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Thread: A Martial Odyssey

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    Quote Originally Posted by geraldsaw View Post
    I must reread the swordsman. seems certain similarities are cropping up. divine temptress rings a bell. also the hero ended up with several wifes.
    That was the Heavenly Enchantress that I have translated xD Slighttttttttttly different xD

    [Quote Szfong]
    Hi Avidfan,

    Can't wait to see some action in chapter 22 or 23... . Please update soon....

    Hopefully But kind of hard when i only reach home at midnight due to work

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    If anyone wants to add me on Facebook, u can msg me in inbox and i add u xD

    Some spoilers:

    As some of you may have guessed or suspected, A Martial Odyssey is also about a group of friends that is centered around Yi Ping. (Soon happening)

    Because this is the martial fraternity, some characters will tell a lie. Who lying, who is telling the truth, what betrayal or solidarity awaits, it will slowly unfolds.


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    I guess Yi Ping seems to need to be lied to for his own good by all his companions. Sometimes by remaining silent, it is not considered lying.

    Will we be getting an update later today?


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    Chapter 22: Ambush!

    Yi Ping, Xiao Youxue and Lie Qing had recuperated fully for three months before they decided to leave the Ice Cavern.

    The three of them led a carefree life during those three months as they recuperated from their injuries and exertions.

    Their injuries and depleted internal strength recovered at a much faster rate than they had expected. Perhaps it was due to the freshness and the unique ice fishes that they had fished from the Ice Cavern.

    In just three months, Lie Qing had recovered her rosy outlook and Yi Ping was surprised that her real self would be so stunning.

    While Xiao Youxue was enthralling, Lie Qing was mesmerizing.

    Lie Qing asked Yi Ping, “Brother Yi Ping, who is the richest bachelor in the fraternity now?”

    Yi Ping replied, “That honor belongs to Nangong Le, one of the four young masters of the martial fraternity.”

    Lie Qing asked, “Who is the best young swordsman of the fraternity now?”

    Yi Ping said, “Zuo Tianyi. He is barely thirty and his swordsmanship exceeded many who are twice his age. He is also one of the four young masters of the martial fraternity.”

    Lie Qing could not resist a smile, “Then who do you think is the better man? Zuo Tianyi or Nangong Le?”

    Yi Ping smiled weakly. He really did not know what to answer.

    When Lie Qing saw that Yi Ping did not answer her, she asked Xiao Youxue. “Sister Youxue, who do you think is the better guy?”

    Xiao Youxue smiled faintly, “It really depends if you like a hero or a rich man.”

    Lie Qing turned to Yi Ping and asked him, “Is there any hero that is also a rich man?”

    Yi Ping managed a weak smile, “I do not know…”

    Lie Qing asked again, “What about you? Are you famous in the fraternity?”

    Yi Ping said, “I am neither a rich man nor a hero in the fraternity. I am just a poor nameless wanderer…”

    Lie Qing laughed softly, “That’s what you always say. Who knows if that is the truth?”

    She looked at Xiao Youxue and asked, “Good sister, what do you say?”

    Xiao Youxue smiled, “He is poor but not entirely nameless. He is one of the most hunted men in the entire fraternity now.”

    Lie Qing expressed surprise, “My heavens! Good sister, you have never told me!”

    She began to look at Yi Ping from top to bottom as she exclaimed with horror, “Is he a lecherous bandit or a malicious villain?”

    Xiao Youxue laughed softly, “He is just a notorious fool who dare to offend the majority of the orthodox fraternity.”

    Lie Qing began to sigh, “Then I better keep away from him or else I would never find a good husband at any time soon.”

    Xiao Youxue asked, “Why are you so eager to find a husband?”

    Lie Qing smiled bitterly, “That is because I am not young anymore.”

    Xiao Youxue asked, “How old are you now?”

    Lie Qing looked at Yi Ping and then looked at Xiao Youxue before replying, “This is my secret. I don’t want to share with any one of you!”

    Xiao Youxue teased, “Not even to your future husband?”

    Lie Qing laughed softly, “Naturally not even to my future husband. It is better he does not know either.”

    Yi Ping rubbed his nose, “I wonder how old Maiden Xiao is?”

    Xiao Youxue smiled enthralling as she said, “I don’t want to reveal either.”

    Yi Ping sighed deeply.

    Xiao Youxue asked him, “Why are you sighing? Why are you so eager to know our age?”

    Yi Ping sighed even deeper, “I just don’t understand how you develop your internal strength at such a young age. This is really so unbelievable.”

    Lie Qing laughed, “Good sister, I have lost all my internal strength. Can you spare me some of your internal strength?”

    Xiao Youxue suddenly was tight-lipped and had a moment of irk with Lie Qing. It was because the art of stealing and borrowing one’s internal strength was an evil skill in the martial fraternity. It was an action that even the majority of the unorthodox clans condemned except for the vile heretic sects.

    Even though Xiao Youxue had been very careful about revealing her true internal strength to Yi Ping, at times she would forget and accidentally displayed it.

    Take for example during the first month they were in the forest when all of a sudden, they were attacked by a large wild boar that suddenly charged at them.

    If it were not for her sudden reflex and a sudden kick from her that sent the wild boar flying, Yi Ping and Lie Qing would have broken their legs by the charge of the wild boar!

    Yi Ping was astonished that her kick was powerful enough to kick a charging wild boar away that even a highly skilled exponent could scarcely be able to accomplish without breaking their legs first.

    Yi Ping asked, “Is that your martial strength or are you using a martial technique?”

    She simply ignored him and walked away, leaving Yi Ping mystified and intrigued by her as he sighed, “To think I am almost killed by a pig…”

    Even Lie Qing was astonished, “I didn’t expect good sister to be so strong despite her gentle outlook.”

    And now, they had left the Ice Cavern.

    Lie Qing asked, “Where are we going?”

    Yi Ping said coolly, “I have a few important things that I am going to do first. We should part ways. I so glad that you have almost recovered. The fraternity is dangerous for a maiden. I will escort you to the nearest town or city if you prefer, then we will part ways.”

    Xiao Youxue secretly stole a glance at Yi Ping. Was it time to part for them? These three months were the happiest day of her life as she got to know Yi Ping better.

    Lie Qing asked curiously, “What important things that you have to do?”

    Yi Ping was silent for a while as he appeared to be in a daze before he said, “I have to find that Ding Yunzi. Even if she is not the one that killed my wife; surely she knows who the killer identity is.”

    He paused for a while before saying, “Also, Maiden Ji have stolen my secret manuals. No matter what, I have to find her to get it back.” Actually he was more worried if the Honor Manor had already acted against the Holy Hex Sect than retrieving his secret manuals from her but he did not say anything about it.

    Lie Qing asked, “Who is Maiden Ji?”

