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A Martial Odyssey
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    Default A Martial Odyssey: The Divine Calamity (Complete)

    Hi everyone, I writing an English translation of my works. It will be in English.

    It is strongly advisable for readers to read Jinyong/ Gulong/ Huang Yi wuxia to have a feel of the wuxia setting first.

    Enjoy and have fun reading!

    "It is said that when a martial exponent reached the highest state of divinity of their arts, they be able to transcend into Celestials, overcoming the limitation of life and death. And as Celestials, they have to overcome seven celestial divinity, Genesis, Enlighten, Emotion, Transverse, Seventh Sense, Crisis and Ascend in order to transcend to the Heavens."

    A Martial Odyssey is an epic quasi-fantasy/wuxia fiction, of a young man Yi Ping as he braved untold dangers in the martial fraternity. All is not what it is seemed in the martial fraternity.

    The powerful Honor Manor rules the Orthodox Martial Fraternity, yet there are other equally mysterious martial clans that are outside the influence of the orthodox fraternity; like the Eternal Ice Palace, the Virtuous Palace and the Celestial Palace.

    When the Celestial Fairy of the Eternal Ice Palace is rumored to pass away, it immediately attracted the attention of numerous exponents that undertake the perilous journey to the Heavenly Mountains for the martial secrets of the Eternal Ice Palace.

    Everyone that traveled to the Heavenly Mountains have their own reasons, be it dark or open. Yi Ping too had come to the Heavenly Mountains for a reason; to witness the epitome duels between top exponents and to find a worthy master.

    However, all is not what it seems in the treacherous martial fraternity as he was soon caught in dark elaborate plots that span several decades that threaten the tranquil martial fraternity! As he soon found out, the various orthodox, unorthodox and heretic martial clans were not what it seemed to be!

    Chapter 1: The Mysterious Lady in Yellow
    Chapter 2: The Celestial Fairy
    Chapter 3: The Icy Heavenly Tears
    Chapter 4: The Windless Swordsman
    Chapter 5: Jade and Beautiful Sword Fairies
    Chapter 6: Gongsun Jing
    Chapter 7: The Divine Horizon Hands
    Chapter 8: The Treachery of the Martial Fraternity
    Chapter 9: Ji Lingfeng
    Chapter 10: Aspire Invocations Intricate Recite

    Chapter 11: The Martial Secrets of the Mysterious Yellow Dressed Maiden
    Chapter 12: Nangong Le
    Chapter 13: The Gongsun Manor
    Chapter 14: Zuo Tianyi
    Chapter 15: The Grandmaster of the Honor Manor
    Chapter 16: The Virtuous Palace
    Chapter 17: The Secret Celestial Group
    Chapter 18: Xiao Youxue
    Chapter 19: The Divine Dragon Pill
    Chapter 20: The Thousand Tear Ice Cavern

    Chapter 21: The Absolute Spirits Intricate Formula
    Chapter 22: Ambush!
    Chapter 23: The Heavenly Temptress
    Chapter 24: The Origin of the Virtuous Palace
    Chapter 25: The New Virtuous Palace
    Chapter 26: Memories
    Chapter 27: The Terrible Truth
    Chapter 28: The Eternal Ice Palace vs the Virtuous Palace!
    Chapter 29: The Celestial Fairy vs the Heavenly Temptress!
    Chapter 30: A Bitter Lie

    Chapter 31: The Top Exponent from the Virtuous Palace
    Chapter 32: The Joyful Goddess
    Chapter 33: Unexpected Reversals
    Chapter 34: True Friends
    Chapter 35: Lost Hopes and Renewal of Faith
    Chapter 36: The Secrets of the Celestial Palace
    Chapter 37: The Deadly Celestial Annihilation Star Formation
    Chapter 38: The Honor Manor and the Virtuous Palace
    Chapter 39: Melody Star and Luminous Star
    Chapter 40: The Perfect Storm

    Chapter 41: The Heavenly Temptress vs. the Joyful Goddess
    Chapter 42: Sisters of the Fate
    Chapter 43: The Emptiness Translucence
    Chapter 44: Surprise Reversals
    Chapter 45: The Heavenly Relic
    Chapter 46: The Celestial Star Formation
    Chapter 47: The Five Element Clan
    Chapter 48: The Celestial Star Formation vs the Divine Rejuvenation Force
    Chapter 49: Guardians of the Holy Chapter
    Chapter 50: The Celestial Liege

    Chapter 51: Secrets of the Divine Calamity
    Chapter 52: The Absolute Equilibrium Force
    Chapter 53: The Martial Sage
    Chapter 54: Reciprocate of the Hearts
    Chapter 55: Rise of the Heretics
    Chapter 56: The Universal Force
    Chapter 57: The Fiery Phoenix and the Blue Heavens Divine Sword
    Chapter 58: The Ascension Sect
    Chapter 59: The Number One Swordsman in the Fraternity
    Chapter 60: The White Sage of Emptiness

    Chapter 61: The White Sage and the Three Star Sisters of Fate
    Chapter 62: The Celestial Ocean Heavenly Maiden and the Endor Vixen Fairy
    Chapter 63: The Birth of the Two Celestial Weapons
    Chapter 64: A Heroic Fight!
    Chapter 65: The Heaveness
    Chapter 66: The Dark Celestials
    Chapter 67: The Infinity-Zero
    Chapter 68: Melancholy Farewell
    Chapter 69: The Divine Calamity
    Chapter 70: The Lightning Calamity

    The Celestial Fairy Shui Yixian was alone with Yi Ping, as they sat on top of a hill, looking at the starry skies and overlooking the majestic Tranquil Mountains.

    Yixian said quietly, “I will rather you rebuke me…then I will feel much better…”

    But instead she looked at him quietly before saying, “Destiny starts, destiny ends. We have come to the world alone and we will depart alone. Don’t put it into your heart. Our destiny may have end but your destiny with many others have not…”

    Yixian was interrupted by Yi Ping who said to her, “My fate is in my hands and not in the destinies of others.”

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    Chapter 1: The Mysterious Lady in Yellow

    The secular sect Eternal Ice Palace was one of the three most influential outer fraternity clans in the martial fraternity.

    It was located on top of the misty mountains of the Heavenly Mountains in the far north of the northern fraternity. At the top of the Heavenly Mountains was a great lake and it was where the Eternal Ice Palace was said to be located.

    The Eternal Ice Palace was forbidden to men and naturally, the Eternal Ice Palace consisted of only women.

    The sectarian leader of the Eternal Ice Palace was the Celestial Fairy. It was not her beauty that lured Yi Ping to the Heavenly Mountains for the Celestial Fairy was said to be a ninety year old hag.

    The Celestial Fairy was greatly feared in the vicinity and in the martial fraternity. She was also highly accomplished in her martial skills; a single martial stroke from her would usually spell the end for her opponents!

    It was rumored in the fraternity she had just passed away after leading the Eternal Ice Palace for the past twenty years.

    When the news of her death broke out in the martial fraternity, it immediately caught the attention of the martial pugilists. The imagination of her wondrous secret martial arts caught on like wildfire among the pugilists.

    Therefore pugilists from all over the fraternity had been making their way north to the forbidden Heavenly Mountains, hoping to lay their hands on the fabulous martial treasures of the Eternal Ice Palace.

    Yi Ping had come for the very same reason.

    There was another reason that drawn him into these desolate mountains; to witness a possible conflict between the martial exponents which to him, was even more exciting than the secret martial arts of the Celestial Fairy!

    He was young and a roving swordsman. He was not from any major clans, orthodox or not. He was just a busybody and was like many pugilists took every opportunity to meddle into the affairs of the martial fraternity.

    Even if he was killed, he had to witness one of the most important events of the martial fraternity. Or at the very least, befriend some heroes of the martial fraternity. It would be even better if he could gain some recognition in the fraternity!

    Therefore with this in mind, Yi Ping had set off to the bitter cold and harsh lands of the north!

    On the third day, while walking and whistling, he heard the sound of trees crushing onto the ground. At first, he thought nothing of it until the thunderous sound of the trees gets louder and louder.

    Then an injured middle age man was running and tripping onto the ground. When he saw Yi Ping, he immediately cried out, “Young hero, help me!”

    Yi Ping responded by drawing out his sword. He thought, “Is the man being chased by bandits?”

    Yi Ping shouted at him as he ran towards him, “Get behind me!”

    A foolish hero usually died young. Yi Ping was not even thinking of how many bandits were chasing him. Fortunately, there was only one and it was a yellow dressed lady with a yellow veil.

    She had appeared in the horizon and she did not even have a weapon in her hands. So then why did this man flee from her? From his expressions, he seemed to be terrified of her.

    Even though that yellow dressed lady was veiled and Yi Ping could not see her face clearly, he could tell she must be a beautiful maiden. Her complexion was extremely fair and appeared flawless. She had thin delicate eyebrows and her mesmerizing eyes were sparking.

    The yellow dressed lady walked elegantly in a straight line. Even though she appeared to be walking slowly but the paces covered by her was astonishing; Yi Ping had never seen anyone who could walk as swiftly as her yet she appeared like she was taking a stroll!

    But when a tree blocked her, she gently kicked the tree and the tree flew off in another direction as she continued to walk towards them!

    Yi Ping was astonished and he looked on with disbelief!

    An inner strength practitioner might take sixty years of practice to do what she did with considerable efforts but she did that effortlessly.

    Yi Ping looked into her eyes. She had beautiful and sharp eyes. When he looked into her eyes, she too paused in her tracks and looked back.

    Yi Ping heart was pounding fast.

    Yi Ping mustered his voice and said, “Lady, why are you chasing him?”

    The yellow dressed veil lady replied, “Do you know who he is?” Her voice was unmistakably youthful.

    Yi Ping was shaken by her reply, “I do know who he is. But a man in dire straits requires help, if I do not help, can I still be considered a man?”

    The yellow dressed veil lady hummed coldly, “He is the Bandit King Yao Duo, a vicious killer of the innocents! And you still want to protect him?”

    The Bandit King Yao Duo was the most brutal man in the martial fraternity in recent years. His martial accomplishments were high too. Even the renowned Eagle King Yin Tianzheng was not his match! He gained his renown through sheer notoriety! His victims were many and his evil deeds were too numerous to be accounted for!

    Even the seven major orthodox clans dare not offend him lightly after a few attempts to get rid of him. And moreover, his evil cohorts were many too.

    Yi Ping was shocked and he turned to the stranger to ask, “Are you really Yao Duo?”

    The middle-age stranger laughed aloud, “Indeed I am! A true hero will never change their name…”

    “Good and you can now be a dead hero!” All of a sudden, the yellow dressed veil lady kicked Yao Duo in his face and crushed his skull. That happened so fast that Yi Ping was unable to stop her at all.

    Then the yellow dressed veiled lady turned around and said, “If you want a long life, don’t meddle into the affairs of others especially for those that you did not know.”

    There was a weird expression in her eyes but at that moment, Yi Ping did not notice it. She said, “If you are thinking of going to the Heavenly Mountain, you are only courting your own death. Even if your martial skills are as good as the Bandit King Yao Duo, a cruel fate awaits you in the mountains. Turn back if you cherish your life!” With that, she started to walk away.

    Yi Ping rubbed his nose and watched her disappeared into the background. It was as if she had never appeared.

    He began to dig a hole into the ground as he said, “Even if you are a notorious man, how could I bear to let your body be food for the wild beasts and birds when you have tried to ask for my help? Since you have died, everything should be buried under the earth.”

    Unfortunately, Yi Ping had already decided to proceed to the Heavenly Mountains despite the advice that he had been given. He was still young and he got nothing but courage in his heart.

    It was not too long when he reached the foot of the Heavenly Mountains that he started to see dead corpses and abandoned emblems littered along the mountains route. There seemed to be a battle not too long ago and he hurried his pace.

    All of a sudden, he heard menacing voices in the corner of the mountains. Out of curiosity, he sped towards it.

    “It seems that this lovely damsel here is in distress and there is no one here to save her.”

    “Who would expect that we can find such a beautiful woman here?”

    “We did not make it to the Heavenly Mountains in time but we got ourselves a prize here. Hahaha.”

    An extraordinary maiden of great beauty, dressed in silky white dress had her back against the cliff. She looked badly shaken. She was teething with rage and fear. Even then, her grace was extremely enthralling.

    Yi Ping was stunned at her beauty for she was like a fairy that had descended onto the mortal realm.

    In front of her were three men, wielding swords and halberds. From the looks of it, they had already decided to devour this young maiden in their minds.

    Yi Ping stepped in angrily and shouted, “What are three despicable men doing here?” He brandished his long sword and pointed at them.

    The three men were taken by surprise. They quickly turned around and saw a young man. They looked at one another before roaring out loud.

    One of the men with a long bushy beard stared at him and said fiercely, “So what are you going to do with us? Kill us? Do you know we are the Three Evils of the West?”

    There was a glitter of hope in the eyes of the extremely beautiful maiden when Yi Ping had first appeared but that hope was soon crushed at the mention of the Three Evils of the West.

    Yi Ping was taken aback. The Three Evils of the West was renowned in the martial fraternity for their wickedness and brutality! Not only that, they had killed countless highly skilled pugilists as they rampaged the martial fraternity for twenty-years! That was why they were greatly feared.

    Another man with the moustache laughed, “Or are you thinking of joining in the fun after we are done?”

    This aroused Yi Ping anger. Even though he had to die, he could not abandon the righteousness in his heart. Yi Ping eyed them fiercely and smirked, “If you scram now, I will be forgiving.”

    The third man with a short beard and wielding a halberd in his hands suddenly attacked him, “Outrageous! I will kill you today and cut your body into many pieces!”

    Yi Ping was surprised at the speed and ferocious of his halberd attack. He barely managed to parry the attack and was knocked back. But before he could steady his footing, he received a kick in his chest and was knocked down to the ground.

    The short beard man laughed, “I thought he is some daring hero. But he turns out to be an amateur. A sword in your hand is like a piece of worthless metal!”

    Yi Ping coughed out blood and wiped his mouth, “This is not over yet!” All of a sudden, he lifted his sword and pieced the throat of the short beard man who was still laughing!

    When the short beard man collapsed onto the ground, he was still staring in disbelief! What a swift sword!

