members of the Holy Sun Moon Sect possesses such great lightening movement skills.
    She finally decided to find out what those men were up to. She run through a group of passerby and disappeared into an alley. The three men leaped into the air and chased after her. They got into the alley real fast but there was no sign of Tungfang Bu Pai. She suddenly appeared behind the three of them. What do you want from me? she finally spoke.
    The three men turned around after hearing her voice. One of them got to his knee greeting her. He was one of the long time followers of the cult and has served both her and Yam Ngo Hang.
    Chief Tungfang, we meant no harm. We were only instructed to look after you as you are probably still recuperating from your internal injuries, he explained.
    Tungfang Bu Pai lets out her laughter. She then raised her arm and swung it at the three men, sending out a gust of energy that knocked them to the floor.
    Let your new chief know that Ill not die that easily, she then leaped into the air and turned around soaring away from the alley.

    Meanwhile at the other end of the city, Loh Sei Hoi was trading with a hawker. A man clad in grey climbed out from the balcony of a restaurant and glided towards them. Without saying a word the man sent a forceful palm strike at Loh Sei Hoi. Out of nowhere a needle went bursting to the scene piercing into the mans palm. The man collapsed backwards and started yelling in pain.
    Tungfang Bu Pai stood at the top of a stall with her arms crossed. The man quickly returned to his feet and fled from the scene. Loh Sei Hoi gave her a smile as he thanked her.
    The two of them then went into a restaurant to have some food. Tungfang Bu Pai kept glancing at the people who were moving in and out of the place. She could tell that majority of them were martial arts experts and probably members of the Holy Sun Moon. The calm Loh Sei Hoi filled two cups with more wine.
    I cant believe that youre not afraid that they will come back for you, Tungfang Bu Pai was amazed with his courage or maybe he was just nave. Loh Sei Hoi handed a cup of wine to her, It would be an honor to die with such a beautiful maiden like you. Tungfang Bu Pai grabbed hold of the cup taking a sip of the wine. Youre such a sweet talker.
    Just then, a group of swordsmen from the orthodox clan rushed into the restaurant. Sensing danger the other common people started fleeing from the place. Loh Sei Hoi turned to Tungfang Bu Pai. Ill handle them while you make your way out. Tungfang Bu Pai insisted that she will not leave without him.
    Loh Sei Hoi got up from his seat while summoning his inner energy. A surge of wind swept the furniture all over the place. Tungfang Bu Pai was stunned to see the strength of his inner energy. The swordsmen unsheathed their weapons as they charged at him. Tungfang Bu Pai still thinking that he has no knowledge of any martial art skills stretched her arm outwards. Just as she was to summon her inner powers a pain came from her chest causing her to hold back. Loh Sei Hoi pointed his fingers at a table, lifting it into the air with his inner energy and hurling it at the swordsmen. The table flew right into the swordsmen knocking them off their feet.
    Lam Tin Fung of the Hua Shan Sect soared into the restaurant while unsheathing his long sword. While still hovering in the air executed a series of sword stance attacking Loh Sei Hoi. Each stance unleashed a powerful stream of energy. Loh Sei Hoi retaliated by firing energy blasts from his fingers deflecting his opponents hits.
    Tungfang Bu Pai recognized the sword stances executed by Lam Tin Fung. It was the famous Evil Exterminating Swordplay. Loh Sei Hois inner energy cultivation may be greater than his opponent but he was no match against him when it comes to stances. Lam Ting Fung at a fast speed swayed his long sword to the left and striking to the right, consecutively sweeping and soaring in one movement. Loh Sei Hoi executed an evasive maneuver to evade the oncoming blade. Lam Tin Fung then slashes down once and sends multiple energy blasts up at his opponent. Loh Sei Hoi stumbled to the back before crashing to the floor. He suffered multiple cut wounds from that attack. Tungfang Bu Pai dashed towards Loh Sei Hoi to check on his injuries.
    Out of nowhere, Yeung Wing Chun treaded into the place throwing a forceful palm strike into Lam Tin Fungs back sending him crashing onto a pillar breaking it into pieces. He slummed to the floor coughing out a mouthful of blood and succumbs to death. Yeung Wing Chun bent beside Loh Sei Hoi feeding him with a pill. The unconscious Loh Sei Hoi who could barely move rested his head on Tungfang Bu Pais arm.
    The bleeding will stop soon, she then turned around and leaped into the air bursting through the root vanishing from the scene. The other swordsmen who were hiding in the area started fleeing from the place.
    Tungfang Bu Pai puts her hand around Loh Sei Hois back pulling him up from the floor. After seeing what Yeung Wing Chun did she was convinced that she had some sort of relationship with Loh Sei Hoi.

    Ku Yim Yong entered the grand hall and kneeled in front of Yeung Wing Chun greeting her. Yeung Wing Chun glared into his eyes, I dont recall giving you orders to assault Loh Sei Hoi, she said in a firm tone. Ku Yim Yong lowered his head and remained silent. Yeung Wing Chun sent a surge of energy at Ku Yim Yong gripping him by the throat choking him. The immobilized Ku Yim Yong begged for mercy. Yeung Wing Chun lifted him up into the air and threw him across the hall. Ku Yim Yong smashed into a wall before slumping to the floor helplessly.
    Ill kill you the next time you try to hurt Loh Sei Hoi again! she instructed the nearby guards to drag the injured Ku Yim Yong out of the hall.

    Yee Lum and Tungfang Bu Pai stood beside a bed as a doctor treated Loh Sei Hois injuries. The doctor lets out a long sigh, Hell live but might have problems moving again. All his tendons have been severed.
    Tungfang Bu Pai grabbed the doctors wrist and twisted it, If he has becomes paralyze so will you! The doctor who was in pain cried for mercy. Yee Lum calmed her sister down.
    Theres only one way to save him, a ladys voice came from outside. Tungfang Bu Pai recognized that voice. She released the doctor and sprinted to the outside. Yeung Wing Chun stood on a twig expecting her rival to confront her.
    The two young ladies looked into each others eyes. There was no hatred or anger in them this time. In fact, they had the same objectives, to cure Loh Sei Hoi. Yeung Wing Chun gently leaped off from the twig soaring into the air. A folded silk handkerchief slipped off from her dress as she drifted in the air. Tungfang Bu Pai leaped into the air grasping the handkerchief with her hand. She unfolded the handkerchief and noticed a butterfly embroidered on it. Yee Lum walked up to her and was stunned to see the handkerchief. She reached into the dress pocket pulling out a silk handkerchief that had the same design. Tungfang Bu Pai lunged into the air and went after Yeung Wing Chun.
    She returned to the hut later all by herself. Yee Lum went up to her elder sister escorting her into the hut. She must be your second sister, Tungfang Bu Pai exclaimed. Those butterfly embroidered handkerchiefs were gifts from me and cannot be found anywhere else.
    Tungfang Bu Pai could not believe that her other sibling was still alive and has now become the leader of the Holy Sun Moon Cult. She is going through the path that I once went. A path where there is no love or feeling only hunger for power and dominance, Tungfang Bu Pai sighed. She also could not believe that it was her biological sister who murdered Ling Wu Chung, the most important person in her life.

    Four Taoist went crashing into the hallway of the temple. Hui Chung and a group of priests armed with swords rushed to the scene. Yeung Wing Chun made her way into the temple all by herself.
    What brings Lady Yeung to our temple, Hui Chung asked. Yeung Wing Chun folded her arms, I need you to help me heal someone.
    Hui Chung not pleased with the tone of her voice. You might want to be more polite young lady, a junior Taoist priest uttered.
    Yeung Wing Chun sent a blast of energy at the junior Taoist priest from her palm throwing him to the floor. Hui Chungs got to his stance and advanced towards the young lady. The two of them exchanged a few stances in the air. Yeung Wing Chuns movements were swift and deadly but due to the internal injuries that she was suffering from her strikes were much weaker. Hui Chung executed the Wudang Tai Chi fists attacking his opponent with a combination of soft and forceful strikes. Yeung Wing Chun who could not summon any additional inner energy could only evade and deflect his opponents strikes.
    Just then, a needle burst out from nowhere advanced towards the Taoist priest. Hui Chung tilted his body sideways descending to the ground. Tungfang Bu Pai glided air somersaulting to the scene. She stood between Yeung Wing Chun and Hui Chung.
    Young lady Tungfang...what an honor to have the two great Holy Sun Moon Cult leaders in our temple, Hui Chung smiled.
    Yeung Wing Chun was not in the mood to socialize with him, If you do not treat Loh Sei Hoi Ill destroy the Wudang Sect!
    Young master Loh Sei Hoi is injured? Hui Chung immediately agreed to treat his injuries.

    Two Taoist priests were guarding the entrance of the hut while Hui Chung began treating Loh Sei Hois injuries. He used the Wudangs famous Art of Tendon Restoration to heal Loh Sei Hois injury. The healing process exhausted a large amount of his inner energy.
    He exited the hut an hour later looking worn out. His companion held him by the arm and escorted him to a chair. Yeung Wing Chun and Tungfang Bu Pai proceeded into the hut to take a look at the resting Loh Sei Hoi.
    Ive rejoined his and healed his other internal injury, Hui Chung explained. Due to the fact that he has sustained the injury for a long period of time it might take a while for him to fully recover all of his martial art skills. Yeung Wing Chun knew about the internal injury but did not know that it was still there. He was injured while trying to save me, she uttered to herself.

    Three years ago, under the leadership of Loh Sei Hoi the Ming Cult became one of the top martial art clans in the martial arts community. The cult is secretive and conducts its activities far away from the eyes of other sects in the martial arts community. Its founding principles also deviate largely from other sects thus was labeled as a demonic cult. While others typically seek to achieve a dominant position in the marital arts community, the Ming Cult strongly adheres to its faith and laws, which revolve around the notion of "to deliver mankind from suffering and eliminate evil".
    Yeung Wing Chun was brought into the cult by an elder with superior martial art skills after rescuing her from a village. Her savior noticed her well-built bony structure and insisted that she would make a great martial artist decided to impart all his martial art knowledge to her. After being with the cult a short period of time she was promoted to Guardian King at par with the other three guardian kings. Yeung Wing Chun was discontented with her position as she felt that she was capable of becoming leader of the clan. Her martial art skills were far more superior compared to Loh Sei Hoi. Undeniably, Loh Sei Hoi maintains a morally upright character and adopts an altruistic approach to his fellows. However, he lacks the qualities and prerequisites of becoming a great leader. On a personal level, he is reluctant to become a leader and only obliged to take up the Ming Cult's leadership position to please his subordinates. He lacks strong power hungry ambitions that a typical leader must have in order for him to remain in power. While attempting to overthrow Loh Sei Hoi she fell in love with him secretly. Upon realizing her scheme the cults deputies decided to bring her to justice and ordered that she be executed. Loh Sei Hoi who had also fallen in love with her left the cult to save her life. He was severely injured internally while trying to rescue Yeung Wing Chun in a battle between her and the cults top martial artist experts causing him to lose most of his martial arts skills.
    The ambitious Yeung Wing Chun continued to strive for dominance in the martial arts community. After being rescued by Ling Wu Chung and Yam Ying Ying by the seaside she became good friends with them and got to know their background, Disguising as a male to trick the couple she device a scheme and made use of Yam Ying Ying to get into the Holy Sun Moon Cult. In a short period of time she murdered Hiong Mun Tin and took over as the new leader.

    Yeung Wing Chun sat at the side of a lake playing a melancholic tune on a zither. Tungfang Bu Pai and Yee Lum walked up to her and called her sister. Yeung Wing Chun stopped strumming the strings on the zither after hearing their words.
    The scare underneath your left elbow came about because we both fell from a tree while trying to pluck some apples, Tungfang Bu Pai explained. You did not even shed a tear after the fall and decided to climb the tree once again. I gave you and Yee Lum the silk handkerchief just before we flee from the village. She returned the silk handkerchief to Yeung Wing Chun.
    The speechless Yeung Wing Chun stood up as she received the silk handkerchief from her eldest sister. Both their eyes became watery. Yeung Wing Chun never thought that she could reunite with her sisters again. The three young ladies embraced each other.
    Ive to return to the Black Woods Cliff, Yeung Wing Chun finished off the last bit of her tea. Tungfang Bu Pai pats her shoulder. Wing Chun, youre now going through what I went through years ago. Its not a pleasant path. Yeung Wing Chun who has always been stubborn insisted that she has everything in her control. Since taking over the sect from Hiong Mun Tin Ive managed to rebuild the sects status within the martial arts community. It wont be long before the other sects surrender to us. Neither of them spoke about Ling Wu Chung. The two sisters knew bringing up this subject might destroy their siblingship. Tungfang Bu Pai was slowly learning to forgive and forget. It is not easy but she is slowly putting it into practice.

