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    Chapter 9: Ji Lingfeng

    Ji Lingfeng adjusted her long white sleeves and put on a veiled straw hat behind her back.

    Yi Ping asked, “Why did you do that for? It is not as if you cannot be recognized by anyone. I surely will be able to recognize you even if you turn into ashes.”

    Yi Ping had said that because he had a blood feud with the maiden in yellow and anyone with a veil irked him.

    Ji Lingfeng did not seem to mind. In fact, her thin eyebrows had a mischievous expression. She soon chuckled softly, “You will soon know. Is it true that even if I am turned into ashes, you will still be able to recognize me? I didn’t know you are paying so much attention to me. If you are a pile of ashes, I surely wouldn’t be able to recognize you.”

    Yi Ping did not want to argue with her. He said hurriedly, “Let us set off now. It is getting dark soon. You don’t have to keep adjusting your attire and grooming yourself by the river.”

    This time round, Ji Lingfeng was none too pleased. She murmured, “It just a few minutes. Why are you being so impatient?”

    Yi Ping heard her and he said, “I have been waiting for you for the past two hours. First, you start mending your dress and now you tidying your attire. Isn’t that enough already?”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “During the ruffle with the *****es from the Eternal Ice Palace, they have torn parts of my clothing. Of course I have to mend my clothing to look presentable. Don’t you think so too? After all, I am a girl and I should protect my modesty.”

    Yi Ping said, “They are not what you think. And please don’t use vulgarities on them. A pretty maiden like you wouldn’t mouth profanities.”

    Ji Lingfeng laughed softly, “Unfortunately, that is my mouth and not yours. If you do not want to listen to me, you can simply go far away from me.”

    Yi Ping had never met a maiden the like of her before. He was speechless and he began to sit down onto the grass patch. He did not know how long he got to wait for her.

    Actually he had felt bad arguing with her. That was because she had saved his life and instead of being grateful, he was now arguing with her. It was just that he could not help feeling that she was trying to make a fool of him.

    All of a sudden, he had a thought, “What if she has made up that old master? Who would impart anyone their secret martial skills just like that?”

    Just as he was about to question her again, she said. “I am ready. Let’s us go now.”

    Yi Ping was about to question her when he noticed that she was already very far. What an astonishing swiftness movement that she possessed!

    Therefore, he had no choice but to run after her.

    Yi Ping soon realized why she had been so mindful about her attire. In this wilderness, there was plenty of biting insects. Now he knew why her eyes were secretly beaming with laughter. In no time, he was bitten by numerous insects. He quickly took out some extra clothing from his bundle and turned it into a makeshift cloth to wrap around his face.

    Ji Lingfeng was a unique lady. It seemed that her expressions portrayed her emotions. Even if she did not speak, her body mannerism and facial emotions tells it all. She had very thin eyebrows, her eyebrows and forehead had numerous expressions all the time.

    When Ji Lingfeng turned back and saw Yi Ping hastily covering his face and looking for a robe with long sleeves, she was seen clasping her hands onto her mouth as she bent to and fro. She was obviously enjoying what had happening to Yi Ping.

    Yi Ping was covered in perspiration from the running as he complained aloud, “You…did not warn me!”

    But he had no strength left to complaint further for she had turned around and danced away again. He had no choice but to follow her white figure in the distance.

    From time to time, she would pause briefly for him to catch up but as soon as he was near, she would continue to move again.

    Yi Ping was astonished at her swiftness movement and her breathing techniques. He thought, “How long did she train in order to reach this level of expertise?”

    He was immediately ashamed of his own martial achievements.

    He did not know how long he had been running. There were a few times that he had lost her and he was panicky. But each time, she would appear in front of him.

    It was night now. Yi Ping was thankful that there was a full moon tonight and thousands of stars illuminate the darkness. But even with the full moon, he could barely see any foot path. On several occasions, he tripped and fell down.

    When he had lost his footing again and slipped down a treacherous slope, Ji Lingfeng had suddenly appeared on top of him and gripped him on his shoulder.

    Her grip was surprising strong and Yi Ping was pulled up from the slope.

    Yi Ping was instantly grateful to her as he said, “Thank you!”

    Ji Lingfeng rebuked him gently, “Don’t misunderstood. I am only worried for the wine jars.”

    His grateful eyes soon turned gloomy as he said breathlessly, “Maybe you can help to carry the wine jars…”

    But before he could finish speaking, she said coolly. “Inhale deeply and follow me.”

    Immediately, Yi Ping could feel a powerful force pulling him forward alongside with her as she caught hold of his hand. This time round, his runs became a lot easier even though it was still as hell as ever.

    Ji Lingfeng was waiting for him to collapse onto the ground or to beg her to stop. But he did not. Worried about his injuries and guilty about misleading him, she supported his runs with her martial power and pulled him along with her.

    Even then, it was not going to be easy for Yi Ping as he had to run at her pace even though the pressure on his breathing had eased considerably.

    Yi Ping’s heart skipped a beat when she touched and held him with her left hand. He began to flush deeply as his ears turned terribly red as he felt her silken smooth hand. Even her scent was so intoxicating so up close to him.

    This was the first time that Yi Ping really looked at her closely even though it was at her back view.

    She had looked relax and it was as though she was taking a stroll while he was half dead from climbing up and down the hills! But looking at her, made him forgot about his exhaustion…

    Ji Lingfeng almost messed up with her breathing regulation as she was distracted by thoughts of him; she could feel the warmth of his right palm in her hand. It was an assuring palm, strong and comforting. This was the first time she had held a man hand other than her brother. It was a wonderful feeling yet she could not describe it…

    After running for some time, Ji Lingfeng was secretly amazed at his endurance even though his breathing techniques and swiftness skill were mediocre. She really could not believe that he had endured till now even though he looked as though he would collapse at any time!

    Astonished by his inhuman endurance, she thought, “Is he human?”

    Yi Ping was in a daze and he already seeing stars as he thought, “Is she even human? How is it possible for her to run up and down the hills for this long…?”

    Ji Lingfeng was already feeling the stress of expending her internal strength to support him and she was worn-out.

    Yi Ping did not even realize the passage of time when Ji Lingfeng coolly said aloud to him, “It seem that I have found the valley. Lucky us!”

    As soon as she had released her grip off his hand, Yi Ping fell onto the ground in sheer exhaustion.

    Yi Ping nearly died of exhaustion. Now he really knew what she had meant by she was traveling rapidly! He silently sighed, “I never want to travel with her ever again.”

    Ji Lingfeng suddenly gave a long sigh, “We have climbed ten hills and got lost. This valley was actually just besides the third hill that we had passed. We really are lost.”

    When Yi Ping heard that, he did not know whether he should laugh or cry. He felt like banging his head onto the ground in misery.

    Ji Lingfeng said, “This path leading down should lead us to the valley. Let us go now. This time round, I am not going to walk you there.”

    She began to move on but when her sharp ears did not pick up any sign of movements from behind, she turned back instantly.

    Yi Ping was still lying on the ground.

    She asked softly, “Hmph, are you there?”

    There was no response.

    She asked again, “Are you alright?”

    Still, there was no response.

    She was panicky, “I have killed him…?”

    Drain of all his strength and having reached the limits of his endurance, Yi Ping was knocked out cold.

    All of a sudden, he began to recall a time when he was a five year old child again. His mother was frail. At that age, he was already helping her to gather woods among many other menial tasks...

    Shui Yichi looked dreamily as she stared out of the window, wishing every day that she could see her husband again. She was frail and her health worsened every day. She feared that she might not live for long.

    If there was anything that she could not let go in this world, it was her only child, Yi Ping.

    Even though she was once Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace before she passed the leadership to her younger protégé sister Shui Yixian, she did not miss her previous glorious position. She had no attachments for her protégé sisters or anyone in the Eternal Ice Palace. Even though she was once close to Shui Yixian and they had spent five decades together, their affections toward one another cooled over the years.

    Maybe it was the Emotionless Rhythm that they had been practicing that made them indifferent to one another even though they were in the same sect together. Or maybe it was because they were both the best in many generations and not wanting to disappoint their protégé mistress, they strove to perfect their skills.

    It was also precisely why she did not have any protégé disciples.

    Shui Yixian was striving for the ninth level of the Divine Emerald Skill and was in her final stage of breaking through the eighth level of the Divine Emerald Skill. As for her, she stopped her Divine Emerald Skill at the eighth level and focused on the Jade Icy Fingers. With her intimate understandings of the Jade Icy Fingers, her Icy Heavenly Tears was even more intricate than Shui Yixian, even though they had both attained the ninth level of the Icy Heavenly Tears.

    In time to come, she had even evolved her Jade Icy Finger into the Jade Icicles Finger. So intricate was her later understanding that she was able to prolong the backlash of the Icy Heavenly Tears and was even able to choose an opportune time herself. Even the time that she needed to recover her martial level was more than halved!

    Even though Shui Yixian was a martial prodigy and had achieved the ninth level of the Heavenly Tears when she was eighteen while she only achieved the same level when she was thirty, her Icy Tear Heavenly Tears energy had always been purer.

    She took on the challenge of mastering the jade Icy Fingers to perfection. It was an extremely arduous and monument task but eventually she had overcome all difficulties and she had even created the Jade Icicle Fingers. When she had achieved the Jade Icicle Fingers, her Icy Tear Heavenly Tear energy became so pure that she could even neutralize the defensive force of Shui Yixian Divine Emerald Skill!

    But it was also the creation of the Jade Icicle Fingers that caused her much harm. Through the Jade Icicle Fingers, eventually she found a possible way to resolve the weakness of the Icy Heavenly Tears and started to look for another way for a breakthrough in the current state of her icy Heavenly Tears. Therefore she started to experiment with another skill that she created with the pure negative energy of the Icy Heavenly Tears and the Jade Icicle Fingers, the Eternal Heavenly Tears.

    By this time, she had already handed over the leadership of the Eternal Ice Palace to Shui Yixian because she had found the love of her life, Yi Tianxing, a man that dared to challenge the Eternal Ice Palace.

    When she thought of Yi Tianxing again, her eyes were tearful again and her heart began to ache terribly with great sorrow.

    After leaving the Eternal Ice Palace, Yi Tianxing had imparted to her the Divine Revelation, an intricate formula and mediation skill similar to the Emotionless Rhythm. She was inspired by it and began to write with her fingers in a cave near the Eternal Ice Palace on her untested theories on the ultimate Icy Heavenly Tears and even on the hidden stages of the Divine Emerald Skill that she meant to practice once she had fully mastered the Jade Icicle Fingers and the Eternal Heavenly Tears.

    Because she was afraid that outsiders might found her inscriptions, she sealed the cave as a precaution even though only a direct protégé of the Eternal Ice Palace might be able to understand it. Moreover, she deemed the theories too dangerous to impart. She herself would not practice the theories as she had found a safer way in the Eternal Heavenly Tears.

    And with her protégé sister, Shui Yixian present martial level, there was also no need for her test her unproven theories and wasted years of her time.

    She did not know that more than twenty years later, her protégé sister Shui Yixian was still not been able to progress much further because she had been too hasty in her Icy Heavenly Tears in her earlier years. In fact, she was forced to spend the next twenty years researching the Icy Heavenly Tears over and over again in order to combat the forthcoming Divine Calamity that had killed their protégé mistress.

    And Shui Yixian in a lucky happenstance had found the inscriptions that she had left behind…

    When she was eight months heavy with child, her husband Yi Tianxing was betrayed by his sworn brother. That vile sworn brother of his had even tried to outrage her and harm her. As she was in a heavy stage of pregnancy and because she had not fully mastered her Jade Icicle Fingers yet, she had overtly exerted herself and irrevocably damaged her health, losing much of her internal strength that she had painfully gained over the years.

    Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by little Yi Ping who had accidentally scalded himself. She gasped weakly upon seeing it but Yi Ping did not say anything or cry.

    She looked at Yi Ping, her beloved child who was boiling hot water for her with the fire woods that he had gathered in the woods. Her heart ached for him when she saw his numerous bruises and knew that that he was bullied by the neighboring children again. But he would never cry in front of her.

    It was as though her child could sense her sadness and grief even at a very young age.

    All of a sudden, five men broke into the house. When they had entered the house, they were stunned at her enchanting beauty. It was because they had never expected to find such a beauty in this desolate countryside.

    The strongest of the five, who appeared to be the leader, broke the silence, “Brothers we are in luck. We have heard that there is a beautiful widow here but I have never expected to find a peerless beauty here.”