    Yi Ping managed a weak smile, “She is an extremely kind hearted maiden that is on the wrong side of the fraternity…”

    Xiao Youxue interrupted, “Stealing a secret manual is considered a more heinous crime than killing your wife. In this fraternity, whose hands aren’t tainted with blood? You are more eager to avenge a stranger than avenge the theft of your secret manuals?”

    Yi Ping said, “Maiden Ji is a friend…”

    Xiao Youxue waved her hand and looked away, “So you are willing to forgive your friends for any heinous crimes that they would commit against you?”

    Yi Ping smiled weakly, “That really depends. Some heinous crimes cannot be forgiven. Some can be.”

    Xiao Youxue asked, “How did you know that your wife killer did not have a justified reason to kill her then?”

    Yi Ping did not know what to answer as he looked at her enthralling eyes. For some weird reasons, from her eyes, he seemed to know her for a long time ago.

    Lie Qing could sense the cold forbidden aura that was radiating from Xiao Youxue now. She was a little afraid of Xiao Youxue now as she thought, “Lucky I am not interested in Yi Ping or else I would be dead.”

    Even though she had recovered her some of her internal strength and was confident of her own martial techniques, she was also an experienced exponent in the martial fraternity. She knew that Xiao Youxue may have appeared at ease but her guard was never down. And moreover, she also knew that Xiao Youxue martial levels were actually higher than she was willing to display. It was as though she was deliberating suppressing her true martial skills. Even with her experience, she could not tell which sect or clan that Xiao Youxue was from.

    Therefore she tried to be friendly towards her and even calling her ‘Good Sister’ all the time. But no matter what she did in these three months, Xiao Youxue always maintained a cool distance from her.

    Yi Ping and Xiao Youxue were the weirdest persons that she had ever met. They did not ask her about her martial background, where she got her ‘Perpetual Darkness’ precious sword or question her further.

    She thought, “Are they trying to put me off my guard so that they can get my martial secrets?”

    And the weirdest thing was Yi Ping and Xiao Youxue did not appear to be real friends either even though they were traveling together. There were even certain days that Yi Ping and Xiao Youxue did not even attempt to talk to one another. Instead they spent much of their time mediating and exercising their internal energy.

    And this Yi Ping was really a true gentleman, handsome and there was a strong magnetism to him…

    Therefore, she was even more confused. “Surely there must be many maidens that have already fallen for him. Why is he in this desolate place? Is he really hunted by the majority of the fraternity?”

    She sighed in her heart, “I have never fallen for a man, distrusting them. But now, I really do not know…” She had encountered many pretentious men. Just because they had given her some advantages, they thought that they could get back some advantages too.

    Until today, she could not believe that Yi Ping could actually give her the ‘Divine Dragon Pill’ to save her life. She was now in a dilemma because she had actually lied to him about the ‘Divine Calamity’.

    “If he knows I lie to him, won’t he get a very bad impression of me?” She could not believe that she had actually cared about his opinion of her!

    What astonished her most was that Yi Ping actually had more than sixty-years of martial power at his young age!

    She had watched him practicing his martial skills and had gauged the depth of his martial power. And his martial power was the type that was very pure and unhindered!

    She had almost fainted because of this. It was because attainting sixty years of martial power was almost an impossible feat for the majority of the exponents. Most top fighters in the fraternity, including the old and experienced exponents barely even had twenty years of martial foundation. And if Yi Ping had taken the Divine Dragon Pill, he would have become a superior super exponent instantly! That was because sixty years were the limits and anything above that was almost an impossible feat with too many hindrances. The few exponents that had sixty years of martial power were all super exponents.

    Even though the differences between a superior super exponent and a super exponent was not great, any significant breakthrough was important for them to grasp the various superior intricacy skills that would actually prove decisive in a fight.

    Of course, Lie Qing did not know that Yi Ping had actually consumed the Golden Rejuvenation Pill , eaten the Thousand Year Old Ice Fish and had also cleared his death and life meridians channels by a freak fighting incident.

    It was hard for her not to resist falling for such a promising young man…

    Because of the Divine Dragon Pill, her life was actually saved and her internal strength even had a hope for recovery. And Yi Ping had never asked for anything in return and now he wanted to part ways with her…

    Xiao Youxue looked coldly at Yi Ping and interrupted Lie Qing’s thoughts with a sharp remark, “I will really like to see you avenge the maiden that killed your wife with your cold-blooded hands.”

    Yi Ping was startled as he sighed, “Alas. It is my own personal affair. I am so sorry. Maybe I have said the wrong words and offend you. I know you are kind and don’t wish to see unnecessary bloodshed…”

    Xiao Youxue interrupted coldly, “You don’t have to be sorry. I am not kind at all. I want to see how you are going to kill someone so cold-heartedly with your own hands.”

    Yi Ping said, “This doesn’t concern you…”

    Xiao Youxue raised her white emerald precious sword as she said, “It does now. You have said that you will return me a favor for saving your life. This is what I request from you now. Bring me along so that I can witness your cold-heartlessness.”

    Yi Ping said, “Youxue, why are you forcing me….”

    Xiao Youxue said coolly, “So you are a liar?”

    Yi Ping sighed heavily as he said, “My enemy is a very strong foe. I may not be her match. Even today, I am terrified of her martial skills and power. I will put you to danger…”

    Xiao Youxue said, “This, you don’t have to worry about me. I know how to take care of myself.”

    Yi Ping walked away as he said, “Up to you. I have nothing more to say anymore.”

    Lie Qing called out after Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, what about me?”

    Yi Ping was startled as he asked, “What about you?”

    Lie Qing smiled mysterious at Xiao Youxue as she said, “I would like to see how you are going to avenge for your wife too!”

    Yi Ping was stunned, “You too? Do you think of me as a cold-hearted person too?”

    Lie Qing smiled as she said, “I am not! Don’t forget that my life is saved by Youxue and you. I should help till the very end too.”

    Yi Ping heaved a sigh of relief as he said, “Silly girl. I have no idea how long this is going to take. If I take twenty-years, don’t tell me you are going to follow me for twenty years?”

    Lie Qing laughed softly, “Not to mention twenty-years, forty-years I am willing to wait too!”

    Xiao Youxue interrupted coldly, “Even if it takes you sixty-years, I will want to see your cold-heartlessness at that moment.”

    Yi Ping was stunned as he said, “All of you….”

    All of a sudden, a piercing quiet demurely voice interrupted Yi Ping. “Maybe you don’t have to wait for sixty years.”

    Everyone was startled. With their martial levels, who could have walked so quietly without their detection?

    They quickly turned in the direction of the intruder and saw a simply dressed demurely dressed maiden who was standing not far away. It was Ding Yunzi!

    Ding Yunzi was smiling, “Youxue, have your martial progression actually deteriorated or I have improved? Let me analyze for you, maybe you have spent too much of your time running from us than practicing your martial skills?”

    Lie Qing said coolly, “You are here all along by a chance occurrence. You can turn back and try to sneak at us again.”