    A group of Hua Shan disciples gathered at the courtyard mourning the loss of their master. A group of masked man in black stormed into the school and started attacking the people in the school. One of the masked men grabbed a woman by the throat and shoved her to a wall before choking her to death. Another masked men sent out a series of deadly palm strikes hitting four of the sects disciple. In less than an hour everyone in the sect were killed.
    Three surviving swordsmen escorted a young boy into a passage at the back of the mountain. Yeung Wing Chun soared past them landing a few steps in front of them. Without saying a word used her fingers to emit blasts of energy in the shape of sharp blades at them cutting off the top of their skulls. All four of them succumbed to death.
    Yeung Wing Chun hurled a blast of energy out from her palm sending it at the Hua Shan Sect banner shattering it into pieces. A masked man went up to her bending forward, Not a single living person left. Yeung Wing Chun returned into a sedan chair. Bring down the entire place.
    An elderly man burst out from the bushes gliding towards them. The elderly man stabbed the masked men with his fingers emitting a surge of energy into their bodies killing them on the spot. Yeung Wing Chun was amazed with the elderly mans ability. She lunged out of the sedan chair charging towards the elderly man. The two of them exchanged intense palm strikes in the air. The elderly man used his fingers as a sword executing a series of deadly strikes. Yeung Wing Chun was able to overcome each strike with another move. They exchanged over three hundred stances and were equally matched in terms of skills and inner powers. By the three hundred and sixth stance the two of them were already standing on the surface of the river water. The both of them sent a blast of energy at each other. The two energy fields knocked into each other setting off a powerful explosion. The elderly man somersaulted to the back landing on a small rock while Yeung Wing Chun glided a few steps to the back.
    Its been a long time since I encounter a young girl with such great martial art skills, the elderly man articulated. Yeung Wing Chun unfolded her sleeves while standing on the surface of the river water Its also my first time encountering someone at your age with such powerful inner energy and proficient sword skills. The elderly man suddenly recalled his encounter with Tungfang Bu Pai at the back Hua Shan Mountain years ago. This young girl looks similar to her but her moves are filled with too much rage, he whispered to himself.
    Yeung Wing Chun suddenly unleashed a gust of energy out from her body immobilizing every single moving object including the water flowing through the river. The elderly remained still on the small rock. Yeung Wing Chun lets out a cold smile before sending a palm blast to the right side of his chest. All of a sudden everything in the area broke out from the trance and started moving again. The elderly man slumped into the river water being washed away.

    Tungfang Bu Pai and Loh Sei Hoi were taking a stroll in the woods. Loh Sei Hoi was slowly recuperating from his injuries and could move a little faster now but it never strike him to try executing his martial art skills. He had completely forgotten that he knew martial arts. He was just enjoying Tungfang Bu Pais companionship.
    Yee Lum ran out from bushes near a riverside rushing up to them. I found an unconscious old man at the riverside, she spoke in a terrified tone. Loh Sei Hoi and Tungfang Bu Pai rushed to the direction mentioned by Yee Lum. Tungfang Bu Pai bent beside the elderly man, Fung Cheng Yong? She grabbed the elderly mans wrist examining his injuries.

    Fung Cheng Yong took a sip of tea and immediately coughed out a mouthful of blood. Loh Sei Hoi stroked the elderly man on the back relieving his pain.
    Who was it that injured you? Tungfang Bu Pai asked.
    It was a young girl with outstanding martial art skills. Her inner energy cultivation has reached its highest level he explained.
    Yee Lum turned to her sister as she could tell who this skillful young girl was. Tungfang Bu Pai shook her head indicating to her not to say a word. Loh Sei Hoi also knew who this young girl was but he too did not say a word.
    She led a group of skilled martial artists to the Holy Sun Moon Cult to the Hua Shan Mountain slaughtered everybody, Fung Cheong Yong continued. I foresee another massive bloodshed o break out in the martial arts community.

    Yeung Wing Chun sat on the top of her room playing a melancholy tune on a zither. Out of nowhere Tungfang Bu Pai appeared at the scene standing behind her. Yeung Wing Chun could tell that it was her elder sister and continued to play the musical instrument as she knew that they would not be fighting this time.
    Wing Chun, its time to set yourself free from the martial arts community power struggle. Ive been through it and I lost a lot of more important things while indulging myself into it, Tunfang Bu Pai was hoping to enlighten her biological sister.
    Yeung Wing Chun lets out a loud laughter. Youve no idea what I went through after we got separated years ago! She finally got to her feet and leaped off from the rooftop. The great Tungfang Bu Pai once ruled the entire martial arts community unchallenged lets see if her younger sister can continue this legacy.
    Pursuing this legacy will only lead you to hell, a voice of a man came from behind. Loh Sei Hoi gently disembarked on the rooftop.
    Yeung Wing Chun was happy to see him but yet disappointed that he was still as nave as before. Their romance was a short one because of differences in views. Yeung Wing Chun was a young girl full of ambition and hope while Cheung Mou Gei was a more carefree person. Only the strong will survive in this cruel community, she replied.
    Loh Sei Hoi knew that there was nothing that could change her thoughts. Her biggest weakness or maybe it was also her strength was that she is a very determined person. She would do whatever it takes to achieve her objectives even if it required her to sacrifice the lives of others. Loh Sei Hoi leaped off from the rooftop gliding towards her. If that is how its going to be so be it! Yeung Wing Chun could feel the aggression flowing out from him. She was actually happy to see it and decided to exchange a few stances with him. Tungfang Bu Pai requested them to stop but the two of them were already throwing forceful strikes at each other.
    Loh Sei Hois palm strikes and punches were forceful and accurate but the prowess Yeung Wing Chun was able to deflect and counter each of his attacks. Her movements were so swift that it was almost like she could tell what his next move was going to be.
    Wing Chuns martial arts skills seem to have improved after our last encounter, Tungfang Bu Pai muttered to herself. She herself was already a martial art expert even at a very young age and became invincible after becoming leader of the Holy Sun Moon Sect mastering the Sunflower Manual.
    Yeung Wing Chun swerved her arm and thrust her palm outwards sending blasts of energy in the shape of a sword at her opponent. Loh Sei Hoi summoned his inner energy launching the Art of Heaven and Earth Great Shift. This skill allows the user to translocate forces and energy from one direction to another and direct enemies' attacks away. Loh Sei Hoi draws the energy blasts together before returning it to her. Yeung Wing Chun hurled an energy blast at the oncoming projectiles shattering it into flames.
    Looks like your old injuries are not bothering you anymore. You have regained your martial art abilities, Yeung Wing Chun was glad that the Taoist priest from Wudang healed all of Loh Sei Hois injuries. Loh Sei Hoi did not stop from there. He lunged towards her throwing a series of punches at her. A shadowy figure appeared in between them taking the punches for Yeung Wing Chun instead. Tungfang Bu Pai stumbled backwards coughing out a mouthful of blood as she collapsed to the floor. Yeung Wing Chun reached her hands out at her holding her from the back. You did not have to do thisI would have been able to counter his attacks Yeung Wing Chun was in a state of shock so was Loh Sei Hoi. He rushed towards Tungfang Bu Pai to check on her injuries. He apologized for hurting her. Yeung Wing Chun sent a mild palm strike at Loh Sei Hois shoulder shoving him backwards. Please stop Tungfang Bu Pai who was resting on her sisters arm slowly raised her head.
    Just then, a group of guards arrived at the scene surrounding Loh Sei Hoi. Yeung Wing Chun ordered them to evacuate from the scene. She then handed the injured Tungfang Bu Pai to Loh Sei Hoi. Take good care of her. If you ever hurt her again Ill kill you myself! Loh Sei Hoi who was in a shock held Tungfang Bu Pai in his arms leaped into the air soaring into the sky.

    A group of swordsmen clad in black glided down from the top of the Black Woods Cliff chasing after them. Ku Yim Yong soared past Loh Sei Hoi landed a few steps ahead of him. He unfolded a hand fan, Ive been instructed to escort you to a safe location. Loh Sei Hoi knew at once that he was in danger. Ku Yim Yong who had always admired Yeung Wing Chun felt that Loh Sei Hois existence was the only reason that he could not win over her affection. He waved the hand fan directing his henchmen to make their move. Loh Sei Hoi placed Tungfang Bu Pai on his back as he confronted the attackers. He reached his hand out and grasped the blades of his attackers swiftly. He twisted the swords breaking it apart and hurled the pieces in his hand at them sending it into their throats. All the swordsmen collapsed to the floor lying in a pool of blood.
    Ku Yim Yong sprinted towards Loh Sei Hoi and started attacking him with the hand fan. He executed a series of swift and deadly attacks with the use of the hand fan. Loh Sei Hoi who was carrying Tungfang Bu Pai on his back was much slower in his movements. Tungfang Bu Pais safety was his priority thus before executing a move he had to ensure that she does not get hit. Ku Yim Yong who also took notice of this pulled out a poison dart from his waist strap and hurled it at Tungfang Bu Pais direction. Tungfang Bu Pai who pretended to faint suddenly opens her eyes and shoots out a needle from her sleeve sending it at the dart. The needle burst through the air knocking into the dart breaking it into pieces before proceeding towards Ku Yim Yong. The busy Ku Yim Yong who was still finding ways to defeat his opponent did not notice the needle until it pierced into the left side of his shoulder. Ku Yim Yong leaped a few steps backwards as blood spurted out from his wound. Seeing that he is outnumbered he turned around and fled from the scene.

    The sky started pouring big drops of rain later. Loh Sei Hoi took Tungfang Bu Pai back to the Black Woods Cliff hiding inside a chamber that prohibited ordinary members to enter. Only the leader of the cult could gain admittance.
    Loh Sei Hoi channeled his inner energy into Tungfang Bu Pais body healing her injuries. Since he was already an expert in the Nine Yang Divine Skills thats has healing capabilities he was able to heal her internal injuries completely. A large amount of his inner energy was consumed in the process.
    Later, Tungfang Bu Pai stretched her arms as she rose from the slab. She could recognize the chamber. Its been a while since I stepped in here, she uttered. Loh Sei Hoi slowly got off from the slab. Those crooks would never expect us to return to the cliff. Its the best place for us to rest for now, he explained.

    Four guards accompanied Yeung Wing Chun into the grand hall. The ten elders and four division leaders got to their knees greeting their leader. Yeung Wing Chun looked around the hall searching for Ku Yim Yong. Did you all forget to inform Warden Ku about todays meeting? A guard stepped forward, Warden Ku is not well today and is resting in his room. Yeung Wing Chun carried on with the meeting without further delay.

    The brothel was packed with customers that night. A group of martial artists were seated at the front table waiting to be served. An absolutely stunning looking Yeung Wing Chun dressed in a bright looking dress disguising as a hostess leaped off from the floor above. She strides along a long textile heading to the other end of the hall. All the guests had their eyes glued on her adoring her beauty and ability. They started to bid for her and the highest bidder would be allowed to spend a night with her.
    Ngou Pai made his way into the room shortly. Two of his followers waited for him outside. Yeung Wing Chun stretched out on a bed waiting for him. Ngou Pai drank a cup of wine before making his way to the bed. Yeung Wing Chun used her swift movements to rise from the bed proceeding to a stool. Ngou Pai who lied flat on the bed by himself turned to her, How did you get up so quick? Yeung Wing Chun sat on a stool filling a cup with wine. If you tell me which clan you belong to and what brings you here Ill let you know how I managed to get up so quick, she started winking at him. Ngou Pai felt a slight pain in his head. Yeung Wing Chun waved her hand while persuading Ngou Pai to reveal his motives in a peculiar tone of voice. Ngou Pai unable to counter Yeung Wing Chuns art of mind manipulation soon disclosed whatever she needed to know.
    Were here to deal with the Holy Sun Moon Cults leader Yeung Wing Chun, he expressed. Yeung Wing Chun smiled coldly, What are your plans? Ngou Pai revealed that they have already sent a spy to the Black Woods Cliff. We will poison Yeung Wing Chun and other members of the cult. Yeung Wing Chun lets out a cold laughter after hearing his words. There are many skilled martial artists up on the Black Woods Cliff. Theres the Left and Right Messenger who serves as the leaders deputies. The cult also has ten elders who assist the leader in overseeing the cult's activities. Ranked below the ten elders are the chiefs of the four banner divisions (Wind, Fire, Lightning and Wood). There is no way you can even gain entry to the Black Woods Cliff let alone poisoning Yeung Wing Chun.
    Ngou Pai was amused with Yeung Wing Chuns in depth knowledge of the Holy Sun Moon Cult. How come you know so much? he asked curiously. Yeung Wing Chun rested her hand on a table as she looked into his eyes. Thats because Im Yeung Wing Chun. She shoots out a blast of energy in the shape of a sword from her sleeve sending it into Ngou Pais throat at a great speed. The Manchu swordsmen fell backwards collapsing onto the bed lying in a pool of blood.
    A man in plain clothes stepped into the room kneeling at Yeung Wing Chun, Chief, weve apprehended the other Manchurians and managed to confiscate a document from them. He handed an envelope to her. Yeung Wing Chun pulled a folded piece of paper out from the envelope, Clean up the mess.

    Yeung Wing Chun sat on a rock near a waterfall playing a melancholic tune. Ku Yim Yong somersaulted in the air alighting in front of her. He got to his knees and greeted her, Weve taken care of the other swordsmen putting up in the brothel. Yeung Wing Chun continued to strum the musical instrument. Well done. Ku Yim Yong returned to his feet, Weve also received news that the orthodox clan will be holding a meeting here in the next few days. Do we need call for reinforcements? Yeung Wing Chun shook her head. Well be heading back to the Black Wood Cliff shortly.