    The other four began to laugh wickedly. Their laughter was full of malice and ill-intent.

    Little Yi Ping began to shout and charged at the leader.

    Shui Yichi gasped aloud, “Child, don’t!” But it was too late…

    But the leader just laughed and he kicked Yi Ping real hard. This kick was so powerful that it sent Yi Ping flying backward and he was flung against the wall with a loud bang!

    Shui Yichi eyes turned red and teary. She leaned her hands onto the side of the wall as she walked as soon as she could towards her child. She was so weak and her movements were limited.

    But before she could walk to her child, the five men had surrounded her and began to seize her in all directions.

    All of a sudden, the five men could feel a bitter cold that pierced through their spines. It was so cold that it felt that their skins had been burnt. They could feel their bones cracking and when they fell down dead onto the ground; their eyes were wide-opened in disbelief.

    In that swift instant, Shui Yichi had struck them with her Jade Icicle Fingers. Even though she had lost much of her internal strength, her Jade Icicle Fingers was still an extremely potent skill against ordinary men.

    Shui Yichi comforted her child, “Child, are you alright?” She sobbed and held little Yi Ping into her embrace.

    Little Yi Ping muttered, “Mum, I am alright. Are you alright?”

    Shui Yichi wept even louder, “Child, your mum is alright. Don’t you worry about me…”

    Little Yi Ping was bleeding from his nose and mouth but he said, “Mum, you know how to fight? Can you teach me how to fight?”

    Shui Yichi held him tightly, “I will. Child, you must be strong…you mustn’t die…”

    Little Yi Ping said, “Mum, I won’t die. I don’t want mum to die too…” He had turned completely white but still he refused to cry.

    Shui Yichi wept, “Look, my child.”

    She sketched her hands in front of him. Immediately, the air around them turned bitter cold.

    It was so chilly that the tiny flies around the house began to drop dead onto the ground.

    Shui Yichi wept as she laid her hands on her child’s small body, “My child, you will feel terrible pain, even awful terrible pain but you mustn't be afraid. You will not die. But it is going to be very painful.”

    Indeed, little Yi Ping must be feeling terrible painful because he was now shedding tears and his body was trembling nonstop. But he did not cry aloud or plead to his mother to stop. He simply did not want to make his mother sad and fearful.

    Negative energy, especially negative cold internal energy like the one that Shui Yichi possessed was ill-suit to treat internal injuries. Moreover, hers were the extreme cold negative energy. If the receiver was seriously injured, their body would not able to take it. It would be so agonizing that it would only worsen their injuries.

    But Shui Yichi had no other choice as she began to transfer all her internal strength into her child in an attempt to save his life.

    When she had finished imparting her entire Icy Heavenly Tears energy into him, little Yi Ping eyes were still opened even though his face had turned entirely white.

    Little Yi Ping shivered and bit his purple lips, “Mum, I am alright. Teach me how to fight…I want to protect you…”

    Shui Yichi smiled weakly as she got up. She immediately displayed seventy gestures, eighty stances and ninety strokes. All these movements were the most ingenious fighting movement that Shui Yichi had ever known; it was collected from the vast martial scrolls of the Eternal Ice Palace and the numerous opponents that she ever fought with in her entire life.

    After Shui Yichi had finished displaying those profound fighting moves, she collapsed onto the ground, never to awake.

    And these fighting movements were to be ingrained deeply into little Yi Ping’s mind. In time to come, he would slowly intuitively remember it again…

    CH9 End
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    Thanx for the update!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanx for the update!!
    Thanks again =)

    I think i am a nub and posted in the wrong section. No wonder I was asked to post a list of characters. I guess that means real actors/actress and a revision of an adaption. That was why it is call fan fiction?

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    Actually your in the correct section/forum... Your a fan of Gu Long, so it is still fan fiction. If you like, of course you can make a list of the characters and a brief description of their appearances & features. It's very seldom done in any type of fiction. Only happens on Wikipedia & Dramawiki... I think the reason why many people are making some UNREASONABLE requests like a plot summary & a list of character list w/ equivalent actors/actresses playing their roles is because they've spent too much time on Wikipedia & Dramawiki reading "SPOILERS" and watching TOO many re-makes of re-makes of TV & movie adaptations...
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    Avidfan/YuFeng, I see you've been busy writing your own story. It's a good read.

    Random thoughts:

    I have to admit that whenever I see "emerald" I think green although I realize that emeralds can be white. Green on white is an odd combination of colors, especially in a snow/ice motif.

    Your use of "gratuitous" seems odd. You probably mean "filled with gratitude" or "brimming with gratitude".
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    You: I survive somehow
    HK47: As do I. It is our lot in life I suppose master. Shall we find something to kill to cheer ourselves up?


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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Actually your in the correct section/forum... Your a fan of Gu Long, so it is still fan fiction. If you like, of course you can make a list of the characters and a brief description of their appearances & features. It's very seldom done in any type of fiction. Only happens on Wikipedia & Dramawiki... I think the reason why many people are making some UNREASONABLE requests like a plot summary & a list of character list w/ equivalent actors/actresses playing their roles is because they've spent too much time on Wikipedia & Dramawiki reading "SPOILERS" and watching TOO many re-makes of re-makes of TV & movie adaptations...
    Oh actually i a great fan of JY too xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkcser View Post
    Avidfan/YuFeng, I see you've been busy writing your own story. It's a good read.

    Random thoughts:

    I have to admit that whenever I see "emerald" I think green although I realize that emeralds can be white. Green on white is an odd combination of colors, especially in a snow/ice motif.

    Your use of "gratuitous" seems odd. You probably mean "filled with gratitude" or "brimming with gratitude".
    Quote Originally Posted by darkcser View Post
    Avidfan/YuFeng, I see you've been busy writing your own story. It's a good read.

    Random thoughts:

    I have to admit that whenever I see "emerald" I think green although I realize that emeralds can be white. Green on white is an odd combination of colors, especially in a snow/ice motif.

    Your use of "gratuitous" seems odd. You probably mean "filled with gratitude" or "brimming with gratitude".
    You are absolutely right I corrected it. I was doing too much speed typing and was still in the mandarin state of mind lol. Thanks!

    As for the Emerald, i was just romanizing any terms that I can think of. The only reason why I translate it as Emerald was it was hard lol, not for colors since the the Divine Emerald Skill was a defensive skill that slow the attackers via an invisible defensive force. The original term is 玄天御 and 玄天御神决

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    Chapter 10: Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite

    When Yi Ping opened his eyes with a sudden jerk, he had just broken into a cold sweat! He seemed to have fallen into a deep slumber and had a nightmare. This nightmare was always the same, haunting him constantly. He could not forget how his mother Shui Yichi had died yet he must live in constant denial.

    He dreaded to lie but he had lied to Shui Yixian. Even though he was honest about his mother maiden name to Shui Yixian, he had lied to her that she had passed away shortly after giving birth to him. It was because he still had to search for the people that had harmed his parents.

    Even though he was a five year old boy back then, he could remember his father name was Yi Tianxing and his mother maiden name was Shui Yichi. His father had a sworn brother and it was this sworn brother that had betrayed his father and harmed his mother.

    He did not know that his mother was from the Eternal Ice Palace therefore when Shui Yixian questioned him about it, he told her a half-truth. That was before he knew that his mother was actually her older protégé sister.

    No wonder he found himself drawn irresistible to Shui Yixian, she indeed had many similarities to his mother…

    Before he could confess to her on the truth, Shui Yixian had passed away…

    Yi Ping thought, “Am I destined to lead a lonesome life?”

    An alluring voice was heard calling out to him, “You have awakened? I have thought that you have died. Your pulses are so weak. I…I am so sorry…”

    He had not heard her apologies for he was still in a daze. When he saw it was Ji Lingfeng, he stared at her and turned as white as sheet. He was instantly panicky and got the fright of his life as he tried to flee from her!

    Seeing her again was worse than the terrible nightmare that he just had!

    Ji Lingfeng called her to him, bemused by his actions. “Why are so afraid of me? Do you really think I will eat you up? What am I? A demoness? Have you forgotten that it is you that want to pay that old freak a visit in the first place?”

    After Yi Ping had heard her, he began to turn back. He asked hesitating, “Are we really reaching?” He was really afraid of her.

    Ji Lingfeng laughed softly, “Of course, it is just down this path. Quickly, follow me!”

    Yi Ping sighed and walked staggeringly behind her, “If I know that this trip will be so difficult and nearly cost me my life, I would never agree to come. Even before I can find the martial master, I would probably die in her hands first…”

    This time, Ji Lingfeng was just taking a gentle stroll. When she saw that he was struggling to even walk, she immediately took him by his arm to support him.

    All of a sudden, Yi Ping felt she was not that bad after all.

    They were now walking very close. Both Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng averted their eyes and were awkward.

    There was a few times that Ji Lingfeng or Yi Ping wanted to say something but they could not find the courage to say a word. It was as though they were afraid of disturbing the tranquil air between them.

    Soon after, Yi Ping saw a small broken down hut. He was astonished that someone had actually built a dwelling here in this desolate forested valley.

    Ji Lingfeng smiled, “We are here! Go on and go in.” The way she had said it, was like it was none of her concern and that she was only a speculator waiting to see what would going to happen next.

    But before Yi Ping could walk into the hut, a voice was heard saying, “Young lass, you are back so fast? You didn’t forget me? I catch the sniff of the fragrant of the Bamboo Leaves Wine. Excellent! But you seem to have brought someone here. I don’t like strangers. You can ask him to leave!”

    Ji Lingfeng laughed gently, “I am not the one that bring you the Bamboo Leaves Wine. This young man did. If you don’t want to see him, he can simply leave.”

    An old man with a cane opened the door of the hut. He had a cane with him and he seemed to have difficulty in walking.

    The old man growled and said, “Lass, why did you bring him here for?”

    Ji Lingfeng replied, “He would like to learn superior martial arts from you.”

    The old man looked at Yi Ping from head to toe as he said, “He looks like he is almost dead and he still wants to learn martial arts from me? Anyway, I won’t accept any disciples. He can leave immediately. I don’t have the habit of coaching strangers anything.”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Oh? Did you not teach me the Asper Horizon Hands just a few days ago? Am I not a stranger?”

    The old man said, “I also have another habit. When I take something from a stranger, I will never owe them anything. You are just lucky that I have a craving for good wines that day.”

    Ji Lingfeng said coolly, “Do you know that in order to find you, he has run throughout the night, searching hills by hills for you? Does this not prove his sincerity and willingness to shoulder hardship?”

    Yi Ping was touched that she had actually stepped in to persuade the old man for him. He knew that he was asking for the impossible and that this would likely be a futile trip. He was just trying his luck.

    In the fraternity, the martial masters would never reveal their martial secrets easily. Even if they would want to find a successor, it was likely to be someone that they had raised since young. That was so in order to reduce the odds of their skills from falling into the wrong hands.

    Yi Ping was expecting a reclusive martial hermit and the sight of this old man disappointed him. But nevertheless, he truly believed that this old man was the one that could help him in improving his martial advancement.

    So he respectfully said, “Old Senior. I, Yi Ping, pay my respects to you. I have the wish to meet a worthy master…”

    The old man muttered, “Yi…” All of a sudden, his expressions changed. “What is your name again?”

    Yi Ping replied weakly “Yi Ping.”

    The old man stumbled backward. He looked at Yi Ping carefully and when he saw the White Phoenix Emerald precious sword, he trembled. How this young man got hold of the White Phoenix Emerald precious sword that was once used by Shui Yichi? He remembered very vividly that this sword had been passed to Shui Yixian…

    He asked, “Who your mother?”

    Yi Ping was puzzled that this old man had suddenly asked of his mother. He asked, “Why did you ask me that?”

    The old man gripped his shoulders and asked again, “Your mother, where is she?”

    Yi Ping could feel the strong grip of the old man that was upon him. He could not breathe and his face had turned purple. But he refused to say anything. It was because this old man might well be the very enemy that he had been searching for!

    Ji Lingfeng was panicky as she attacked the old man with her palms. She said aloud, “Old freak, what you think you are doing?”

    In three successive attacks, she had forced the old man to release his grips off Yi Ping as he took a few steps backward.

    In her panicky state, she had just used the ‘Moonlight Cut’ stroke of the Sacred Heart Skill. The Sacred Heart Skill were her real skills. Unless she had no other choice, she did not want to use it. She tried to hit the old freak on his shoulder and face at the same time, followed by another attack but he had evaded it all!