    Ding Yunzi looked at Lie Qing carefully. This innocent looking young maiden was actually extremely sharp and quick witted. For her to react and recover her wits so quickly, she must not be an ordinary exponent either. And she got these weird red eyes…

    Xiao Youxue was startled when she had appeared as she quickly thought, “How did she find us?”

    Yi Ping turned to look at Xiao Youxue as he asked, “Youxue, you know her?”

    But Xiao Youxue did not reply to his question and instead threw the white emerald phoenix precious sword to him as she said hurriedly, “Yi Ping and Lie Qing, be very careful. She is an extremely dangerous exponent! Even if the three of us were to fight her at the same time, we may not be able to defeat her!”

    Yi Ping nodded as he had personally witnessed her sword skills. He quickly said to Lie Qing, “Qing’Er, you should step back. She is a very frightening opponent!”

    When Lie Qing looked at Xiao Youxue and Yi Ping dreadful expressions, she immediately knew that they were not joking with her. And she raised her sword with a defensive stance.

    Lie Qing looked at Ding Yunzi carefully. From all appearances, she did not seem to be a threat and there were three of them…

    Ding Yunzi raised her thin eyebrows slightly elegantly as she said quietly, “I am so flattered to hear that.”

    Xiao Youxue said coldly, “How did you find me?”

    Ding Yunzi said coolly, “We have seen you entering the Honor Manor but you are not there. It is obvious that you have lured us there for an unknown purpose. Therefore I have concluded that you must still be in the vicinity. I have almost given up on waiting, you know.”

    Yi Ping interrupted, “Good. I am about to look for you. This saves me sixty years of futile searching.”

    Ding Yunzi smiled demurely and sighed, “I didn’t know you have fallen in love with me and is looking for me.”

    Yi Ping was caught off-guarded by what she had just said and he stammered, “I…we….I…”

    Xiao Youxue warned Yi Ping, “Yi Ping, don’t fall into her tricks and her stratagems.”

    Ding Yunzi could not resist a smile as she asked, “Why are you so eager in looking for me? Actually I should be the one that is looking for you.”

    Yi Ping asked, “What do you mean?”

    While Ding Yunzi was talking to them, she was in fact observing their standing positions and analyzing every slight movement of theirs. How they were going to attack, what were the distances between them and how they could possible react, she had secretly calculated; her winning odds of taking them at the same time was fifty percent. Of the three, Xiao Youxue was the most dangerous.

    But of course, the victory was already theirs. It was because her second eldest Protégé Brother Xiao Yuanjia was also here!

    Yi Ping asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

    Ding Yunzi was looking intently at the white emerald precious sword that Yi Ping was holding as she asked, “Is this precious sword from the Eternal Ice Palace?”

    Yi Ping hummed coldly, “That’s right!”

    Ding Yunzi said, “That is the reason why you must die.”

    Yi Ping was stunned, “I must die just because of this one sword?”

    Ding Yunzi replied quietly, “That is right.”

    Yi Ping said, “So this is the so call martial justice of the Virtuous Palace!”

    At the mention of the Virtuous Palace, Lie Qing shuddered slightly.

    Ding Yunzi said, “That is because I have orders from my protégé master Xiao Shuai to exterminate all male protégés of the Eternal Ice Palace and every male that are associated with the Eternal Ice Palace. It is nothing personal.”

    Xiao Youxue was secretly fuming too. It was because her mother had pleaded with Xiao Shuai to abolish the Eternal Ice Palace and he had refused in the past. And now, he was attacking the Eternal Ice Palace on his own accord.

    Yi Ping was enraged as he shouted angrily, “The Virtuous Palace is so reckless with lives.” He immediately drew out the white emerald precious sword as he charged towards Ding Yunzi.

    Ding Yunzi was surprised that Yi Ping was so easily baited and she took noted of his quick impulsive temper. But she quickly sighed, “After today, he would be dead. What is the point of noting his character?”

    All of a sudden, Yi Ping was besides her as he attacked her with the Horizon Swordplay!

    Ding Yunzi was stunned at how swift his swordplay was, as mirror images of his sword blades came flashing to and fro in quick successive waves!

    But she was not slow to react; she had drawn out her beautiful adored long sword and had swirled around, parrying and blocking Yi Ping’s attacks with both her scabbard and long sword at the same time!

    As she turned around and wielded ambidextrously, all of a sudden she gave a silent kick and it exploded with a tremendous impact on Yi Ping as he flew backward!

    Xiao Youxue and Lie Qing were stunned as they flew towards Yi Ping in an instant!

    Less than five seconds after Yi Ping had attacked Ding Yunzi, the fight had ended so quickly when he was caught by surprise by her ‘Penetrating Kick’ skill!

    Yi Ping was stunned that she could distribute her martial power so evenly in both her hands and legs as he fell onto the ground!

    When Ding Yunzi saw Xiao Youxue and Lie Qing speeding towards her, she threw her charged scabbard towards Lie Qing! It was because she knew that her projectile attacks would never work against Xiao Youxue, so she decided to eliminate the weaker first!

    Xiao Youxue immediately shouted, “Lie Qing, be careful!”

    But it was too late as the scabbard flew like lightning past her and there was a tremendous impact!

    Ding Yunzi attacking speed was too fast and so silence that few opponents in the fraternity could match her martial skills! But to her surprise, the innocent looking young maiden had suddenly tripped onto the ground as her scabbard missed her narrowly!

    Ding Yunzi could not believe the innocent looking maiden extraordinary luck. But before she could analyze further, Xiao Youxue had raised her hand in a downward strike against her.

    She immediately retaliated with her sword as Xiao Youxue cancelled her attacks and evaded it.

    Ding Yunzi smiled demurely, “Surely you are not thinking of fighting me with your bare hands? That would be to my advantage.”

    Xiao Youxue hummed coldly as she swirled and evaded Ding Yunzi sword strokes as she brandished the hidden foldable sword around her waist!

    Ding Yunzi did the same too with her long sword in her right hand and unfolded the hidden foldable sword from around her waist to her left hand!

    Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi began to exchange flurries of sword strokes!

    Ding Yunzi exclaimed, “You seem to have improved but don’t forget that in the past when we have fought, I have won more times than you. And my ambidextrous skills have improved considerably since we have last met.”

    Xiao Youxue hummed coldly, “As though I care.” All of a sudden, her foldable sword was imbued with her martial power as it exploded against Ding Yunzi harder and harder with every single impact!

    Ding Yunzi was startled as she exclaimed, “You can actually transfer your Penetrating Hands into your sword techniques!?”

    She could not believe at the sudden increase of Xiao Youxue martial power as she took a few steps backward!

    Just as Xiao Youxue was about to follow up with more successive attacks, the whirling sound of a flying sword exploded into mid-air and knocked her ten steps backward as she parried in time!

    The flying sword rebounded and returned to the hands of a new intruder who was in his forties, Xiao Yuanjia!