    The Emei Sect headquarters was packed with martial artists from orthodox clans all over the country. Chow Zi Yin stood at the dais greeting her guests. Two nuns dragged Loh Sei Hoi to the hall. Does anyone recognize him? Chow Zi Yin asked. Kuan Lun Sects Hong Yu nodded, This is the Ming Cult previous leader Loh Sei Hoi. He was the one who single handedly massacred the Song Shan, Thai Shan and Southern Heng Shan Sect. Chow Zi Yin nodded her head, He was able to escape years ago but we finally caught him a few days ago.
    Wudang Sects Hui Chung cleared his throat, I refuse to believe that young master Loh would take the lives of so many innocent ones. It must be a set up. Chow Zi Yin glared at the Taoist priest. Master Wong, I know that he saved your life a long time ago but that does not mean that he isnt a cold blooded killer.
    Loh Sei Hoi was kneeling on the floor turned to Hui Chung thanking him for having faith in him. Chow Zi Yin raised her arm and hurled a palm blast out from her palm sending it into Loh Sei Hois back. Loh Sei Hoi sprawled to the floor coughing out a mouthful of blood. Hui Chung advanced towards Chow Zi Yin preventing her from making another move. Chow Zi Yin exchanged a few stances with the Taoist priest before retreating to the back.
    Master Wong, this man is demonic and deserves to be executed. Weve always have the upmost respect for the Wudang Sect therefore we hope that you can respect our decision as well, Hong Yu expressed. Hui Chung knew it was going to be a tough challenge to save Loh Sei Hoi but he had to give it a try.
    Reverend Fong Cheng head of the Shaolin temple finally rose from his seat, Everyone makes mistakes but as long as one is willing to change for the better we should give him a chance. As far as I know, since the day young master Loh stepped down as leader of the Ming Cult he has not interfered with the matters related to the martial arts community.
    The orthodox clan is supposedly being righteous and honorable is probably more devious than the unorthodox clan. Surrounding a defenseless man and threatening to take his life is so heroic. I bow to all of you from the orthodox clan, a female voice came from the outside.
    Hui Chung and Reverend Fong could recognize that voice. They looked at each sensing that another bloodshed is about to take place. Chow Zi Yin swerved her fly whisk as she made her way out of the hall. Whoever you are youd better show yourself!
    A strong gust of wind swept through the area shaking the trees and blowing the dry leaves all over the place. Everyone in the area had to take cover to from the ferocious wind. A shadowy figure soared to the scene and advanced towards Loh Sei Hoi pulling him away from scene. The shadowy figures movements were so fast that no one noticed the wounded Loh Sei Hoi had already left the scene.
    The strong wind faded away shortly. Chow Zi Yin was the first one to notice Loh Sei Hoi was no longer there. The other martial artists headed towards the doorway running after him. Hui Chung lets out a relieved smile. Looks like this assembly will be ending real soon, Reverend Fong Cheng commented with a smile.

    Tungfang Bu Pai carrying Loh Sei Hoi on her back leaped over a tree hurtling to the top of a mountain. There was a cave up at the peak of the mountain that seems deserted. Tungfang Bu Pai made her way into the cave slowly placing Loh Sei Hoi on a slab. She checked his pulse and examined his injuries. Hes been poisoned! No wonder they could apprehend him so easily, she whispered to herself.
    Two elderly men clad in black arrived at the mountain moments later. Tungfang Bu Pai slide out of the cave confronting them. If you handover that man inside to us well spare your life, one of them said. Tungfang Bu Pai lets out a loud laughter, Well see about that. She pointed her arm at a tree sending her inner energy at it ripping it out from the ground. She then hurled the entire tree at them. The two elderly men sent a palm blast at the tree shattering it into flames. Tungfang Bu Pai leaped towards them exchanging a few stances with them while floating in the air. The two elders then combined their inner energy to unleash a forceful palm blast. Tungfang Bu Pai hurled her arm outwards drawing the blast to her palm before sending it back to them. The two elderly men quickly dived aside to avoid their own blast. Seeing that they were no match against Tungfang Bu Pai the two of them turned around and fled from the scene.

    Tungfang Bu Pai placed her two fingers on Loh Sei Hoi's wrist examining his injuries. His bloodstream has been contaminated with poison thus weakening his pulse beat. Tungfang Bu Pai herself who was a poison specialist channeled some of her inner energy into Loh Sei Hoi's body confining the poison to one spot preventing it from spreading to other parts of his body. Though her inner energy level was extremely high but the poison contaminating Loh Sei Hoi's bloodstream was a unique one where inner energy is unable to purge it out from its victims body.
    Many hours later, Loh Sei Hoi regained conscious and found a piece of silk garment covering his body. He placed his palm on a wall and tries to get to his feet but his body was too weak to enable him to move.
    Youre awake, Tungfang Bu Pai walked into the cave holding roasted pigeon in her hand. Loh Sei Hoi sat on the floor with his legs crossed as he began meditating. He felt a pain on his chest while trying to summon his inner energy. Tungfang Bu Pai handed a portion of the roasted pigeon to him. I was only able to use my inner powers to contain the poison in your body. Well need to get the vaccine from the creator.
    Loh Sei Hoi suddenly felt the urge to have a drink. He grabbed Tungfang Bu Pais hand and glided out of the cave. The two of them soared in the air gently enjoying the cold breeze. Tungfang Bu Pai looked at him still worried about his injury. I know of a place that serves high quality wine, he spoke. Tungfang Bu Pai astonished with what she just heard. They are so similar in certain ways, she whispered to herself.
    The wine store was already closed for business. Loh Sei Hoi lifted up a few pieces of tiles on a roof peeping into the store. There were concealed barrels of wine below him. He tries to summon his inner energy to get hold of a barrel but his inner energy just would not generate itself. Tungfang Bu Pai pats his shoulder, Let me do it. She sent out a surge of energy through the hole dragging a barrel of wine towards her. Loh Sei Hoi applauded, Ive a perfect place where we can have a good view of the moon while enjoying the wine.
    Later, they went to a beautiful grassland with things floating in the sky and just sat there and talked. If only we had a sword now. If only we had a sword with us now. Itll be nice to perform sword stances while drinking, Tungfang Bu Pai suggested. Or have a zither and a flute playing a musical piece, Loh Sei Hoi added. Loh Sei Hoi lunged up from the ground unfastening his waist band executing a series of sword moves with it. His movements were graceful and swift though he did not use a single bit of his inner energy. Tungfang Bu Pai takes another gulp of wine while looking at his moves. After executing another stance Loh Sei Hoi suddenly collapsed to the ground. The poison streams in his body suddenly became active. Tungfang Bu Pai rushed towards him and used her fingers to seal several pressure points on Loh Sei Hois body halting the poisons movement. Loh Sei Hois breath started flowing smoothly in his body once again.
    I thought I was going to die that time, he held on to Tungfang Bu Pais arm pulling himself up from the floor. Tungfang Bu Pai placed her finger at his lips, Ill not let you die. Loh Sei Hoi glared at her in shock. Tungfang Bu Pai turned away and started blushing. Loh Sei Hoi walked up to her holding her by the hand. Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is not being able to tell that special person in your life how you feel about them. The very first time I ever saw you I fell in love with you. My affection for you grew stronger as we became closer. Tungfang Bu Pai turned at him as her eyes became watery. Loh Sei Hoi embraced her in his arms while his fingers ran through her hair. All of a sudden the poison inside his blood stream started to trigger causing him to suffer great pain all over his body. He lets go of Tungfang Bu Pai and started staggering all over the place. Tungfang Bu Pai with her quick movements appeared behind him pressed her finger onto his back and blocked his nerve points thus immobilizing him. Loh Sei Hoi slumped to the ground motionless. She bent beside him and pats his forehead, Get some rest. Ill find the antidote to clear this poison.

    A group of people were crowding around a fishing village in Shandong City. Tungfang Bu Pai pulled a cart carrying Loh Sei Hoi entered the village. The villagers gave them a strange look. Tungfang Bu Pai ignored the villagers and continued her journey.
    Luk Chuk Yung who was knitting a kite outside his hut spotted Tungfang Bu Pai coming towards his direction. He puts the kite aside and went to greet her. He took a quick look at the unconscious Loh Sei Hoi. This young man has been poisoned, Luk Chuk Yung uttered. Tungfang Bu Pai used her sleeve wipe off the sweat on Loh Sei Hois forehead. Im still trying to determine the exact type of poison thats been used. Luk Chuk Yung slowly pushed the cart into the hut.

    The moon was full that night. Tungfang Bu Pai sat on a veranda playing a flute. Luk Chuk Yung brought a bowl of soup out from the kitchen. Chief, you have not eaten all day please have some soup. Tungfang Bu Pai held the bowl and slowly sipped the soup. The two of them were still unable to determine the type of poison that was contaminating Loh Sei Hois bloodstream. Shaolin Sects Marrow-Cleansing Sutra is probably the only method to save him, Luk Chuk Yung said. Tungfang Bu Pai was happy to hear that there was hope. She knew that it would be a challenging to get the great reverend to help but she would do whatever it takes to save Loh Sei Hoi even if it required her to sacrifice herself.

    High up on the Black Wood Cliff, a group of elders gathered inside the chiefs chamber. Yeung Wing Chun resting on a raised bench sipped some wine from a cup. Ho Fatt Sing reported that the Emei Sect, Kuan Lun Sect, Hung Tung Sect, and Beggar Clan gathered at the Shaolin temple days ago. They were going to slaughter Loh Sei Hoi but a mysterious person came to his rescue.
    Yeung Wing Chun knew who the mysterious person was but did not say a word. In the entire martial arts community only one person can move around freely without anyone getting in the way. She was furious that the orthodox clan was still unwilling to leave the carefree Loh Sei Hoi alone. I guess its time for me to meet these so called top orthodox clans.
    Lo Suet bent forward, Chief, its best to gathered up our top fighters for this encounter.
    Thats not necessary. Im confident these orthodox clans are no match for me, Yeung Wing Chung was extremely confident with her own martial art skills.

    Three days late, two junior monks were sweeping the steps leading to the temple. Tungfang Bu Pai carrying the unconscious Loh Sei Hoi on her back ran up on a wall reaching the top of the Song Mountain within minutes. A group of monk was stunned to see her coming from the back as there isnt any route there that leads to the top of the mountain. Im here to see Reverend Fong Cheng, she informed them. Three of the monks insisted that female were prohibited to enter the temple. Tungfang Bu Pai swerved her arm and sends a gust of wind at them knowing all of them to the floor. She then leaped into the air and glided towards the temple.
    A group of martial artists from the orthodox clans rushed out of the temple surrounding her. Fong Cheng and Hui Chung exited the temple shortly. Tungfang Bu Pai greeted the two of them. Ho Thye Chung of the Hung Tung Sect unsheathed his sword, If you handover Loh Sei Hoi to us well consider sparing your life. Tungfang Bu Pai stood in front of Ho Thye Chung in the blink of an eye holding the sword between her index finger and middle finger. She subsequently broke the sword and sent her palm into his abdomen shoving him into a tree. Ho Thye Chung slowly stepped away from the tree unhurt. Fong Cheng nodded his head with a smile on his face. Looks like you wrath level has decreased. Tungfang Bu Pai disregarded everyone else except the reverend. A friend of mine has been poisoned and only you can help him.
    Chow Zi Yin of the Emei Sect reached for the handle of her long sword. Tungfang Bu Pai gave Chow Zi Yin a vicious stare while emitting a surge of energy from her body towards her restraining her from moving. Fong Cheng was impressed with her martial arts competency. He could tell that the Tungfang Bu Pai has reached the highest level of her inner energy cultivation. Even if all the martial artist at the temple joined forces to fight her she would still be able to defeat all of them. Fong Cheng personally escorted Tungfang Bu Pai into the temple while his guests waited outside. Leaders of the other orthodox clans were fuming as they remained standing at the courtyard.
    Two senior monks stood beside the door leading into a chamber. Fong Cheng carefully laid Loh Sei Hoi on a bed and started to examine his injuries.

    Meanwhile, Yeung Wing Chun made her way to the temple. Members of the orthodox clans circled around her. Ho Thye Chung channeled his inner energy to his palm as he threw out a forceful palm strike. Yeung Wing Chun sent her index finger and middle finger to his palm unleashing a vigorous blast of energy into his arm. Ho Thye Chung stumbled backwards as he dropped his fractured arm crying in pain. Yeung Wing Chun then proceeded to take on the other martial artists.
    Chow Zi Yin twirled her fly whisky and executed a series of attacks with it. Yeung Wing Chun deflected the flying whisk only with her bare hands. After exchanging more than ten bouts Yeung Wing Chun finally ended the battle by breaking the fly whisk apart with her fingers. Afterwards, she hurled two consecutive palm strikes at Chow Zi Yins chest sending her flying backwards knocking into a wall.
    Hong Yu of the Kuan Lun Sect who knew that his martial arts skills were not able to match against the prowess Yeung Wing Chun praised her capabilities before fleeing from the scene.
    Shi Foh Lung of the Beggars Clan knew it was his turn to take on this fierce opponent. Without further delay he charged towards her and started attacking her by executing the 18 Dragon Subduing Palm. Yeung Wing Chun was able to counter each move with a variation of soft style palm strikes. Shi Foh Lung summoned all of his inner energy executing the final stance unleashing a ferocious palm blast at his opponent. Yeung Wing Chun created an impenetrable force field sending the palm blast back to him. Shi Foh Lung used his quick movements to dive away from the oncoming blast that struck a rock instead.
    Hui Chung remained still. He had encountered Yeung Wing Chun months ago but back then she was still having some internal injuries which gave him an upper hand over her. After seeing her fight against the other fighters here today he was convinced that he would not stand a chance against her. He decided to have a conversation with her instead.
    You are here to look for someone? he asked politely.
    Yeung Wing Chun swerved her arms getting ready to make her next mmove, No. Im here to tryout the martial arts skills of the orthodox clans. She moved towards Hui Chung and threw a series of swift and deadly palm strikes at him. Hui Chung evaded and deflected the attacks before returning a series of fist strikes. Yeung Wing Chun circled the Taoist priests while attackin him with her stances. Hui Chung who was not as fast as his opponent changed to a more defensive stance. Yeung Wing Chun ended the battle by hurling both her palms up into the air emitting a burst of deadly energy from her body that shattering any object around her. Hui Chung who felt a powerful stream of energy penetrating his body stumbled a few steps backwards spitting out drops of blood. He admitted defeat and was amazed with the supremacy of his opponents inner energy.