    Yi Ping fell onto his knees weakly.

    Ji Lingfeng was besides Yi Ping in an instant as she voiced her concern for him, “Are you alright? If he did not want to teach you anything, I will teach you!”

    Yi Ping was too weak even to reply her. His vision had gone blurry. He felt really unlucky today. Three times in a single day, he had almost died. The first time was by Gu Tianle, the second time it was by Maiden Ji and the third time was by this crippled old man.

    The old man said sternly to Ji Lingfeng, “Surrender him to me or else I will be ugly. I don’t want to lay my hands on you.”

    Ji Lingfeng replied coolly, “Funny! You did not want him as your protégé disciple, so why are you asking for him now?

    The old man said, “Now I have changed my mind and decided to make him my martial protégé!”

    Ji Lingfeng stepped in front of the fallen Yi Ping regally as she displayed a defensive posture as she answered icily, “What if I am not willing to allow this to happen?”

    The old man raised his cane and said, “Then I will surely teach you a lesson that you will never be able to forget.”

    Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “A martial master like you will raise your hands on an unarmed junior and a weaker sex? It is indeed very laudable. Why don’t you tell me your name so that I can tell everyone in the fraternity what you have done?”

    The old man said, “In a real fight, there are no senior or junior, nor men or women and only fighters. Only survival matters. Moreover I have been a hermit for so long. What do I care for the honor of the martial fraternity?”

    Ji Lingfeng hummed coldly as she prepared her forthcoming strikes. This old man was a crippled and had difficulty walking. Even though he was an experienced opponent, she might not lose to him with her superior swiftness skill and with some luck.

    The old man added, “And you are definitely not unarmed. From your top to bottom, there are at least three hundred secret projectiles that you can use. Others may be fooled by your deceptive outlook but not me.”

    Ji Lingfeng was stunned that he could see through her. This would make her surprise attacks difficult. Was he simply guessing? Therefore she replied calmly, “You think too much. I have no secret projectiles.”

    The old man said coolly, “Is that so? What about the dozens of needles in your straw hat? What about the crystal wrist beads in your wrists? What about the poisonous polish in your smallest finger nail on your left? What about the three hairpins on your head and the dozens of secret projectiles underneath your outer garment?

    Ji Lingfeng could not hide her startled expression as she took a step backward. This old man had extremely sharp eyes.

    The old man said, “If I still fail to see that you are from the Holy Hex Sect after using the Sacred Heart Skill, then I am surely blind. The Holy Hex Sect is famed for its poisonous secret projectiles and techniques, especially the ‘Consecrated Meteor Shower’ technique and the Meteor Rain needles.”

    Yi Ping was startled that Ji Lingfeng had so many weapons on her. He disapproved of using secret projectiles, seeing it as an underhand means in a fair fight.

    No wonder she was intentional hiding her martial origins. It was because the Holy Hex Sect was an unorthodox heretic sect and in recent years was at odds with the general orthodox fraternity!

    In his dizzying state, he muttered, “How vicious!”

    Ji Lingfeng lifted her right foot backward and kicked Yi Ping. She exclaimed in displeasure, “Shut up. My secret projectiles may well save your life.”

    Even though the kick was not hard, in Yi Ping current condition, it was more than enough to knock him out cold. Yi Ping was heard muttering before he was knocked out, “Why… did… you… kick… me… for…”

    Ji Lingfeng said coolly, “Serves you right! Whose side do you think you are on?!”

    The old man said angrily, “Why did you hit him for?”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Because he is rude!”

    The old man said angrily, “You don’t have the right!”

    Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Hmph, does it matter? If I don’t have the right, you have the right?”

    The old man said angrily, “I have the right. I am his father!”

    Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “If you are his father, I am his mother then!” Then she lifted her right foot again and kicked Yi Ping, not once but twice. “See!”

    All of a sudden, the old man attacked her with his cane furiously, forcing her to somersault backward as she did not want to use her bare hands against his cane.

    Just as she was about to attack him with her Meteor Rain Needles, the old man was already besides Yi Ping, shaking him and examining his pulse, “The Icy Heavenly Tears energy pulses! Yichi must have imparted to him the Icy Heavenly Tears! He is really my son!”

    The old man was wailing, “Son, who cause you to be in this dire straits? Who is that heartless fellow?!”

    Ji Lingfeng gasped in shock, “You are really his father?”

    The old man said, “I am! Tell me, who is the heartless fellow that had injured him and caused him to be in such a bad shape?”

    Ji Lingfeng said sheepishly, “Err…it is Jue Yuan. We are no match for his Triple Merciless Palms and were pursued by him throughout the night.”

    The old man sighed, “More than twenty years ago, I have actually spared his life. I should have ended his life long ago. His Triple Merciless Palms is indeed extraordinary and could be ranked among the top skills in the fraternity.”

    But he was secretly thinking, “You really think I am an old fool. At first, you say you searching hills by hills for me and now, you saying you are being pursued.”

    Ji Lingfeng tried to distract him, “Is Yi Ping going to be alright?”

    The old man said solemnly, “Come with me! If he dies, I am going to hold you accountable too.” The old man carried Yi Ping on his back and had walked into the hut.

    Ji Lingfeng protested, “What has it got to do with me?”

    The old man turned and said sternly, “Because you just claim to be his mother and has given him three kicks!”

    Ji Lingfeng sighed deeply as she said, “Those kicks are not even real kicks at all…” But because she was concerned for Yi Ping, she followed the old man into the hut.

    When Yi Ping opened his eyes again, he saw the old man smiling at him. “Son, are you alright?”

    Yi Ping was startled and quickly looked at his surroundings. He was in a small room with this old man. He also saw Ji Lingfeng.

    Ji Lingfeng was sitting on a chair, looking serenely as she looked back at him. She was even smiling at him.

    ‘Are you alright?” she said with genuine concern.

    But when he saw her smiles, he was terrified. It was because he remembered the torturous runs with her and the kick that he had received from her…

    Yi Ping had plenty of courage. He was not afraid of death and pain. In fact, fear was always the last thing in his mind and he had almost got himself killed many times in the past.

    But when he saw her, he was truly terrified of her. It was because Maiden Ji was at times warm and at times cold towards him. He did not know when she would suddenly be cold again.

    Even though her kick was not hard, it was so suddenly that he was startled and he could still remember it vividly. Stunned by her sudden kick, he was knocked out cold.

    Yi Ping thought, “They are supposed to be fighting with one another. Why are they now together in the same room? Are they putting on an act or has Maiden Ji sold me out to this old man? She is after all, from an unorthodox clan and is capable of anything. Alas heavens, I am so pitiful…”

    The old man was shaking him and shouting excitedly, “Son, I am your father Yi Tianxing! Your mother is Shui Yichi! Son, I have thought you had died many years ago. Heavens have eyes!”

    When Ji Lingfeng heard his name, her smiles had sudden vanished. It was because her father, Ji Yunzhong the previous protégé master of the Holy Hex Sect had died because of Yi Tianxing. In that moment, her facial expressions underwent a tremendous change…

    Even though Yi Tianxing was a late comer to the martial fraternity and disappeared just as quickly, he had gained fame as one of the top swordsmen in the fraternity with his Horizon Swordplay as well as his numerous chivalrous acts.

    Yi Ping was stunned as he stammered, “You know my mother…You…are really my father?”

    Yi Tianxing nodded sadly, “Son, where is your mother? Is she still well?”

    Yi Ping shook his head sadly, “Mum passed on when I was five…”

    Even though Yi Tianxing had expected the worst, he was still emotional. He said, “Son, it must be hard on you all these years.”

    Yi Ping asked, “Father, where have you been all these years? If you are with us, maybe mum would still be alive today.”

    Yi Tianxing sighed deeply, “It is a very long story. Let me start from the beginning first.”

    He said, “Twenty-five years ago, with just an iron sword with me, I went up the Heavenly Mountains to challenge the Eternal Ice Palace. It was there that I first met your mother, Shui Yichi. At that time, she was the Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace. We fought over a three days period.”

    He paused for a while as he recalled the past, “On the first day, we fought with our martial power and were evenly matched. On the second day, it was a contest on who had the superior swordplay. Again, we were evenly matched. On the third day, we decided to contest which of us had the superior willpower, the one that moves first on the icy peak of the Heavenly Mountains would be the loser!”

    Ji Lingfeng interrupted, “Then you must be the one who had lost! She could probably meditate for days without moving, even in the snow.”

    Yi Tianxing laughed, “You are wrong! The contest was in fact over in less than a day!”

    Ji Lingfeng gasped, “That is impossible. The mediation technique of the Eternal Ice Palace is well known and I don’t think Shui Yichi would be afraid of the cold.”

    Yi Tianxing laughed, “That was true but after the contest went on for six hours, Yichi, she opened her eyes as she thought I was dead. So I won.”

    Ji Lingfeng was astonished.

    He added, “It turned out that she was not concentrating on her mediation but was worried that I got frostbite. Truthfully, I was freezing and my limbs had already turned purple. I was already injured by her Icicle Fingers on the first day and did not realize the severity of my injuries. However I was stubborn and refused to say a word. She saved my life and brought me back to the Eternal Ice Palace to recuperate.”

    Yi Tianxing laughed merrily, “I may have won the contest but I lost my heart to her. We would have retired peacefully and freed from the affairs of the martial fraternity.”

    Yi Tianxing said, “Son, do you know why your name is Ping?”

    Yi Ping was startled, “You know my name even before I was born?”

    Yi Tianxing nodded slowly as his eyes were brimming with tears, “We have already decided to name you Ping no matter if you are a girl or boy. It was because we want you to lead an ordinary life unlike us…”

    His eyes seemed to be in a far off place.

    He finally spoke again after a few moments of silence, “At that time, Yichi knew her days were probably numbered and she wanted to lead an ordinary life with me and our unborn child. So we decide to name you as Ping, which mean ordinary and peaceful.”

    Yi Ping was startled, “My mum was ill?”

    Yi Tianxing shook his head, “Not at all. Her health was fine. It just that those high level practitioners of the Eternal Ice Palace knew the end of their days through the Divine Calamity, just like practitioners of our Divine Horizon Hands knew ours too. That was the reason why she forced herself to train so hard in order to avert the Divine Calamity.”

    Ji Lingfeng curiosity was aroused. It was the first time she had heard of such a thing as the ‘Divine Calamity’. What was that?

    Yi Ping too asked, “What is the Divine Calamity about?”

    Yi Tianxing seemed to be reluctant to discuss it as he changed the topic, “I used to have a very good sworn brother. He was the first person that I have met when I left the mountains…”

    Yi Ping was silent. He only knows that much for his mother used to murmur to him that his father had been betrayed by his best sworn brother. “What is his name?”

    Yi Tianxing looked at Yi Ping’s eyes and asked, “You knew?”

    Yi Ping nodded bitterly, “Mum only tells me this much but she had never told me his name!”

    Yi Tianxing sighed deeply, “That is because this sworn brother of mine, Gongsun Bai, has great influential in the fraternity. He has many powerful friends and many exponents under his wing. Your mother did not want you to waste your life.”

    Both Ji Lingfeng and Yi Ping were stunned to hear that his sworn brother was Gongsun Bai. Gongsun Bai was from one of the major martial clans in the martial fraternity, the Gongsun Clan and it was also one of the four major aristocracy martial clans in the martial fraternity.

    Yi Ping said, “Gongsun Bai is the father of Gongsun Jing. I have met Gongsun Jing and he is as crafty as his father! Father, I swear that I will avenge you!”

    Yi Tianxing shook his head, “I am afraid that Gongsun Bai may now be too formidable. It is best that you avoid the Gongsun family.”

    Yi Tianxing sighed, “I never expected Gongsun Bai to turn upon me. Of all my friends, he is the only one that I could trust the most for he was a benevolent man and held in high regard in the martial fraternity. Also he was from a respectable and rich clan but alas he…”

    He added, “One day, Gongsun Bai tricked me by telling me that the Three Evils of the West were back in the fraternity and that only I could stop them. Wanting to prevent a catastrophe from happening to the martial fraternity, I left Yichi who was heavy with child and rushed with Gongsun Bai to stop the Three Evils of the West. I promised her I will be back in no time…”

    “I trusted him because he was my sworn brother but he laid a trap for me and ambushed me. I fell down into this valley, breaking my back and legs. For a long time, I could not move. Maybe I was lucky. The mud that was in this valley seemed to have a healing properties and my broken back slowly recovered. Till now, I have not fully recovered and my movements are severely limited.”

