Felix Wong Stars in “7 Assassins”

Currently playing in Asian cinemas, 7 Assassins <光辉岁月> is a martial arts film starring Felix Wong (黃日華), Gigi Leung (梁咏琪), Ray Lui (呂良偉), Guo Tao (郭濤), Kara Hui (惠英红) and Well Lee (李煒). Produced by Eric Tsang (曾志伟) and directed by Hung Yan Yan (熊欣欣), the film gathers a team of veteran actors in a battle of revenge filled with blood and gore.
7 Assassins revolve around the unrest after the fall of the Qing Dynasty and a group of down-trodden heroes. After a confidential report revealed that the South faction, led by Iron Cloud (Felix) has taken a pile of gold, the Imperial Army managed to trace him down. Fortunately, he was rescued by a group of Gold Canyon Heroes. In order to capture Iron Cloud, the Imperial Army and the Gold Canyon heroes were caught in a struggle, with a few of the heroes eventually killed. Iron Cloud, together with other surviving heroes, decided to exact revenge for the dead.