    Meanwhile inside the temple, Fong Cheng sat behind Loh Sei Hoi channeling a stream of inner energy into his body. His Shaolin inner energy stream was able to stimulate Loh Sei Hois acupuncture points. He slowly opened his eyes and regained conscious. Fong Cheng slowly helped him to rest on a bed.
    Tungfang Bu Pai for the first time in her life bowed at the reverend thanking him for his assistance. Fong Cheng gave her a smile, Its my duty to lend a hand to those who needs it. The two of you are considered friends of our little group. Ill not stand aside and watch a friend get hurt.
    A junior monk stepped into the room greeting his master, Theres a powerful young lady at the courtyard stirring trouble. She has already killed many people.
    Fong Cheng excused himself from his guests and made his way out of the room. Tungfang Bu Pai followed him from the back and soon overtook him reaching the courtyard within seconds. Impressive lightening skills, Fong Cheng whispered.

    Yeung Wing Chun caught two junior nuns by the throat and chocked them to death. The fast moving Tungfang Bu Pai glided in the air alighting in front of her. The two them started to exchange blows. The two of them then slammed their palm into each other discharging a powerful burst of energy. Trees uprooted and chipped rocks hurtled up into the air, sucked into the vortex of the collision of energy. Realizing that it was her younger sister Tungfang Bu Pai retreated to the back and got to a standstill. Yeung Wing Chun too became composed after seeing that it was her sister whom she was battling against.
    Enough of bloodshed! Loh Sei Hoi slowly walked to the scene with a junior monk supporting him from the side. Cant we all just live together in peace for once? Loh Sei Hoi used whatever energy he had left to make his statement.
    The speechless Yeung Wing Chun turned towards Loh Sei Hoi and went up to him to check his injuries. Who did this to you? she asked in anger. Loh Sei Hoi pushed her hands off from his shoulder. Another group of innocent people died today because of your impulsiveness he lets out a long sigh.
    Tungfang Bu Pai who remained at her position could tell that the two of them has an intimate relationship.
    So what are you going to do? Yeung Wing Chun asked angrily. Do you think you can stop me? She swerved her arm at an injured swordsman lying on the floor. Using her inner energy sent out from her palm she dragged the swordsmen towards her and hurled a palm strike to his forehead killing him on the spot. The fuming Loh Sei Hoi summoned whatever inner energy he had left to his arm sending a palm strike to Yeung Wing Chuns shoulder. His strike hurt her feeling more than it hurt her body. Yeung Wing Chuns eyes became watery. Loh Sei Hoi feeling guilty took a few steps backwards, Im sorryI didnt mean to hurt you
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    Part II

    The malicious Chow Zi Yin got to her feet and dashed to the back of Yeung Wing Chun getting ready to throw a strike at her. Loh Sei Hoi saw her coming, darted towards Yeung Wing Chun pushing her away. The palms struck Loh Sei Hoi on the chest repeatedly damaging all his internal organs. Loh Sei Hoi spits out drops of blood while sliding backwards. Tungfang Bu Pai advanced towards him and caught him by arm while at the same time sending out a needle towards Chow Zi Yin. The needle burst through the air penetrating Chow Zi Yins left eye. Chow Zi Yin stumbled over a broken twig and collapsed to the floor crying in pain. Yeung Wing Chun leaped up from the floor and rushed towards Loh Sei Hoi. Her sorrow suddenly vanished. She held Loh Sei Hois hand shedding a drop of tear.
    Fong Cheng quickly took control of the situation by instructing the martial artists to stay at ease. Those who were still alive were already badly injured and could barely move.

    Yeung Wing Chun sat on a slab with her legs crossed and started to channel her inner energy into Loh Sei Hois body to preserve his life. Tungfang Bu Pai entered the room shortly. She too got into a sitting position and began to channel her inner energy to Loh Sei Hoi. Their inner energy somehow did not seem to have an effect on him. Instead, Loh Sei Hoi chocked and coughed out a mouthful of blood. The two sisters held him by his shoulders.
    Dont waste your.inner energyI wont be able to make it this round, he murmured. Both the sisters insisted that they would not let him leave them. The two sisters looked at each other for a moment without saying a word. Loh Sei Hoi held both their hands, To tell you the truththis moment is the happiest moment of my life. Getting to know the both of you is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. Even if I die now Ill die with no regrets.

    Fong Cheng exited the room moments later. The two sisters went up to him. Young master Loh has been injured by the Five Celestial Serpent Palm, he uttered. Ive only managed to use my inner energy to temporarily contain the poison in his body. After a month the poison will spread all over his organs. Tungfang Bu Pai mentioned about the Marrow-Cleansing Sutra. Fong Cheng Yong turned his back at the two sisters. Yes the Marrow-Cleansing Sutra is capable of clearing any sort of poisons but only a senior disciple of the Shaolin Sect is allowed to master this art.
    Yeung Wing Chun stood beside the reverend, If youre willing to impart this art to him Im willing to make up for those who were killed by me. She had already decided to sacrifice her own life to save Loh Sei Hoi. All this while she thought that he had lost interest in her and that he had forgotten all the good times they had together. She finally realized that she was wrong. Tungfang Bu Pai nodded her head, Im willing to give up my life to save him as well. There was no sense of jealousy between the two sisters. Yeung Wing Chun pats her elder sisters back and called her big sister for the first time since they reunited.
    If young lady Yeung is willing to stay in our temple and follow our teachings Ill impart the art to him. Yeung Wing Chun agreed that she would stay in the temple as long as she needs to as long as Loh Sei Hoi gets to live.
    The silent Tungfang Bu Pai took a step back. She suddenly recalled the time when she had to stay at the temple for months so that the reverend would save Ling Wu Chung struck her mind. It was like history repeating itself. I will keep my sister company, she gives Yeung Wing Chun a smile.

    Deep inside a freezing chamber were a group of monks carrying out their prayers. The two sisters sat on a raised dais listening to them. Tungfang Bu Pai who was pretty much familiar with the situation started meditating. Yeung Wing Chun was irritated by the noises of their chanting. She swept her sleeve sending a wave of energy to the monks immobilizing all of them.
    Wing Chun, you need to contain your aggression, Tungfang Bu Pai uttered. Remember that were doing this to save Loh Sei Hoi.
    Yeung Wing Chun shoots out a gust of mist at monks freeing their nerve points enabling them to move again. She then closed her eyes and tries to meditate using this opportunity to heal her internal injury inflicted by Loh Sei Hoi.

    A large group of masked men clad in black armed with sabers arrived at the temple attacking anyone at the premise. A battle broke out at the temple right after. Most of the members from the orthodox clans at the temple were badly injured thus unable to overpower their assailants. Many were killed in the ambush. A fire soon broke out inside a hall.

    Black smoke was coming out from the hall. Several junior monks rushed to the scene trying to put out the fire. Two other monks made their way into a secret passage that led them into an underground chamber.
    Fong Cheng and Loh Sei Hoi were inside the chamber undergoing a healing process. A monk stepped into a chamber. Master, were being attacked by a group of assassins from the evil cult. Fong Cheng did not get distracted by his apprentices words. Instead, he pressed his index finger and middle finger onto Loh Sei Hois back leading a forcing a stream of intoxicated blood out from his body. Loh Sei Hoi chocked and vomited a mouthful of blood to the floor. Fong Cheng pulls back his arm clasping his palms and began to meditate.
    The fire at the temple became bigger spreading to other areas. Smoke covered the dark skies. Loh Sei Hoi who was still weak kneeled at the reverend thanking him for saving his life. Fong Cheng pulled him up from the floor. You have to leave now. Loh Sei Hoi refused to leave the temple while they were in trouble. Youve not fully recovered and might get hurt if you use any of your martial art skills. Well be able to handle it ourselves. The honorable Loh Sei Hoi insisted that he rather die with the monks than to run away by himself. Fong Cheng agreed to let him stay.

    Eight masked men armed with sabers cornered a group of monks slashing them with their weapons. Fong Cheng swerved his arm sending a blast of energy at the masked men knocking all of them to the floor.
    Just then, a slim looking masked man somersaulted to the reverend attacking him with a series of palm strikes. The masked mans attacks were forceful and deadly. Within eight moves he was able to overpower the reverend. He hurled a strike to his chest and swiftly turned to his back sending out another three consecutive strikes. Fong Cheng who had exhausted his inner energy healing Loh Sei Hoi stumbled forward knocking into a pillar.
    Loh Sei Hoi clenched his fist and advanced towards the masked man. He executed a series of punches at the masked mans direction. The masked man returned a series of palm strikes to counter the attacks. They exchanged many bouts before the masked man finally won the battle by sending a palm strike to his abdomen.
    Fong Cheng grabbed Loh Sei Hoi from the back pulling him to the side and proceeded to send a palm blast at the masked mans direction. The masked man used his inner power to impede the blast subsequently sending it back to the reverend. The blast struck Fong Cheng on the chest. The reverend coughed out a mouthful of blood crashing to the floor lying in pool of blood.
    Loh Sei Hoi could barely move. He crawled to the reverend only to find him motionless. The masked man raised his arm and sends a fatal blow towards Loh Sei Hois head. Fong Cheng suddenly opens up his eyes and hurled a blast of energy out from his palm sending it to the masked mans shoulder. The masked man went flying backwards knocking into a wall. He quickly returned to his feet but felt a deep pain on his shoulder. Loh Sei Hoi seeing that the assailant was injured carried Fong Cheng on his back and fled from the scene.

    A group of junior monks led Loh Sei Hoi to a nearby forest. Loh Sei Hoi examined Fong Chengs injury. Fong Cheng was short of breath notified Loh Sei Hoi that his two friends were still in the temple. Loh Sei Hoi got worried about the two sisters made his way back to the temple alone.
    The foot of the Shaolin Mountain was already occupied by the masked assassins. Loh Sei Hoi unfastens the waist band using it to attack the assassins. He twists and twirls the waist band as though it was whip lashing several masked men on the head knocking them to the floor.
    By the time he got to the top of the temple the entire place was already razed to the level of the concrete foundation. The disappointed Loh Sei Hoi dropped to his knees and started to weep.

    Six months has passed. The Holy Sun Moon Sect announced the departure of their chief, Yeung Wing Chun who died in the fire at the Shaolin temple. Yam Ying Ying was automatically pronounced at the cults new leader. Ku Yim Yong was promoted as her deputy.
    Yam Ying Ying lazed on a raised chair enjoying a cup of wine. She has waited for this moment for years now. It was like a dream come true. Ku Yim Yong entered the grand hall and bowed before her. Yam Ying Ying rose from the raised chair, You dont have to perform these formalities when there is no one around. Ku Yim Yong lets out a smile, Our people have searched the entire Shandong Province but there is no sign of Tungfang Bu Pai or Yeung Wing Chun. They mostly probably died in the fire. Your plan worked out perfectly. Yam Ying Ying took another sip of wine, Weve to thank the orthodox clan for showing up at the right time. It was a perfect time to get rid of them all.

    The fishing village was rather busy that morning. A couple ran all over the seaside looking for their daughter. The man shouted at his wife for not paying attention to their only child. The woman who was just as worried suddenly noticed a figure struggling in the water. She lets out a loud cry insisting that it was her daughter in the water. A shadowy figure glided out to the sea sprinting on the surface of the water heading to the direction of a little girl. By using only one hand the shadowy figure pulled the little out from the water and returned to the seaside. The little girl who was paled coughed out some waters. Her savior placed both palms onto her back channeling a stream of inner energy into her body flushing out the sea water. The couple thanked their savior repeatedly. Yeung Wing Chun pats the little on her head, Next time if you want to play near the seaside make you have someone to accompany you.
    Tungfang Bu Pai holding a bucket of dirty clothes arrived at the scene. The couple thanked Yeung Wing Chun one last time before taking their daughter back home.
    Looks like martial arts can also be used to save lives, Yeung Wing Chun giggled. Tungfang Bu Pai was glad to see the cheerful side of her younger sister. The both of them had gone through a lot while they were indulging themselves in the martial arts community. They were holding high positions and were feared by most people in the martial arts community but yet they were not really happy.
    Theres still no news of Loh Sei Hoi, Tungfang Bu Pai sighed.
    He is probably staying with Reverend Fong and recuperating, Yeung Wing Chun responded. She was confident that Loh Sei Hoi was in good hands. Her life was becoming more exciting after being with her elder sister again. No longer did she need to worry about the cults activities or be wary of people in the cult who may betray her.