    Yi Ping had succeeded for two reasons; His opponent had underestimated him and let down his guard.

    The other two men were experienced pugilists and after seeing one of their own had fallen, they did not dare to be careless anymore and had immediately attacked Yi Ping with their swords! All their attacking strokes were lethal!

    They immediately attacked Yi Ping in all directions! There was a saying; two hands were hard to beat down four hands. It was not long before Yi Ping had been pierced in his chest and hacked on his back!

    He soon collapsed on the ground, barely taking ten strokes from them.

    Now the man with the moustache, who was the more cunning and vicious of the two, stabbed Yi Ping in his heart again.

    The man with the long bushy beard asked him angrily, “What did you do that for? He is already dead!”

    The man with the moustache laughed wickedly, “I want to make sure that none disturb us later.”

    The man with the long bushy beard paused and laughed wickedly, “True, true…” But before he could finish laughing, he was grasping a dagger in his throat for breath! When he fell on the ground, his eyes were still staring at the man with the moustache!

    The man with the moustache turned and looked wickedly at the extremely beautiful young maiden, “Such an extraordinary beauty. You belong only to me and there is no one else to share in my enjoyment.”

    The young maiden pursed her lips and there were now tears in her eyes. All of a sudden, her alluring eyes were staring in bewilderment.

    When the man with the moustache saw her expressions, he quickly turned around and got a fright of his life!

    The young man that he had just killed was standing in front of him! Before he could react, he felt the cold metallic length of a sword piercing through his stomach! When he had died, he was still in disbelief!

    The young and extraordinary beautiful maiden nearly fainted from fright as she asked, “Are you a ghost or a man?”

    CH1 End
    Next Chapter
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    Chapter 2: The Celestial Fairy

    When Yi Ping regained his consciousness, he found himself in what seemed to be a dimly lit cave. His first thoughts were that he had already died and he was in hell. But when he saw that his wounds had already been dressed and that he was aching painfully, he knew that somehow he was still alive.

    That was because a dead man would never feel pain.

    Then he noticed there was a small bonfire in the cave which kept the cave warm.

    He tried to sit up and that took all his efforts. As he looked in front of him, all of a sudden, he saw the young and extremely beautiful maiden that he had seen earlier. She appeared to be mediating but before he could say anything, the maiden moved her small alluring lips and spoke, “You should rest more. Your wounds are extremely severe and you may lose your life because of that.”

    Yi Ping stared at her dreamily. He could not imagine it was real!

    The alluring maiden soon flushed deeply as she interrupted gently, “Why are you staring at me? Don’t you know that is a rude gesture to stare? And who are you?”

    Yi Ping was snapped of his trance and he quickly bowed with his hands, “Maiden, I thank you for saving my life from The Three Evils! I, Yi Ping am in your debts! May I know my benefactor name?”

    The alluring young maiden said coolly, “They are not the Three Evils of the West. They are imposters and their martial skills are mediocre. Or else even with your Icy Heavenly Tears Energy protecting you, you will still die.”

    Yi Ping was bewildered and asked, “What Icy Heavenly Tears Energy?”

    The alluring young maiden was silence for some time before she said, “You can call me Maiden Xian. Let me ask you. Who is your protégé master? Why did you come to the Heavenly Mountains?”

    Yi Ping replied, “I have no protégé master. All my skills are self-taught…”

    Maiden Xian opened her eyes and interrupted angrily, “Nonsense! I have examined your pulses earlier and your pulses emitted the Icy Heavenly Tears Energy Pulses. That is what is protecting your heart from harm. Or else even if you have ten lives, you still will not survive!”

    Yi Ping was astonished and puzzled, “Maiden…this is the first time that I have heard of that name…”

    Maiden Xian looked intently at him for a few moments before she said, “Do you know Shui Yichi?”

    Yi Ping said, “Maiden, I do not want to lie to you. She is my late mother!”

    Maiden Xian was momentarily stunned as she was heard saying in a low voice, “She is no longer in this world?” She seemed to be shaken by the news before she asked, “How long was that?”

    Yi Ping was curious as he said, “She passed away when I was little…” His eyes were teething with tears as he recalled his sad childhood. “Maiden Xian, you know my late mother?”

    Then he paused and almost punched himself. How could she possible know his late mother? She looked younger than twenty. Even he himself, was older than her!

    Just as he was recovering from his foolhardy words, she gave him another shocker.

    “Indeed! She was my protégé sister. She left the Eternal Ice Palace twenty-years ago because of one man. She must have imparted all her martial energy to you…that explains why I can find our sect intricate energy in your body meridians…”

    Just as he wanted to ask her who she really was, a wicked laughter filled the cave; a large bulky man with red beard had just barged into sight.

    The red beard man laughed, “If it isn’t for this bonfire here, I would never find this place! What have we here? A couple?”

    Maiden Xian said, “He is Huo Fu the Flaming Fist, the sect leader of the Fire Tablet Sect. He must be here to look for an opportunity to loot the Eternal Ice Palace.”

    The red beard man laughed, “I didn’t know I am so famous that even junior pugilists can identify me. Don’t we all have the same motives? I am getting cold and this fire is just nice!” But all of a sudden, he took a second look at the dress of Maiden Xian and said, “You are from the Eternal Ice Palace?”

    Maiden Xian looked at him hatefully and replied coldly, “That’s right!”

    Huo Fu laughed, “Good, good! You have two options. Either you show me the way to the Eternal Ice Palace or be subjected to my merciless torture. I can assure you that I won’t let you die so easily.” He took a deep breath before laughing out again, “After all, I can see that you are a rare beauty and I won’t let you die so easily.”

    Yi Ping was shocked as he stood up, “The Fire Tablet Sect may not be an orthodox clan but they do have some repute in the martial fraternity. How can you say such a thing?”

    Huo Fu had a wicked smile on his face, “Who do not covet after the martial secrets of the Eternal Ice Palace? Now that the Celestial Fairy had passed away, countless legions of pugilists have already been making their way here. Among them, are several supposedly heroes from the orthodox clans. Naturally, they did not dare to use their real names. Some did not even dare to travel boldly and travel under a disguise for they are men of high repute in the fraternity! When it is time for them to strike, they will make all sorts of excuses like passing by and claiming that they are righting the wrongdoings of evil men!”

    Yi Ping hummed coldly.

    Huo Fu looked at him, sensing his hostilities. “I thought you are on my side. The Eternal Ice Palace is a forbidden ground for men. Surely, you can’t be from the Eternal Ice Palace too?”

    Then Huo Fu clapped his right fist on his left palm as he said, “The intrigue of the martial fraternity is not to be underestimate!”

    He pointed his finger at Yi Ping and said, “You must be trying to seduce this young maiden here and almost on the verge of succeeding. You are trying to be the first to sneak into the Eternal Ice Palace, am I right?”

    Yi Ping was speechless. He replied coldly, “Senior, you think too much!”

    Maiden Xian looked away. Her cheeks were momentarily flushed from his audacity.

    Huo Fu laughed, “The young uses their wits while the old uses their strength!”

    Yi Ping was indignant and he raised both his palms to attack Huo Fu, “Senior, be prepared for my attack!”

    Huo Fu suddenly smiled as he raised both his palms and there was a thunderous clap when both palms impacted together. Yi Ping was thrown off and sent flying backward, knocking against the wall of the cave and crushing into it!

    Maiden Xian got up as she cried out, “Hold!”

    But it was too late! It happened too fast! She could see that this Huo Fu was an experienced exponent. He had purposely provoked Yi Ping into attacking him so that he could see what stance his opponent would use. As Yi Ping was with her, and was still wary of the martial of the Eternal Ice Palace therefore he had used a ruse.

    Huo Fu laughed, “Such simpleton! I was expecting some forms of secret projectiles. Despite knowing that I am the sect leader of the Fire Tablet Sect, he still dares to receive my Fiery Palms. When he attacks me, I already know the depth of his martial strength!”

    He looked intently at Maiden Xian, “You seem to be smarter than him but unfortunately, your reaction is too slow. That speaks volumes of our martial strength differences. If your martial skill is to be on par with me, you will be able to intercept him.”

    This Huo Fu, even though he was big and bulky, seemed to be clumsy and slow wit but he was actually a cunning and experienced exponent! If he was not, how will he be able to survive in the treacherous martial fraternity? He would have died a hundred times over!

    Maiden Xian had no choice but to nod slowly. Even though she looked composed, she was extremely upset now.

    Huo Fu laughed aloud, “Now maiden, will you choose to tell me the location of the Eternal Ice Palace on your own accord or will you choose to die a slow death?”

    Maiden Xian full name was Shui Yixian. Shui Yixian was none other than the Celestial Fairy and the sectarian leader of the Eternal Ice Palace.

    But why was she here? She was supposed to have passed away already? Was she not a ninety- year old woman?

    The Icy Heavenly Tears Divine Skill was a secret martial skill of the Eternal Ice Palace. When the practitioner reached the ninth and the last stage, they would cease to age. Unfortunately, every thirty-six years after reaching the last stage, the practitioner martial power would be lost for thirty-six days. In order to regain the lost martial power, the practitioner would have to relearn the intricate formula of the Icy Heavenly Tears again.

    She had attained the ninth stage of the Icy Heavenly Tears when she was eighteen years old. That was why she had ceased aging and looked like eighteen! She was considered a martial prodigy. For hundreds of years, none of the past practitioners had ever reached the ninth stage of the Icy Heavenly Tears before they were fifty and half of them did not even reach the seventh stage of the divine skill. Even her martial protégé mistress attained the ninth stage of the Icy Heavenly Tears when she was only fifty-five.

    There were only two exceptions. One was her and the other was her oldest protégé sister.

    Her protégé mistress had two other direct protégés. She was in fact the youngest. The oldest protégé sister was Shui Yichi and her second protégé sister was Shui Yisi. Shui Yichi was also a martial prodigy. She had attained the ninth stage of the Icy Heaven Tears when she was thirty. At that time, she was only fourteen year old and had looked up to her.

    Even though they all shared the same surname of Shui, they were not related for they were orphans who did not even know who their parents were. It was customary for the direct protégé disciples of the Eternal Ice Palace to use the clan surname of Shui.

    But when she had attained the ninth stage of the Icy Heavenly Tears through sheer hard work and self-cultivation, her second protégé sister was envious and she began to plot against her protégé mistress and her eldest protégé sister. Fortunately, her plot was discovered by her protégé mistress. Her second protégé sister had her martial skills disabled and was driven out of the Eternal Ice Palace!

    So this powerful enemy of hers knew that she would lose all her martial power during this period. Who else but her second protégé sister knew the timing of her martial weakness? Who else but her would spread rumors of her death and stirred up the passions of the pugilists in the fraternity of the glorious martial secrets of the Eternal Ice Palace?

    Fearing for her life and in need of a secular place to regain her lost martial power, she picked a cave away from the Eternal Ice Palace to meditate as the location of the Eternal Ice Palace was known to her nemesis. In turn, she left the Eternal Ice Palace to her two protégé disciples, Beautiful Sword Fairy Shui Meijian and Jade Sword Fairy Shui Yujian to be in charge.

    Unfortunately, her two young protégé disciples were not as highly gifted in martial skills. She was hoping that nothing would go wrong till she returned. But she knew that even if she returned, she would still have to battle countless number of pugilists who would not give up at this point.

    The throngs of pugilists that seek to traverse the Heavenly Mountains did not know the exact location of the Eternal Ice Palace therefore they were randomly combing the mountains for clues and a route up to the mysterious Heavenly Mountains. Unfortunately, one group of pugilists found her and she was forced to flee. And that was when she had first encountered Yi Ping.

    She had only ten days more before she could fully regain her martial power but that day would not come. While Huo Fu was talking to her, she had already forcefully started to channel all her internal energies into her fingers. In this way, she would temporary regain half of her martial power but afterwards, she would surely die from the forceful exertion!

    And she was already preparing to die!

    When Huo Fu had just stopped speaking, she had attacked him with both her fingers! Her speed and the windforce that accompanied her fingers thoroughly caught Huo Fu by surprise as he quickly raised his Fiery Palms in retaliation!

    There was a huge thunderclap sound as Maiden Xian’s fingers impacted upon Huo Fu’s palms.

    Huo Fu could not believe his eyes as his large bulky body was sent flying backward and out of the cave! He simply could not believe that this young maiden here could be capable of such tremendous force!

    Maiden Xian coughed out blood but her focus was still on her enemy. She staggered out of the cave to look for Huo Fu. But he had already escaped very far. She could see his large and bulky figure in the distance as he ran in a stagger manner; for he had been badly injured.

    It was said that the swiftness movement skill of the Fire Tablet Sect, the Fiery Chaser was one of the epitome movement skills of the martial fraternity. Its claim was definitely not a boast. If Huo Fu was not injured, she might not even caught sight of him given the head start that he had.

    As she had no strength left to pursue him therefore she returned to the cave.

    She was now staggering. She had forcefully gathered her internal energy and expended her vital force. Voided of internal energy, it was only a matter of time before she died!

    Her eyes were one of sorrows. She cared not that she died. But if she died, the lives of more than a hundred protégés of the Eternal Ice Palace would perish as well! Why was fate so cruel to her?

    She staggered to the collapsed wall which Yi Ping had fallen.

    When she had reached him, he was convulsing with blood in his mouth. She straightened him and put her palm onto the back of his head. She started to use the last of her vital energies in an attempt to clear his injured channels of any blood clogs.

    Even though Yi Ping was severely injured and in a daze, he could see that this young maiden had sustained internal injuries and from the looks of it, her condition was gravely critical. She was very pale now. If she attempted to treat his internal injuries now, she would surely lose her life!

    And that was something that Yi Ping did not want to see!

    Looking at her, he had forgotten about Huo Fu. He could only remember after he got hit, he had lost consciousness for a while. When he regained his conscious, she was beside him.

    Yi Ping said weakly, “Maiden, don’t expend your vital energies for me. It is futile. You and I are both dying. I don’t wish to see you die before me! Even if you expend all your vital energies for me, my injuries are really far too severe.”