    He sighed, “As soon as I could move again, I went back to the village to look for your mother but I could not find anyone. No one stays there anymore. Disappointed and aimless, I came back to this valley as my back was aching badly. Only the mud here can ease my pain.”

    Yi Ping said, “The village was destroyed by a flood many years ago and since then everyone had evacuated. Moreover, Gongsun Bai had gone after my mum; she had since fled the village even before that great flood.”

    Everyone was silence. That was because no one could imagine what exactly happened and what ordeal Shui Yichi was forced to go through during that dark period. Gongsun Bai was a wolf in disguise and there was no better way to harm someone other than pretending to be a friend.

    Ji Lingfeng asked, “What was his reason for betraying you?”

    Yi Tianxing went silence for some time before he slowly said, “He told me he was envy of me. He wishes to take Yichi as his wife and to take possession of her martial secrets. Therefore he tried to kill me so that he could get close to my wife.”

    All of a sudden, Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Great Hero Yi, do you know who I am?”

    Yi Tianxing laughed aloud, “How would I not know? You are from the Holy Hex Sect and must be related to Ji Yunzhong.”

    Yi Tianxing said, “I knew when you first come into this valley with. Even though you did not make a sound but I recognized the Fairy Breezes weightlessness skill of the Holy Hex Sect. You may not see me but I had already seen you from afar!”

    Ji Lingfeng was startled, “You knew back then?”

    She said coldly, “You know who I am from the first day and you even taught me the Asper Horizon Hand?”

    Yi Tianxing laughed, “Who you are is another matter. I only want to drink the wine that you had on you then.”

    He added, “Moreover, even though I have taught you the Asper Horizon Hand, I didn’t really expect you to be able to use it so soon. When you are able to use the Asper Horizon Hand, you will have to visit me again with more wines.”

    Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Why? Do you think I really want to learn more of your martial skills?”

    Yi Tianxing laughed, “Oh no. That is because if you have used the Asper Horizon Hand a few more times, your vital energies will be erratic. And the only one that could help you is me! The Asper Horizon Hand is not suitable to be used by anyone. Without my Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite to control the vital force of your Asper Horizon Hand, it will only harm the body. If you don’t believe, you can feel free to press against the accupoint that was five fingers below your heart.”

    Ji Lingfeng did as she was told and could feel a pressing pain! She said coldly, “I thought you are a pugilistic hero and yet you use this despicable means to harm me!”

    Yi Ping said, “Maiden, I think this may be a misunderstanding. Please calm down. My father is not an evil man.”

    Yi Tianxing said, “I only want you to pay me a few more visits and get me some good wines to ease my boredom. I can lift your alleviations and impart to you the basic intricate formula of the Aspire Invocations. After all, I won’t really harm you.”

    Yi Ping knew nothing about the risks of internal martial intricate formulas. He exclaimed happily for her, “Maiden, congratulations! My father is going to teach you the Aspire Invocations. He is not going to harm you.”

    Ji Lingfeng smiled bitterly. It was not a joyous thing that she got to learn the Asper Invocations Intricate Recite. It was because imparting to her the Asper Invocations Intricate Recite could actually harm her more.

    All internal martial intricate formulas had an unbroken rule, the practitioners must master it and able to utilize it in the shortest time as possible to the best of their understandings. That was why the same intricate formula could end up differently and affected the purity of the resultant vital internal energy for different practitioners.

    Even though internal martial intricate formulas were able to realize the martial advancements of the practitioners, it was not to be recklessly learnt.

    If the practitioner advanced too fast without first fully grasping the essence of the intricate formula of the previous level, they would suffer in consequent levels and also affected the purity of the internal energy. If the practitioner got struck for too long in the lower levels of the intricate formula, it would affect their future martial progression and the strength of their internal energy.

    Therefore, many practitioners of the martial clans would spend years building up their martial foundation and their martial understandings, even taking years to ponder and research a particular internal martial intricate formula!

    But of course, once they lay their hands on a precious internal martial intricate formula, they might not be able to resist the temptations. The martial masters of the major martial clans in the martial fraternity knew the risk of the internal martial intricate formula. That was why they only imparting it to suitable protégés or even only the next leadership candidate.

    This led to envy and many pugilists would ignore the risks for practicing the internal martial intricate formula as everyone wanted to be more powerful than their rivals, believing that they were the ones who had the intellect and the talent for the skill.

    And as the time passed by, due to the numerous conflicts in the fraternity, many internal martial intricate formulas were lost; it became a covetous thing for the pugilists to lay their hands upon. Even the previous warning of old was lost on most pugilists in their pursuit for more powerful skills.

    If Ji Lingfeng got struck with the Asper Invocations or if it was in conflict with her existing internal martial formula the Holy Amalgamate Intricate Recite, the backlash would be terrible.

    She had to find a way to merge the Holy Amalgamate and the Aspire Invocations first. It would possible take many weeks and even years for her to safely even start practicing on the Aspire Invocations.

    Once she had begun on the Asper Invocations Intricate Recite, she could not turn back anymore. And this old freak could only teach her the basic intricate formula of the Aspire Invocations as a solution to her internal injury. Without looking and knowing what contained in the later stages of the Asper Invocations, it would be a dangerous practice.

    Therefore, she would never have believed that this old freak was not trying to harm her.

    Perhaps Yi Tianxing had seen what was bothering her. He laughed, “Don’t you worry so much.”

    If she was not worried, that was impossible. She nearly fainted by those dreadful thoughts and afraid that she might lose or cause her martial power to deteriorate!

    All of a sudden, Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Since you already know that I am related to Ji Yunzhong then do you know that you are the one that caused him his death? How vicious are you. Now you are trying to harm me!”

    Yi Tianxing was startled, “Your father is no longer in this world? Young lass, surely there must be some misunderstandings? I didn't kill your father.”

    Ji Lingfeng began to tremble as she said, “He was killed by Gu Tianle twenty years ago and because of this victory, the pugilists in the fraternity gave him the title of Warrior-God. That was what everyone had thought. The real cause of his death was his injuries that you have caused him twenty-five years ago from which he had never recovered.”

    Yi Tianxing asked, “So you wish to avenge your father?”

    Yi Ping was shocked at the revelation that her father was indirectly killed by his father.

    He remembered that his mother had indirectly died when she was trying his life. The real perpetrator was Gongsun Bai who had caused her to sustain severe injuries previously. That was why he had secretly sworn to find the real perpetrator behind the disappearance of his father and the indirect death of his mother…

    Ch10 End
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    Great. this is no longer a simple wuxia tale. the main characters are being fleshed out with all these age old nay multi generational revelations. this plus the revenge themes makes this tale evolve into a multi layered and more matured wuxia story. do not stop.

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    Glad you like the story as much as I do, Geraldsaw =)

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    Chapter 11: The Martial Secrets of the Mysterious Yellow Dressed Maiden

    Ji Lingfeng had ranted at Yi Tianxing in a moment of ire.

    Yi Tianxing had asked, “So you wish to avenge your father?”

    Ji Lingfeng shook her head, “My brother and my mother told me, even though that you have caused him to be injured but my father had never blamed you. The duel had been honorable and you had even saved his life by teaching him the Divine Revelation Skill so that he would never need to be plagued by the curse of the Holy Amalgamate Skill that caused his internal organ injuries.”

    She added, “My father had never expected you to teach him your clan most secret skill to him. Your righteousness touched my father. But even though he had retired from the martial fraternity, the Holy Hex Sect had never had a moment of peace. Pugilists like Gu Tianle were always organizing attacks on our sect to gain renown for themselves.”

    Yi Tianxing gulped down the wine that Yi Ping had brought as he sighed, “So did I. Your father Ji Yunzhong was the number one top exponent of the heretic sects. I challenged your father in order to gain fame too.”

    He added, “Even though I have defeated your father, I realized that he was suffering from internal injuries that impaired his ability to fight optimally. Even though his skills were powerful enough to defeat most first rate exponents but when two equally top exponents fought with one another, it would determine the vanquished and the victor!”

    He said, “Not wanting to take advantage of your father, I imparted to him the Divine Revelation Skill and no one else knew of the secret duel that we had.”

    Ji Lingfeng had a tear in her eyes, “That is why my father had been grateful to you. You have helped him to prolong his life.”

    Yi Tianxing said, “It is undeniable that I have caused your father internal injuries to worsen.”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “However, my father was glad to have you as his worthy opponent. He often said that if he had met you a few years ago, things might be differently. Even when he was defeated by Gu Tianle, he still said that the one that defeated him was you and not Gu Tianle.”

    Yi Tianxing sighed, “His martial skills must have deteriorated a lot during those five years.”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Since then, the Holy Hex Sect disappeared from the martial fraternity. Only in recent years was it revived by my brother.”

    Yi Tianxing said, “I remembered your brother…”

    Ji Lingfeng’s brother was a full twenty years older than her. When her father died, she was only a three year old baby.

    Yi Ping did not know that Ji Lingfeng had such a tragic past as he begun to empathize with her. He asked, “How old are you back then?”

    Ji Lingfeng sighed softly, “I was only three…”

    Yi Ping looked at her with great empathy, “It must be hard on you all these years. That means you are now twenty-three of age now.”

    All of a sudden, Ji Lingfeng kinked her eyebrows as she looked back coldly at him.

    When Yi Ping saw her cold stares and her sudden change of expressions, he began to be fearful and thought, “Why is that every time I say something, she will be so cold to me? It not as if I say something awful? Or is it because she doesn’t want me to take pity on her?”

    When Ji Lingfeng heard him saying to her, “It must be hard on you all these years” she was deeply touched. But when she heard him describing her age, she was displeased. Like many young maidens in the fraternity, they were sensitive about their age once they were past eighteen. If she was near to him, she would definitely kick and slap him.

    Yi Tianxing sighed deeply, “Why bother returning to the martial fraternity? Your family should lead a life of seclusion and retreated from the intrigues of the fraternity. There are simply too many bloodshed.”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Even if we want to, the pugilists would not spare us. Over the years, we had been betrayed and pursued numerous times. The blood of our elders and our clan protégé, we must definitely avenge upon. Old Senior, you don’t have to worry for us. Thanks to your Divine Revelation, my brother, Ji Wuzheng has now perfected the Holy Amalgamate Skill.”

    Yi Tianxing was startled, “He has?”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Completely. Without your Divine Revelation Skill, my brother would have suffered internal injuries as he progressed. In fact, my brother had defeated the Sword Saint, the top exponent of the orthodox clans last year!”

    Yi Tianxing was even more startled, “Old Man Zuo of the Infinity Sword Clan?”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “That is right!”

    Even in his time, Old Man Zuo was renowned for his Infinity Swordplay and was already conferred the title of Sword Saint by the martial fraternity for his superior swordplay. His twenty-two infinity sword strokes were renowned throughout for its offensive stances and extraordinary strokes.

    The Infinity Swordplay was unusual in the sense that the weakest sword stroke started from the twenty-two stance, the Infinity-Twenty-Two. When the stance numbering dropped, the infinity swordplay got more intricate and powerful.

    Most senior protégés of the Infinity Swordplay rarely got past the eleventh stance of the Infinity Swordplay. Even then, those that had reached the eleventh attainment stance of the Infinity Swordplay were top swordsmen that very few exponents in the fraternity would be able to match.

    It was said that Old Man Zuo was the first person in the Infinity Sword Clan that could attain the Infinity-First of the Infinity Swordplay. He was closed to unravel the full mysteries of the Infinitude Recite and it was rumored that he had already achieved the Infinity-Zero, a swordplay that was so supernatural that it was out of the world.

    Yi Tianxing muttered, “Even with my Horizon Swordplay and your sect Hexagon Swordplay combined, it cannot even come close to the Infinity-Two. I know because my grand protégé master was a bosom friend of Old Man Zuo’s protégé master and they had sparred on numerous times. So how did your brother manage to defeat Old Man Zuo?”

    Ji Lingfeng said mysteriously, “Of course it cannot be compared. Or else my brother would be dead many times over.”

    Yi Ping could not resist interrupting, “Why do you beat around the bush. How did your brother defeat the Sword Saint?”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Old Man Zuo knew that my brother would never be his match and he is a junior. Therefore they contested with their inner martial arts. After a titanic fight, my brother’s Holy Amalgamate Skill emerged victorious over the Sword Saint’s Infinitude Skill. Again, your Divine Revelation Skill played a huge part in the victory.”