    Later in the afternoon, two suspicious looking people were passing by the seaside. Yeung Wing Chun weaved through the two men with her quick movements trying to determine their identity. She could not find any item on either of them but she was certain that they knew martial arts.

    Tungfang Bu Pai handed a cup of tea to her sister, Even you could not tell which clan they belong to? Yeung Wing Chun shook her head. The level of their martial arts skills seems rather low. Its obvious that theyre not from any renowned clan. Ill try to get in touch with members of the Holy Sun Moon Cult so see if they know anything. We can also get them to locate Loh Sei Hois whereabouts. Tungfang Bu Pai concurred with her suggestion, Just be extra careful with the cult members as most of them are untrustworthy. Yeung Wing Chun crossed her arms, No matter how disloyal they are they would still need to obey my command as it is only I who has the antidote to contain the Devious Mind Infestation poison. I reformulated the poison after taking over as leader. Only I would be able to come up with the antidote. Her younger sister was like a mirror of her. Tungfang Bu Pai many years ago made all high ranking members of the cult to consume the poison so that they would remain loyal to her.

    Up at the Black Wood Cliff were three guards watching the entryway. Yeung Wing Chun reached the top of the cliff with a single leap. The three guards were stunned to see her. All three of them got to their knees greeting her. Looking at their facial expression she could sense something was not right.
    A large group of fighters armed with sabers rushed to the scene. Ku Yim Yong and two of his personal guards arrived shortly. Yeung Wing Chun glared at them viciously. From this day onwards Chief Yam Ying Ying is the leader of our cult, Ku Yim Yong declared.
    Yeung Wing Chun lets out a loud laughter. She swept her sleeve sending a blast of energy to the fighters shattering the bones in their bodies. All the fighters slumped to the floor lying in a pool of blood. Ku Yim Yong who already knew her strength had already leaped to the top of a tree. He turned around and glided into a hall.
    Another group of fighters armed with sabers stood at the entrance of a hall. A blast of energy sent six fighters flying into the hall knocking into a wall. Yeung Wing Chun lunged into the hall landing at the dais taking a seat on a raised chair. The fighters who were already shivering dropped to their knees laying down their weapons. The fighters started rehearsing a verse to worship Yeung Wing Chun. Chief Yeung the intelligent and invincible ruler of martial arts community eternally.
    Yeung Wing Chuns reign ended months ago, Yam Ying Ying walked into the hall with Ku Yim Yong escorting her from behind. Yeung Wing Chun clenched her fist, I should have killed you years ago. Yam Ying Ying started blushing, Awww my dearest chief, we were once very good friends. It was I who helped you to become leader of the cult. You had your days of glory it is now time to return the cult to me.
    Your martial art skills are not competent enough to overthrow me my Holy Lady, Yeung Wing Chun lunged into the air darting towards Yam Ying Ying. A figure clad in black soared to the front of Yam Ying Ying attacking Yeung Wing Chun with a series of palm strikes. Yeung Wing Chun deflected the strikes with her sleeves. The two of them exchanged over hundred stances before retreating to the back.
    Ling Wu Chung?!! It cant be!! Yeung Wing Chun swerved her arms summoning her inner energy as she prepares to launch another round of attacks. Ling Wu Chung clad a purple garment with makeup on his face did not say a word. He got to his position waiting for his opponent. Yeung Wing Chun sends out a series of swift and deadly palm strikes at him but he was able to evade and fend off every single move without much effort. His movements and inner energy level was equally matched.
    Not only is he alive but his martial arts skills has reached a much greater level, Yeung Wing Chun uttered to herself.
    After exchanging another fifty stances Yeung Wing Chun finally hurled both her arms to the side emitting a surge of energy that immobilize anything within the radius. Ling Wu Chung however was not affected by it. He waved his arm and hurled a flurry of energy blast at her. Yeung Wing Chun formed an impenetrable force field deflecting the blast. Ling Wu Chung used his other arm to send out a more forceful palm blast infiltrating the force field hitting Yeung Wing Chun on the shoulder. Yeung Wing Chun went flying backwards.
    Out from nowhere, Loh Sei Hoi soared to the area. He glided towards Yeung Wing Chun catching her with his arms and alighted on the floor. Ling Wu Chung slowly places her next to a pillar so that she could take a rest. He then turned to Ling Wu Chung attacking him with a series of forceful strikes. Ling Wu Chung swerved and weaved his arms deflecting his opponents strikes.
    Suddenly, Yam Ying Ying unsheathed a sword dashing towards Yeung Wing Chun. The sword pierced into Yeung Wing Chuns back, Yeung Wing Chun emitted a burst of energy from her body sending the sword out from her body and at the same time shoving Yam Ying Ying into a wall. She very quickly turned around and darted towards Yam Ying Ying hurling her palm at Yam Ying Yings forehead killing her on the spot.
    Meanwhile, Loh Sei Hoi and Ling Wu Chung continued their fierce battle exchanging over three hundred stances. Loh Sei Hoi channeled his inner energy to his palms hurling a blast of energy at Ling Wu Chungs direction. Ling Wu Chung formed an energy field containing the blast in the air before redirecting it back to his opponent. Loh Sei Hoi used his fingers to lash out an energy blast in the shape of a sword at the oncoming blast dispersing it into sparks.
    Before he knew it, Ling Wu Chung appeared behind him sending a palm strike to his back. Loh Sei Hoi stumbled forward crashing to the floor. If it wasnt for his high inner energy level cultivation he would have been killed by the strike.
    Finish them off! Ku Yim Yong stepped away from a pillar. Yeung Wing Chun glided towards Loh Sei Hoi grabbing him on the arm and escaped through the roof. Ling Wu Chung flew out through the shattered roof chasing after them,

    Both of them were badly injured. Yeung Wing Chun placed her arm around Loh Sei Hois shoulder as they glided gently through the air. It did not take long before Ling Wu Chung caught up with them. The couple alighted at the edge of a cliff. Yeung Wing Chun ran out of inner energy thus disabling her from descending to the bottom with her lightening skills.
    Looks like well die here Loh Sei Hoi coughed out a few drops of blood. Yeung Wing Chun turned to him looking into his eyes. As long as youre by my side it doesnt matter if I have to die here. Loh Sei Hoi slowly holds her hand.
    Ling Wu Chung summoned his inner energy and hurled a forceful palm blast at them sending them off the cliff. The two of them held each other tightly as they plunge to the bottom of the cliff.

    The following morning, Tungfang Bu Pai who was very worried about her sister searched every possible location trying to locate her. She leaped into the air soaring to the top of the Black Wood Cliff. There were dead bodies lying around the front entrance. Tungfang Bu Pai took a quick glance at one of the dead bodies. It was Wing Chun who killed them, she could tell by just doing a quick examination on a corpse to determine the cause of death.
    Two guards spotted her as they passed by the area. Tungfang Bu Pai went up to them hastily gripping both of them by the throat lifting them up from the floor. The two guards struggled in the air trying to catch their breath. If you let me know where Yeung Wing Chun is Ill consider sparing your lives! One of the guards gave her a fierce glare, Loh Sei Hoi and Yeung Wing Chun are both dead!!! Tungfang Bu Pais facial expression suddenly changed. She dropped both the guards to the floor insisting that the guard was lying. The both of them were badly injured and fell off from the cliff last night! Tungfang Bu Pai silenced the guard by throwing a palm blast to his body shattering all of his internal organs. The guard dropped his head to the floor lifeless. The other guard rushed up to his feet and ran back to into the fortress. Tungfang Bu Pai lets out a sorrowful cry sending out blast of energy from her body destroying any object within the radius.
    Soon, a large group of guards armed with sabers arrived at the scene surrounding her. Tungfang Bu Pai gave them a vicious glare. The guards lifted up their weapons charging at her. She glided in a circle deflecting her opponents saber by swerving and sweeping the extended clothes. It was very clear that the guards were no match against her. With the use of her inner energy, she swept the extended clothes at six guards face killing them instantly. The other guards continued to strike and slash her with their saber. Tungfang Bu Pai hurled needles out at them while performing a 360 degrees turn in the air. All the guards collapsed to the floor lying in pool of blood.
    The entire Black Wood Cliff was soon filled with dead bodies. Tungfang Bu Pai sat on the floor in the grand hall feeling helpless. She was feeling lost, a feeling that she has not had for years. Two elders of the Holy Sun Moon Cult made their way into the grand hall. They spotted Tungfang Bu Pais presence and immediately got to their knees to greet her. Tungfang Bu Pai returned to her feet staggering her way out of the grand hall disregarding the elders. She leaped into the air hastily gliding away from the scene.

    Three months have passed. A group of swordsmen hounded a young man to a cliff. The young man limped a few steps backwards. A swordsman unsheathed his weapon as he advanced towards the young man. You should not have sneaked around our school! he threw a kick into the young mans abdomen sending him crashing to the floor. The swordsman then stomped his foot onto the young mans injured leg.
    Who is it thats making so much noise?!! Tungfang Bu Pai glided out of a nearby cavern hastily hovering past them and landed on a twig. The swordsmen turned to her very quickly.
    Were just dealing with a brat who sneaked into our school so its none of your business, a swordsman spoke. Tungfang Bu Pai placed her hands on her waist, Which sect do you belong to? The young man rose from the floor. Hua Shan Sect! one of the swordsmen executed a turning back kick sending the young man back to the floor. The young man immediately leaped up from the ground reaching for a stick attacking them with a series of sword stances. Tungfang Bu Pai remained on the twig watching the brawl. She was still mourning the deaths of her loved ones and did not feel like interfering with other matters.
    The young mans offensive sword stances had no sequence or pattern but the swordsmen were not able cope with his pace. The young man defeated his enemies with total ease just by merely locating the weak areas of the particular skill he is fighting against and attacking it from there. He defeated his opponents without the use of internal energy and only using sword techniques.
    Dugu Nine Sword Stance Tungfang Bu Pai murmured. His sword skills level is at par with Ling Wu Chung. Could he be related to Fung Cheng Yong?
    One of the swordsmen lying on the floor sneakily hurled a poison dart at the young man. Tungfang Bu Pai very quickly responded by sending out a needle at the dart knocking it off course. The swordsmen rushed to their feet and started running away.
    Tungfang Bu Pai finally got off from the twig standing in front of the young man. She gave him a fierce gaze while bending next to him. Tell me who your martial arts master is! The young man thanked her for lending a helping hand, I dont have a master. Tungfang Bu Pai crossed her arms, There must be someone who taught you the Dugu 9 Sword Stance though you have zero inner energy. The young man could sense that she would not harm him decided to tell her the truth. He was an orphan it was Yau Chue Kei of the Chuen Zhan Sect who took him into the Chuen Zhan Sect but never once taught him martial arts. He acquired his sword fighting techniques from a martial arts expert whom he bumped into while wandering at a beautiful grassland in Fuzhou Province. The martial arts expert while drinking wine with him taught him some sword stances which had no sequence or pattern.
    How long ago was this? Tungfang Bu Pai asked curiously. Three years ago, the young man replied. The martial arts expert insisted that martial art brings one more trouble than peace thus he insisted not to teach me inner energy cultivation. He used to show up at the same grassland whenever it was full moon as that was the place where he met the most important person in his life. Someone who he hurt very badly and that hell never be able to forgive himself. Ive not seen him showing up for months already.
    Ling Wu was him who taught this person the Dugu Nine Sword Stance, Tungfang Bu Pai said to herself. It must be the same grassland where we had wine together for the first time.
    The young man then excused himself and left the scene. Tungfang Bu Pai advanced towards the young man in a speed of light standing in front of him. Whats your name? she asked casually. Ting Phang. Tungfang Bu Pai smiled at him for the first time.

    It has been years since Tungfang Bu Pai came to this grassland. It was rather windy that night and the moon was full. She glided gently over the grassland with a bottle of wine in her hand. The place has not changed a bit. She alighted in the middle sitting on the floor sipping some wine from the bottle. Flashbacks of her and Ling Wu Chung chatting while drinking ran through her mind. That was the best moments of her life. She spent the first half of her life chasing after fame and power but did not feel happy after attaining them. Her life started to become a little more meaningful after making acquaintance with Ling Wu Chung. His jovial and carefree personality attracted her attention. If it wasnt his filial obedience for his master they would have ended up together. The differences between the righteous clan and demonic cult separated them. Tungfang Bu Pai was more than willing to forego her position as leader of the Holy Sun Moon Cult just so that they could be together but the stubborn Ling Wu Chung who was unable to forego her past decided to break up with her. The disappointed Tungfang Bu Pai finally confined herself under the frozen lake.
    Tungfang Bu Pai pulled a jade flute out from her back playing a melancholic tune. Flash backs of the happy moments she had with Ling Wu Chung was running through her mind. Her eyes became watery as she continued to play the musical instrument.