    Maiden Xian said gently as she looked curiously at him, “If it weren’t for me, you will not get yourself injured and be in such a sorry state. Even if you cannot be saved, let fate decide alright? As for me, I am already dying. Nothing in this world can save me now. As for you, young hero, you still have a chance to live. So, don’t let it gone to waste…”

    Yi Ping was shaking all over and his eyes were in tears, “I don’t want you to die! Why should a kind maiden like you die while I live? I don’t want to live if you died!”

    Shui Yixian’s tears flowed down her cheeks as she smiled weakly, “Silly boy! You sound as though we are a…” Her cheeks began to redden for a quick moment as she added, “couple.”

    She added quickly, “If you only know how old I am, you will not want me. Moreover, the only reason why I am saving you is because you are the son of my eldest protégé sister….”

    Yi Ping turned and looked at her gently, “You are you. I like you when I first look at you.”

    That came from the bottom of his heart and was his honest thoughts.

    When a person was dying and in a daze, they tended to speak only the truths. At this moment, Yi Ping had already casted away the painful severity of his injuries and was speaking from the bottom of his heart.

    Shui Yixian looked at his eyes with a thousand affections. She burst into tears again as she cried, “Yi Ping…” All of a sudden, she began to cast away her iron shell, forgetting that she was the sect leader of the renowned Eternal Ice Palace. She was now a young maiden again, undoing her years of emotionless cultivation that had made her cold and emotionless! To her protégés, she was always the stern protégé mistress.

    How could she forget how touched and grateful she had been when Yi Ping saved her from the three wicked men? Just when she thought that she had escaped from an evil fate, another one had suddenly befall her?

    Yi Ping grabbed her hands and said gently, “Since we are both dying, why don’t we be man and wife here?”

    Yixian nodded without hesitation as she wiped the tears in her eyes with her sleeve, “My husband…”

    Yi Ping said gently, “My wife…”

    Yi Ping held her hand as he bowed onto the ground, “Heavens above, I, Yi Ping, is willing to take Maiden Xian as my wife, be it through joys or woes, she will always be in my heart!”

    Shui Yixian bowed onto the ground too and said, “Heavens above, I, Shui Yixian, is willing to be Yi Ping’s wife, be it through joys or woes, through all crisis, I am forever his wife!”

    They bowed again onto the ground three more times after they said together, “Heavens and Earth be our witness!” Then they collapsed into embrace together.

    Even though they did not exchange a word more, they knew that they were now the most blissful couple and were content to die in one another embrace.

    All of a sudden, Yi Ping pointed to the same carvings and drawings of the wall, “What are those?”

    Shui Yixian opened her eyes and she began to look at the wall that Yi Ping had indicated. There were many words and drawings on the wall just as Yi Ping had said.

    Shui Yixian’s eyes shone as she gasped, “These are the intricate formulas of our sect Icy Heaven Tears and the Divine Emerald Skill. Someone must have carved it into the walls of this cave and then sealed it afterwards. And we have accidentally barged into this sealed section.”

    That sealed wall section was revealed earlier when Huo Fu had sent Yi Ping crashing into it.

    Yixian used all her efforts to stagger to the wall as she examined it, “This ninth stage of the Icy Heavens Tears is slightly different from what I have practiced…This one, this one…” Her eyes were beaming with tears.

    Yi Ping was curious as he asked weakly, “Something is amiss?”

    Shui Yixian nodded, “This one version is more polish than the one that I have been practicing and it seems that someone from our sect have rewritten the intricate formula here.” She immediately pointed to the carving and words on the wall for Yi Ping.

    Yi Ping could not understand the meanings of the carvings of the wall therefore he replied wryly, “We are dying now. Even if there is a divine skill in front of us, we don’t have the lives to practice it.”

    Shui Yixian said gently, “Others maybe can’t but I can!”

    While speaking, she had already memorized and organized all the minute details of the intricate formula in her mind. Normally it would take years of dedicated efforts to even grasp the intricate formula and put it into use but she had effortlessly did it.

    She had immediately identified the true essence of the intricate formula and found a solution to her loss of martial power state. She immediately proceeded to sit down in a mediation pose and soon there was three wisp of smoke arising from her head.

    She opened her eyes once more and wiped away her beads of perspiration before saying, “Yi Ping, I have recovered half of my internal strength. Let me lend you a hand first!”

    Before Yi Ping could protest, she had flown to his back and was channeling her vital energies into his body!

    CH2 End
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    Chapter 3: The Icy Heavenly Tears

    Yi Ping said to Shui Yixian, “Xian’Er, now that we have almost recovered from our injuries, we should leave the mountains and head south. There are many top exponents like Huo Fu that have gathered here. You are from the Eternal Ice Palace and the way home is no longer safe for you. If the pugilists know that you are from the Eternal Ice Palace, they will not let you off.”

    Shui Yixian exclaimed, “Do you really don’t know who I am?”

    Yi Ping said, “You are from the Eternal Ice Palace and is a protégé of the Emerald Mistress.”

    Shui Yixian sighed. It seemed that he really did not know that she was the Divine Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace. But it was not surprising. Very few people in the martial fraternity knew her real name.

    She asked, “Surely you have heard of the Celestial Fairy?”

    Yi Ping smiled, “She is the Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace. That is her fraternity name.”

    Shui Yixian said, “The Celestial Fairy is me. I am the Celestial Fairy!”

    Yi Ping was shocked, “That can’t be. Xian’Er, you must be playing a joke on me, right?”

    Shui Yixian was solemn and she looked intently at him.

    Yi Ping embraced her and said, “It doesn’t matter who you are. You are you. That is what matters.”

    Shui Yixian was touched as she gasped, “Yi Ping…”

    Yi Ping said, “Even if we were to die in the Heavenly Mountains, I will still follow you!”

    Shui Yixian said lovingly, “The Eternal Ice Palace is renowned for these three skills, the Jade Icy Finger, the Divine Emerald Skill and the Frosty Icicle Swordplay. These skills are not suitable for you. Even though your internal strength is our sect Icy Heaven Tears, it is not suitable for men. I can however teach you how to utilize your martial skills…”

    Over the next few days, Shui Yixian helped Yi Ping to refine his martial skills. Yi Ping was a quick learner.

    He had not met a renowned master and most of his martial skills were picked from the streets and from fighting with thugs.

    Shui Yixian explained the meanings behind the stances and taught him to look at various martial strokes in different perspective. Even though it was only for a few days, it was like a sudden enlightenment to him!

    Shui Yixian was surprised at how fast Yi Ping could absorb her teachings. He was studious and could practice hard while she meditated upon the Divine Emerald Skill.

    Three days later, she could completely circulate her vital energies in her meridian channels and had completely regained her martial power.

    At the end of three days, Yi Ping saw a rainbow halo on her head. He was astonished and asked, “Xian’Er, are you alright?”

    Shui Yixian smiled and opened her eyes, “Ping’Er, don’t you worry. Not only have I completely regained my martial internal strength, I have also figured out the tenth stage of the Icy Heavenly Tears intricate formula. I have never dreamed that such a stage could exist. This crucial stage could be the key to unlock the mysteries of the Divine Emerald Skill. The master that left behind these cravings must be closely related to our sect.”

    She got up and demolished the carvings on the wall with her palm force. In a few moments, the carvings on the wall were all but unrecognizable!

    Yi Ping asked, “Xian’Er, why did you do that for?”

    Shui Yixian said, “This martial knowledge is too dangerous to be left behind especially with so many pugilists in this vicinity. If it falls into the wrong hands, then it will be a disaster for the martial fraternity.”

    Yi Ping nodded in agreement.

    CH3 End
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    Chapter 4: The Battle at Mt. Heavenly

    At the lofty peaks of the Heavenly Mountains, more than fifty pugilists from different sects and clans had gathered. There were sect emblems and heraldries of all kinds. After many difficulties, they had gathered together and there seemed to be an uneasy alliance if it exists at all.

    Their goals were identical and it was the Eternal Ice Palace.

    Unfortunately, to reach this point, there been many bloody encounters and only the fittest of the remnants survived. And these pugilists knew it and were wary of one another.

    A yellow dressed maiden in a veil was standing loftily alone. From her visible eyes and enthralling confident posture, everyone was guessing that her beauty must be extraordinary. No one knew who she really was and quite a few pugilists had tried to hook up to her and they got more than what they had asked for.

    One of them was Young Master Qiu Wufeng the Windless Swordsman. Who had never heard of the Windless Swordsman? He was in his early thirties yet he was now ranked as one of the four most prominent young men of the martial fraternity.

    Of course this had to do with the fact that his father was the Master of the Qiu Martial Clan. The Qiu Aristocracy Clan had been recognized as one of the four most powerful martial clans in the fraternity.

    Naturally, the other three renowned young men of the martial fraternity were also from renowned aristocracy or major orthodox clans of the martial!

    They were Gongsun Jing the Benevolent from the Gongsun Aristocracy Clan, Zuo Tianyi the Heartless Sword from the Infinity Sword Clan and Nangong Le the Joyous from the Nangong Aristocracy Clan.

    As for Young Master Qiu, his Silence Swordplay was one of the most feared swordplay in the martial fraternity, able to come in any direction without a slight movement; his swordplay was silent and windless!

    Not only that, in his company today were three equally formidable exponents; Ye Lu the Lightning God, Qiao Feng the Shadow Kicker and Lu Baiyun the Heartless Scholar!

    Ye Lu the Lightning God and Qiao Feng the Shadow Kicker were old men who had found fame a long time ago. That they chose to be in the company of Young Master Qiu Wufeng was proof of his clan prestige and renowned!

    Lu Baiyun the Heartless Scholar was in his early forties. Even though he was younger than the Lightning God and the Shadow Kicker, he was a prominent swordsman even at the age of eighteen when he defeated the clan protégé master of the Ironclad Clan, one of the seven major orthodox clans!

    Young Master Qiu Wufeng approached the yellow dressed maiden and greeted her, “I am Qiu Wufeng the Windless Swordsman. Maiden, may I have the honor of knowing your name?”

    What followed was a slap across his face! It happened so fast that he could not react!

    The yellow dressed maiden said softly, “If you do not want further humiliation, I suggest you move away from me.”

    Young Master Qiu Wufeng was stunned. He was a handsome and dashing man. Few women could ever resist him, let alone embarrassed him like that! And he showed his displeasure with his eyes! He swore that he would make her pay!

    But the Heartless Scholar stepped in and said, “Maiden, you have offended our young master. Do you think you can get away with this so easily?”

    The yellow dressed maiden hummed coldly and she seemed that she did not care.

    There was strong malevolent aura coming from the Lightning God and the Shadow Kicker as well. No matter who offended any one of them, it was not an easy matter to get away scotch free. Much less the three of them at the same time!

    The Heartless Scholar laughed, “Either you apologize to our young master and accompany him for a few days or you be terribly sorry.”

    The yellow dressed maiden looked at the Heartless Scholar in his eyes and said, “What if I don’t?”

    The Heartless Scholar said sternly, “Then forgives me for what I will do next!”

    All of a sudden, he was interrupted by a laughter that came from the Clan Chief of the Six Rivers, Long Wudi. “You are a renowned figure in the martial fraternity. If this matter gets out that you uses your martial skills to harass a young lass, won’t you be a laughing stock? I am not worry about you but for the repute of the Qiu Clan!”

    Even though Long Wudi might not be able to defeat the Heartless Scholar, what he said was like an arrow piercing through the heart.

    Young Master Qiu thundered sternly, “Let’s us go!”

    A young man from among the pugilists laughed coldly, “To think that the reputable Qiu Martial Clan is also interested in the treasures of the Eternal Ice Palace. What laudable action. He is also a womanizer…”

    But before he could finish, the Heartless Scholar had sprint next to him and given him two tight slaps!

    His swiftness skill was so astonishing that more than half of the pugilists could not help but gasped in awe of it!

    The Heartless Scholars said, “Know this, our young master had originally wanted to visit the Emerald Mistress to receive her instructions and to pay her a visit! This is a small lesson for insulting our young master!”

    All of a sudden, an old man attacked the Heartless Scholar with his fists.

    The Heartless Scholar was startled by the windforce of the fists as he quickly stepped aside.

    The Heartless Scholar could not recognize him and he asked, “Senior, who you are?”

    The old man laughed, “I have long retired from the pugilistic fraternity. However, I am not afraid to say that I intend to demolish the Eternal Ice Palace on my own!”

    Quite a few pugilists from the crowd laughed at his boast.

    The Lightning-God sighed, “Maybe we shouldn’t be here. Only Tian Kui is able to execute the Beholder Hands and pushed back the Heartless Scholar with a single strike.”

    The faces of the pugilists turned ashen at the mention of Tian Kui.

    Tian Kui was the number one heretic exponent ten years ago. The bloodshed that he had caused were too numerous to be counted. During his time, there were three more powerful major orthodox clans, the Divine Sword, the Hexagon Spear and the Hyperion Clan. These clans had since been completely annihilated by him.

    It was said that ten years ago, he took his rampage to the Eternal Ice Palace. But no one knew the result of that secret duel with the Emerald Mistress.

    Everyone assumed that he had lost and had been killed! But it seemed otherwise now.

    Tian Kui laughed, “I must be getting old. Even a junior can avoid my strike so easily!”

    The Heartless Scholar pay respectfully with his hands and said, “That is because Senior, you have stayed your hand or else I will not even have the chance to back off.”

    Tian Kui roared with laughter, “Good! At least you respect your elder. I am actually spoiling for a fight.” It was true. When he saw the Heartless Scholar displaying his martial skills, he had the interest to spar with him.

    The Heartless Scholar turned ashen, “Senior, you….”

    Tian Kui pointed at the Lightning God and the Shadow Kicker, “You and you, all of you can fight me at the same time. I want to see if my martial skills have any improvements…”

    But before he could finish, he had suddenly frozen.

    Everyone looked in the direction that he was looking at and caught sight of two strangers walking towards them.

    One was a young man. He was handsome and had a refine and noble air. The other was a young maiden with long black flowing hair. She was so beautiful that she was like a heavenly fairy that had decided to grace the mortal realm. When she saw the pugilists and smiled slightly, all the pugilists’ heart skipped a beat and thought, “Did she just smile at me?”