    Yi Tianxing blinked his eyes and said, “I am sure your brother will not stop till he dominates the martial fraternity?”

    Ji Lingfeng smiled coldly, “Old Senior, you do not have to worry about this. You only have to know that my clan is forever grateful to you that we are able to revive our sect. I can ask my brother to wipe out the Gongsun clan for you. I have heard that Gu Tianle is now a guest of the Gongsun clan. Our enemies are the same.”

    Yi Ping said, “This blood feud is only between Gongsun Bai and us. We don’t need outside help to kill Gongsun Bai.”

    Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “Hmph you…I am just trying to help you. Do you know that killing Gongsun Bai is not easy? His martial level is way out of your league! Or else, my brother will have already led his men to lay waste to the Gongsun Manor.”

    Yi Ping said, “I don’t need you to worry for me, I can…”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Did you forget that I have helped save your life? If…if something happens to you, how do you repay me this debt? Is this the righteousness that you have in mind?”

    She added, “Don’t forget that without me, you would never have united with your father. So you owe me two debts.”

    Yi Ping was speechless and said, “Maiden…”

    Yi Tianxing laughed, “Son, this maiden obviously cares for you and wants to help you. Yet, you keep rejecting her overtures.”

    Ji Lingfeng flustered and said, “No, I am not obviously cares for…him! He is just a rascal that does not know what is good for him!”

    Yi Ping thought sadly, “In her eyes, I am only a rascal?”

    Yi Tianxing said, “That is why he is admirable, isn’t it?” Even though he was an old man now but the passionate eyes that Ji Lingfeng had for Yi Ping could not escape from his eyes.

    He added, “The two of you are like a little couple. Why don’t you get married right now and I will be your witness?”

    All of a sudden, Yi Ping kneeled onto the ground, “Father, your son is already married!”

    Yi Tianxing was startled and he asked, “Who may she be?”

    Ji Lingfeng trembled lightly in shock, “He is really married?”

    Yi Ping said, “She is Shui Yixian.”

    Yi Tianxing was taken aback and asked, “Shui Yixian? He knew Shui Yixian as the third protégé sister of his wife, Shui Yichi. But there were many people with similar names in the fraternity.

    Yi Ping said, “You know her too. She is the Celestial Fairy.”

    Yi Tianxing received a jolt in his head.

    Yi Tianxing roared with laughter, “Like father, like son. You married her with your mediocre skills? This is unbelievable.”

    Yi Ping began to relate his accounts with Shui Yixian.

    Ji Lingfeng began to tremble as she thought, “He really is not lying to me. I am the one that does not believe him…That means he is not delusion and is of sound mind?”

    When Yi Ping had finished related the accounts, he added, “My wife had just passed away. I should observe a three year of mourning for her. I shouldn’t get married at this time.”

    Ji Lingfeng turned away as she coldly said, “Even if you want to marry me, I may not agree too. I don’t want ever to be your guardian for life.”

    Yi Tianxing looked on with an interesting expression on his face. Sometimes, a lady meant entirely the opposite of what she had said. It would be a pity to give this fine lady up, even if she was not from the orthodox clans.

    Yi Tianxing roared with laughter, “So Maiden Ji, do you still want to learn the Aspire Invocations?”

    At the mention of the Aspire Invocations, Ji Lingfeng expressions turned sour.

    She said coldly, “Why are you still trying to harm me?”

    Yi Ping defended his father, “Maiden Ji, why do keep saying that? My father has only good intentions towards you.”

    Ji Lingfeng looked coldly at Yi Ping and almost threw a secret projectile in his direction, “Why don’t you keep quiet for a while?” She wanted to say shut up to him but decided to soften her tone at the last moment.

    Yi Ping did really keep quiet, afraid to even look at her.

    Yi Tianxing began to recite the Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite and said, “This is the basic Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite.”

    Ji Lingfeng was startled after hearing it, “This is the intricate formula of the basic Aspire Invocations? Why does it sound like it is a dissolution skill? It doesn’t seem to be related to the Asper Horizon Hand?”

    Yi Tianxing laughed, “You are so smart. It is a dissolution skill but it is used only to neutralize the erratic vital energies for the practitioners of the Asper Horizon Hands. Our clan uses it to test the martial advancements of our protégés before imparting the real staging of the Aspire Invocations. If you really want to improve the prowess of the Asper Horizon Hand, you have to learn the Aspire Invocation Intricate Recite and the Divine Horizon Hands.”

    He paused for a while before continuing, “So, are you willing to be my protégé disciple and learn my Aspire Invocations?”

    Yi Ping said to his father, “Since Maiden Ji thinks father is trying to harm her and unwilling to learn it, let don’t force her. If she doesn’t want to, I want to! Moreover the Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite is our clan martial secret and shouldn’t be taught to outsiders.”

    Ji Lingfeng was excited. It was because the Holy Amalgamate Skill was a type of dissolution skill too. If Yi Tianxing could explain to her the dissolution intricate formula of the Aspire Invocations, it would further her understandings of the Holy Amalgamate Skill and helped her in her martial progression tremendously!

    Moreover, Yi Tianxing had explained that to her the basic Aspire Invocations was a standalone skill that could help her control her erratic vital energy and would not require her to practice it as another inner martial intricate formula.

    Therefore she flew to Yi Tianxing and said alluringly, “I want to learn. Alas, protégé master! Your protégé disciple Ji Lingfeng pays my respect to you!”

    Yi Tianxing laughed, “That is my good protégé disciple!”

    Yi Ping was left bewildered, “Didn’t you say you won’t learn the Aspire Invocations?”

    Ji Lingfeng turned back and smiled alluringly, “Hmph, when did I ever say so? It seems that your hearings are bad.”

    Indeed, she had never said so. She was just giving the impression that she did not want to learn it.

    Yi Ping was speechless.

    Ji Lingfeng had a mysterious look in her eyes as she said to him, “From now on, you have to address me as your older protégé sister and listens to me.”

    Both Yi Tianxing and Yi Ping were stunned.

    Yi Ping asked, “When… did you become my older protégé sister? You are younger than me…”

    Ji Lingfeng said proudly, “Just now. Hmph, didn’t you just hear from your father that he has just accepted me as his protégé? You haven’t even joined yet. Since I am the first to join, then I am your older protégé sister.”

    That was the rule of the martial fraternity; the one that joined first under the same protégé master was to be the most senior.

    Yi Tianxing recovered from his surprise and said, “True, true…”

    Ji Lingfeng batted an eye at Yi Ping and said, “Quick, address me as your older protégé sister.”

    Yi Ping was amused, he began to rub his nose as he pondered, “Actually it is a good feeling to have an older protégé sister.” All of a sudden, he felt that he was no longer alone.

    So he said, “Greetings older protégé sister!”

    Ji Lingfeng smiled alluring, “Greetings my younger protégé brother!”

    Ji Lingfeng was secretly joyful for she now had someone to talk to. It was because as the Holy Maiden of the Holy Hex Sect, she had no friends and no one to talk to except for her brother.

    When she had heard of a upcoming major congregation that was going to be held by the Gongsun Clan for a punitive action against her brother, she was panicky and decided to take actions into her own hands to visit the congregation against her brother wishes.

    It was because her brother had not yet recovered from his internal injuries from his duel with the Sword Saint even though it had been nearly a year now.

    It was no coincident that she had met Yi Ping. She was aware that Gongsun Jing was in that particular town and was waiting for an opportunity to teach him a lesson but as he was always in the company of top exponents like Jue Yuan and Gu Tianle, the opportunity that she been waiting for never came.

    When Jue Yuan had attacked Yi Ping, she decided to interfere even though it would mean exposing her true identity and bring her plans to disrupt the congregation futile.

    Yi Tianxing said to them, “Our clan is renowned for the Horizon Swordplay, the Divine Horizon Hands, the Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite and the Divine Revelation Skill.”

    Yi Tianxing said, “The Divine Revelation Skill is a breathing technique that controls the breathing and vital energy in the body. What makes it special from other breathing techniques is its ability to re-energize the breath and allowing practitioners to hold on to the vital breath as long as possible.”

    “When used together with the Aspire Invocations, it is able to unleash the full potential of the Divine Horizon Hands and our secret techniques, the Asper, the Asper Continuum and the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand.”

    “When top exponents fight, the first breathe is always the most important as well as the most powerful. That is the essence of vital energy and the key to release our martial force in the forms of internal energy. As a fight continues and consumes more and more martial strength, breathing becomes harder and harder.”

    He paused for a while before adding, “In a real fight, your foes will not give you rest and will seek to overpower you through exhaustion and fatigue. There are no respite and chance to rest. The Divine Revelation retains unused vital energy and reconverts it back as vital breath.”

    He said, “As proficiency in the Divine Revelation Skill grows, the practitioner will be able to retain the vital breath in the body channels to be used later. This is unlike the breathing technique of the Emotionless Rhyme of the Eternal Ice Palace that tries to retain the vital breath as long as possible.”

    Yi Ping suddenly recalled that when Shui Yixian fought with her opponents, she rarely spoke and was entirely composed. All of a sudden, he recalled the killing stance of the yellow dressed maiden.

    Yi Ping asked, “The yellow dressed lady that killed my wife has the ability to muster her martial power in a short confine of time and her killing power is lethal. What type of martial arts is she using? If she had lifted her vital breath, Yixian would have notice and would not be surprised by her.” And Yi Ping described her moves.

    Yi Tianxing was surprised, “A sudden burst of martial power? It is true that most offensive martial skills required the practitioner to muster and gather their vital energies for the offensive. That is why it is impossible to surprise top exponents like Yixian.”

    He clapped his hands, “I got it now. She must have known the Emotionless Rhyme too! You said that her grandmother was Shui Yisi, the second protégé sister of Yixian. If she does not know the Emotionless Rhyme, then it really is a weird thing. Therefore she must have slowly re-energized her vital breath and muster her martial power in secret, unnoticeable by anyone.”

    The Emotionless Rhyme was a breathing technique that could allow the practitioner control over their heart-beat and kept the opponents from knowing if their vital energy was truly spent and also muster martial power in secret.

    Ji Lingfeng suddenly said, “That is the Penetrating Hand. Unlike most other martial arts, this unique skill is able to display the most power at point blank, without any hint. So if she knows the Emotionless Rhyme of the Eternal Ice Palace, then these two techniques when used together is a deadly combination.”

    Now it was Yi Ping turn to be surprised. He quickly asked, “Do you know that yellow dress maiden?”

    Ji Lingfeng shook her head and said, “Two years ago, my brother fought with a young maiden on a chance occurrence. The duel was a draw but my brother told me that in a few years’ time, that lady martial progression may surpass him and he warned me to be wary of this type of martial art and described it to me.”

    Ji Lingfeng said coolly, “Accordingly to him, her Penetrating Hands were extremely swift to execute, she could actually displayed six to ten strokes of it in the blink of an eye. Every strike executed by her was lethal and filled with martial power. My brother took a few hits due to carelessness and the internal injuries suffered by him were not light!”

    Yi Tianxing said, “Even though this type of martial art may be mustered at a short notice, it is likely to restrict her movements too. If she cannot land her hits, surely your brother can overcome her?”

    He pointed out, “It is highly incredible that your brother would not be able to overcome her. There aren’t many exponents in the fraternity that can match his Holy Amalgamate Skill in terms of technique and martial power. Why is the fight a draw?”

    Ji Lingfeng nodded, “My brother had noticed as well but it was only after he had been surprised by her Penetrating Hands and were almost killed by her. He had actually wounded her with the full martial power of his Holy Amalgamate Skill.”

    Yi Tianxing was astonished, “She survived that?”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “That is because besides the Penetrating Hands, she has another powerful defensive skill.”

    Yi Tianxing’s eyes started to glow as he wished that he had not lost his martial power. He almost wished that he could try out her Penetrating Hands versus his Divine Horizon Hands.

    He asked, “Is it because she learnt a protective energy aura skill or iron shroud type of skill that can deflect physical attacks?”

    Ji Lingfeng smiled, “Protégé Master, you are right. It is not an energy impervious skill that protects her but something else that is subtle. My brother is able to identify the skill as the ‘Golden Impervious Skill’. That is why even though my brother had dealt her fatally, it was still not fatal enough.”

    Yi Ping sighed. He had never expected his enemy to be an even more frightening opponent that he had thought. But his will was absolute and his wife had to be avenged.