    After the morning meal, the Chuen Zhan Sects students assembled in the southeastern plain, where they dueled with each other. Yau Chue Kei was not present, so his eldest student Chiu Zhi Kheng was in charge of the proceedings. The fourth generation students demonstrated their punches and kicks, then with swords and spears, after that they performed with projectiles and finally showed off their internal energy, with Chiu Zhi Kheng and the other third generation students in the group as the judges.
    Ting Phang was the last one to enter the sect out of all of them; he sat aside and watched. He saw students who were older than him, some who were about the same age as him and others elder demonstrate impressive skills, but he wasnt envious, instead he was full of hate. Chiu Zhi Kheng saw that something was up with him, and wanted to make a fool out of him again, and so waited for two Taoists to finish competing with projectiles and then called out, Come here Ting Phang!
    Ting Phang stopped for a second and thought, You havent taught me an ounce of martial arts, why are you calling me out? Chiu Zhi Kheng called out again, Ting Phang, come here now!
    Ting Phang had no choice but to walk to where they were sitting, and then made a bow and greeted his seniors.
    Chiu Zhi Kheng pointed out to the Taoist in the arena who had just won and said, Hes only a few years older than you; you go and compete with him.
    Ting Phang said, I do not know any martial arts, how can I compete with apprentice brother?
    Chiu Zhi Kheng scolded him, Ive taught you for half a year, how can you say you dont know any martial arts? What have you been doing for the last few months?
    Ting Phang had nothing to say and hung his head.

    Many people at the arena were pushing him to compete, some were saying harsh words to get at him, he couldnt control his anger and made a decision and thought, Today, Im not going to care what happens to me. He then jumped into the arena, and moved his arms, running straight into the other student. The student was shocked that Ting Phang didnt show any respect for the opponent, and was not following the sects rules by politely requesting a duel. He saw that Ting Phang was running around and fighting like a madman, he was surprised and moved back a few steps. Ting Phang had already decided to disregard his own life and ferociously attacked, every step going forward. The student moved a few steps back and saw that Ting Phangs lower body was unstable, he slanted his body and threw a kick sweeping Ting Phangs leg. Ting Phang didnt know how to dodge, he couldnt stay upright and fell down on the ground, hitting his nose and blood flowed.

    The other students started laughing at him. Ting Phang flipped around and picked himself up, he didnt wipe the blood away; he dropped his head and jumped at the student. The student saw Ting Phang jumping at him and dodged to the side. Ting Phang did not use any martial arts skills, he reached with his two arms, and grabbed the opponents left leg. The student sent his right palm onto his opponents shoulder. The more he suffered, the more ferocious he became, he head butted the opponents right leg. The students leg became unsteady and he was forced onto the ground. Ting Phang whirled his fist and ferociously struck his opponents head. The student slumped onto the floor unconscious.
    Another student went to check on his classmate only to find him motionless. Oh no hes not breathing!
    Ting Phang knew he was in trouble. He picked himself up and ran away. The Taoists were too busy with battered students life without noticing that Ting Phang had slipped away. Chiu Zhi Kheng was startled and angry, and shouted out, Ting Phang! How could you do this?
    The other students turned around but didnt see Ting Phang. Chiu Zhi Kheng instructed them to capture Ting Phang.

    Ting Phang who suffered some minor injuries himself did not pay attention to where he was heading for. He just ran and eventually chose to dive into a forest. After a while, he heard shouts behind him, everyone was calling out for his name from all directions. He became nervous and started running away again. He felt someone was in front of him, a swordsman had seen him and came after him. Ting Phang quickly turned around.
    Suddenly, someone laugh coldly from behind, Ting Phang was startled and turned around, his heart jumped out of his mouth, as he saw a man with deep brows and flared eyes, a beard hanging to his chest, it was Chiu Zhi Kheng.
    The two stared at each other for several minutes; during this time they did not move an inch. Ting Phang suddenly shouted and turned around to run away. Chiu Zhi Kheng went forward and stretched out his arm grabbing Ting Pang by his chest. Ting Phang jumped forward and it was lucky he gained a few inches and managed to escape his clutches. He then picked up a rock, and flung it backwards with all his strength. Zhao Zhijing swerved to the side, he increased his speed and the distance between the two closed. Ting Pang ran madly for about twenty steps, and saw a deep ditch in front of him and threw his body forward.
    Chiu Zhi Kheng ran to the steep ditch and looked on, he saw Ting Phang rolling through the grass down the slope, and eventually into a cluster of trees. From where he was standing to the bottom was about sixty or seventy feet, he didnt dare jump down. He quickly ran down the grassy slope. He saw the trail of flattened grass left heading into the forest, but he didnt see a trace of Ting Phang. As he went deeper it became tighter, eventually so dense that light was shut out. He went forward for about one hundred feet. Suddenly, a shadowy figure burst from the dark hitting Chiu Zhi Khengs shoulder with a forceful palm strike sending him flying back to the top of the ditch. Chiu Zhi Kheng collapsed to the floor feeling numb. He fell unconscious seconds later.
    Ting Phang had fallen down the hill and rolled into the forests long grass passing out. The shadowy figure carried him up disappearing into the dark.

    A group of swordsmen from the Chuen Zhan Sect arrived at the forest shortly. Yau Chue Kei, the senior disciple of the sect was in charge of the search for Ting Phang. They reached the bottom of the hill standing outside a cavern.
    A bunch of grown-ups bullying a young man, how heroic is that? a female voice came out from the cavern.
    Yau Chue Kei moved closer towards the tavern. This young man is a disciple of the Chuen Zhan Sect, we would appreciate if you can return him to us, he expressed politely.
    I saw his wounds. Returning him to you might cause him to lose his life. Doubt I can do that, the female voice responded.
    He is extremely disobedient and mischievous. He showed no respect for his seniors, and broke the rules of our sect. We need to bring him back for judgment, Yau Chue Kei added.
    As long as Im here no one is allowed to take him away, the female snapped.
    Four swordsmen rushed into the cavern looking for Ting Phang. A burst of energy coming from the cavern sent all the four swordsmen flying outwards. Yau Chue Kei strides into the cavern with his swift movements. A dark figure seated on the floor hurled several palm blasts at him. Yau Chue Kei dodged the blasts by running on the walls. He leaped off from the wall somersaulting towards the dark figure while unsheathing a long sword. The dark figure caught hold of the sword bare handed snapping it apart, hurling a broken piece to Yau Chue Keis direction. The broken metal pierced through his shoulder forcing him to retreat to the back.
    Tungfang Bu Pai held Ting Phang on her back glided out of the cavern disappearing into the dark skies. The swordsmen ran after them from behind.
    After soaring a certain distance, the dark figure alighted on a grassland. The swordsmen caught up shortly surrounding them. They dashed towards her waving their sabers. Tungfang Bu Pai moved around to avoid the attacks swerving her arm fending off the swords with her fingers. She made no effort to retaliate.
    Yau Chue Kei reached the scene shortly. His juniors were busy battling their opponent.
    Tungfang Bu Pai gripped her opponents weapons with her bare hands; twisted it and broke it apart. She dumped the broken metal pieces to the floor and sent a surge of energy blasts at the swordsmen knocking them to the floor.
    Yau Chue Kei dashed towards her hurling a forceful palm blasts at her direction. Tungfang Bu Pai returned a swift burst of energy blast from her palm shattering her opponents blast into flames.
    Yau Chue Kei executed a series of swift palm strikes. Tungfang Bu Pai used her palms to fend off all the attacks before treading right in front of him pointing a needle at his throat. Yau Chue Kei became still lowering his arms.
    If you want to live youd better get lost now! Tungfang Bu Pai warned them.
    Seeing that he was no match against Tungfang Bu Pai, Yau Chue Kei instructed his disciples to retreat from the scene.

    Three days has passed. Ting Phang slowly regained conscious climbing up from a bed. He was feeling much better. He exited the room stepping into a garden.
    Youre awake, Tungfang Bu Pai lazed on a slab enjoying a bottle of wine.
    Ting Phang gave her a bow, Thanks for saving my life once more.
    Tungfang Bu Pai took another sip of wine, Call it coincidence. I was sightseeing and decided to take a rest in this secluded place. How come those Chuen Zhan Sect people were trying to hurt you?
    Those animals abused me and forced me to compete with other disciples. Theyve never once taught me any sort of martial arts either! How dare they claim themselves to be part of the orthodox clan! he clenched his fist.
    Tungfang Bu Pai lets out a loud laughter, Just because a Demon Cult is labeled as evil, that doesnt mean everyone is evil, same as what they call the orthodox sect. Not everyone there is as good as they say, some may be just as evil.
    There is no orthodox or unorthodox. Only the strong will be the true victor. I want to be the strongest in the martial arts community! Ting Phang spoke.
    Tungfang Bu Pai hits the slab, Awesome! Ill help to you reach your goal!
    Ting Phang kneeled in front of her and called her master. Tungfang Bu Pai pulls him up from the floor. Calling me master makes me look so old. Our age difference isnt that much. From this day on you can call me sister. I have two younger sisters but never had a younger brother.
    I was an orphan from the day I was born and never had anyone caring for me. Youre the only person whos nice to me. He bowed at Tungfang Bu Pai calling her sister.

    They stayed on in the ancient tomb as Tungfang Bu Pai imparted basic inner energy cultivation skills Ting Phang. She used her inner energy to help him free up all his meridian system, thus enabling him to master martial art skills at a much faster pace. Ting Phang was a fast learner with extreme wit and intelligence in him. It only takes him a day to completely understand and master a martial art skill.

    Tungfang Bu Pai strolled along a corridor making her way into an isolated chamber. There were three coffins in the chamber. She looked around the chamber trying to find information about the origins of the ancient tomb. She soon noticed the ceiling covered with writings, carvings and symbols; on the far right were written the words Siu Yiu Sects Greatest Martial Arts. Divine Art of North Darkness was the first technique introduced. This martial art technique allows the practitioner to absorb another persons internal energy and use it for him/herself. After reading a portion of the writings Tungfang Bu Pai sat on the top of a coffin byherself. Yam Ngo Hangs Art of Star Absorption was only a portion of the Divine Art of North Ming. He was unable to synergize the different streams of energy absorbed because he missed out the most important portion, an inner energy cultivation art that fuses diverse inner energy streams into one. She went on to read the other writings on the ceiling and discovering the mystical powers of the Siu Yiu Sects martial art cultivation.
    Siu Yiu Sect was a very secluded sect of carefree, bright, pretty people who are neither good nor evil. The sects top martial arts include Divine Art of Northen Darkness, Graceful Steps upon the Waves, Six Solar Palms of TianShan, Plum Breaking Hand of TianShan, and Art of Eternal Youth of Never Ageing.
    One mountain is higher than another mountain. You think you are good, but theres always somebody else whos better. Also it may be that one should be humble enough to realize that even though you may be good, you can never assume that you are the best theres bound to be another person who can out-do you, Tungfang Bu Pai lets out a long sigh after finish reading everything on the ceiling. She once thought of herself as the greatest martial artists and there was no one who could defeat her but all thoughts changed after reading the writings and carvings on the ceiling.
    Ting Phang who was searching all over the place looking for her showed up in the isolated chamber. Tungfang Bu Pai puts her hands behind her, Ting Phang, this is your chance to be the top martial artist. She was referring to the mystical Siu Yiu martial art skills engraved on the ceiling. She intended to impart all the skills on the ceiling to him.
    While explaining and guiding Ting Phang, Tungfang Bu Pai inadvertently acquired the skills herself pushing her martial art cultivation to a greater level. The two of them spent a month understanding and acquiring every single skill in details. Normally it would take years for one to master one art but due to their intelligence and fast learning capabilities it only took them a month to master all the Siu Yiu Sects martial arts skills.

    A group of swordsmen stood outside the ancient tomb. Yau Chue Kei who seemed to have fully recovered from his injury demanded Ting Phang to return to the sect. Just then, two shadowy figures leaped out of the ancient tomb landing in front of the swordsmen.
    Ting Phang crossed his arms, Yau Chue Kei, if you leave now I may consider sparing your life.
    Yau Chue Kei clenched his fists in anger, How could you be so rude to your senior?!!
    Ting Phang looking extremely confident laughed out loud, If I had no respect for you youd be dead by now.
    Chiu Zhi Kheng unsheathed his sword and stepped forward, Let me teach him a lesson!
    Tungfang Bu Pai stood at a corner watching them while enjoying a bottle of wine in her hand.
    Chiu Zhi Kheng waved his sword dangerously thrusting it towards his target. Ting Phang sent his palm into the sword tip breaking it into pieces with a single strike. He used his other arm to send another palm strike at Chiu Zhi Khengs shoulder sending him flying backwards.
    Your martial art skills have improved tremendously, Yau Chue Kei expressed. He drifted towards Ting Phang throwing a series of palm and fist strikes at him. Ting Phangs martial art skills may have improved but his inner energy strength was still not comparable to Yau Chue Kei who has been cultivating inner energy for a longer duration. Yau Chue Kei knocked Ting Phangs arm to the side and very quickly returned three consecutive palm strikes to his chest. Ting Phang went flying backwards knocking into a rock.
    Tungfang Bu Pai went up to Ting Phang helping him up from the floor. Ting Phang spitted drops out blood out. Yau Chue Kei unfolded his sleeves instructing his disciples to take Ting Phang back to the Chuen Zhan Sects school.
    Did you even ask my permission? Tungfang Bu Pai in moved up to Yau Chue Kei at a high speed sending a single palm strike to his chest throwing emitting a burst of energy into his body shattering his internal organs. Yau Chue Kei flew backwards crashing to the floor coughing out a mouthful of blood and died on the spot.
    Seeing that their senior was dead the other Chuan Zhen Sect members turned around and started fleeing from the scene.