    When the yellow dressed maiden saw Yi Ping, her heart too skipped a beat as she thought, “Why is he here? And why is he with her?” That day after they had met, she had secretly stayed away from his view and saw him burying the villainous bandit king. She had observed him for a while before she left. With his martial abilities, she had doubted he could even cross the lofty peaks of the Heavenly Mountains. She had never been moved by a man before and was constantly worried if he could survive the trek. But now when she saw him, she was comforted but she was also none the pleased. That was because…

    Tian Kui was shaking all over. Why was he trembling? Was it because he was trembling with joy and moved by the sight of this heavenly maiden?

    Quite a few pugilists immediately thought that even though Tian Kui was old enough to be her grandfather, he was still a lecher after all.

    Tian Kui looked at Shui Yixian and asked, “Is that really you?”

    Shui Yixian alluring eyes looked at Tian Kui and said softly, “Yes I am!”

    Everyone was taken aback. Was Tian Kui acquainted with her?

    Tian Kui trembled uncontrollably, “All these years, you have not changed. I have grown even older. Since then, I have trained my martial skills non-stop. I practiced twelve hours daily and now my level of martial expertise has reached a level that even you could not have imagined!”

    Tian Kui paused for a while before saying, “I have come for you. Today no matter what, I have to take you for my wife and if you lost to me, you must come with me!”

    Ten years ago, Tian Kui challenged the Celestial Fairy and he was soundly defeated by her. His spirits was crushed and since then, he had trained every single day, hoping to meet her again and to defeat her!

    He had never seen any maiden as elegant and noble as her. It was love at first sight. When he was defeated by her, he was thoroughly shamed. Unable to cope with the defeat, he thought of ending his own life. But when he thought that he might still have a chance, he resolved to train his martial abilities to perfection so that he could once again challenge her and win her heart.

    But when he had heard that she had passed away, he was so upset that he had to go to the Heavenly Mountains and had a look.

    He had trembled uncontrollably because she was still alive! And he could still fulfill his desires that he had dreamed for every single night!

    All of a sudden, Tian Kui roared aloud and he was filled with martial power. His shout was so terrifying that the pugilists were all forced to take a couple of steps back!

    As soon as he had quieted down, he had suddenly attacked the heavenly maiden!

    Everyone was stunned and confusion immediately broke out from among the pugilists! They had thought that Tian Kui and the heavenly maiden were acquaintances! They immediately feared for the heavenly maiden.

    Every punch, every fist by Tian Kui had so much martial force that he could easily smash the rocks into powder!

    But the heavenly maiden instead of dodging his attacks, received his attacks with her hands. She countered his fists with her palms and his palm with her fingers!

    In that single moment, Tian Kui had struck at least twenty times and each blow of his could have incapacitated his target! But the heavenly maiden had countered all his blows and retaliated. She had struck Tian Kui on his head with her finger and she had struck her palm on his chest!

    It happened so fast that most of the pugilists could only see Tian Kui flunking backwards and he had coughed out blood! There was a red mark on his forehead and his chest seemed to have been burnt by the heavenly maiden!

    The result was a shocker as no one had expected Tian Kui to be beaten back in split second!

    Tian Kui wiped the blood from his mouth as he got up, “This is not over yet. I have not yet used my best martial skills…” However his voice was shaken. He had never expected himself to be beaten back in such an effortless manner! It was exactly what had happened ten years ago…

    Young Master Qiu Wufeng too, had been captivated by this heavenly maiden and was eager to be acquainted with her. Therefore he stepped in and asked Tian Kui, “Old Senior, surely there must be a misunderstanding here. Why are you attacking this maiden?”

    Tian Kui laughed, “You still do not know who she is? All of you are here today to attack the Eternal Ice Palace and yet you do not know who she is? What a joke!”

    Then he turned and said to Shui Yixian, “Only I am the exception!”

    Qiu Wufeng asked, “Can Old Senior please enlighten us? I really do not know.” He too, was curious about her.

    Tian Kui laughed, “She is the Celestial Fairy! She is none other than the Emerald Mistress of the Eternal Ice Palace!”

    Everyone was taken aback. How was it possible? She was supposed to be dead and she was supposed to be an old woman?

    Shui Yixian smiled coldly at the pugilists, “That is right. Under the gaze of the Celestial Fairy…” She paused and all of a sudden, there was a cold, malevolent killing aura that radiated in her presence as she said slowly, “There…is…no…survivors!”

    All of a sudden, she swung her sleeves and multiple secret projectiles flew in all directions! Those who were unable to dodge were either killed or maimed on the ground!

    Young Master Qiu Wufeng had barely dodged her secret projectiles when the Lightning God and the Shadow Kicker sprint in front of him.

    The Lightning God shouted to everyone, “If we don’t fight her now, sooner or later, we’ll be killed!” With that he raised his fists at the Celestial Fairy.

    All of a sudden, the pugilists remembered the legend of the Eternal Ice Palace. The Celestial Fairy spared no one that dared to intrude upon her forbidden grounds. If they want to live, they had to fight! But some of the pugilists who had survived her secret projectiles were secretly waiting for the others to attack her while they seized the opportunity to run!

    However, when Yi Ping saw the Lightning God and the Shadow Kicker approaching attack upon Shui Yixian, he stepped in and interrupted them!

    The Shadow Kicker said to Yi Ping, “Outrageous! If I don’t incapacitate you within ten moves, I am not the Shadow Kicker!”

    The Lighting God said to Qiao Feng the Shadow Kicker, “You alone, is more than enough for this lad! I will go and help the Heartless Scholar!”

    Shui Yixian hastily cried out to Yi Ping, “Ping’Er, be careful.”

    Even before she had barely finished speaking, she was attacked in all directions by the Heartless Scholar, Tian Kui, Long Wudi and the rest of the pugilists.

    Only Young Master Qiu and the yellow dressed maiden did not make any move yet.

    Qiao Feng the Shadow Kicker was renowned for his powerful shadow kicks. He gave Yi Ping a series of kicks with in one continuous attack. Yi Ping had never seen so many kicks moving so fast in his life before. He tried to parry with his sword but he could not avoid the many kicks that struck him on his forearms and legs.

    Qiao Feng was kicking relentlessly. He knew that no one could survive his powerful kicks if they kept defending. They would only get themselves seriously injured and had their strength quickly drained away!

    Yi Ping barely avoided having his face smashed by Qiao Feng’s kick. Yi Ping was already fighting frantically while Qiao Feng was relaxed and it only appeared that he had kicked five times.

    Qiao Feng said, “This is the sixth move!”

    Yi Ping was faltering and he could felt his strength draining away. Yet at the same time he was wholly fascinated by the martial abilities of Qiao Feng.

    All of a sudden, Yi Ping started to display the Shadow Kicks too as he kicked back at Qiao Feng!

    Qiao Feng was momentarily stunned, “Where did you learn that?”

    Yi Ping hummed coldly, “I just learnt it!”

    Qiao Feng shouted angrily, “That is impossible!” He was now kicking faster and faster, even displaying several secret kick techniques that hid a kick within a kick. In an outburst of few strokes, he had unleashed dozens of shadow kicks!

    But Yi Ping heart was pounding as he got more and more fascinated with the Shadow Kicks Skill. He had never known a renowned master and much less had the personal experience of witnessing an epitome upper martial skill like the renowned Shadow Kick! Unconsciously, he had begun to practice the Shadow Kick as though someone had just been instructing him!

    Yi Ping began to kick more and more furiously, improvising the Shadow Kicks as he got along.

    Qiao Feng was now breaking into cold sweat even in the cold weather. He had expended a huge amount of martial power and was surprised that an inexperienced pugilist like Yi Ping could hold on for so long and was even matching his kick with a kick, with some moves that were even better than his own!

    Before long, Qiao Feng legs were hurting! He could not believe that this young man could even match his decades of dedicated martial foundation! Moreover, how was it possible for this lad to know the Shadow Kick Skill? Even an experienced pugilist could not kick as well as him; much less repeat the kicking feat of his shadow kicks!

    Qiao Feng said suddenly, “The Mirror Reflection Skill? You are using the Mirror Reflection Skill?!”

    The Mirror Reflection Skill was a skill that could replicate the martial skills of others according to the rumors of the fraternity.

    But Yi Ping was not listening.

    Yi Ping eyes were glowing as he looked intently at Qiao Feng’s kicks! A normal young man would have fallen long ago even if he could parry a kick from Qiao Feng! But Yi Ping was so fascinated with the Shadow Kick Skill that every conscious of his was in it.

    So engross was he that he was not aware that he was in pain; nor was he aware that with his present fortitude and martial limitations, he could not possible accomplish these kicks without practicing. Because he was not thinking, he had done the impossible and transcends his limits.

    And of course, this had to do with the fact that Yi Ping had a natural ability to memorize any moves. Indeed, most of his martial moves that he had picked up were from looking at the fights of others.

    This had also to do with the superb martial instructions received from Shui Yixian while in the cave and he was also somewhat protected by the Icy Heavenly Tears coupled with his natural flair for enduring pain.

    Shui Yixian had said, “A fist for a fist, a kick for a kick. That is basic martial basis. Fighting is about dismantling stroke for stroke until you can find a solution to completely overcome your opponent. When an opponent attacks, they will expose themselves to opening. Most pugilists in the martial fraternity are more eager to prove their martial superiority by attacking. Adopting defense is also the best offense to defeat these opponents.”

    She added, “I am going to teach you the intricate formula of the Listening Rhythm. This will allows you to follow the breathing and movements of your opponents much easier.”

    Shui Yixian was delighted that Yi Ping was able to learn the Listening Rhythm without any trouble. Normally, this skill requires years to master and perfect…

    Yi Ping did not know how to overcome Qiao Feng. Instead of utilizing the Listening Rhythm Skill to follow the moves of the opponent and awaited an opportunity to attack, Yi Ping used his natural flair for memorizing to kick back at Qiao Feng.

    If Qiao Feng was not so powerful, Yi Ping would never be forced to the desperate act of pushing his own limitations to keep himself alive

    When Qiao Feng saw him repeating his Shadow Kicks, he changed his kicking stances to breech his kicks. But h was also unwittingly showing Yi Ping how to counter his very own Shadow Kicks with each new move!

    Yi Ping was also unconsciously learning the Shadow Kicks and using his gut feeling to look for an opening. Then when he saw an opening, he kicked Qiao Feng on his face directly with a tremendous impact!

    Both Qiao Feng and Yi Ping fell onto the ground at almost the same time. Qiao Feng was the one being struck? What about Yi Ping? It was because even though he had not taken a direct hit from Qiao Feng, he had taken serious injuries in his non-vital areas. Moreover, the pace of following Qiao Feng drained him both mentally and physically. And he fell onto the ground, drained of all his strength.

    With Qiao Feng martial prowess, if he could stay calm and restraint from anger, it was impossible for Yi Ping to gain an upper hand over him. But when he saw Yi Ping replicating his kicks with familiar moves to his Shadow Kicks, he was indignant. So when he got a hit, his rage emotions attacked his heart and he fainted!

    Even though Shui Yixian was fighting several opponents at the same time, she had kept a watchful eye for Yi Ping. Because of that, her martial movements were restricted and only the weaker pugilists had fallen.

    When Yi Ping won the duel with Qiao Feng, she was relieved and was also glad. It was because with Yi Ping present martial progression, it was not possible to defeat a top martial exponent like Qiao Feng. But he had done the impossible!

    But her distraction had made her opponents bolder!

    The Lightning God said, “We can win her!”

    Even though Shui Yixian was fighting more than ten top exponents from the martial fraternity at the same time, including Tian Kui, her martial movements were still graceful as she met strokes for strokes and moves with moves. No one could imagine she could manage against so many martial moves in so many different directions at the same time!

    But any experienced pugilists could see that she was now on the defensive and in no time, she would be exhausted and beaten! That was why the Lightning God encouraged the others to make more efforts in attacking her!

    Tian Kui just got another blow in his chest. He took a deep breather and raised his martial power again before joining in the battle fray again!

    The pugilists were using a wolf pack tactics to bring her down as they attacked and retreated at the same time.

    Because Shui Yixian was being attacked in all directions, her martial power was not sufficient enough to deal a much more serious impact on stronger exponents. Moreover, she had no chance to take a breather!

    The Lightning God raised his martial power to its zenith and unleashed the Lightning Hand Skill with his palm but he was knocked back when Yixian struck his palm with her finger.

    The Lightning God shouted, “I have finally witnessed the Jade Icy Finger. Excellent! The martial skills of the Eternal Ice Palace are indeed powerful!”

    Long Wudi stepped back from the battle fray and said, “This is not a real duel at all. There so many of us against a lone woman. That is not honorable to me. I bid my farewells! Today, I have witnessed the martial skills of the Eternal Ice Palace and still live. That is something that I shall be proud of!” With that, he left.

    No one could spare any strength to say a formal goodbye to him or to force him to stay. That was because this duel was required all their attention. A moment of distraction would mean instant death!

    The Heartless Scholar displayed his Whirling Sword Techniques while cursing silently. He could not believe that an unarmed person could avoid his whirling sword techniques so easily.

    Shui Yixian was astonished at the sudden speed and intricate strokes of the Whirling Sword Techniques. This forced her to raise the Divine Emerald Skill with her left finger as she deflected the on-slaughter of the attacks of the Heartless Scholar as she evaded at the same time.

    All of a sudden, the Celestial Fairy reached out to the tip of his sword blade with her fingers and broke his sword into halve! The Heartless Scholar hastily took a few steps behind. He could not believe anyone could break his precious sword with their fingers!

    It seemed that the martial power of the Celestial Fairy had suddenly increased!

    Everyone was expecting the Celestial Fairy defense to break down soon as Tian Kui was still attacking her relentlessly.

    But the weird thing had happened. Instead of waning, the Celestial Fairy’s martial strength appeared to have suddenly increased. Why was that?

    It was because Shui Yixian could not focus on the fight while worrying for Yi Ping. So when Yi Ping had defeated his opponent, she was now able to put all her attention on the duel at hand!

    All the pugilists were astonished and another three pugilists fell in the battle. Only seven pugilists were still standing. Among then, only Tian Kui, the Heartless Scholar and the Lightning-God had suffered fewer injuries while the remaining four were seriously injured!