    Ji Lingfeng added, “If my brother was not surprised by her and was not injured, that lady would never be able to survive a duel with my brother. “

    Yi Ping interrupted her, “That was two years ago. If your brother was surprised by her two years later, he might not survive too. Yixian and Tian Kui were killed by her with a single hit. Her martial progression within these two years must be astonishing.”

    Ji Lingfeng said coolly, “I think you are overrating her martial abilities. She relied on the element of surprise to bring forth her strikes to the greatest effect. Since my brother knew of her techniques, it is difficult for her to succeed again.”

    Yi Tianxing said, “Nothing is sure in a duel. But it is a lucky thing we are able to learn so much. When top exponents fight, they always conceal their best techniques unless they have no other choices. It seems that your brother is able to force her to display more than necessary.”

    But he was already sighing in his heart, “The Golden Impervious Skill. A young maiden has actually mastered this long lost epitome skill?” He really found it hard to believe.

    Yi Tianxing said, “We have side tracked and let us continue on the introduction. The Divine Horizon Hands is our clan most powerful skill. It contains three hidden secret techniques, the Asper, the Asper Continuum and the Asper Divinity.”

    He said, “Normally, to even begin the first secret technique of the Divine Horizon Hands the Asper Horizon, the practitioner will need forty years of martial power.”

    Both Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng gasped, “Forty years?!”

    Ji Lingfeng immediately recalled that after she had used the Asper Horizon Hands, her fingers were trembling and she felt as though all her strength had been drained from her executing arm!

    Yi Tianxing said, “That is right. I practiced for forty-years before I am allowed to descend from the mountains by my master.”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Didn’t I manage to use the Asper Horizon Hand already?”

    YI Tianxing said, “I was surprised that you can use it so soon. It may be because you have been practicing the Divine Revelation Skill for a long time to enhance your Holy Amalgamate Skill therefore you already have a certain foundation in internal strength. That is why you are able to pick up the Asper Horizon Hand fairly quickly”

    Ji Lingfeng blinked her eyes at Yi Ping and smiled.

    Without exchanging a word, Yi Ping was annoyed by her. She was gleeful that her martial strength was higher than him.

    Yi Tianxing quickly added, “However, without the Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite to refine the Asper Horizon and knowledge of the Divine Horizon Hands, it is almost impossible to fully realize the full power of the Asper Horizon. Not to mention the Asper Continuum and the Asper Divinity.”

    Yi Tianxing continued, “The Asper Continuum Horizon Hand requires sixty years and the Asper Divinity Horizon Hand requires eighty years of solid internal strength to use.”

    Yi Ping sighed and muttered, “Isn’t that too hard?”

    He would be an old man by then.

    Ji Lingfeng said, “At most I will take a few more years, compare to you know who.”

    Yi Ping unhappily said, “Only time will tell. Your clan has so many enemies. You are probably too busy avenging your clan to practice as much as I do.”

    Yi Tianxing held him in his wrist and examined his pulse, sighing. “Son, because you have the Icy Heavenly Tears energy in you, it may be difficult for you to even begin on the Aspire Invocations. Therefore you won’t be able to wield the Divine Horizon Hands to its full potential. If you try to begin on the Aspire Invocations, the risk of deviation phenomena is great. You will end up paralyze or dead.”

    Yi Ping nodded and replied, “Father, it doesn’t matter to me. I am so glad to see you again. Even if my skills are mediocre, I will avenge on Gongsun Bai even if it takes me years of hard work.”

    When Ji Lingfeng glanced at him, she could see the determined look in his eyes and the mesmerizing righteousness air around him. She felt herself drawn irresistible to him and believed in him…

    All of a sudden, Yi Tianxing gasped, “Even though you have the Icy Heavenly Tears in your pulse but your heart pulse seem to be devoid of it at the same time. How is it possible?”

    Ji Lingfeng grabbed Yi Ping wrist too and examined his pulses, “That is weird. Sometimes I can feel a cold piercing negative pulse but sometimes I cannot feel it.”

    Yi Tianxing muttered, “Don’t tell me it is Yichi… she had purposely left Ping’Er internal strength in a clean slate? How is it possible? Don’t tell me she had finally grasped the mysteries of the Eternal Heavenly Tears in her last final moments? That is just the remnants of her Eternal Force in Ping’Er pulse and not the Icy Heavenly Tears that I think it is?”

    He needed more time to ponder over it. But for now, it might be possible for Yi Ping to practice on the Aspire Invocations under his watchful guidance.

    All of a sudden, he turned solemn and said, “I must warn the two of you first. In the future, should you have the opportunity to grasp the mysteries of the Asper Divinity; you must not practice or use it. If you pass it to future generations, remember to forewarn them as well.”

    Yi Ping asked, “Father, what do you mean? If the skill cannot be used, what is the use of it being there?”

    Yi Tianxing sighed deeply before he said painfully, “That is the warning left behind by our grand protégé master. If you manage to learn this forbidden skill, in three years’ time, you will surely die!”

    Both Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng gasped at the same time, “How come?”

    Yi Tianxing said solemnly, “The Divine Calamity.” But he refused to say a word more.

    Yi Ping and Ji Lingfeng exchanged looks before Yi Ping mustered his courage and asked, “Father, what exactly is the Divine Calamity? You mentioned that mum was fearful of it and even our clan must be wary of it.”

    All of a sudden, he seemed to be muttering to himself and he was making no sense.

    The only legitimate words that they could decipher were, “…bloodsuckers…Celestial Palace…”

    Ji Lingfeng and Yi Ping looked at one another. They seemed to be thinking of the same thing. There was only one place in the entire fraternity that was called the Celestial Palace…

    The Celestial Palace was located in the western fraternity. Like the Eternal Ice Palace and the Virtuous Palace, it was one of the three most forbidden places in the entire martial fraternity.

    Even though many of the powerful unorthodox clans were situated in the western fraternity, few dare to intrude on the forbidden grounds of the Celestial Palace. Those that did never returned.

    The Celestial Palace was said to be situated in the Nirvana Mountains and was so mysterious that no one had ever seen a single protégé from that place, yet it continued to exist for centuries. No one really knew if the Celestial Clan really did exist.

    In the western fraternity, mere mention of the Celestial Palace among the older pugilists would bring great fear and a great silence.

    Ji Lingfeng was even more startled than Yi Ping.

    It was because the Holy Hex Sect had a brief but stern warning not to mention its name and to visit that place. The Holy Amalgamate Skill was said to be a secret skill that was derived from the Sacred Celestial Skill of the Celestial Holy Clan. That warning and the origin of the Holy Amalgamate Skill was passed down only verbally to the members of the Ji Clan.

    Ch11 End
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    the story grows more entralling. i am also a sucker for romantic tales too. lol.

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    Thanx for the update!

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    You're translating from your original Chinese story right? I'm curious as to what the names of the techniques are in Chinese.

    It might also be nice to have short descriptions of the skills in a glossary. You've introduced about two dozen skills, and I (who has played pen and paper RPGs for about 25 years) have problems remembering which is which.
    HK47: Now do you understand the travails of my existence master? Surely it does not compare to your existence but still...
    You: I survive somehow
    HK47: As do I. It is our lot in life I suppose master. Shall we find something to kill to cheer ourselves up?


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    Quote Originally Posted by darkcser View Post
    You're translating from your original Chinese story right? I'm curious as to what the names of the techniques are in Chinese.

    It might also be nice to have short descriptions of the skills in a glossary. You've introduced about two dozen skills, and I (who has played pen and paper RPGs for about 25 years) have problems remembering which is which.
    That is a good idea too =) I will do it for you.

    I have played the pen and paper too o

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    HI Avidfan,

    Is the Chinese version available? I can usually use my tablet's Cantonese/Mandarin text to speech app to quickly read an entire book in no time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    HI Avidfan,

    Is the Chinese version available? I can usually use my tablet's Cantonese/Mandarin text to speech app to quickly read an entire book in no time.
    Not yet. Still adding codes into it to the mandarin edition so that it will do justification to the real martial clans. But soon =)

    There are a number of codes (story within a story and facts) in chapter 12. Let us see if any observant readers can pick it up.

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    Chapter 12: Nangong Le

    The streets of the town were noisy and filled with many activities. The town was more crowded than usual. It was because the Gongsun Martial Aristocracy Clan, who controlled the town and its vicinity areas, had invited heroes from all over the fraternity to participate in a rare fraternity assembly.

    The death of Old Man Zuo the Sword Saint had sent a shockwave throughout the fraternity and emboldened the heretic sects; there were at least a hundred clashes between the orthodox clans and the heretic sects in the past year alone.

    The main purpose of the congregation was to seek a solution to the current martial affairs and to select a new orthodox leader from among the major orthodox clans.

    Nangong Le looked bored and was looking for entertainment in the streets of the town. He had come to this town at the invitation of Gongsun Bai. Accompanying him were two renowned tranquil middle-age swordsmen Priest Liu Qingcheng the older protégé and Priest Ling Kongquan the younger protégé of the Tranquil City who acted as his escorts as well as his friends.

    Priest Liu Qingcheng was also the protégé master of the Tranquil City.

    The Tranquil City was one of the oldest martial clan in the fraternity, famed for its Tranquil Swordplay and the Tranquil Fists. Even though the Tranquil City was famed for its swordplay, the most powerful skill in the clan was actually their Dual Inertness Intricacy, a divinity state of ‘Exchanging spirit intricate from a thousand miles, sensing from a million miles’, and ‘Absorbing the essence of Heavens and Earth’.

    Also, Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan were also top inner martial experts and their martial skills were not beneath any of the major orthodox clans’ skills.

    Nangong Le did not want to go to the Gongsun Manor so early and deliberately stayed in the town to find interesting entertainments. That was typical of his usual style and action.

    Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan may look like they were lofty priests that would never partake in such meaningless pursuit, it was actually the opposite.

    Also their Dual Inertness Intricacy was all about sensing the emotional elations of others to elevate their state of divinity further. There no better ways than to follow Nangong Le to advance their cultivation!

    That was exactly why they were Nangong Le’s friends.

    Priest Ling Kongquan asked, “Is it good to keep our orthodox friends waiting? I know that many had left early this morning for the Gongsun Manor. Surely the congregation will be crowded and it is even more interesting there.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng laughed aloud, “The orthodox clans have always belittled and looked down on the Tranquil City. Even though they did not say that, their hearts tells otherwise. It will only affect our cultivation if we associate ourselves with such negative emotions.”

    Priest Ling Kongquan smirked, “Alas, I still derive so much pleasure from their hypocrisy.”

    Nangong Le laughed aloud, “The pugilists of the orthodox will only look up to the influential and not the weak. In their eyes, only the seven major orthodox clans and the Gongsun Martial Clan deserve their true respect. Small clans and inactive clans like us are just small fries in their eyes.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “You are really too humble, Young Master Nangong. You are now one of the four young masters of the martial fraternity and you even got a gold invitation for this congregation. That unruly Gongsun Bai only sent us a silver invitation.”

    Nangong Le shook his head, “My martial skills are beneath you. I really do not deserve to have the gold invitation. The only reason that I am one of the young masters of the martial fraternity is only because they are short of one person for that honorific to make it sound more pleasant and only because of the wealth of the Nangong Clan.”

    Indeed, the Nangong Clan was the wealthiest clan in the entire fraternity and well-known for their immerse holdings and banks.

    All of a sudden, Nangong Le, Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan halted their steps. It was because they had suddenly heard the most enchanting music that they had ever heard in their entire lives!

    Even though the streets were busy and full of a great multitude of different noises that overshadowed the enthralling music, their sharp ears were able to pick it up.

    The melody of the music was slow, enchanting and extremely moving to the listeners but it also carried a sad melancholy to it.

    They were stunned that such an intricate melody actually existed, despite having listened to hundreds of music from all over the fraternity.

    Nangong Le muttered in awe, “What beautiful heavenly music. It is too out of the world.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng was so enthralled by the music that he dared not say a word but closed his eyes as he was afraid to miss it.

    He had a tear in his eyes; the music was so heart wrenching that he was trembling uncontrollably! All of a sudden, he gained a new inspiration for the Dual Inertness Intricacy…

    Priest Ling Kongquan was stammering and trembling, “It comes…from around the…alley!”

    Priest Ling Kongquan grabbed Priest Liu Qingcheng and said, “Eldest Protégé Brother, let’s us take a look!”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng was startled from his stupor as he quickly replied “Yes, let’s take a look!”

    They soon turned into an alley saw a high wall that blocked them.

    Luckily, this high wall was not too high for them to display their wall scaling skills and they soon scaled over it.