    Xiao Youxue said coldly, “So it is you…”

    Xiao Yuanjia said coolly, “How are you, sister.”

    Xiao Youxue said, “I am not good of course. It is because you have come to take my life.”

    Xiao Yuanjia replied coldly, “We have our orders. You are a traitor of the Virtuous Palace. Surrender yourself and the Golden Rejuvenation Pills. Then you may have a chance to live. For the sake of our kinship, I will plead for you at least.”

    “Youxue, you are from the Virtuous Palace?” It was Yi Ping. He had recovered from the sudden kick and he was besides Xiao Youxue.

    But Xiao Youxue was not listening as she was looking intently at Xiao Yuanjia and Ding Yunzi. Any slight distraction and she would be dead!

    Ding Yunzi looked at Yi Ping in relief and could not believe that he could actually withstand her Penetrating Kick as she thought, “He is not dead yet?” She estimated that he may have broken several rib bones and was suppressing his pain.

    She thought, “You should have pretended to succumb to your injuries and not get up. You are such an idiot.”

    But why was she relief that Yi Ping was not fatally injured?

    Yi Ping was rubbing his chest and exclaiming to himself, “I have been careless.” The kick had momentarily stunned him; however it did no lasting damage to him.

    “I’m so sorry. I have tripped. Did I miss anything?” It was Lie Qing!

    She sighed, “Now I truly believe that you are being hunted, Brother Yi Ping. We should have parted even earlier. But now it is too late.”

    Yi Ping smiled bitterly. He did not know what to answer.

    Xiao Youxue was startled and glad that Lie Qing had somehow survived that flying scabbard. She had not turned her head around and so she did not know what had happened during that intensive moment.

    Ding Yunzi re-appraised their strengths and estimated that with Xiao Yuanjia in the fight, their winning odds were still at a hundred percent.

    Xiao Youxue shivered at the appearance of Xiao Yuanjia! It was because she knew how powerful he really was. While the other protégés of the Virtuous Palace excelled in surprise attacks and tactics, only Xiao Yuanjia fought with all his true martial strength. Naturally his martial progression was speedy.

    If there were anyone that she did not want to see, that was him!

    The flying sword that Xiao Yuanjia had thrown was actually a foldable sword. And the large scabbard that he was holding now actually contained five other such foldable swords! In the Virtuous Palace, he was also known as the Swordsman of the Thirteen Swords. But where were his other seven hidden swords?

    Ch22 End
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    Finally some solace. Thanks Avidfan.

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    Very interesting direction that this story is going in. Thanks for a much awaited update.


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    Thanx for the update Avidfan....

    Desperately waiting for Chap. 23 to see the outcome of this confrontation!...

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    After re-reading it, it seems Lie Qing already suspects Youxue of having something to do with Yi Ping's wife's death. She's much smarter than Yi Ping. She seems to have mastered the art of "luck", very siimilar to Yi Ping's "lucky" escapes and lucky encounters.

    Is Lie Qing going to drain one of their oppenents dry and using it to further recuperate?

    Can't wait to see...

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    Thanks everyone for waiting patiently!~

    Omg...Szfong, you are soooooooo smart >__<

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    Chapter 23: The Heavenly Temptress

    Xiao Yuanjia said haughtily, “Since you are my sister, I let your group makes the first strike.”

    Yi Ping was fuming as he said angrily, “You are her brother?! And you want to kill her?” He simply could not believe that he was hearing such an outrageous thing in his life.

    Xiao Youxue was secretly touched. She had never experienced kinship other than her mother and even then, her mother had a bitter outlook in life and this caused her to be despised even by her own father.

    Her very own father would rather impart the Flying Sword Techniques and other martial skills to Ding Yunzi than to her.

    Xiao Yuanjia replied coolly, “She is just my half-sister. In my entire life, I have never exchanged more three sentences with her. Today is the exception.”

    Yi Ping had already recited the ‘Absolute Spirits’ intricate formula to calm himself down and to focus all his entire focus to the upcoming fight.

    He said, “No matter who you are, I won’t allow you to harm Maiden Xiao. I will beat you up so that you will never bully your sister ever again.”

    Xiao Youxue gasped, “Yi Ping…”

    Xiao Yuanjia said, “It seem that you have found a steady but what a pity, he is to die today.”

    Lie Qing interrupted innocently, “I believe it is a feud between you. Do I have anything to do with it?”

    Xiao Yuanjia looked at this attractive and mesmerizing young maiden as he said, “Indeed you don’t.”

    Lie Qing said, “Since I have nothing to do with your feuds, then I have better go and mind my own business.”

    Even before Yi Ping and Xiao Yuanjia could say a word more, she had already taken great strides and walked off!

    Yi Ping was stunned as he muttered, “She didn’t even say good bye.” But he quickly defended her actions by thinking, “Alas, she had barely recovered from her injuries. Moreover, it is really none of her affairs and we shouldn’t drag her into this. Some more I am the one that asks her to step back in the first place.”

    Ding Yunzi said coolly, “Now there are only four of us. The fight is very obvious now and fair now.”

    Yi Ping said, “Youxue, let me take care of your brother. I don’t wish to see you siblings fighting among yourself.”

    He said to Xiao Yuanjia, “I am Yi Ping and what is your name?”

    Xiao Yuanjia said coldly, “Xiao Yuanjia. Remember my name and tell the King of Hades who has killed you.”

    Yi Ping said, “I don’t want to kill you but I make sure you regret your insolence!”

    Xiao Youxue said melancholy, “Yi Ping, you can’t fight him. Do you know that he is called the Swordsman of the Thirteen Swords? He has six visible swords and seven invisible swords. Unless you know where his invisible swords are, you can never guard against him.”

    Yi Ping said, “Youxue, don’t say anymore. I won’t allow this…”

    Xiao Youxue interrupted sharply, “I can hold him much longer than you. If you really want to help me, then quickly defeat Ding Yunzi and aid me afterwards.”

    Xiao Yuanjia interrupted coldly, “You think too highly of yourself, sister. Let me ask you. Where are the golden rejuvenation pills? Surrender it and come back with me to the Virtuous Palace. I will plead with father on your behalf. Don’t blame me for being heartless.”

    Xiao Youxue said, “I have finished it all.”

    Xiao Yuanjia was infuriated, “You have finished it all? Do you know how precious the remaining three Golden Rejuvenation Pills are for our clan and to father! And you have finished it all?”

    Xiao Youxue replied coldly, “That’s right. So what?”

    Xiao Yuanjia said, “You are very selfish. Very well, don’t blame me then. Father says if you really taken the Golden Rejuvenation Pills, then we will drain and drink from your blood!”

    Yi Ping exclaimed aloud, “You are barbaric! You actually want to drink your sister’s blood? Let me tell you, she has given all the Golden Rejuvenation Pills to me. The blood that you supposed to drink is actually me!”