    More than twenty corpses were now lying on the ground!

    Young Master Qiu was watching the fight intently. He saw how a group of thirty pugilists had surrounded and attacked her in all directions. Very slowly, the number of pugilists dwindled down to less than ten. The pugilists in the fight did not take note of their dwindling advantage as their attention was completely in the fight. It was because any small distraction could be fatal!

    No matters how intrigue and powerful her opponents’ attacks were, the Celestial Fairy would patiently dismantle and neutralize it without any expressions.

    So when the Celestial Fairy attacks increased, Young Master Qiu immediately noted the number of dead and feared for the Lightning God and the Heartless Scholar. It was because if the Celestial Fairy were to win, they might not live. If Tian Kui were to win, this merciless villain might not let them live too!

    When he heard of the rumors that the Celestial Fairy had passed away, he had assumed correctly that quite a few pugilists might seize the opportunity to give the Eternal Ice Palace some troubles. At the end of the day, it would be better if the secret martial arts of the Eternal Ice Palace were to fall into his hands than to some villainous hands. Therefore he asked his father to lend him three top martial exponents that were guests at the Qiu Martial Clan.

    The Lightning God, the Shadow Kicker and the Heartless Scholar were considered as the very top fighters of the martial fraternity. Moreover there were three of them. But he had not expected to find Tian Kui here. Nor did he anticipate that that the passing of the Celestial Fairy to be just a rumor; unless of course this maiden had been lying.

    But her martial executions and finesse were all seasoned moves. Only someone who had years of martial practice and progression could do it.

    All of a sudden, Young Master Qiu shouted, “Uncle Lu, Uncle Ye. Let us go now!”

    Why did he order a sudden retreat?

    It was because he had suddenly seen a dozen maidens approaching from afar! Those maidens looked beautiful in the distance but they were like roses with thorns. They could only be from the Eternal Ice Palace. With the number of top pugilists dwindling to just a few, any hope of assaulting the Eternal Ice Palace was no longer possible. Moreover, the Celestial Fairy might not be the only top exponent from the Eternal Ice Palace.

    Young Master Qiu was still young but he was wiser than most. He did not want to die from either the hands of the Eternal Ice Palace or from Tian Kui. So what else could he do?

    He turned to the yellow dressed maiden and said, “Maiden, I suggest that you escape with me too! Things are not looking good and you’ll be safe in our company till we reach somewhere safe.”

    The yellow dressed maiden looked at him with her beautiful eyes and whispered softly, “How do you know that I am not from the Eternal Ice Palace myself and that I will not kill you myself?”

    All of a sudden, Young Master Qiu turned ashen and he immediately fled! However the yellow dressed maiden made no move.

    The Heartless Scholar and the Lightning God heard the commands issued by Young Master Qiu. They were sweating and breathing heavily. This fight had been a tough one for them. So when they heard that Young Master Qiu had ordered them to retreat, they had already made up their minds to seize an opportunity to leave the battle.

    The Lightning God was the first disentangle from the battle and his first thought was his friend, the Shadow Kicker. Had he fallen?

    The Lightning God was dismayed to see the Shadow Kicker onto the ground. He inspected him for signs of vital life and was glad that he was still breathing. He said, “Old friend, you are still alive! Hold on!” He picked the Shadow Kicker and carried him onto his shoulder.

    The Heartless Scholar was next but not after he had taken a crashing blow on his chest! He thrown up blood and barely avoided a second blow. Tian Kui had indirectly saved his life when he attacked the Celestial Fairy with a vicious claw! The Celestial Fairy simply flung him onto the side with the windforce generated by her sleeves!

    With just two opponents left, the Celestial Fairy was able to regain her vital breath now and with that, her martial internal strength! Her strokes became more and more intricate and powerful, growing in complexity and harder to avoid!

    He barely fled from the Celestial Fairy and when he took a second look at the battle scene, only Tian Kui and the Celestial Fairy was still fighting. His body was now trembling with fear. This was the first time he had known fear! Only when he had left the battle, did he realize how frightening the martial levels Celestial Fairy had been!

    At the same time, Yi Ping had barely regained his conscious and was struggling to get on his feet as he was still being gripped with aching pain. His body had taken a lot of punishment from being hit and he had extended over his physical limits.

    Tian Kui laughed and said to Shui Yixian, “Very good. Now there are just two of us left!” All of a sudden, his body seemed to grow even more muscular and bigger as he struck the left and right accupoint channel on his chest.

    Shui Yixian raised her thin eyebrows slightly, “The Unholy Possession Skill?”

    Tian Kui laughed, “That is right! I didn’t think that you can recognize it!”

    The Unholy Possession Skill was used by the heretic sects three hundred years ago. It was an evil skill that could sap away the martial power of the opponents while boasting one’s martial power.

    Tian Kui was reserving the use of this epitome skill to the very last. That was because while this skill could boast his martial power by many folds, it was also a skill that could drain away all his internal power. He had waited until the Celestial Fairy had expended considerable internal strength as she fought the pugilists. Now it was the time to use it.

    Shui Yixian had no choice but to raise her martial power to fight against Tian Kui. She raised the martial power of the Divine Emerald Skill to the ninth level, her highest. Even with the invisible force generated by the Divine Emerald Skill, she could still feel her strength being sapped away as Tian Kui landed blows after blows on her. Each time when she met his palms with her fingers, her fingers would tremble slightly.

    Tian Kui was surrounded by a martial force that rendered normal strikes useless. This battle could not be decided by martial techniques and strokes but by sheer martial power!

    Yi Ping saw that Shui Yixian and Tian Kui were fighting one another so furiously that they were like shadowy images moving all over the place. He wanted to go over to help her but there were constant burning windforce that were generated by their attacks that wept everything onto the ground! There was simply no way to approach the two of them!

    Tian Kui attacked even more furiously than ever before as he gained more and more strength. All of a sudden, he turned his palm strikes into claws as he torn away Shui Yixian’s sleeves. He laughed, “Even though the martial arts of the Eternal Ice Palace are epitome, it is not without their weakness! I will like to see you fighting without clothes!”

    Shui Yixian was indignant but she kept her cool. Instead of trying to land a strike onto her, Tian Kui was aiming at her long dress and sleeves, attempting to outrage her modesty which was a lot easier!

    Soon Tian Kui had ripped her sleeves, revealing her white porcelain skin. Tian Kui could feel her attacks falter as she was concerned about her modesty. He could see that her ears had turned red even though she was still without any expression.

    Tian Kui grabbed her dress and torn part of it away.

    Shui Yixian cried out, “You are a beast! Outrageous!” All of a sudden, Shui Yixian took a few steps back and had coughed out blood. She was really upset and that caused her blood to reverse.

    To the practitioners of the Icy Heavenly Tears, emotions were a taboo. That was why the Eternal Ice Palace had no men and its protégés spend their time refining their mediation.

    Tian Kui knew that he had succeeded and he quickly sprint towards her to disable her. He muttered, “I have finally won…”

    All of a sudden, the yellow dressed maiden who had been watching had appeared from behind him and gave him a fatal blow on his head!

    Tian Kui simply could not believe that anyone could approach him without him knowing! Moreover, the burning inertia windforce generated by the epitome skills of the Divine Emerald Skill and the Unholy Possession Skill were still present and had not died down yet. It was not possible for anyone to interfere in the duel, unless that person possesses uncanny martial power!

    It was precisely that Tian Kui did not believe anyone else could possess their level of martial power and it was precisely why he was not on guard. That was when the yellow dressed maiden had approached him from the back and had succeeded in dealing him a fatal blow!

    Even more astonishing, Tian Kui was protected by a huge amount of tremendous martial force. Even if he was hit by the Celestial Fairy, he could still continue fighting.

    So when he had died, his eyes were still open and staring in disbelief!

    Yi Ping was astonished too even though he had witnessed her martial power before.

    Shui Yixian had seen the yellow dressed maiden approaching Tian Kui and was surprised that she could move though the burning windforce with ease and what was more, she could not believe her eyes too that the yellow dressed maiden had actually killed Tian Kui with just one blow!

    Shui Yixian said gratefully, “Maiden, thank you. If not for you, my modesty will be outrage…” Indeed she was extremely grateful to her. She had almost thought that it was all over. “May I know your name, maiden?”

    The yellow dressed maiden replied coldly, “You don’t have to be grateful to me. This beast fight dirty and I don’t want you to die in such a pathetic manner…”

    All of a sudden, the yellow dressed maiden had dealt Shui Yixian a blow on her heart! That sent her flying backwards!

    Shui Yixian was completed caught off-guard. She had never expected someone who had just assisted her to attack her! When she had raised her fingers to raise the Divine Emerald Skill, it was too late. The force that struck her heart was the same as the one that she had used on Tian Kui!

    Even though the battle between Tian Kui and the Celestial Fairy had stopped some time ago, the burning winds from the battle did not cease yet. Yi Ping had to crawl toward Shui Yixian as he cried out, “Xian’Er! Are you alright?!”

    Yi Ping caught hold of Shui Yixian’s hands as he asked again, “Xian’Er, are you alright?”

    Shui Yixian could not reply but she smiled weakly. She knew that this blow had been fatal and that she could feel her very life seeping away.

    Yi Ping pointed at the yellow dressed maiden, “We are not your enemies. Why did you suddenly attack Xian’Er for?!”

    The yellow dressed maiden said, “You know her well? Do you know that she is the Celestial Fairy?”

    Yi Ping laughed aloud, “How will I not know? She is Xian’Er, my wife!”

    The yellow dressed maiden was startled, “Your wife? Do you know that she is actually a ninety-year woman? That is because she has reached the highest epitome of the internal arts that she cannot age.”

    Yi Ping said hatefully to her, “How would I know? Why should I care? I love her and her alone. I don’t care about any other things! How vicious are you!”

    The yellow dressed maiden was startled as she answered coldly, “I am vicious? Do you know this woman in front of you is capable of killing anyone without batting an eyelid? If I am vicious then she is even more vicious!”

    Yi Ping cried out, “No matter if she is the most vicious woman under the heavens, in my heart she is an angel. She is the kindest hearted maiden that I have never known. She is my dear wife and we swore to go through woes and joy together!”

    Shui Yixian was crying now as she grasped, “Ping’Er…”

    Even the yellow dressed maiden seemed to be moved as her eyes turned watery. But she said coldly, “Before you die, I will tell you the truth so that you will die peacefully. I am the grand-daughter of Shui Yisi!”

    Yixian was startled even though as she had expected her enemy to be Shui Yisi, “Where is Shui Yisi?”

    The yellow dressed maiden replied coldly, “She had died five decades ago. You have no idea when she had died, she was still bitter and filled with hatred towards you. That curse did not end with her. My mother was also afflicted by her bitterness that her whole life was to pursue means to end your life. That bitterness did not end with her death. She had passed on that bitterness to me. All my life, I have only known a purpose. That is to kill you.”

    Shui Yixian could sense her cold bitterness in her tone. Indeed, she could imagine her sufferings. If she had not suffered a great deal of ordeal, she would never have reached her level of martial accomplishments to injure her. She could imagine that her mother went through an even greater ordeal to realize her daughter martial accomplishments.

    Therefore she could only say weakly, “Yi Ping, when I am gone, don’t avenge for me. You are not her match.” She looked at the yellow dressed maiden and said weakly, “I hope that you can spare him…”

    The yellow dressed maiden said coldly, “My target is only you.”

    Shui Yixian said, “Good…may my death bury all these feuds between us.”

    Suddenly, a dozen maidens in light blue dressed descended around them and they were crying, “Protégé Mistress! What exactly has happens?”

    The yellow dressed maiden hummed coldly and began to walk away.

    Shui Yixian said weakly and said to a young maiden who was holding her, “Yu’Er. I am dying now. When I am dead, bury me in the ice casket at the inner sanctuary that I have prepared…”

    Yu’Er, who was also the Jade Sword Fairy Shui Yujian, cried out, “Protégé Mistress, you will never die! Who did that to you? I will slice him into a million pieces!”

    She turned and looked at Yi Ping as she said, “This is the filthy man that did it?” She was about to stab him with her sword when Shui Yixian interrupted panicky, “He is…my husband.”

    Shui Yujian was shocked and so were the others.

    Shui Yixian said, “He is to be the next protégé master of the Eternal Ice Palace, Mei’Er and you, are to serve him faithfully in my stead…”

    She smiled weakly and closed her eyes, “Ping’Er, you have to live on…”

    Yi Ping cried out, “Xian’Er! Xian’Er...Don’t leave me!”

    But Shui Yixian did not and could not reply anymore.

    Yi Ping trembled and fainted; the shock of witnessing his wife died right in front of him was too much to bear for him…

    CH4 End
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    Chapter 5: Jade and Beautiful Sword Fairies

    When Yi Ping regained his consciousness, he found himself in a large feathery bed. The bed was fragrant and comfortable. He could not believe such a comfortable bed could actually exist. He was feeling so relax in the bed that he did not want to wake up.

    “Protégé Master, you have awakened?” A sweet voice was heard.

    Yi Ping had a sudden shock. He had suddenly remembered the events that had taken place at Mt. Heavenly. He called out panicky, “Xian’Er, where are you?”

    He looked around him and saw two young beautiful maidens standing in front of the bed who were smiling at him. He blinked his eyes. He had recognized Shui Yujian voice but there were two ‘Yujian’ now!

    Yi Ping said, “Yujian?”

    The exquisite young beautiful maiden that had just spoken laughed softly, “No, that is my sister. I am Shui Meijan. We are twins! You can also call me the Beautiful Sword Fairy.”

    Shui Meijian was delighted that Yi Ping had awakened. When she looked at him, her heart was fluttering. She was a little disappointed that he had called out her sister first. But soon she had forgotten about her disappointment as she introduced herself.

    Shui Yujian sighed in her heart. She was more reserved than her twin sister. She pursed her lips and wished that she could respond quicker than her sister.

    Yi Ping nodded and asked, “Where is Yixian? Is she…”

    Shui Yujian burst into tears, “Protégé Mistress had passed away. We have laid her body into the inner sanctuary.” This time, she was quicker than her sister.

    Yi Ping was silent for a long time while Shui Meijian and Shui Yujian looked at him quietly; they did not dare to disturb his thoughts.