    They were soon stunned at the sight of the other side after they had scaled over the high wall.

    This was so unlike the dirty and confine alley that they were in earlier.

    This courtyard was large and very beautiful. It was clean, decorated with all kinds of trees and fragrance flowers.

    There was a small artificial large pond with a bridge over it and the enchanting music comes from beyond the courtyard.

    Nangong Le muttered, “Did we arrive at the Gongsun Manor by mistake?”

    Priest Ling Kongquan smiled weakly, “That is in the other direction?”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “That appear to be so.”

    Nangong Le too smiled weakly, “Who else but Gongsun Bai can afford such magnificent place in this desolate town. Even if this place is not the Gongsun Manor, the owner must be related to him.”

    The enchanting emotional melancholy music seemed to have come from beyond the courtyard. Therefore, they continued to walk through the courtyard while admiring the beauty and grandeur of the place.

    When Nangong Le, Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan came to another courtyard, they could see two exquisite beautiful maidens playing the zither and the pipa with white curtains in the background.

    The melancholy and enchanting music had come from them. What astonished them was that these two young maidens had looked exactly alike!

    Nangong Le thought, “They are twins?”

    Nangong Le was immediately attracted by them and started to appraise them silently. They were in black velvet silk dresses and he was fascinated by their dedicated eyes.

    He noticed that they had a long sword besides them. Normally, only pugilists and nobility would carry a long sword with them although there were many exceptions; they could be using it for sword dances and sword plays as it was a popular pastime with many.

    He had never seen anyone as beautiful as them in black as it was an ominous color and was not a color of choice for most maidens.

    He could only gasped, “So beautiful.” And he was instantly hypnotized by them.

    All of a sudden, when he saw the translucent jade bangles on their left wrists, he was stunned.

    It was because these translucent jades could only be found in the Heavenly Mountains, was extremely priceless and priceless ans priceless. Even if someone had those translucent jades, they would never dare to wear or carry it for fear of damaging it.

    When he saw their musical instruments that were made of red purple sandal wood, which was so highly prized and rare that it was worth its weight in gold, he was dumbfounded.

    At first, he thought he could use his wealthy background to entice them but now he knew that if he had tried that, it was a terrible mistake for they had no material lack! He began to smile bitterly for he realized he had spent most of his gold in the last few days and was terribly poor at the moment to offer them a decent gift.

    The few jewelries and gold that he had were too embarrassing to be taken out as a first time social gift. And he might be looked down upon and lost their first good impressions of him. This was the first time that Nangong Le had felt that he was poor.

    Ling Kongquan was solemn as he said, “Be careful. For them to appear in such a place, they may be vixens. We should leave immediately now that we got the chance…”

    Nangong Le said, “Even if they are thousand year old vixens, I must still know their names!”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng was taken aback, “Brother Nangong…you…”

    But before he could stop him, Nangong Le had immediately mustered his courage to introduce himself, “I am Nangong Le. These two are Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan. May we have the honor of knowing the names of both mistresses?”

    The two sisters stopped playing and looked into their direction; their dedicated eyes were looking at them intently.

    When Nangong Le saw their eyes looking intently at him, his heart began to beat very fast as he thought, “Both of them are so beautiful and so beholding. So which one should I woo? Which one should I woo first? Or shall I woo the two of them at the same time?”

    The young maiden on the left asked in a soft voice, “Do you know that you are trespassing?”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng hurriedly replied, “Maiden, please forgive us for trespassing. We really meant no harm at all. When we are outside, we suddenly heard an enchanting melody. Out of curiosity, we have come to take a look.”

    The young maiden on the left said softly, “Now that you have already taken a look, what do you want to do now?”

    Priest Ling Kongquan was the first to reply, “Nothing but are…are you both humans?”

    The young maiden on the right laughed softly, “Do we look like we are not humans to you?”

    Priest Ling Kongquan managed a weak smile, “No…”

    Nangong Le smiled, “You are both like heavenly fairies and not humans.”

    The young maiden on the right seemed to be flattered as she replied, “Is that so?”

    Nangong Le said, “That is so!”

    Then she looked intently at him, “We can also be vixens and we like to feast upon your blood.”

    Nangong Le laughed, “Maiden you must be joking. Even if you want to eat me, I will not struggle at all.”

    The young maiden on the right said, “Really? You will not struggle?”

    Nangong Le laughed, “I won’t struggle, not even once!”

    The young maiden on the right smiled, “What if we are not joking?”

    These two young maidens in black velvet were looking at them intently.

    Nangong Le, Priest Liu Qingcheng and Priest Ling Kongquan broke into cold sweat. They could not really tell if they were joking.

    It was indeed strange that two extraordinary beautiful young maidens would appear in a small isolated town that only pugilists would bother to visit and they were staying in a place with such splendor that seemingly out of place. Moreover they were exactly the same and had so much finery on them yet there were no servants anywhere. And their enthralling music was too supernatural to be found in the mortal realm. Was everything just an illusion?

    The young maiden on the left added, “Unfortunately, it is real and we need blood to maintain our youthful appearances, especially men with such vitality such as you.”

    Priest Ling Kongquan turned ashen as he stammered, “Who…who are you…?” He wanted to run but his legs had grown soft.

    Even Nangong Le had turned completely white as he thought, “I have toyed with numerous women in my life and now my life is going to end in their hands. I swear if I can survive this, I will surely turn over a new leaf. Alas Heavens, please help me…”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng roared aloud with laughter, “For a moment, I am almost fooled. They are not vixens.”

    Nangong Le and Priest Ling Kongquan looked at Priest Liu Qingcheng with startled expressions. They were not vixens and they were joking?

    Priest Ling Kongquan asked, “Eldest Protégé Brother, you can tell?”

    The young maiden on the left smiled, “Of course we are not vixens. Do we look like foxes to you?”

    Nangong Le heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that they were not vixens as he slowly recovered his composure.

    Priest Ling Kongquan smiled weakly, “I have never seen any vixens in my life but I know that they can take human shape.”

    The young maiden on the right sighted softly, “Unfortunately we are really not vixens.”

    Priest Ling Kongquan said nervously, “Vixens are also liars and would never admit they are not vixens.”

    Nangong Le was alarmed. What Priest Ling Kongquan had said made sense. Only a priest would be able to identify a supernatural being such as a vixen.

    The young maiden on the left smiled, “We are actually waiting for a real vixen and were in fact baiting her but you have come instead. If you want to see a real vixen, you can stay here and wait. Maybe you get to see a real vixen real soon.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng smiled, “Vixen or not, I don’t care. I am Priest Liu Qingcheng, the master of the Tranquil City. I am thinking if both maidens are willing to be my protégés, I would like to impart to you our clan most extraordinary skill, the Dual Inertness Intricacy.”

    The two young maidens, even Priest Ling Kongquan and Nangong Le were startled!

    Priest Liu Qingcheng was straightforward and had declared his intentions.

    It was startling because even direct protégés of the Tranquil City may not get the chance to learn the Dual Inertness Intricacy. And he was offering them the Dual Inertness Intricacy if they were willing to be his protégés. Was it not astonishing?

    Nangong Le had been acquainted with them for five years. Even though he was always pressing Priest Liu Qingcheng to reveal some of the secrets of the Dual Inertness Intricacy to him in exchange for fabulous wealth and other martial treasures but he would never indulge even an intricate word to him. But today, he was offering it for free to these two maidens?!

    Nangong Le smiled bitterly, “Brother Liu, are you sure that you are not spellbound by them? You know that I am willing to be your protégé…”

    Even though he had asked to be his protégé on many occasions, Priest Liu Qingcheng would always kindly reject him.

    All of a sudden, Nangong Le was alarmed as he thought, “Don’t tell me Brother Liu had been bewitched by them already?”

    Even Ling Kongquan was taken completely by surprise by his protégé brother as he said, “You are for real? That is our clan secret skill and we know nothing about their backgrounds…”

    When the young maiden on the left recovered from her surprise, she smiled faintly. “You don’t even know who we are or our names and yet you talk about wanting us to be your protégés?”

    The young maiden on the right added, “He is really a weird guy.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng did not seem to mind as he asked, “Then may I know your names?”

    Perhaps because he was courteous, the maiden on the left said coolly, “I’m the Lady Yu.”

    The maiden on the right said, “I’m the Lady Mei.”

    The Lady Yu was in fact Shui Yujian the Jade Sword Fairy and the Lady Mei was Shui Meijian the Beautiful Sword Fairy.

    They still refuse to divulge to him their full names but Priest Liu Qingcheng did not mind.

    Priest Liu Qingcheng asked again, “Will you be my protégés?”

    Shui Yujian answered amusingly, “Unfortunately we already have a protégé clan. It is impossible for us to be in your protégé clan. You can leave now.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “You can quit your protégé clan. I can assure you that there are no other martial clans that are better than the Tranquil City. The intricate heart formula of the Dual Inertness Intricacy is unique in the fraternity and is considered one of the most sought skills. You won’t regret learning it and joining the Tranquil City!”

    Shui Meijian looked at her sister before she said, “If we can betray our protégé clan, then we can betray yours too. You will not want us as your protégés if we are such a person, right?”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “With this level of musical accomplishments, it is unlikely that you can be easily tempted by greed or else you wouldn’t possible achieve it. Maidens, please reconsider…”

    Priest Ling Kongquan interrupted, “Eldest Protégé Brother! Since they do not appreciate your gestures, it is pointless to say anymore to them. Let us go now. We have trespassed long enough.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng ignored him and continued to say, “Maidens, please reconsider. It is a rare opportunity…”

    Shui Meijian was bewildered, “You…you are begging us to take up your offer? Shouldn’t it be we are begging you to take us in?”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “It doesn’t matter who take who in as long as you are agreeable to be my protégés, I will teach you the Dual Inertness Intricacy.”

    It was getting comical and even Priest Ling Kongquan felt embarrassed while Nangong Le was feeling awkward.

    Nangong Le and priest Ling Kongquan had even forgot the tense situation that they were in just a few moments ago!

    It really seemed that Priest Liu Qingcheng wanted them to be his protégé disciples and he was absolutely serious.

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said. “What about this? You can remain in your protégé clan and you still join my protégé clan, I will still teach you the Dual Inertness Intricacy!”

    Priest Ling Kongquan was shocked, “Eldest Protégé Brother, you can’t do that. There isn’t such a thing in the fraternity! Are you nuts?”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said solemnly, “I am sane of course. You have no idea on their latent potential. They may be the only ones that can advance the Dual Inertness Intricacy. Our clan has been on a decline for a long time and they may be the ones that can revive the position of our martial clan in the fraternity.”

    Priest Ling Kongquan said, “Even if they can advance the Dual Inertness Intricacy but can they fight? They are just good in the musical instruments and when the clan is in crisis, it is pointless to just have internal strength. They don’t look like the types that can take hardship therefore their martial abilities will be limited.”

    Shui Yujian kinked her eyebrows and said, “That is enough. Just leave or you will be sorry.” In fact, she had already drawn her long sword.

    Nangong Le, Priest Ling Kongquan and Priest Liu Qingcheng gasped at the drawn out long sword; its blade was so shiny and its sound was tingling that they knew instantly that it was a very good sword. What was more, they could feel the cold piercing sword energy of that precious sword at this distance!

    All of a sudden, Priest Liu Qingcheng said. “The person behind the white curtain, can you say something? What do you think?”

    Both Priest Ling Kongquan and Nangong Le were startled. There was a person behind the white curtains?

    Priest Ling Kongquan was stunned. His mastery of the Dual Inertness Intricacy was on the same level as his eldest protégé brother, yet he could not sense any breathing or heartbeat behind the curtains. Was his eldest protégé brother suffering from delusions? There was obviously no one behind the curtains.

    But Priest Liu Qingcheng continued to say to the curtains, “What do you say?”

    Nangong Le was unhappy with Priest Liu Qingcheng for causing him to be driven out of the place even before he could have the opportunity to exchange a meaningful dialogue with these two extraordinary exquisite maidens. He was about to rebuke Priest Liu Qingcheng when he heard a gentle feminine voice from behind the white curtain.

    “How did you know that I am behind the curtains?” A soft gentle feminine voice was heard from behind the curtains.

    Only when Nangong Le and Priest Ling Kongquan had heard her voice, they were jolted! There was really someone behind the white curtains!

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said honestly, “Actually I do not know and is making a lucky guess. I can neither sense any breathing nor heartbeats behind the curtain. At this distance, no one can remain undetected by me, except for you.”