    Tungfang Bu Pai channeled her inner energy into Ting Phangs body healing his injured internal organs. Streams of energy circled the two of them. Tungfang Bu Pai withdrew her palms from his back hours later. Ting Phang regained conscious coughing out a mouthful of blood. He slowly turned around giving Tungfang Bu Pai a bow.
    Your injuries are not very serious. Youll be able to recuperate in a couple of days, Tungfang Bu Pai remained seated with her legs crossed rejuvenating her own inner energy.

    Two men accompanied Wong Chung Yong to the hallway. Yau Chue Keis body was lying at the hall surrounded by a group of disciples. Wong Chung Yong crouched beside his disciples body in shock.
    It was Ting Phang and the demonic girl who killed Elder Yau, Chiu Zhi Kheng said.

    A dozen of swordsmen reappeared at the entrance of the ancient tomb. Wong Chung Yong stood at the front entrance greeting the occupant of the tomb. The tomb was silent. Wong Chung Yong pressed his palm onto the stone doors pushing it open.
    Suddenly, a burst of energy came out from the doorway. Wong Chung Yong used his swift movements to dodge the blast.
    Tungfang Bu Pai soared out of the tomb treading towards Wong Chung Yong exchanging stances with him without saying a word. He was amazed with the superiority of her martial art skills. He never thought that young girl like her would possess such mystical inner energy. Her quick and deadly strikes forced Wong Chung Yong into a defensive stance. His martial art skills and inner energy level was formidable but it was no match against the invincible Tungfang Bu Pai who was already a great martial artist even at a very young age. After exchanging more than fifty stances Tungfang Bu Pai sent her palm into Wong Chung Yongs palm shoving him backwards. Wong Chung Yong admitted defeat and gives her a polite bow.
    May I know which clan are you from? he was still trying to figure out her identity.
    I dont belong to any clan or group, Tungfang Bu Pai insisted. She lost interests in the martial arts community matters a long time ago and was not going to get herself involve again. As long as you leave Ting Phang alone Ill not hurt any of you.
    Wong Chung Yong could tell that she meant no harm and that she was only protecting mischievous Ting Phang. Since he was not able to defeat her he finally agreed to leave them alone.

    On the same night, a group of martial artist clad in black wearing face masks arrived at the Chuen Zhan Sect. The six elders of the sect confronted the uninvited guests at a courtyard.
    Four masked men lowered a sedan chair to the floor. Ku Yim Yong stepped out of the sedan chair waving the hand fan. I heard that the Chuen Zhan Sect has captured my deputy. Im here to bail him, Ku Yim Yong spoke in a feminine tone.
    Wong Chung Yong turned to Mah Yuk, his most senior disciple. Mah Yuk nodded his head, We caught a member of the demonic cult at a nearby village days ago.
    Ku Yim Yong closed his hand fan gripping it tightly, If you return him to me Ill consider sparing your entire clan.
    Mah Yuk who got agitated by his arrogance reached for the handle of his sword. Ku Yim Yong lets out a cold smile.
    Ling Wu Chung leaped to the scene appearing in front of Mah Yuk. He hurled a palm strike into Mah Yuks chest before returning to his standing position. His movements were so swift that it left trailing images. Mah Yuk dropped to his left knee spitting out a few drops of blood.
    Master Wong, I hate to see blood spilling everywhere. Release my deputy and Ill pretend nothing happened here tonight, Ku Yim Yong added.
    Wong Chung Yong who never once gave in to forces of evil insisted that he will not release the person whom he was holding captive.
    Ku Yim Yong soared back into the sedan chair, Kill them all!
    Ling Wu Chung dashed toward Wong Chung Yong executing a series of sword stances. Wong Chung Yong drew a long sword retaliating his opponents attacks. Ling Wu Chungs sword strikes had no sequence or pattern but each strike was swift and deadly. Wong Chung Yong who was a great swordsman himself started losing ground. Ling Wu Chung swerved his sword across his opponents arm amputating his hand. Wong Chung Yongs right hand fell to the ground with the sword in his grasp. He clenched his wound staggering to the back. Ling Wu Chung pointed his sword outwards darting towards Wong Chung Yong cutting through his body. Blood splattered all over the floor as Wong Chung Yongs torn up body fell to the ground lying in a pool of blood.
    The other Chuen Zhan Sect disciples gave a startle cry. Ling Wu Chung sprinted towards them diagonally slashing their throats with the sword in his hand. All of them sprawled to the floor motionlessly.
    Hail Chief Ku! The intelligent and invincible master of the martial arts community! the masked men cheered.
    Ku Yim Yong lets out a giggled, One orthodox clan down. The masked men searched the premise looking for their deputy shortly.

    Tungfang Bu Pai sat on a twig playing the flute. She noticed smoke coming from the Chung Nam Mountain direction. Something must have happened to the Chuen Zhan Sect She was reluctant to find out what was going on refraining herself from getting involve with martial arts matters.

    Wan Zhi Ping of the Chuen Zhan Sect together with his four other companions ran through a narrow route through the forest. A dozen of masked men armed with sabers were chasing after them. One of the masked men alighted in front of them waving his saber at them dangerously. Wan Zhi Ping tilted his body sideways to evade the attack before returning a sword strike to his attackers chest killing him on the spot.
    Ling Wu Chung arrived at the area moments later. He caught Wan Zhi Pings arm and twisted it. Wan Zhi Ping dropped his sword to the floor. Ling Wu Chung sent a forceful palm strike to his chest, emitting a blast of energy into his body that shattered all his internal organs. Wan Zhi Ping dropped to his knees and became motionless.
    The other Chuen Zhan Sect members turned around running to another direction. Ling Wu Chung hurled a stack of needles at them sending it into the back of their heads. All the four Chuen Zhan Sect members slumped to the floor dying instantly.

    Ting Phang who was on his way to buy some wine bumped into them. Eight masked men immediately started attacking him. Ting Phang treaded around them pressing his fingers onto their acupuncture points paralyzing them temporarily.
    Ling Wu Chung confronted Ting Phang hurling a needle at him. Ting Phang who has improved his martial arts skills lately saw the oncoming projectile used his fingers to flicker a beam of energy at it sending it into a tree trunk.
    Big brother Ling Wu? Ting Phang was delighted to see his old acquaintance once more. Ling Wu Chung who did not seem to remember him executed another attack. Ting Phang moved to the side evading his attacks. He had no intention of retaliating. Ling Wu Chung unsheathed a sword and started to execute the Dugu 9 Sword Stance.
    A shadowy figure glided to the scene catches the sword and breaks it apart before hurling a palm strike to Ling Wu Chungs shoulder sending him to the back. Tungfang Bu Pai dropped the broken metal piece to the floor. Ling Wu Chung? Youre alive! She was about to run up to him, Ting Phang grabs her by the shoulder holding her back. Something is not right with him
    Ling Wu Chung drew another stack of needles hurling it at them. Tungfang Bu Pai retaliated by returning the same number of needles to the oncoming projectiles. The projectiles collided into each and exploded in the air. Tungfang Bu Pai shoots a beam of energy at Ling Wu Chung blocking his acupuncture points paralyzing him.
    He has mastered the Sunflower Manual, Tungfang Bu Pais jaw dropped wide open. Ting Phang could tell something was not right with Ling Wu Chung but couldnt not tell exactly was it was till his master said it out. Yes. His appearance seems rather feminine as well.
    The other masked men tried to run from the scene. Ting Phang very quickly appeared in front of them knocking all of them to the floor with a series of swift palm strikes.
    Weve no idea what happened to Deputy Ling Wu Chung a masked man said. Tungfang Bu Pai gripped the mans throat with her fingers. You better tell me the truth or Ill kill you right here!
    The man struggled for air, I really dont know what happened to himAll I know is that he killed Chief Yeung and Loh Sei Hoi months ago up at the Black Woods Cliff
    Tungfang Bu Pai immediately lets go off the masked man stumbling a few steps to the back. Ting Phang catches her by the arm. It was Ling Wu Chung who killed Wing Chun and Loh Sei Hoi her eyes became watery.
    A large group of masked men soon escorted Ku Yim Yong to the ancient tomb. Six of them stood at the front of the doorway waiting for instructions. Ku Yim Yong hurled a palm blast at the door shattering it into pieces. The masked men drew their sabers charging into the tomb. An explosion went off the moment one of them hit a string below them.
    Ku Yim Yong who was waiting outside was startled by the explosion. Seeing that it was a trap he fled from the scene immediately.

    A strong gust of wind swept the entrance way knocking the surrounding guards off their feet. Tungfang Bu Pai glided into the fortress with Ting Phang by her side. A dozen of masked men armed with sabers rushed to the corridor confronting the two intruders.
    Tungfang Bu Pai stood at the top of a dragon sculpture giving them a fierce glare. Some of them could recognize her while other did not know who she was. Those who knew her got to their knees. Hail Chief Tungfang the intelligent and invincible leader of the martial arts community!

    Ngok Ah Khuan rushed into a chamber at the end of the fortress. Ku Yim Yong was stitching a fine art inside the chamber. Ngok Ah Khuan gave him a bow, ChiefTungfang Bu Pai has arrived at the cliff.
    Ku Yim Yong lets go of the needle and rose from his seat. Shes still alive huh?
    Ngok Ah Khuan lowered his head, There are still some members who has great respect for her too
    The chamber doors swung open. Tungfang Bu Pai leaped into the room but there was no one around. Ku Yim Yong and his henchman fled through a secret passage inside the chamber. Ting Phang threw a kick at a bed, Looks like were late.

    A masked man entered the hall and got to his knees, Weve searched the surroundings of the cliff but could not locate Chief Yeung.
    Tungfang Bu Pai lazed on a raised chair holding on to a hairband, Continue to search the area. Dont come back if you cant find them.
    Ting Phang who was sitting at the bottom remained silent. He finally got up from his seat and took a walk at the backyard.

    Youre not use to me act like this? Tungfang Bu Pai stepped into the backyard.
    Ting Phang puts a smile on his face, Ive spent most of my time living alone guess Ill need more time to adapt to this.
    Tungfang Bu Pai pats him on the shoulder, You dont need to do so. Well be leaving once Ive located my sister and Loh Sei Hoi dead or alive. I gave up being the leader of the cult a long time ago and do not intend to change my mind.

    Meanwhile, at a nearby fishing village an elderly looking beggar could a strong fragrant scent coming from a hut. He treaded into the hut, Is the roast chicken ready?
    Yeung Wing Chun carried a plate of roast chicken out from the kitchen.
    This little brat does have good cooking skills, he commented.
    Yeung Wing Chun placed the plate onto a table, If Chat Kung still calls me a brat Im going to stop cooking.
    Hung Chat Kung apologized to her immediately. His overindulgence in fine cuisine would not allow him to enrage the young Yeung Wing Chun.
    Looks like youve fully restored your inner energy, Hung Chat Kung pressed his fingers onto Yeung Wing Chuns wrist examining her pulse.
    Yeung Wing Chun looked into a room at the end of the hut. Her eyes became watery, I wish he would be able to fully recover as well.

    Yeung Wing Chun held Loh Sei Hoi by the arm helping him to sit on a wheelchair. She pushed the wheelchair out of the hut. Loh Sei Hoi takes in a deep breath, Nothing like being out here.
    Yeung Wing Chun kneeled beside the wheelchair, If it wasnt for me you would not be on the wheelchair
    Loh Sei Hoi caresses her hair, If I get to choose again Id do it again. I will not allow the woman I love to get hurt. Yeung Wing Chun gives him a hug.
    Hung Chat Kung brought a bottle of wine out from the hut. He filled three cups with wine handing two to the couple. Losing your legs but regaining the woman of your life. Big sacrifice but well worth it?
    Yes. I like this peaceful carefree life, Loh Sei Hoi added.
    Yeung Wing Chun leans at the side of the wheelchair putting her arm around Loh Sei Hois shoulder, Empire and fame is nothing compared to true love.
    Hung Chat Kung took a sip of wine, Love is the true strength in the martial arts community.
    I wasted so much time chasing after fame but was unhappy even after achieving it, Yeung Wing Chun sighed. Im sure big sister felt the same thing. She turned to Loh Sei Hoi looking into his eyes as she started to miss her sister.
    Loh Sei Hoi puts his hand on her hand, Im sure she misses us too. Its time for us to be on our way to look for her.

    A dozen of masked men appeared at a forest. Ku Yim Yong and Ngok Ah Khuan ran over a row of trees trying to lose them.
    Ku Yim Yong if you surrender now well consider sparing your life! a masked man said.
    Ku Yim Yong pulls a flute out from his back playing a demonic tune. The masked men paused for a second.
    Ling Wu Chung leaped out from the bushes soaring towards the masked men. He unsheathed a sword sending out a beam of energy to the masked mens throat killing all of them instantly. He then went up to Ku Yim Yong bowing at him.

    We were unable to deal with young master Ling Wu, a masked man reported. Tungfang Bu Pai dismissed the masked men. She rose from the raised chair holding a hairband on her hand.