    Yi Ping was suddenly aware that he was clothed in a new and clean garment. He muttered, “My clothing…?”

    Shui Yujian said, “Protégé Master, Sister Mei and I have showered for you and help you get dressed. As for your old clothing, it is too dirty and too difficult to mend. So we have thrown it away. Protégé Master, don’t be upset with us...”

    Yi Ping turned flustered, “It is not that…I am a man, the two of you are still young maidens…I…”

    Shui Meijian giggled softly, “Protégé Master must be shy! You are our master now and we are all your properties. It is our duty to serve you and to take care of your daily needs.”

    Yi Ping tried to change the topic by asking them, “You are Beautiful Sword Fairy Shui Meijian and Jade Sword Fairy Shui Yujian?”

    Yujian and Meijian said at the same time, “That is right, Protégé Master!”

    Yi Ping said, “Take me to the inner sanctuary. I want to take a look at Yixian.”

    Shui Yujian appeared to be panicky, “Protégé Master, the ice casket has already been sealed! We can only bring you to the inner sanctuary chamber.”

    Yi Ping sighed, “Is that so? It’s alright. Just bring me there.”

    Shui Meijian and Shui Yujian bowed respectfully, “Yes, Protégé Master!”

    Yi Ping said awkwardly, “Disperse with this ‘Protégé Master’ formalities. Err…I don’t feel comfortable with it.”

    Shui Meijian and Shui Yujian took a look at each other before saying, “Yes, Master!”

    Yi Ping sighed and said, “That Master word too.”

    As they walked along the passageways, Yi Ping noticed that it was colder than usual and asked out of curiosity, “The Eternal Ice Palace seems to be a cold place. How can the two of you bear this unbearable cold?”

    Shui Meijian laughed softly, “Mas…We are used to the cold. The Eternal Ice Palace is situated beneath the Heavenly Lake. That is why none of the pugilists can find this place.”

    Yi Ping was astonished, “We are under a lake?” He looked around him and admired the marbles of the passageway. “This must have taken a lot of effort and time to construct…”

    He imagined the hardship of the laborers and wondered if anyone of them would be allowed to leave the Eternal Ice Palace alive. It was because even though the Eternal Ice Palace was not an unorthodox clan, it was a mysterious place which is off-limits to outsiders and shrouded in secrecy.

    Shui Meijian smiled, “I do not know. It has been here when we are here. And the Eternal Ice Palace is centuries old. But we do have sisters that are skilled in masonry here. I will ask them later.”

    Yi Ping replied, “Oh. That won’t be a necessary. I am just being curious...”

    But as they walked along the passage, Yi Ping saw many more maidens that were dressed in refinery, he could not resist commenting. “These maidens are all so young and beautiful; to think that they have to spend all their eternity here. It is really such a pity.”

    Shui Yujian had misunderstood and said shyly, “We are all your women. If Master desires any one of us, please feel free to summon us to your presence…”

    Yi Ping was startled and he quickly said, “This is not what I mean. And can you imagine the boredom of staying here all your life? All of you deserve to find a partner, have a family and knows what is happening to the fraternity at large.”

    All of a sudden, both Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian burst into tears.

    Yi Ping was at a loss as he asked, “I…I am so sorry. What has happened?”

    Shui Meijian sobbed, “Master, you may not know that the Eternal Ice Palace does releases our older protégés when they are twenty-five so that they can get married. But their fates often ended up in misery. The outside fraternity is crude and fraught with dangers. If they were discovered to be from the Eternal Ice Palace, they would be tortured by the pugilists for our clan martial secrets. ”

    Shui Yujian added, “As Sister Mei and I are the direct protégés of our late Protégé Mistress the Celestial Fairy, we the only exceptions and we cannot leave the Eternal Ice Palace. However, the rest of our sisters have to leave the Eternal Ice Palace when they are twenty-five. This is an unbroken rule. Unless Protégé Master is willing to accept them as direct protégés, they are not allowed to stay.”

    Yi Ping asked, “Why not allow those who want to stay to stay and let those who want to leave to leave?”

    Shui Yujian replied, “It had been like this in the distant past. But some protégé sisters either regret their decisions to stay or leave, so it was finally made into a clan golden rule that all non-direct protégé disciples have to leave when they reach twenty-five. Since then, there have been no exceptions.”

    Yi Ping asked, “The clan rule can’t be changed?”

    Shui Yujian said, “It cannot be changed. It is considered a great disrespect and dishonor to past venerable leaders to do so.”

    Yi Ping nodded for he understood that clan honor means everything to the people of the martial fraternity. But he added defiantly, “The Eternal Ice Palace is off-limits to men. I am sure that it is a clan golden rule as well. That I am here, does it mean the clan rule has been broken?”

    Shui Meijian laughed and interrupted cheekily, “That is not entirely true. We do have men guests from time to time. Moreover, the first founder of the Eternal Ice Palace is a man!”

    Yi Ping was taken aback, “The Eternal Ice Palace is founded by a man?!”

    Shui Yujian giggled. “That is right! In fact, several of our past Eternal Ice Palace leaderships were helmed by men. But because our past few protégé mistresses had been women and it not convenient for men to be in the Eternal Ice Palace, so it is generally off-limits to men.”

    Shui Meijian added, “Moreover, the skills of the Eternal Ice Palace are not wholly suitable for men. So generally, the leadership of the Eternal Ice Palace is often passed to a woman.”

    Yi Ping asked, “I don’t understand. Since the founder of the Eternal Ice Palace is a man, how is it possible for him to invent the Icy Heavenly Tears and the Divine Emerald Skill among many which are more suitable for women?”

    Shui Yujian laughed softly, “That is because the martial origins of the Eternal Ice Palace come from his wife! The founder was said to be a scholar who did not know any martial skills.”

    Yi Ping rubbed his nose for warmth and looked at Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian directly for the first time. Only a blind man would fail to see how beautiful and appealing they were.

    Indeed, other than Shui Yixian, he had never seen anyone else as beautiful and captivating as them. To think that just a few days ago, he had been so fearful of the reputation of the Eternal Ice Palace.

    Shui Meijian raised her alluring voice, “Master! Are you alright?”

    Yi Ping woke from his trance and quickly replied, “I am alright. You really shouldn’t keep calling me Master…”

    Shui Meijian giggled, “Master…alas I forget so fast. I’m so sorry!”

    Yi Ping awkwardly replied, “Never mind…”

    Shui Yujian laughed softly, “Master, you are looking at us so intently just now. Is there something wrong?”

    Yi Ping said quickly, “No, nothing is wrong. I am just day-dreaming. You also, alas I am not your Master…”

    Shui Meijian teased, “Master, you been sleeping for two days and you still feel sleepy?”

    Yi Ping had completely given up on correcting them as he sighed in his heart. It seemed that they were too mindful of their manners and found it hard to adjust their etiquettes.

    Shui Yujian gave Shui Meijian a quick tug and she quickly kept quiet. When Shui Yujian had tugged her, she realized that she was acting inappropriately and forgot that Yi Ping was their protégé master.

    Yi Ping soon realized that Shui Yujian was more refined and careful in her speech while Shui Meijian was quick in speech and would say anything she thought of.

    While walking to their destination, Shui Meijian began to hymn softly as she began to sing in a low voice.

    Yi Ping was startled. Her voice and music was very beautiful. Yi Ping asked, “Mei’Er, you know how to sing too?”

    Shui Meijian was startled and asked panicky, “Something wrong, Master?” She hoped that she had not offended him. She was almost in tears as she asked fearfully, “Did I disturb you…”

    Even Shui Yujian was startled.

    Yi Ping quickly said, “Oh no. Your lyrics and the melodies that you have just hymn, is just too beautiful. I enjoy music too.” And he began to whistle beautifully too.

    Shui Meijian was delighted as she happily clapped, “My sister and I love to sing too!”

    Shui Yujian was also absolutely delighted that Yi Ping also appreciated music as she hymned a quick melody.

    Yi Ping praised her, “This tune is so unique. I have never heard of it. It is simply too heavenly. If I can hear this every day, I will be content.”

    Shui Yujian flustered as she lowered her face, “We can play the zither, pipa and the erhu too.”

    Yi Ping gasped, “That is not easy. The two of you must be really talented in your musical accomplishments.”

    Shui Meijian laughed captivating, “Our Protégé Mistress does not really encourage us, and thinks it is a waste of time…”

    Shui Yujian tugged her hard and said, “Let us continue now. We are reaching soon.”

    Yi Ping nodded.

    It was not long before they had reached the inner sanctuary chamber.

    Shui Yujian said, “Master, we have reached.”

    The chamber was large and freezing cold. In the middle of the chamber was a white marble casket.

    Yi Ping immediately ran to the casket and fell onto it. He muttered, “Yixian, Yixian, why have you left me…”

    Yi Ping was clearly inconsolable for a long time. Shui Yujian tried to console him but he had not heard her.

    Yi Ping was too sorrowful. He wailed to heavens for separating Shui Yixian and him as he replayed his memories of her.

    It was not long before tears appeared in the sisters’ eyes as well as they watched him expressed his sorrows for their late protégé mistress.

    Shui Yujian could feel her heart aching. Her impressions of men were generally not impressive until she had met Yi Ping. Even though she had only known him briefly, he already had a place in her heart.

    Shui Meijian was clenching her hands together onto her bosoms as she held back her tears. She had secretly fallen in love with him.

    At first when she was notified by her sister that they got a new protégé master, she was in shock. When she had saw Yi Ping, she was even more startled with his noble air and looks. It was love at first sight for her…

    Yi Ping suddenly stood up and said tearfully, “I got to leave this place now.”

    It was because he had a sudden realization what he was going to do next. If he could not avenge for his wife’s death, then his wife would never be put to rest.

    Shui Meijian hastily asked, “Master, where are you going? You can’t just leave the Eternal Ice Palace.”

    Yi Ping said, “I am going to avenge my wife’s killer and I am going to find her no matter where she is!”

    Shui Yujian asked, “Master, you know the killer?”

    Yi Ping hummed coldly, “Even though I did not see her face but I will never forget her martial display! I will find her and offer her blood to my dear wife!”

    Shui Meijian said, “Master, then let us accompany you!”

    Yi Ping shook his head, “I have no idea how long it is going to take. Moreover, the Eternal Ice Palace needs someone to take care of and to protect it from external threat. As the most senior protégés, that responsibility will be yours.”

    Shui Yujian cried, “Don’t we have the same responsibility to avenge our late protégé mistress too?”

    Yi Ping had already made up his mind. And moreover, Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian had never been to the outside fraternity. They had no idea how dangerous and treacherous the people of the martial fraternity could be. Besides with two beautiful maidens accompanying him, it could be more of a hindrance.

    But he had no idea how much he had hurt them. It was because they had thought that he did not like them and did not want them to be in his company.

    Ch5 End
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    oh this is very good. quite inventive too. please continue with this translation of your work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geraldsaw View Post
    oh this is very good. quite inventive too. please continue with this translation of your work.
    Thanks =) Really glad you like it. Thank you for your encouragement=)

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    I like this story too, please continue telling the exciting adventures of Yi Ping....

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    I finish Chap 1. It's interesting. If it is not too troublesome, before the first chapter, write down
    (a) list of main characters
    (b) summary of the story

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    I like this story too, please continue telling the exciting adventures of Yi Ping....

    The translate style will be close to the Flower Guarding Bells and the Swordsman Journey which I translate years ago.

    As for this mandarin version, it is still under editing, so the story versioning may yet change depending on wishlist =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wkeej View Post
    I finish Chap 1. It's interesting. If it is not too troublesome, before the first chapter, write down
    (a) list of main characters
    (b) summary of the story
    Thanks too! =)

    It like homer classics, and the story is really about Yi Ping.

    As for the summary, i skip for now, not wanting to spoil surprises =) However the summary can also be written as something like the adventurers of Yi Ping as mentioned by Szfong and his interaction with the martial fraternity.

    It is a quasi-fantasy too, that why I am posting it here.

    Thanks again!

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    Chapter 6: Gongsun Jing

    Yi Ping did not know how long he had been wandering since he had left the Eternal Ice Palace. Was it days, weeks or months? He could not really remember.

    That was because all he could remember on the eve of leaving the Eternal Ice Palace, was that he got very drunk; Very dead drunk. When he was awake, he was in bed naked; and so were Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian who were beside him.

    That was why he left the Eternal Ice Palace in haste and he was in a daze for a long time. What did he actually do? He could not believe what he had done and what had happened.

    “Yixian, Yujian, Meijian…forgives me…”

    He cursed himself for hurting Shui Yujian and Shui Meijian and losing their trust in him. He could not imagine that he had actually destroyed the lives of two innocent maidens in his drunken state. After that he was in low spirits for a really long time and was often in a daze as he thought of Yixian, Yujian and Meijian.

    Yixian had entrusted her two protégés to him and yet he did something so unthinkable to them. He could never forgive himself for what he had done.

    He thought of taking his life on numerous occasions but when he remembered that he had not found his wife’s killer yet, he reluctantly pulled himself together again.

    He was Yi Ping of old again. It was as though he was still a wanderer and had never been to the Eternal Ice Palace. Everything was just a beautiful dream. No one would ever believe him even if he tells anyone.

    But he could not forget the fact that Shui Yixian was his wife and that she had died in his embrace. He could not forget the blood feud that he had with the yellow dressed maiden. He had no idea where she was. He did not even know her name! It was as though she had never existed.

    He was confused. Was everything just a dream?

    He was drinking wine as usual in a tavern. He did not have a habit of drinking before he went to the Eternal Ice Palace. But because drinking was the only way for him to forget his unhappiness and the tragic death of his wife, he retorted to it. That was another reason why he could not remember how long he had been wandering or the passage of time as he was drunk most of the time.

    He thought he had a purpose but he had since lost that purpose. Even if he could find his enemy, could he be able to defeat her?

    All of a sudden, someone greeted him, “Young hero, why are you drinking alone? Do you mind if we sit beside you?”

    Yi Ping looked up and saw a handsome young man. He was the one that had greeted him and he looked like a refine scholar. There were two others with him; one was a one-arm old man but he was anything but old for he exudes strength and vitality. The other was a middle age monk with a thick white eyebrow.