    Priest Liu Qingcheng explained, “But when I saw Maiden Mei took a quick glance at the curtain and hesitating, I immediately sense that she seems to be awaiting instructions from someone. So I made a lucky guess.”

    Nangong Le smiled, “So there is another person behind the curtain. Let me take a look at you!” He too, was intrigued by the person behind the curtains, especially since he knew it was a lady.

    Immediately, he began to sprint past Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian towards the white curtains.

    What an astonishing swiftness movement speed! Even Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian gasped softly in astonishing surprise as they tried to intercept him but they were unable to stop him!

    As soon he touched the white curtains, he could sense a force slowing him down. He was caught by surprise by the invisible force and before he could muster his martial power to push through the force, his chest was struck by a small porcelain cup and he was flung back!

    Priest Ling Kongquan immediately caught of Nangong Le and said, “Brother Nangong, are you alright?”

    Nangong Le was caught totally by surprise and his chest was now bursting with pain. He clasped his chest and was terrified. In all his years in the martial fraternity, he had never felt such an unfathomable presence before! When he was struck on his chest by the porcelain cup, he thought he was going to die!

    Priest Ling Kongquan said, “It seems that you have broken one or two ribs…”

    Nangong Le turned ashen as blood foamed from his mouth.

    When Priest Liu Qingcheng saw how easily Nangong Le was defeated by an awkward shaped cup that was ill-suited to be a secret projectile, he immediately knew that the lady behind the curtains was a super exponent.

    Even though he may not lose but he was not here to fight.

    So he said, “You must be their protégé mistress or elder? What do you say?”

    “The Dual Inertness Intricacy is indeed a formidable skill. If Yu’Er and Mei’Er are able to learn the intricate heart formula of the Dual Inertness Intricacy, it will be useful for their future martial progression. I have no objections to it if you are willing to impart to them.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng was delighted as he clapped his hands, “Good! Brother Kongquan, can you take Brother Nangong Le to recuperate first? I won’t be long and will look for you shortly.”

    He had asked Ling Kongquan to take Nangong Le away because he did not want Nangong Le to eavesdrop on the Dual Inertness Intricacy.

    Priest Ling Kongquan sighed as he muttered, “I hope you did not make the wrong decision…” He began to support Nangong Le up to his feet and departed together with him.

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “Before I impart the intricate heart formula of the Dual Inertness Intricacy, may I know who you are and which protégé clan are you all from?”

    “Indeed you should know. I’m the Celestial Fairy of the Eternal Ice Palace.”

    Accordingly to the protocol of the fraternity, because Shui Yixian was his senior generation, there was no need for her to reveal her name to him. Few people in the fraternity actually knew her by her true name.

    Priest Liu Qingcheng was taken aback as he took a step back, “I…have heard that the Celestial Fairy had passed on. You are really the Celestial Fairy?”

    Shui Yujian interrupted softly, “You don’t believe my protégé mistress? If you don’t want to impart to us the Dual Inertness Intricacy, we do not mind at all.”

    She really did not mind at all.

    Priest Liu Qingcheng laughed aloud, “Don’t be mistaken. I am just surprised that I have the honor to talk to the Celestial Fairy today. It is said that the martial skills of the Eternal Ice Palace are profound. Today I have seen it, I am truly convinced. The Eternal Ice Palace may not be an orthodox clan but it is also not an unorthodox clan. I can now feel assure that I did not impart the Dual Inertness Intricacy to the wrong hands!”

    The Celestial Fairy nodded and said gently, “But you mustn’t tell anyone who we are and where we are from, including the two men that are with you earlier.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said solemnly, “I give you my word.”

    The Celestial Fairy said gently, “It is not proper that I should stay while you are imparting your clan most secret skill…”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng interrupted, “Old Senior, you can stay. I am certain that with your martial cultivation, you won’t hanker over anything. If you stay, I may even get some useful advice.”

    The Celestial Fairy replied, “That is because you are thinking that I am already too old and already hovering at death’s door. If I stay and listen to the intricate formula, do I have to be your protégé disciple too?”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng smiled awkwardly as Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian chuckled softly. He quickly replied, “Of course not!”

    The Celestial Fairy said, “Since you are generous to impart the Dual Inertness Intricacy, I will impart the Tranquil Spirits to you then.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng was stunned. This Tranquil Spirits was one of the secret intricate formulas of the Tranquil City and was actually a crucial key to understand the Dual Inertness Intricacy and many of the skills of the Tranquil City but had been lost for several centuries!

    He stammered excitedly, “How did you get hold of the Tranquil Spirits?”

    She simply said, “It has been with the Eternal Ice Palace for centuries. How it ends up in the Eternal Ice Palace, I really do not know.”

    When she stepped forth from the curtains, Priest Liu Qingcheng got the shock of his life and nearly got a heart attack.

    It was because the Celestial Fairy was anything but old!

    When she had appeared in front of him, in her light blue long sleeve silk dress, he thought he had seen a goddess. Even though Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian were already extraordinary beautiful, they were at least human. The Celestial Fairy was so breathtaking, so awe-inspiring yet her presence was so forbidding that she was anything but human!

    Even with his Dual Inertness Intricacy, he could not even sense any mortal emotions from her. Was she delighted that he was going to impart the Dual Inertness Intricacy to her and her protégés? He got no hint at all and she was like an impassable wall. It was like she was standing on top of the world, looking at everything loftily.

    At this distance, he was surprised that he could sense no breathing and heartbeats from her even though she was just standing in front of him. He had once heard that a person could actually solidify themselves and blend with the surroundings once their internal strength developed past a certain point of cultivation. This was the first time that he had actually witnessed this feat and moreover she was in full visible view!

    He thought, “No wonder Nangong Le cannot avoid her secret projectile, she was in front of him all along. It is just that he did not see her…”

    Top exponents like Nangong Le, were trained to detect and avoid missile projectiles in their early martial trainings; it was almost impossible to succeed with an open attack using missile projectiles against them.

    He was suddenly embarrassed that he was going to impart an intricate formula that may be of no use to someone like her.

    Perhaps she could see his discomfort, she smiled gently and said, “Yu’Er and Mei’Er, bow to your new protégé master. From now on, you must also listen to Priest Liu, got it?”

    Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian immediately greeted courteously, “Respects to protégé master!”

    Shui Yujian said, “I am Shui Yujian and this is my sister, Shui Meijian.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng exclaimed aloud, “Good, good! I have only a simple request. I hope that once you are able to discern the mysteries of the Dual Inertness Intricacy, you can let me know. Alas, I have been struck for so long that I am growing more and more disheartened every day. This intricate formula is really too profound for me.”

    Shui Meijian said curiously, “Is that why you want us to be your protégé disciples?”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng said, “That is right! When I heard your music, I know that you are the ones that can break through the intermediate stage of the ‘Linking Spirits’ progression of the Dual Inertness Intricacy.”

    The Celestial Fairy smiled gently, “Let me begin first. The heart of the intricate formula of the Tranquil Spirits is ‘Absolute Defense through Tranquil’. To reach this stage, tranquil your divine state with absolute emptiness, when formless, from nothing, there something. It is partitioned into three portions, the beginner stage of ‘The Defense Harmony, the intermediate stage of ‘The Infinity Folds’ and the advanced stage of ‘The Infinity becoming One and One becoming the Void’…”

    Priest Qingcheng was trembling as he said, “This is really the Tranquil Spirits. I only know the stage. The exact intricate heart formula has been lost…”

    The Celestial Fairy had not only recited the entire intricate formula to him but also explained to him many new principles that could help him understand the Tranquil Spirits quickly.

    After he memorized the Tranquil Spirits, he began to recite the Dual Inertness Intricacy.

    Shui Yixian was astonished that there was such an extraordinary dual intricate formula that existed in the world as she muttered, “The spirit exchanges but not the shape, the affection exchanges but not the look, the vital energy exchanges but not the body, the divinity exchanges but not the physical…the essence of heavens and earth as my vitality, the divine state of heavens and earth as my divine state, the changes of heavens and earth as my changes…”

    She muttered, “The Dual Inertness Intricacy is really an unfathomable skill… this is indeed a superior intricate heart formula…”

    Shui Yujian said, “If even protégé mistress cannot fathom it, we have no hope…”

    Shui Yixian smiled, “Everyone has their fates. I cannot but you may be able to. It may take days, months and years but as long as you put your heart into it, you may unravel the secrets one day.”

    Priest Liu Qingcheng laughed, “Yes, take it slowly. I am already struck for so many years, I don’t mind waiting a few more years…”

    Shui Meijian sighed in misery, “Now I know that I got two irresponsible protégé masters that expect their protégés to know everything yet refuse to spend the trouble to teach us.”

    Shui Yixian rebuked her gently, “Mei’Er, I haven’t punished you yet for giving me away. Your Emotionless Rhyme has not reached the stage that I have required of you. You know what your punishments will be right?”

    Shui Meijian turned ashen with fright, “Protégé Mistress, I…”

    When Priest Liu Qingcheng left the place after imparting the Dual Inertness Intricacy, he was shaking his head and thought, “I have thought that with my current level of Dual Inertness Intricacy, I cannot be tempted by lust in any forms. Alas, my cultivation is ruined…”

    When Priest Liu Qingcheng had left, Shui Yujian said to her protégé mistress. “It does seem that the protégés of the Virtuous Palace are not in this vicinity and may not be attending the congregation that is hosted by Gongsun Bai. We have been lying in wait for several days now and the only persons that turned up are those three.”

    Shui Yujian was close to tears, “Master will be alright. We had met a maiden in white a few weeks ago. Even though she had our white emerald precious sword, it did not mean anything…”

    Shui Yixian averted her eyes quietly…

    She had recognized the Penetrating Hands of the mysterious yellow dressed maiden as a secret skill of the Virtuous Palace. While the Virtuous Palace was renowned for their swordplay, only a few had exactly known that they were equally deadly in close quarters. This combination was extremely deadly and fatal to most of their enemies who were not in the known.

    Shui Yixian had thought she was going to die when she was surprised by a direct struck on her heart. That blow was calculated to kill her. She was only saved and fell into an animate dead state because the maiden in yellow had made two mistakes; her first mistake was that she did not know that her Icy Heaven Tears had already progress to the tenth staging at that time. Her second mistake was that she had been too confident.

    When she had recovered from her state of animate dead, she did not know what to make of her affections for Yi Ping. Therefore she continued to pretend to be dead and instructed Yujian and Meijian to take of him instead.

    Perhaps it was heaven’s will that they should be together. But when this love was placed in front of her, she did not cherish it.

    Indeed, she had chosen to hide from him as she thought it was just at a spur of a foolish moment. It was because she did not know what love was and was even afraid of it. She simply had too many considerations and hesitations.

    But when Yi Ping had insisted on leaving the Eternal Ice Palace to seek vengeance for her, she panicked.

    She could tell that although Yujian and Meijian had only known Yi Ping briefly, they had already developed a liking to him!

    In order to keep Yi Ping in the Eternal Ice Palace, they had decided to use an unorthodox method and drugged his drink, making it appear as though he had got himself drunk and did something foolhardy. But they had never expected that Yi Ping reaction would be the opposite of what they were expecting and he had actually fled from the Eternal Ice Palace.

    That was when Shui Yixian had decided to leave the Eternal Ice Palace to look for Yi Ping so that he would not get himself killed by the yellow dressed maiden. If she failed to find Yi Ping, she had to find her and killed her first.

    Unfortunately she had no news of him till now except for a young maiden in white that had their clan emerald white phoenix precious sword that was last seen in the vicinity.

    She hoped that Yi Ping had not been killed by that maiden in white yet…

    Because she had suspected that the Virtuous Palace might be secretly monitoring the congregation that was hosted by Gongsun Bai, they setup a trap to bait the Virtuous Palace. If there was any clan in this town that could find the Eternal Ice Palace, it had to be the Virtuous Palace! Moreover, they were already very obvious!

    But it seemed that the Virtuous Palace was not here.

    Shui Yujian suddenly asked her sister, “Why are you so quiet?”

    But still Shui Meijian did not reply to her and she was looking stoned.

    Shui Yujian was panicky, “Sis, are you alright?”

    Even Shui Yixian was looking at her in surprise. It was because Mei’Er would never keep quiet if she had an opportunity to say something.

    Shui Meijian looked somewhat sad as she suddenly said, “I am doing my wordless exchange with my mouth. But it is a pity that none of you could hear me at all.”

    Ch12 End
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