    A blast of energy swept ten commoners off their feet sending them flying off their feet. Ling Wu Chung glides towards another teenage girl and grabs her by the throat snapping it with his fingers. The teenage girl slumped to the floor motionless.
    Ling Wu Chung then lunged into the air soaring towards another group of commoners who were running for their lives. He alighted in front of them hurling a stack of needles at them. The needles burst towards the commoners piercing into their foreheads killing them on the spot.
    Tungfang Bu Pai stood on a roof top watching him slaughtering the commoners in disbelief. The sudden change in his behavior was very shocking. He hated the fact that I would slaughter anyone whenever I felt like it. I must find a way to cure him...
    A surge of energy surrounds Ling Wu Chung as he darts through an elderly lady ripping the elderly ladys body apart. Tungfang Bu Pai finally leaped off from the roof advancing towards Ling Wu Chung. They started exchanging forceful stances in the air. Tungfang Bu Pai unsheathed a waist band from her sleeve executing a series of sword stances with it. Her moves sparked a series of flashbacks that went through his mind. Ling Wu Chung alighted to the back standing on a twig trying to recollect his past. Tungfang Bu Pai noticed his reaction and continues to perform the sword stances hoping to help him regain his memory.
    A demonic tune broke the serene ambience. Ling Wu Chung summoned his inner energy firing a stack of needles at Tungfang Bu Pais direction. Tungfang Bu Pai sent out another stack of needles to the oncoming projectiles. Her needles knocked into his needles splitting it apart progressing towards Ling Wu Chung. All of a sudden, Tungfang Bu Pai used her inner energy to redirect the needles to a tree. She had no intentions of killing him.
    Ling Wu Chung sent surges of inner energy to a row of trees, uprooting it from the ground sending it towards her. Tungfang Bu Pai hurled blasts of energy beams at the trees destroying it into flames. Her martial art skills have already reached its highest level there was no way Ling Wu Chung would stand a chance against her even though he was also an expert in the Sunflower Manual and the Shaolin Sects Art of Altering Tendon.
    Ling Wu Chung treaded towards her sending his palm to her shoulder. Tungfang Bu Pai thrusts her fingers into his palm. An inner energy competition immediately broke out. Ling Wu Chung unleashed the Art of Star Absorption trying to absorb his opponents inner energy. Tungfang Bu Pai pulls back her arm and returns a palm strike sending Ling Wu Chung to the back. She could have retaliated with the Divine Art of North Darkness but she did not. Ling Wu Chung leaped up from the floor and unsheathed a long sword. Tungfang Bu Pai moved to the side evading the sword, grabbing his wrist and twisted it. Ling Wu Chung dropped the sword to the floor. Tungfang Bu Pai appeared behind him pressing her fingers onto his back blocking his acupuncture points.

    Yeung Wing Chun glided out of the bushes holding Ku Yim Yong by the back. She dropped him to the floor and alighted on a pole. Tungfang Bu Pai lets out a smile. Yeung Wing Chun puts her hands on her waist, Ku Yim Yong! You betrayed me and appointed yourself as leader of the Holy Sun Moon Cult. You should recall the punishment for treason.
    Ku Yim Yong leaped up from the floor hurling three needles at his target. Yeung Wing Chun sent her inner powers at the needles holding it in the air, sending it into a wall.
    Your Sunflower Manual mastery seems pretty shallow, Yeung Wing Chun uttered.
    Ting Phang pushing a wheelchair with Loh Sei Hoi sitting on it reached the scene shorly. Tungfang Bu Pai rushed towards them taking a quick look at Loh Sei Hois legs.
    Im lucky to be alive, he pats her hand smiling.

    Ku Yim Yong twirled his flute playing a demonic tune.
    Ling Wu Chung summoned his inner energy and unblocked his acupuncture points charging towards them.
    Yeung Wing Chun swept her extended clothes attacking Ling Wu Chung with a series of strikes. Ling Wu Chung reached for a short sword from his back twirling it dangerously tearing the extended clothes into pieces. He then hurled a swift forceful palm strike at his opponent. Yeung Wing Chun emitted a surge of energy at him immobilizing him temporarily. She raised her hands getting ready to finish him off.
    Tungfang Bu Pai grabbed Yeung Wing Chun by the shoulder pulling her backwards, Dont kill him!
    Ling Wu Chung once again unfreezes himself with his inner energy channeling all of it into his hands hurling his palms at the two sisters. Ting Phang treaded towards them standing in front of the two sisters. Ling Wu Chungs palm struck Ting Phangs chest emitting a surge of energy into his body. Ting Phang spitted a mouthful of blood out splaterring it all over Ling Wu Chungs face.
    Yeung Wing Chun treaded towards Ling Wu Chung lifting up a short sword from the floor slashing Ling Wu Chungs arms and legs. Ling Wu Chung dropped onto his knees flying flat on the floor. All his tendons were cut off.
    Tungfang Bu Pai grabs Ting Phang from the back, Ting Phang! You didnt have to do this!
    Ting Phangs eyes became teary, Since the day I was born theres never been anyone.who has treated me as nice as you. Using mylife to exchange for yours is well worth it.
    Yeung Wing Chun quickly placed both her palms onto Ting Phangs back channeling her inner energy into his body.
    Ku Yim Yong made use of the commotion to flee from the scene.
    Out of nowhere, a blast of energy came towards him knocking his forehead. Ku Yim Yong lost his balance and collapsed to the floor motionless. Hung Chat Kung ran over a row of tree before landing in front of him. Better late than never! he clenched his fist.

    Ping Yat Zhi exited a room with his head down. Tungfang Bu Pai walks up to him asking about Ting Phangs condition. All his internal organs have been damaged. If it wasnt for his high inner energy level he would have been dead by now. He should have another month left
    Yeung Wing Chun grabbed Ping Yat Zhi by the throat, If he dies so will you!
    Please dont trouble Doctor Ping a weak voice came out from the room.
    Tungfang Bu Pai rushed into the room bending beside a bed. She held Ting Phangs hand, Ill not let you die!
    Loh Sei Hoi pushed the wheelchair towards the room stopping at the entrance. Yeung Wing Chun stood behind him shedding a drop of tear as she looked her worried sister.

    Tungfang Bu Pai and Ting Phang appeared at the top of a cliff. Ting Phang rested on a rock while Tungfang Bu Pai played a melodious tune on a zither.
    Never knew that you are such a talented musician, he smiled.
    Tungfang Bu Pai lifts her hands up from the zither moving up to him, If you want I can play it for you daily.
    Ting Phang pats Tungfang Bu Pais cheek, Since I dont have much time left I guess I should reveal whats been buried deep inside my heart for a long time now. Youre more than a martial art sister to me. Ever since we met and got to know each other better there hasnt been a day that I dont think about you. I know its against rituals for a student to be in love with his mentorbut since Im going to die I guess theres no harm revealing my feelings.
    Tungfang Bu Pais eyes became watery, I took you in as my apprentice because you seem different and I felt comfortable being with you. Im not a good girlfriend; I bring bad luck to those who love me.
    Ting Phang smiled, As long as I get to be loved by you I dont mind having bad fortune. He kissed her on the cheek right after.

    Three masked men led Yeung Wing Chun into a cell. Ling Wu Chung was chained to a wall. Yeung Wing Chun gave him a vicious stare. I dont even know why big sister refuses to let me finish you off. A mindless animal like you dont deserve to live at all.
    Wing Chun Tungfang Bu Pai stepped into the cell. The three masked men bowed at Tungfang Bu Pai as they greeted her.
    Yeung Wing Chun led the three men out of the cell leaving her sister with Ling Wu Chung by themselves.
    Ling Wu Chung was conscious but hasnt said a word all this while.
    Ping Yat Zhi arrived shortly, Ling Wu Chung has been poisoned by some sort of toxic causing him to lose his memory and only pays attention to certain noises. I also detected traces of Devious Mind Infestation in his blood stream.
    Devious Mind Infestation? It must have been Ku Yim Yong who poisoned him. Up till today theres no antidote for Devious Mind Infestation either, Tungfang Bu Pai lets out a long sigh. She dropped a tear into a bottle of wine. This also means that the moment Devious Mind Infestation becomes active on the 14th of the month Ling Wu Chung will die of poisoning.
    Isnt tomorrow the 14th? Tungfang Bu Pais facial expression changed.

    Later, Tungfang Bu Pai gave Ling Wu Chung some wine to drink. After finishing a bowl, he started to become mindful calling out Tungfang Bu Pais name.
    Ling Wu Chung? You regained your memory!! she rushed up to him giving him a hug.
    The wine after mixing with Tungfang Bu Pais tear created another kind of wind that had an effect on Ling Wu Chungs senses.
    Ling Wu Chung felt the numbness all over his body. He was not able to lift himself up from the floor. I know what Ive been doing all this while but I just couldnt control myself he started to weep.
    Yeung Wing Chun helped Ting Phang the cell, Doctor Ping has told us everything. It was Yam Ying Ying and Ku Yim Yongs fault.
    My biggest mistake was to abandon young lady Tungfang and fall for Ying Ying. Maybe I dont deserve to be with a great lady like her. Damage has been done theres no turning back, Ling Wu Chung looked into Tungfang Bu Pais eyes,: Ling Wu Chung continued.

    It was passed midnight. Ling Wu Chung and Tungfang Bu Pai were resting at the edge of the Black Woods Cliff enjoying the night scenery. Ling Wu Chung suddenly had a bad headache. It was like a dozen of worms biting his brain. He yelled in misery while sitting on the floor. Tungfang Bu Pais heart started aching as she watched him suffer. There was nothing she could do to ease his pain.
    Yeung Wing Chun treaded towards Ling Wu Chung while raising her arm up to the air. Tungfang Bu Pai immediately stopped her by getting in her way.
    We both know theres no cure for Devious Mind Infestation. Do you want to see him suffer a misery death? Yeung Wing Chun tried to contain her emotions.
    Shes right Ling Wu Chung rolled all over the floor in pain. Lady TungfangI hope you can do me a last favor
    Tungfang Bu Pai shook her head as her eyes became teary. If you still treat me as your good friendI hope you can do this for me Ling Wu Chung could barely take the pain in his head any longer. Tungfang Bu Pai clenched her fist but very quickly loosened it. Yeung Wing Chun lets out a long sigh and swerved her arm in the air.
    Suddenly, Tungfang Bu Pai grabbed Ling Wu Chung by the waist pulling him up into the air. The both of them glided gently in the air as the cold breeze came blowing at them.
    Thank you so much Ling Wu Chung looks at her with a smile on his face. A dagger was stuck in his abdomen.
    Tungfang Bu Pai shook her head, It really hurts my heart to do this.
    I found the true meaning of love from you but never knew how to appreciate ithopefully we can meet again in the next life and I can be nicer to you.
    Tungfang Bu Pai pats Ling Wu Chung on the forehead as she continues to shake her head,
    Ling Wu Chung lets out his last breath falling to his death shedding a tear with his eyes closed.

    The following morning, Tungfang Bu Pai bowed at a gravestone at a grassland. Yeung Wing Chun, Loh Sei Hoi, and Ting Phang also paid their last respect to the deceased Ling Wu Chung. Yeung Wing Chun embraced her elder sister, Hell be watching you from up there. Tungfang Bu Pai sat on a stone playing a solemn tune with the zither.

    The sun was slowly setting. A boat sailed out to the sea. Ting Phang and Tungfang Bu Pai were relaxing on the boat drinking wine while playing musical instrument.
    Any idea where they are heading to? Loh Sei Hoi rested his arm on the wheelchair lever. Yeung Wing Chun shook her head, Big sister only said that they will be back in time for our wedding ceremony.

    === The End===
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    Hi Reena

    Your story is pretty good, but i don't get why RYY is so despicable. In any version of SPW RYY's love for LWC cannot be questioned.

    I agree that DFBB in the newest version (and in Bridget Lin's portrayal) loved LWC more, but that does not mean RYY's feelings were fake.

    PS above are just my thoughts please don't think I am bashing you work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 426mak View Post
    Hi Reena

    Your story is pretty good, but i don't get why RYY is so despicable. In any version of SPW RYY's love for LWC cannot be questioned.

    I agree that DFBB in the newest version (and in Bridget Lin's portrayal) loved LWC more, but that does not mean RYY's feelings were fake.

    PS above are just my thoughts please don't think I am bashing you work.
    Hi 426mak,

    Thanks for the compliments. I wrote this right after watching the newest version. I was disappointed to see how DFBB ended up under the ice lake thus coming up with my version of a sequel

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    Hi Reena

    I agree. When I first saw the end I was a bit peeved with how DFBB was treated. Have you read New Smiling Proud Wanderer. The ending is much better

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    I am thinking of starting a fiction with Yellow Dress Maiden (Yang Guo's descendent) as the main protagonist and talk about the founding of Holy Sun Moon Cult

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yan San Niang View Post
    I am thinking of starting a fiction with Yellow Dress Maiden (Yang Guo's descendent) as the main protagonist and talk about the founding of Holy Sun Moon Cult
    That would be interesting. She should finish off the five sword sects. Those huashan, songshan, hengshan x 2 and taishan are freaking weak. LHC was a lame character in xajh too. YG was my favorite JY character!

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