    The refine scholar added, “I apologize for not properly introducing myself. I am Gongsun Jing.”

    Those with the clan surname of Gongsun were few and only one martial family carried that clan name. This refine scholar was none other than Gongsun Jing the Benevolent from the Gongsun Aristocracy Clan. He was said to be a highly regarded and won the respect of the pugilistic heroes for his kindness and thoughtfulness.

    Even Yi Ping had heard of his renown and had once wished to be acquainted with him! But that was in the past and all he wanted now was to be left alone.

    Gongsun Jing had seen a handsome young man drinking alone. Judging by the sword that he had besides him, he garnered that this young man must have come from a renowned martial clan. He was eager to recruit the likes of him as his friends and followers. The younger they were, the easier to be acquainted with!

    It was not a one sided friendship. Likewise, the pugilistic heroes from the martial clans would also like to befriend Gongsun Jing for he had the renowned and would be a powerful backer in the future.

    Unfortunately for Gongsun Jing, Yi Ping was not from any martial clan. The sword that he had with him was just a sword that he had grabbed from the Eternal Ice Palace on a whim as he had lost his own sword. And today, he was only interested in drinking and had just started.

    The sword that Yi Ping had randomly grabbed was one of the four most precious swords of the Eternal Ice Palace, christened the White Emerald Phoenix.

    Gongsun Jing was eying Yi Ping’s sword and said, “Do you mind that I take a look at your sword?” He had said so casually as the white emerald sword that Yi Ping had on him caught his attention. He was a swordsman and interested in all kinds of swords.

    To his surprise, Yi Ping simply said. “You can take a look.” He placed the sword onto the table.

    In the martial fraternity, the pugilists regard their weapons dearly and would never allow strangers to inspect their weapons. A weapon weight and its characteristic would often give their opponents’ clues on how best to counter it.

    And moreover, a swordsman would never part with his sword unless he was dead.

    Therefore Gongsun Jing had not really expected this young man to surrender his sword so readily. He had expected the young man to either reject him nicely or rudely and he would have a good idea if he was a friend or foe.

    Gongsun Jing took the White Emerald Sword and inspected it. There was a ‘White Phoenix’ and an ‘Emerald’ inscription on it. The emeralds that adorned the white long were real and the blade of the sword was exceptional sharp!

    Even the one armed old man who did not appeared to be interested in the sword at first, was exclaiming when Gongsun Jing had just unsheathed the sword, “What a good sword! It is surely one of the few top tier swords in the fraternity!”

    When the White Emerald Sword was unsheathed, the brilliant chilling malevolent aura of the sword was brilliant and everyone could feel its chill piercing through their bones!

    Gongsun Jing was bewildered. The owner of this sword had to be from a renowned martial clan in order to protect this sword and would be zealous of it.

    But this young man did not seem to care very much for his sword.

    And he did not seem to be very interested in acquainting with him even after he had reported his name aloud in an attempt to awe him. Yet he was generous enough to show him his sword.

    Even in the Honor Manor, there were no swords of this quality and Gongsun Jing was secretly covetous of the White Emerald Sword.

    He reluctantly returned the White Emerald Sword to Yi Ping, who took back the sword without saying anything.

    Gongsun Jing smiled and said, “I am interested to be acquainted with heroes from all over the martial fraternity. Do you mind telling me your name and your martial clan of origin, young hero?”

    But Yi Ping was too despondent and disheartened to say anything. And moreover he was just a nameless nobody while Gongsun Jing was a renowned figure in the martial fraternity.

    Gongsun Jing was embarrassed by his silence and added, “I can buy you all the drinks that you want, young hero.”

    Pugilists in the fraternity were mostly lovers of wines and would hardly reject such a generous free offer.

    But still, Yi Ping continued to ignore him.

    This enraged the one-arm old man who shouted, “What insolence! You have no idea what is good for you, young man!” He threw a punch at Yi Ping.

    Yi Ping saw the incoming punch and barely blocked the attack. This seeming innocuous move was like an unstoppable force and had actually pushed him backward and he was forced to get off his seat! The one-armed old man was a more powerful opponent than he had looked and his martial level was not beneath Tian Kui!

    Gongsun Jing exclaimed aloud and praised Yi Ping, “Good! To think that he can actually block Uncle Gu attack!”

    This rejuvenated Yi Ping fighting spirit and he began to attack the one-armed old man with his fists and palms.

    The one-armed old man blocked his attacks easily and without any effort. The one-armed old man laughed and shouted, “Do you know who I am? You dare to raise your fist against me? Let me tell you. I am Gu Tianle the Warrior-God!”

    Yi Ping was startled. Who had never heard of Gu Tianle before? He was the only one that deserved the title of Warrior-God. His martial abilities were renowned throughout the martial fraternity for the past twenty-years! Twenty-years, he had single-handedly stormed into the most powerful heretic sect in the martial fraternity, the Holy Hex Sect and defeated the most powerful heretic martial exponent leader Ji Yunzhong. That earned him the title of Warrior-God!

    From then on, the various heretic sects and unorthodox clans began to lie low. This was the result of his resounding act!

    Gu Tianle shouted, “If you still do not display your true martial origin, don’t blame me for not warning you!”

    Yi Ping knew that Gu Tianle was only playing with him and he could sense that his incoming blows were getting more and more furious and more intricate.

    He decided to display the Shadow Kick Skill that he had picked up from Qiao Feng the Shadow Kicker. But to his surprise, Gu Tianle simply blocked his shadow kicks with his forearm and all of a sudden, he became enraged, “Who is Qiao Feng to you?”

    This time, he was no longer teasing with Yi Ping and struck him on his chest. This sent Yi Ping violently backward with a crushing sound. Yi Ping was stunned that despite the Shadow Kicks and the frontal defense that he had positioned, Gu Tianle could punch through him so easily!

    Yi Ping rubbed away the blood off his mouth and spat, “I have nothing to do with Qiao Feng!”

    Gu Tianle hummed coldly, “If you are not related to Qiao Feng, where did you learn the Shadow Kick Skill from?”

    Yi Ping said coldly, “I do not need to explain to you!”

    The reason why Gu Tianle had been so upset with Qiao Feng was because he had lost his arm in an ambush by Qiao Feng the Shadow Kicker and his sworn brother, Ye Lu the Lightning God.

    Gu Tianle raised the martial power in his palm and shouted, “Let see if you can withstand this!”

    Yi Ping stood up defiantly and raised all his martial power in both his palms to accept the incoming attack.

    Gongsun Jing shouted, “Young hero, it is dangerous for you. You risk death by…”

    But Yi Ping paid him no heed. There was a crashing force and a thunderous clapping sound as Yi Ping was flung all the way till he crashed onto the wall!

    Gu Tianle had only use miniscule strength but he was surprised that Yi Ping had so much martial power for a young man like him. He thought, “Isn’t he the old freak’s disciple?” It was because at the moment of impact, he had felt the cold negative radiance force of his internal strength.

    Gu Tianle did not know that Yi Ping internal strength was the Icy Heavenly Tears or else he would surely be in a greater surprise.

    Most internal strength forces displayed by the martial fraternity were positive types. Only a few such as the Eternal Ice Palace, the Holylight Sect and the Southern Sword Sect used the negative types. It was because negative type progressions were generally slower and dangerous to practice alone. That was why these sects were usually seclusion sects and rarely interfere in the affairs of the martial fraternity.

    But before Gu Tianle could ask him further, Yi Ping had jumped off from the second floor of the tavern!

    They were astonished that Yi Ping still had the strength to escape.

    Gongsun Jing sighed, “We have injured him and if he dies, I will not feel good. All I want is just to befriend him…”

    The Monk who real name was Jue Yuan said, “He is severely injured and cannot go too far away. Let me get him to the residence to recuperate so that we can show him we do not meant him any harm.”

    With that, Jue Yuan jumped down from the second storey of the tavern as well!

    A crowd had already gathered when the commotion started. They began to praise Gongsun Jing, “Young Master Gongsun is a compassionate hero that is kind even to his enemies!”

    Someone cursed Yi Ping, “It isn’t Young Master Gongsun fault. I witness the act. That young man was just an insolence and arrogant thing. He is probably an enemy of the Gongsun Residence in the first place!”

    CH6 End
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    Chapter 7: The Divine Horizon Hands

    Yi Ping had run outside the town. He struggled with his injuries till he got out of town. He knew that he was being pursued but his pursuer did not seem to be in a hurry.

    He sat down to recuperate and waited for his pursuer to appear.

    Sure enough, a monk appeared in the horizon.

    Yi Ping hummed coldly, “You have come.”

    Jue Yuan laughed, “Yes, I have come. It seems that you been expecting me.”

    Yi Ping said, “We are now in an isolated place. This place is the perfect place for you to kill me.”

    Jue Yuan laughed, “Indeed! I, Jue Yuan the merciless, will send you to the heavens today!”

    Yi Ping said coldly, “What a name! And I thought that a monk is someone merciful!”

    Jue Yuan said proudly, “Not me. To be merciful to the enemy is to be merciless to ourselves, am I right to say so?”

    Yi Ping replied, “Indeed.”

    He added, “I will never think that the Gongsun Jing the Benevolent will be someone who is malicious to a stranger.”

    Jue Yuan said, “You have made two mistakes. Firstly, you have rejected the friendship of our Young Master Gongsun and secondly you are the protégé of Qiao Feng the Shadow Kicker. Any of these deserves the death penalty, don’t you think so?”

    Yi Ping got up and drawn his long sword, “So this is martial fraternity justice! Those who are not on your side are your enemy! What a joke! Even a nameless nobody like me deserve to have the great monk Jue Yuan to dirty his hands!”

    Jue Yuan laughed as he rubbed his prayer beads that were in his hands, “You are not a nameless fellow. The fact that you can withstand a blow from Gu Tianle and still survives proves that. Even if you are not a threat now, you will be one in the future when my Young Master Gongsun wants to unite the martial fraternity.”

    All of a sudden, Jue Yuan broke his prayer beads and each of the beads sped towards Yi Ping with tremendous speed and force!

    Yi Ping was surprised and he quickly raised his sword in defense.

    But the weirdest thing happened. All twenty of the prayer beads fell onto the ground right in front of Yi Ping as though it had all struck an invisible barrier!

    Both Yi Ping and Jue Yuan were surprised!

    Jue Yuan was dumbfounded. He was famous for his killing prayer bead projectiles. At this distance, no one could ever dodge all twenty of his prayer bead projectiles.

    To suppose that this injured young man with his current martial level could do so was highly improbable. Moreover, this young man had not even begun attempting. His prayer beads seemed to strike an invisible wall!

    “A monk bullying a wounded man and attempting to kill him, this is humph interesting…”

    Yi Ping and Jue Yuan looked up and saw a young maiden with black flowing hair sitting on top of a tree branch. It was not her exquisite beauty that caused them to hold their breath even though her beauty was impossible to describe and her looks was peerless! The fact that someone could move within their sight and yet they were not aware was simply too extraordinary!

    Yi Ping heart was pounding fast. At first he had thought she was Shui Yixian but when he looked carefully, he realized his mistake. Both of them shared the same unparalleled beauty and were extremely beholden to gaze upon!

    Yi Ping heart sunk immediately in disappointment.

    The extraordinary beautiful maiden jumped onto the ground. Her descend was unhurried and she landed on the tips of the grass gently.

    She said, “I didn't want to interfere in your affairs but the conversation is too much for me to bear.”

    Jue Yuan could not believe his eyes. This ‘Tipping on Grass’ like the ‘Walking on Grass’ was the highest epitome of any levitation skills. That she was just hovering on the tip of the grass spoke volumes of her breathing technique and martial progression. He simply could not believe that this young maiden would be capable of such a feat!

    Jue Yuan asked, “Who are you?”

    The extraordinary beautiful maiden said coldly, “It seems that you are not only a merciless monk but also a lecherous monk. Not only a lecherous monk but a shameless monk to ask a maiden her name in broad daylight!”

    She did not mince her words at all. This instantly angered Jue Yuan.

    Jue Yuan angrily said, “No matter. I know who you are soon!” He unleashed his Triple Merciless Palms at the young maiden!

    Jue Yuan was famed for his deadly Triple Merciless Palms and had killed countless number of pugilists.

    Yi Ping warned the maiden, “Be careful, maiden…”

    She had interfered because of him and he did not want anything to happen to her.

    The Triple Merciless Palms were indeed extraordinary and deadly. No wonder it was ranked so highly in the martial fraternity! The extraordinary beautiful maiden was taken by surprise as she barely avoided the first three strokes of the Triple Merciless Palms.

    Jue Yuan was surprised as well. He had never seen anyone evading the likes of her before. When he attacked with the Forceful Bale Stroke from the Triple Merciless Skill as he charged, it could be followed by any strokes. This forces his opponent with no other choices but to fight him in close quarter.

    This caused him to waste his ingenious stroke and to end the combat quickly.

    Jue Yuan however, did not hesitate at all and rained down blows after blows on her.

    The extraordinary beautiful maiden displayed a variety of martial strokes to counter his blows. Therefore, Jue Yuan was not able to guess her martial origins. It seemed that she was intentionally hiding it.

    He wryly mocked, “It seems that you are intentionally hiding your martial origin. Even if you are a charming lady, you will soon learn that I, Jue Yuan am like no others before you. That is why I am known as the merciless monk!”

    And he increased his strength and the martial power of his palms. “I will take you down in under thirty moves! I like to see if you are still able to hide your martial origin!”

    The extraordinary beautiful maiden was aware that Jue Yuan meant what he had said. All of a sudden, there was a sudden shriek and her smooth silken right hand was imbued with an extraordinary force that projected a mighty tremendous force onto Jue Yuan!

    Jue Yuan was struck by that mighty projected force and was flung backward!

    Even Yi Ping was exclaiming aloud, “What an extraordinary martial skill!”

    It was because projected force would get weaker away as the distance increases. But this extraordinary palm technique extended the projected force of the palm by a short distance. Even though the projected distance of this palm technique was extremely short, it was this aspect that was truthfully frightening! Normal pugilists could not block against it and this palm technique could also weaken the strength of the opponent before a clash.