    Yi Ping had already leapt forward and attacked Xiao Yuanjia!

    Xiao Youxue called out, “Yi Ping, wait…!”

    But before Yi Ping could even reach Xiao Yuanjia, Ding Yunzi had intercepted him as she said softly, “Your opponent is me. It is still too early for you to fight my senior protégé brother!”

    Yi Ping said, “I was careless just now. I won’t allow anyone to harm Youxue. Even if I have to fight you, I won’t hesitate!”

    Yi Ping and Ding Yunzi began to exchange their sword attacks, attacking faster and faster! And at the very same instant, Ding Yunzi was kicking at Yi Ping!

    Yi Ping retaliated with kicks of his own as he exclaimed, “The same technique cannot work twice against me.”

    Ding Yunzi was startled that Yi Ping strength did not falter and instead he was striking from strength to strength. She had thought that he was injured and it would not be long before he could be defeated by her.

    Just when Yi Ping had attacked and was intercepted by Ding Yunzi, Xiao Youxue had also intercepted Xiao Yuanjia!

    Yi Ping quickly turned his head around and saw that Xiao Yuanjia had unleashed two powerful spinning flying swords towards Xiao Youxue at the same time!

    Just when he was about to disengaged from Ding Yunzi to intercept Xiao Yuanjia again, Ding Yunzi blocked his passage and said coolly to him, “You should pay more attention to our fight. A slight distraction will maim or kill you.”

    Ding Yunzi had seized a small opening when Yi Ping was distracted to unleash her full martial strength as she attacked Yi Ping with a double sword strike!

    One of the strikes missed and cut off the tree truck of a tree with a tremendous impact!

    Yi Ping had raised his long sword and he was knocked back three steps by her martial force. He had almost forgotten how powerful her sword strength had been! His sword arm began to tremble slightly!

    Even though his martial strength had improved considerably, he found out he could not withstand her true martial strength at close melee range!

    Ding Yunzi was slightly startled that Yi Ping could parry her double sword blows. She had deliberated on her attacks and intentionly allowed him to parry her attacks so that he could be intimidated by her and gave up. But from the looks of it, unless he was down, he would not give up.

    She sighed to herself, “Why are you forcing me? I don’t want to hurt you but swords are blind…”

    Yi Ping moved backward as Ding Yunzi took another three steps forward as she lashed left and right in a calm calculating manner.

    He was sweating and his sword arm was trembling even harder now. It was because barely after he had parried her long sword attack; her foldable sword would come at the same time! It was like fighting two opponents at the same time!

    Yi Ping was sweating and he knew at that instant, their sword techniques differences were simply too vast and he did not know how to deal with such a double fold attacks. Only the sheer strength of his martial power and the Absolute Spirits Intricacy Recite kept him going or else he would have been killed in less than twenty strokes with her if it was three months ago!

    No matter which angle he had tried to attack her, he could not get past her double sword defense and she could attack at the same time. This was the first time that he had encountered such a fearsome fighting sword technique!

    In the meantime, Xiao Youxue was not getting an easier time too.

    Barely had she avoided Xiao Yuanjia multiple flying swords, there was a flash and another short blade appeared in Xiao Yuanjia’s hands that aimed at her throat!

    But barely when the short blade appeared, Xiao Youxue had immediately evaded it!

    Xiao Yuanjia said coldly, “You know where are my invisible swords are?”

    Xiao Youxue refused to say anything. Instead, immediately she had evaded his attacks, she retaliated with a flurry of sword thrusts with her foldable sword!

    Xiao Fei, her cousin had warned her to be careful of Xiao Yuanjia two years ago and had secretly revealed the positions of his hidden swords. In the entire Virtuous Palace, only Xiao Fei knew his secrets. It was not because Xiao Yuanjia had told him but Xiao Fei was a quiet guy who was particular observant. That was also the reason why Xiao Fei was able to find her first.

    All of a sudden, Xiao Yuanjia leapt backward as he threw three flying swords towards her at the same time!

    Barely had she parried off and evaded off his three flying swords, Xiao Yuanjia threw his scabbard and that struck her with a thunderous force that sent her backward!

    Immediately she gasped with a cry and fell onto the ground!

    Xiao Yuanjia smiled coldly, “No one can evade all my successive attacks, no matter how good their swiftness movement skills are.”

    As he moved to pick her up, Xiao Youxue opened her eyes and attacked him with her Penetrating Hands!

    But Xiao Yuanjia was already prepared for such trickery. He avoided her attacks and slashed across her body with his sword!

    But instead of the fatal results that he had been expecting, Xiao Youxue ignored his powerful sword slash and instead she struck him six times on his chest!

    Xiao Yuanjia was startled as he quickly stepped six to seven steps back as he gasped, “You have mastered the Golden Impervious Body? No, that is impossible. Even the Golden Impervious Body could not possible withstand my martial force!”

    He looked intently at Xiao Youxue and looked at her tattered dress which revealed a silvery scale armor! He gasped in surprise, “What type of armor is this that it can withstand my sword strokes?”

    Xiao Youxue said coldly, “It is an armor that can absorb your attacks. If you are afraid, you can turn around and run. I won’t pursue you.”

    Xiao Yuanjia laughed aloud, “I am only momentarily careless. There are many ways to kill a person. I can cut off your legs, arms and head for example.” He immediately whirled his sword in front of him as he prepared for his next attacks.

    He added coldly, “Moreover, no matter how good the armor is, you will surely be afflicted by internal injuries after you took in the full blunt of my martial strength.”

    It was true. Even if Xiao Youxue’s armor could withstand a struck from his sword slash, she had felt a painful sensation as she grasped her heart.

    She looked at her surroundings and saw that Yi Ping and Ding Yunzi were now far even though she could still hear the slashing sounds of their long swords.

    All of a sudden, Xiao Youxue martial power seemed to have increased. It was because Xiao Yuanjia could sense a cold wavering force that was radiating from her!

    Xiao Yuanjia stared at her, “This is the advance stage of the Virtuous Divine Force?” He too, was a practitioner of the Virtuous Divine Force but he had not got to the advance stage yet.

    Xiao Youxue did not say anything and instead she began to take broad strides forward as she kicked the ground with a thunderous impact! It was because she herself was not sure if that was the Virtuous Divine Force or the Icy Heavenly Tears even though she knew that her martial power had suddenly improved by leapt and bounds during these three months!

    Through sheer hard work and mediation, especially with the aid of the Absolute Spirits, the Prolonging Vital Force Pill and the thousand year old icy fish, she had broken through the sixth stage of the Icy Heavenly Tears and had even reverted some of her mistakes that she had fatally committed with the Icy Heavenly Tears.

    And because she had also mastered the Golden Impervious Body, she had also grasped the principles of the Virtuous Divine Force and she had merged it with the Icy Heavenly Tears! It was because in order to practice the Golden Impervious Body, the practitioners of the Virtuous Palace must first practice the Virtuous Divine Force first but she had started from the Golden Impervious Body first.

    Xiao Yuanjia stared at her martial power in disbelief as he began to take three additional surprise steps backward!

    Xiao Yuanjia did not hesitated for long as he attacked her again, because any doubt or hesitation would be fatal! Moreover, he was still very confident of his combat abilities.

    Therefore he drew out another two hidden swords and attacked her again!

    They had virtually charged towards one another.

    As Xiao Yuanjia exchanged blows with Xiao Youxue, his swords shattered as he struck against her!

    Xiao Youxue took a step backward as she coughed out blood from the tremendous impact!

    As soon as his swords shattered, he had drawn out four additional hidden swords as he slashed against her once more!

    His swords torn through her long sleeves and mutilated her hands and arms as her blood shattered in all directions!

    But Xiao Youxue exercised her entire martial power and shattered through all his four swords once again with her Penetrating Hands as she struck her brother on his chest!

    Xiao Yuanjia fell onto the ground as blood foamed from his mouth! His eyes were still in disbelief as he cursed inaudibly, “You have stolen our clan Golden Rejuvenation Pills and have secretly mastered the Golden Impervious Body…” He could not believe that he had actually lost to Xiao Youxue so narrowly!

    Xiao Youxue too, stumbled onto the ground as her entire dress was soaked with her blood. If she was not wearing the fish scales armor and had injured him earlier, she would have lost her life…

    She got up weakly and began to stagger away as she murmured, “Yi Ping, don’t die…I’m coming…” She did not think she would defeat her older brother and would not be so lucky the next time but she had no wish to kill her older brother.

    So she just said, “I don’t want to ever see you again.”

    As soon as Xiao Youxue had disappeared from view, Lie Qing walked quietly as she bended over to Xiao Yuanjia, smiling innocently, “It seems that my good sister has defeated you. It is a heart-stopping fight. I have thought she may be killed by you.”

    She seemed to ponder for a while as she said, “So it is the full extent of her martial strength. That’s Interesting.”

    The immobilized Xiao Yuanjia was startled at her sudden appearance!

    Her footsteps were so light that he did not hear her approaching!

    He said coldly, “What do you want?”

    Lie Qing smiled softly, “What do I want? You should know. You are haughty and insolent to me earlier. Now you are in my hands.”

    Xiao Yuanjia said coldly, “I won’t beg you for mercy. If that is what you have wished for, you are dreaming! I have lost and I am not afraid of death!”

    Lie Qing laughed softly, “I won’t let you die so peacefully. I have finally found someone with the Virtuous Divine Force Intricacy Energy.”

    All of a sudden, she grabbed his wrist hard as Xiao Yuanjia cried in out pain!

    Xiao Yuanjia was horrified as his intricacy energy was being drained by Lie Qing! He screamed aloud, “This…is the true Invincible…Divine…Force…just who are…you….no, that can’t be. This skill is supposed…awwww……wiped out…by us…two hundred years…ago…”

    Lie Qing smiled coldly, “Just who I am? I am your grand matriarch of course. I am the true mistress of the Virtuous Palace. So you people have found a way to practice the Virtuous Divine Force past the initial stage? The Virtuous Divine Force is just a deviation of the Invincible Divine Force. It is a skill that I have invented to drain the practitioners of the Virtuous Divine Force to enhance my Invincible Divine Force.”

    That was why she had founded the Virtuous Palace for that very purpose.

    The Virtuous Divine Force and the Invincible Divine Force were actually the same skill. When the Virtuous Divine Force reached the intermediate stage, it would become the Invincible Divine Force! That was why Xiao Shuai was desperate for the Golden Rejuvenate Pills to attain that stage!

    Xiao Yuanjia was even more confused as he stared in disbelief at her before he expired, “Who are…you…really…”

    Lie Qing reached out her hands and closed his eyes as she said softly, “Thank you very much for your intricacy energy. Now I can finally start to practice the Invincible Divine Force again. Who I am? Since you are dead, I can tell you. I am the Heavenly Temptress. It seems that all those that know me are now dead and I can start afresh again…”

    She got up and sighed heavily, “But it seems that my clan protégés have stolen many of my secret manuals and even developed several techniques that I have never even seen before. This will make my task of destroying the Virtuous Palace really hard.”

    All those that had betrayed her, she sworn to make them all pay with their lives!

    She could still remember that fateful day vividly! If she had not mastered the Golden Impervious Body, she would have been killed many times over. She took a gambit in a last desperate move to keep alive by entering into a false animated state with the indestructible level of her Golden Impervious Body Divine Skill; that would preserve her body for indefinite period of time until she could recover.

    But her internal injuries were too severe and what she had hoped did not materialized until the arrival of Yi Ping…

    Ch23 End
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    Thanks for the update. The intrigue and deception is fascinating. Yi Ping is also very naive.

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    Thanks for the update.

    I wonder if Yi Ping's generosity and kindness will rub off of him and turn the Heavenly Temptress into a kinder and gentler person, able to have a second chance because of the great generosity of a stranger, compared to what she was like two hundred years ago? Will Youxue be blamed for her brother's death as well? Is the Temptress going to be the main villain of the story; more evil than ever, and waste her second chance of redemption?

    Eagerly waiting to see chap 24.
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    Thank you. Good will always triumph over evil.

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    After reading it a second time, I hope when Yi Ping finds out who she is, he'll not get mad, and just asks her to change her name from the Heavenly Temptress, to become something like the Celestial Temptress... That way, BOTH "Celestial" beings can become his wives... It would remind him of his supposed "dead" wife. Later on, he'll have a "red-eyed" temptress, and a "beautiful" fairy... wouldn't that make his family even more exciting.J.

    Afterwards, he'll have two "senior" members, and perhaps a few "junior" members, Xiao Yuxue and/or Ji Lingfeng, maybe even Ding Yunzi, if they are not killed off at the end... Also, just kidding..!
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    Thanks everyone for your encouragement and discussion~

    Sjohnb likes the story very much and have helped me to edit to a cleaner version xD
    This is the link below.

    Happy readings too~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avidfan View Post
    Thanks everyone for your encouragement and discussion~

    Sjohnb likes the story very much and have helped me to edit to a cleaner version xD
    This is the link below.

    Happy readings too~
    Hi all. I hope that you guys will read the edit I've done. Please feel free to comment and constructive criticism is welcomed. I'm trying to keep the feel of the story, so tell me if I've been successful in that area.

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    Chapter 24: The Origin of the Virtuous Palace

    Yi Ping continued another flurry of dozens of powerful attacks against Ding Yunzi, who coolly parried all his attacks with just a single left stroke or just a single right stroke.

    She smiled with a cool demeanor, it was as though she was the trainer and Yi Ping was the trainee.

    Even though Yi Ping was attacking her with all his martial power and strength, he was still forced to take a walk backward with every attack!

    He was mystified why even though he had the superior strength and technique, Ding Yunzi could still parry off his attacks effortlessly!

    Ding Yunzi had practiced the sword since she was five years old. Her precision and timing was so uncanny and steady that no matter how fast Yi Ping’s sword strokes were, she could always strike at the weakest point of his attacks and swerved his attacks to one side with just a sword stroke!

    By now, Yi Ping had taken more than forty steps backward and was sweating heavily! Even though his sword arm was aching painfully and his entire body was trembling, he persisted with the Absolute Spirits Intricacy Recite and forced himself to focus on finding a breakthrough!

    As long as he did not give up, he believed that he would have a chance to overcome her. It was because he believed that evil cannot triumph over good!

    Just when his vision had begun to blur and the last of his strength had faltered, a most unlikely thing happened and stunned him!

    Ding Yunzi had suddenly tripped over with a soft shriek as she fell on the ground. She had sprained her left ankle as she took a gentle step forward!

    Yi Ping quickly halted his attacks in time when he saw her tripping! He refused to take advantage of her in this situation.

    He put down his long sword in a downward pose as he said, “I wait for you to get up first.”

    Ding Yunzi could not believe that she would be so unlucky to have sprained her ankle at the most unlikely of all timing!

    Her soft eyes were immediately in tears as she tried to get up awkwardly. She knew that even if she was given a chance of getting up, her combat ability was already affected and she would not be able to fight as well as before.

    She supported herself by thrusting her long sword into the ground and pointing the foldable sword at Yi Ping, “You have not won yet. Even if I stay at the same spot, I can still able to kill you. Why don’t you try again?”

    Yi Ping said to her, “I just want to know who the person that has killed my wife is. Is that you? Or someone else?”

    Ding Yunzi asked, “Who…who’s your wife? You are married?”

    Yi Ping said solemnly, “My wife is Shui Yixian…the one that have killed her knows the Penetrating Hands Skill. Who else knows this skill other than the Virtuous Palace?”

    Ding Yunzi was startled, “Shui Yixian is your wife and she has passed away?”

    Yi Ping nodded, “That’s right…”

    Ding Yunzi asked, “When did she die?”

    Yi Ping said, “Five to six months ago, judging by the seasons…maybe longer...I can’t remember, really.”

    Ding Yunzi was startled. It was because she had just seen her three months ago! She said, “That’s impossible. Are you kidding?”

    Yi Ping sighed, “I know that all of you refuse to believe that the Celestial Fairy is my wife but…” All of a sudden, he froze. It was because he had seen Maiden Xiao and she was covered with blood!

    Xiao Youxue was wounded as she fought her brother in a headlong clash out of desperation. She really had no confident at all. But because she was worried about Yi Ping and had the Absolute Spirits Intricacy Recite to reinforce her fighting spirits, she managed to do the impossible and defeated her brother narrowly.

    Of course, this was also because she had also wounded her brother earlier, had the thousand year silvery scale armor and she had also mastered the Golden Impervious Body Divine Skill!

    When she saw the man that she liked was talking to Ding Yunzi, there was a great sorrow in her heart immediately and her eyes were fluffy with tears. It was because she had been so worried for him. Instead of finding him in trouble, he was actually talking to Ding Yunzi!

    When Yi Ping saw Maiden Xiao, he immediately went to her side and asked gently, “Youxue, are you alright?”

    Xiao Youxue was trembling in her blood soaked dress!

    Yi Ping tried to give her a helping hand but Xiao Youxue stared coldly at him instead.

    For a moment, he did not know what to do.

    Ding Yunzi gasped, “Where is Xiao Yuanjia? Did you…?”

    Xiao Youxue mustered all her strength as she said, “He has been defeated by me.”

    Ding Yunzi was stunned. She had defeated Xiao Yuanjia on her own? That was impossible. Was her victory purely due to her resolute or…; she took a look at Yi Ping as she thought, “Youxue mental fortitude comes from this young man? She likes him?”

    She thought again, “I know that Youxue have a feud with the Eternal Ice Palace. If this Yi Ping is looking for the person that killed his wife, it has to be Youxue. But the Celestial Fairy is still alive, so how did Youxue kills his wife? And if Youxue did not kills his wife, then why is he looking for Youxue? Maybe he did not even know that Youxue is the one that he is looking for?”

    Ding Yunzi looked at Xiao Youxue as she said, “You kill him?”

    Xiao Youxue looked coldly at her as she said, “I am not as heartless as you. I treat you as my good sister and you even want to kill me.”

    Ding Yunzi said gently, “I have my orders and my reasons…”

    Xiao Youxue hummed coldly, “So you are saying that my life is not worth your reasons?”

    Ding Yunzi said equally coldly, “Do you think that in your state of condition you have even the strength to withstand my flying swords? And yet, you can still argue with me.”

    Xiao Youxue had already noticed that she had sprained her ankle as she said, “You can try but don’t let me get close to you.”

    Ding Yunzi said coolly as she raised her swords, “You really think too highly of yourself.”

    Yi Ping said, “Since both of you know one another, why don’t all of you sit down and talk over first?”

    Xiao Youxue looked at Yi Ping, “Did you just forget that she is trying to kill you?”

    Ding Yunzi said, “Yi Ping, do you know who she is?”

    Yi Ping asked, “Who…”

    But before he could ask, he was interrupted by a soft merry laugh.

    Yi Ping, Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi looked at the direction where Xiao Youxue had just come from and saw Lie Qing!

    She was looking rosy and in high spirits. Her air was totally different from a while ago!

    As Lie Qing walked towards them, she said. “What about me then? Do you mind if I join in the fun? Three versus one, what do you think of your odds of winning?”

    Lie Qing blinked at Xiao Youxue who took a step backward all of a sudden!

    Xiao Youxue was startled at Lie Qing’s sudden transformation in her aura. It seemed that she had suddenly recovered her internal strength. Moreover, from the looks of it, she had been eavesdropping for some time!

    Even Ding Yunzi was startled at her appearances!

    Xiao Youxue asked of a sudden, “What did you do with Xiao Yuanjia?”

    Lie Qing was puzzled why Xiao Youxue had all of a sudden asked her this question, so she said. “Nothing…”

    Xiao Youxue said coldly, “You have killed him? Don’t lie to me…”

    Lie Qing was immediately guilty as she said, “He tries to kill you earlier. I am just trying to help you…”

    Xiao Youxue said coldly, “But I have already defeated him and there is no reason for you to do that.”

    Lie Qing said, “He may be a threat in the future. Do you think if you let him off this time, you can really win him a second time? He already knows all the tricks in your sleeves!”

    Ding Yunzi began to tremble, “Xiao Yuanjia is now dead…?”

    Xiao Youxue hummed coldly, “So you have finally admitted to killing him. Not only have you killed him but you have also sucked him dry of any internal energy.”

    Lie Qing was stunned, “How do you know?”

    Ding Yunzi interrupted coldly, “Your red eyes…”

    Yi Ping was confused. What were they talking about?

    The Virtuous Palace had a deadly legend that was passed down by the elders. In the past, there was a red eye fraction within the Virtuous Palace. They were the masters and they fed upon their slaves. The masters passed down an imperfect skill, the Virtuous Divine Force to their slaves. When their slaves had reached a certain attainment in the Virtuous Divine Force, they would be sacrificed to their masters; their blood and intricate energy would be drained by them.

    Eventually, the slaves decided to rebel against their masters. After a hard sought victory over their former masters, the Xiao Clan emerged as the dominant clan within the Virtuous Palace.

    Even though this was a legend but this story was part of their martial training and every protégés in the Virtuous Palace knew of this story.

    That was why Xiao Youxue was caution of Lie Qing. When she saw her jubilant aura, she had suspected that the worst had fallen to her brother!

    The Virtuous Palace, like the majority of the clans in the martial fraternity loathed exponents that practiced evil skills that drained practitioners of their intricate energies. The Virtuous Palace had strict orders to kill anyone that possessed such abilities.

    However, it was a legend and over time, this rule had been forgotten. It was only when Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi had seen her red eyes did they remember the legends. But they did not suspect that Lie Qing actually had such ability!

    Yi Ping looked Lie Qing and asked her, “Did you really practice such an evil skill? And exactly as Youxue has said?”

    Lie Qing was annoyed as she pointed at Ding Yunzi with her sword, “Just who are the enemy? That is her! We should be united and fighting against a common enemy, am I not right to say so?”

    All of a sudden, Ding Yunzi whirled her foldable sword and threw it as a flying sword against her while she was talking. That was because that was the moment when she had let down her guard and was distracted!

    There was a thunderous clashing as the flying sword spins multiple times as it struck against Lie Qing’s black sword as she raised it to block against her attacks!

    Lie Qing was stunned at the martial power of Ding Yunzi and the ferocity of her flying swords at this distance even though she had secretly observed the duel between Xiao Youxue and Xiao Yuanjia.

    She quickly took more than ten steps backward as she tried to deflect the power of the spinning flying sword! But even before she got a respite, Ding Yunzi had raised her other long sword as she leapt forward!

    But before she could even took a step forward, Xiao Youxue had raised her long sleeves upward, sending a scurrying of windforce that sent her backward!

    Yi Ping quickly intercepted Xiao Youxue as he said hurriedly, “Youxue, she has lost her mobility…”

    Xiao Youxue said, “Why are you defending her?”

    Just when Ding Yunzi had just recovered her footings, Lie Qing had leapt forward and attacked her with a lightning sword arc!

    Yi Ping saw the attack and he quickly raised his long sword and deflected Lie Qing’s attacks as he said, “Qing’Er, stop. This is all a misunderstanding…”

    Xiao Youxue had attacked Lie Qing with her palm and had struck against Lie Qing on her shoulder as she said, “There is no misunderstanding. She is evil!”

    Lie Qing was knocked painfully backward as a cracking sound could be heard from her left shoulder!

    She hatefully said, “You hit me!?” If she were not protected by her Impervious Golden Body Divine Skill, Xiao Youxue would have fractured her left shoulder!

    She immediately attacked Xiao Youxue with her long sword but Yi Ping immediately raised his sword to intercept her as he said, “Qing’Er, Youxue does not have any weapons on her…”

    Before Yi Ping had even realized it, he was fighting Lie Qing, Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi at the same time, and so were they!

    The fights were extremely messy. Yi Ping was trying to stop them from harming one another; the only way to stop them was to fight them and intercept their attacks but at the same time, he was also protecting them at the same time!

    None of the maidens really wished to hurt Yi Ping so they stayed their hands. It was because they could tell that Yi Ping was trying to protect them too. But the more Yi Ping defended the other maidens, the more upset they were and the more ruthless their strokes were!

    Yi Ping was shouting, “Stop! Stop it!”

    But his pleads fell on deaf ears as they continued to fight.

    He was parrying, blocking, moving to and forth. This was the most difficult fight in this life; he had never felt so hurried and frantic in his life before!

    All of a sudden, Lie Qing gave a soft cry as her black sword become dozens of black blurs that spit out towards Ding Yunzi!

    Ding Yunzi gave a startled cry, “What kind of swordplay is this?”

    Yi Ping immediately displayed his Horizon Swordplay, the Shadow Horizon Stance and intercepted Lie Qing’s attacks!

    This stance of his happened to be her swordplay nemesis.

    Lie Qing was startled, “How did you know this stance?”

    But as she gasped out, Xiao Youxue and Ding Yunzi attacked her at the same time!

    Yi Ping turned and parry off Ding Yunzi sword thrust while he intercepted Xiao Youxue’s attacks with his left hand!

    Xiao Youxue and Lie Qing suddenly blurred out, “Whose side are you on?!”

    When Yi Ping heard it, he was momentarily stunned. It was because someone else used to exclaim the same phrase to him; he had remembered Ji Lingfeng all of a sudden.

    In this crucial moment, he had actually allowed his mind to wander. If he was fighting others, he would never allow his concentration to lapse. But because he did not really treat Lie Qing, Xiao Youxue or even Ding Yunzi as his enemies; he was distracted when he had suddenly thought of Maiden Ji. Moreover, he was already on his verge of his limits and he could not concentrate further!

    Xiao Youxue, Ding Yunzi and Lie Qing were already lenient and careful when they were fighting Yi Ping. But because Yi Ping was suddenly distracted and they had not expected him not to evade their attacks with his current martial progression, they had all slashed and struck him at the same time!

    Yi Ping gave a loud cry as he was slashed and was struck by them as he fell onto the ground immediately!

    The fighting maidens immediately froze in their tracks at the same time!

    Xiao Youxue said melancholy to them, “Why did you two slash him for?”

    Lie Qing had turned white with ashen as she spoke back and said, “You're the one that struck him the hardest…”

    Ding Yunzi shook her head as she smiled bitterly, “You are all his friends..?”

    Ch24 End
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    Another exciting chapter.... Thanks Avidfan...

    Can't wait to read chap 25 and see how the 3 of them eventually reconcile! Yi Ping can 1st sincerely thank Ding Yunzi for avenging his mother's death and father's sufferings by killing the head of Honor Manor. He now has another maiden at his side who has special healing abilities... I wonder if one of the powers Lie Qing has the ability is to give herself good "luck" and "hex" her enemies. Ding Yunzi spranging her ankle must be the work of Lie Qing.
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    wow. very interesting now. so many threads and mini plots appearing.

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    Darn no update for Sunday...

    It seems only his wife and the twins treats him with kindness and respect. These 3 maidens and Ji Lingfeng are easily provoked and are easily jealous of each other and can redirect their aggression at Yi Ping for no apparent reason. I hope they change for the better for his sake in later chapters.

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