    As Yi Ping was standing behind the extraordinary beautiful maiden, he could see that she had withdrawn her right hand to her back and her fingers were trembling!

    Jue Yuan could not believe what he had just seen. He shouted madly as he escaped, “The Divine Horizon Hands, the Divine Horizon Hands! That is impossible!”

    It seemed that Jue Yuan was not seriously injured by the projected force. Rather, he was more afraid of this palm skill.

    The extraordinary beauty did not give chase as she heaved a sigh of relief, “Whew. Lucky! I don’t know how to handle him if he is to persist further.”

    Yi Ping was looking intently at her.

    The extraordinary beautiful maiden said, “Hmph! Instead of thanking me, you stared at me. You should at least tell me your name, yes no?”

    Yi Ping shook his head and muttered, “You are not her…”

    This puzzled the extraordinary beautiful maiden, “I am not her?”

    The extraordinary beautiful maiden was none the pleased and it was all written in her expressions and Yi Ping could keenly feel it. She looked intently at Yi Ping. Wordlessly, it seemed that she was warning him not to compare her with other maidens.

    Yi Ping said, “I am looking for someone. Sorry I am just muttering. I am Yi Ping. I am grateful to you, maiden. How do I address you maiden?”

    The extraordinary beautiful maiden smiled, “You are in luck today. It is because I have decided to tell you my name. My name is Ji Lingfeng.”

    Yi Ping said, “Maiden Ji, I will repay you in the future.”

    Ji Lingfeng asked, “It seems that you have some issues with that monk. Why is he after you?”

    Yi Ping shook his head, “I am not really sure. I was drinking in town when Gongsun Jing, Gu Tianle and Jue Yuan approach me suddenly…”

    He began to relate the day happenings to her.

    Ji Lingfeng smiled, “It is well known that Gu Tianle had a blood feud with the Shadow Kicker and the Lightning God for the loss of his left arm. Why did they accuse you? Is there really no relationship between Qiao Feng and you?”

    Yi Ping said, “We duel at the peak of the Heavenly Mountains some time ago. I just unconsciously pick up his kicking style. I really do not know any Shadow Kick Skill…”

    Maiden Ji said doubtfully, “That is amazing, isn’t it?”

    All of a sudden, Yi Ping stepped forward and displayed the strokes that she had displayed in the duel with Jue Yuan and even the Triple Merciless Palms!

    Ji Lingfeng gasped and was amazed, “You can really remember every detail of the fight vividly! I thought that only happens when top exponents reached the level of ‘Martial Unifying’. At that level, they would be able to display any martial strokes that they had seen or observed with the martial unifying principle. But that won’t happen to someone as young as you. Mere copying is useless I must warn you first and there will be too many openings for your opponent to exploit.”

    Ji Lingfeng did not know that Yi Ping had indeed reached the ‘Martial Unifying Level’. Any martial skills that he had picked up after he had observed for a time were not mere copying and in actual combat, he was also able to improvise and grasp the martial principles fairly quickly as though he had actually practiced the martial art for years.

    But for now, Yi Ping was really merely replicating what he saw without polishing it as he had no flexible opponents to practice upon. He did not know that the Triple Merciless Palms that he had observed would be able to aid him tremendous in the future as he had observed sufficient strokes from it to grasp some of its principles.

    However, he could not grasp Ji Lingfeng martial skills as she was using a mixture of strokes from different clans and sects.

    She laughed, “I better remember to get away from you when I am using my secret techniques. You must know that pugilists in the martial fraternity are hostile to people that steals their martial skills. Therefore even if you can remember all their strokes and moves, you must not display it. This is for your own good! That is why top exponents always duel in a secret place, away from prying eyes. Those who are extremely proficiency in martial arts are able to remember their secret skills or use it to their own advantage. “

    She added, “The advantage lies in seeing and learning; not recklessly displaying any half-pick skills. You got to have your own set of martial skills so that you will appear to be unfathomable and able to continuously improve your own skills. Only then can you be a true master.”

    She said, “That is why the seven major orthodox clans have existed for hundreds of years. They are not afraid of the pugilists attempting to steal their skills. But rather, their martial skills lie in continuous refining and improving to reach the epitome. The changes, the flexibility and the complexity of their martial skills caused their clan skills to withstand the test of time. ”

    “Even though their skills can be identified quickly and their strokes may be a common knowledge, countering it is a totally different matter. Because they know others know their strokes’ weakness, they are able to react with even more unfathomable changes to your counter.”

    When Ji Lingfeng saw his despondent look, she changed her tune and encouraged him, “Martial foundation can be built. One day, you may be able to defeat Jue Yuan. Even I am not his match. Sometimes we got to use our wits.”

    Yi Ping was astonished that a young maiden that was younger than him would know so much. He was suddenly enlightened and bowed respectfully to her, “Maiden, your advice is golden and I am forever grateful!”

    When Ji Lingfeng saw his grateful eyes, she was delighted.

    Ji Lingfeng smiled, “You…you did not bow to me when I save your life. When I am merely imparting to you about the common taboo of the martial fraternity, you give me a bow. You are indeed strange!”

    Yi Ping said, “I have longed to look for a good martial master but I am unfortunately not to find any. Just now, when I see the palm technique that Maiden had displayed, I am truly impressed. May I know the name of that palm technique?”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “Oh that. I believe it is called the Asper Horizon Hand. That what the old man said. I learnt it a few days ago when I am passing through a valley. He took the wine that I have on me and insist on repaying me by teaching me a technique from the Divine Horizon Hands. As the old man had meant me no harm and I got nothing to do anyway, I learnt just one technique from him.”

    She added, “This skill is hard to master. It requires a good foundation in internal strength. Just now after I have used it, my blood almost reverse its flow. If Jue Yuan persists in fighting with me, I do not know what will happen next.”

    She smiled and blinked her eyes at Yi Ping, “It seems that you are interested to learn the Horizon Hands?”

    Yi Ping said earnestly, “Maiden, it is actually as you said. Can you tell me where this Old Senior is? I will like to pay him a visit.”

    Ji Lingfeng sighed, “My brother warns me not to meddle in the affairs of the martial fraternity or I get myself into endless trouble. I should really have listened to him…”

    Yi Ping asked, “Maiden, will you help me?”

    Ji Lingfeng sighed again, “Since I have nothing to do for the next few days, I will help you. But first you have to go town first!”

    Yi Ping was startled, “Go to the town? What for? Aren't we going to the valley?”

    Ji Lingfeng smiled, “That old man is a weirdo but he likes to drink. If you can go to the town and get some jars of good wine, he may consider you accepting you as his disciple!”

    Yi Ping said excitedly, “Why didn’t I think of that? Maiden, you are most helpful. Let us go now!”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “I will wait for you here.”

    Yi Ping was startled, “You are not coming with me?”

    Ji Lingfeng smiled, “If I go into that town, very soon, everyone will be after you and me. Therefore it is better for me to be staying put.”

    Yi Ping asked, “You have enemies in the town?”

    Ji Lingfeng sighed, “Do you think that a beautiful lady like me will go unnoticed in the town? Very soon, Gongsun Jing’s men will know our every single movement. You have better leave your sword with me too. Their eyes and ears will be after someone with a white precious sword.”

    Yi Ping was startled.

    What she had said made sense. What astonished Yi Ping was that she was able to calmly analyze the situation and advise him.

    He handed his sword to her, “Maiden, wait for me. I will be back in a short while!”

    Ji Lingfeng asked, “This sword has an inscription onto it, the ‘White Phoenix’ and an ‘Emerald’ inscription. Is this long sword from the Eternal Ice Palace?”

    Yi Ping said, “That is right. I have picked this sword from the Eternal Ice Palace.”

    Ji Lingfeng laughed softly, “This is a precious sword that is only used by the leadership of the Eternal Ice Palace. It is amazing how you can obtain this sword unscathed. Does it mean that it is unsafe to travel with you? I don’t want to antagonize those *****es from the Eternal Ice Palace. “

    Yi Ping said, “Maiden, don’t you worry. I am assured you that no one will be after this sword for a long time!”

    Ji Lingfeng asked, “Hmph, you can assure of it?”

    Yi Ping had already started running as he shouted in the distance, “I will explain to you when I am back!”

    Ji Lingfeng laughed captivating, “Hey! Don’t exert yourself and run so fast. You…have not recovered from your injuries yet!”

    CH7 End
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    Chapter 8: The Treachery of the Martial Fraternity

    When Yi Ping got back with two jars of the best wine that he could purchase, tossed around his shoulder, it was nearly nightfall.

    Yi Ping could not find Maiden Ji anywhere in the vicinity. His heart sunk. Had she lied to him? Not only was she not here, he had also lost his precious sword to her.

    It was said that the pugilists of the martial fraternity were full of wiles and trickery. The first rule was always, never to trust anyone. Some pugilists meant no malice but would not hesitate to make a mockery out of others. And it seemed that Maiden Ji had helped him in order to trick him into giving her his precious sword on his own free will.

    After shouting for some time for her, his heart sunk. He was crestfallen and cursed, “Her name….her name is probably not her real name! How foolish I am. This is an important lesson!”

    He composed himself and after a while, he said to himself, “I have only lost a sword but has acquainted with an extraordinary lady. She has saved my life and I have yet to repay her. If she likes that sword, I would have given it to her even if she has not asked for it. She has asked me to go to the town to buy some wines. Isn’t that a good idea too? I can’t drink in peace in the town but now I can drink peacefully in this serene place!”

    He started to uncork a jar of wine and began to appreciate the wine. The feeling was soothing and he was comforted.

    But once again, he was interrupted.

    “I have asked you to buy some wines for the old freak yet you have taken to drinking all by yourself? I have thought that you have the sincerity to find that old freak to be your martial master? Hmph, you are really…” A familiar voice could be heard scolding him gently.

    Yi Ping had a skip in his heart. He looked up and saw Maiden Ji walking towards him. He rubbed his nose and was secretly overjoyed to see her again. He said, “I thought that you are gone and so I decide to drink alone.”

    Ji Lingfeng smiled, “You thought that I am gone? Do you not miss me? If I am gone, why didn’t you search for me then?”

    Yi Ping was speechless and said, “I didn’t think so far. If you want to leave, who am I to stop you?”

    Ji Lingfeng smiled, “It seems that you are really a heartless fellow. Here, take this back!” She threw the White Emerald Phoenix precious sword at him.

    Yi Ping caught the sword in mid-air and placed it on his side. He said, “I really thought that you are gone...”

    Ji Lingfeng sighed, “It is your entire fault!”

    Yi Ping asked, “My fault?”

    Ji Lingfeng unhappily said, “I am waiting for you and playing by the waters. All of a sudden, two identical young beauties attacked me just because I had that sword of yours. They kept accusing me of stealing their sword. From their martial origins, it is obvious that they are from the Eternal Ice Palace.”

    She added sarcastically, “So that is your assurances earlier that no one would be after this sword?”

    Yi Ping was startled and he asked hurriedly, “They are twins? Are they alright? What did you do with them?”

    Ji Lingfeng was clearly displeased and she replied coldly, “Shouldn’t you have asked if I am alright first before you ask of them? Or are you acquainted with them?”

    Yi Ping said, “You are standing right in front of me now. It is obvious that you are unharmed. Hurry and tell me what happens to them?”

    Ji Lingfeng hummed coldly, “I didn’t do anything to them. We duel for a while but their Divine Emerald Skill and swordplay are too unfathomable. They are even harder to deal with than that Jue Yuan. I didn’t want to waste my time fighting and messing with the protégés of the Eternal Ice Palace so I fled from them. I took a detour back here again and yet you are not worried about my safety?”

    Yi Ping sighed solemnly, “They are my friends. You are my friend too. I don’t wish for anyone of you to be harmed.”

    Ji Lingfeng said coldly, “The Eternal Ice Palace is a forbidden ground for men and they had strict rules on that. It is unlikely that they are your friends. It must be your wistful thoughts. They seem to care more about this sword. Did you steal it from them? Like all men, you are dishonest! I have thought that you are different but now, I know otherwise!”

    Yi Ping panicked and said, “Maiden, I don’t want to lie to you. I am the new Master of the Eternal Ice Palace. As for the twin sisters, they are Yujian and Meijian.”

    Ji Lingfeng was equally startled and she asked, “How can it be? Isn’t the Eternal Ice Palace a forbidden ground for men? With your mediocre skills, you aren’t even fit to be their opponent!”

    Yi Ping sighed and said, “It is a long story…”

    Ji Lingfeng was saddened in her heart. It was because she did not want to be associated with a liar and the young man that she had saved was just a common thief. If Yi Ping had said that he had stolen the sword, she would not mind. But a liar was a person that could not be trusted.

    Ji Lingfeng said coolly and there was mocking in her eyes, “I have the time. Go on, convince me.”

    Even though she was beginning to distrust him but she had decided to give him a final chance to explain.

    He began to relate to her what had happened to him during his sojourn to the Heavenly Mountains. How he had met Shui Yixian and how he had accidentally become the new leader of the Eternal Ice Palace.

    After Ji Lingfeng had heard his accounts, her expression of disbelief did not go away.

    Even though she had prided herself on her superb intellect, yet she could not tell if Yi Ping was telling the truth. When he was talking about Shui Yixian, his eyes were emotional and he seemed to be in a place far away. A liar would not possible display such sentiments unless he was really an experienced actor. She was deeply moved.

    She sighed in her heart, “He must have taken a great deal of beating. That is why he is now delusional. What a pity…”

    His accounts had too much inconsistency in it for her to believe. It was because his martial level was too weak to inherit the helm of the Eternal Ice Palace. That was as good as destroying the repute of the Eternal Ice Palace, something that a rational leader of the Eternal Ice Palace would never do.

    Moreover, even though she knew nothing much about the Eternal Ice Palace, it was well known in the martial fraternity that there was currently no men in there and the Emerald Mistress Celestial Fairy sworn herself to celibacy a long time ago! And she was said to be a ninety year woman now if she was still alive.

    Yi Ping virtually told her everything except the part where he had to leave the Eternal Ice Palace in a hurry.

    Ji Lingfeng looked away and said, “No matter if you are telling the truth or not. Let’s us pay that old freak a visit. He is an erratic fellow. I dread to visit him so soon but because you are asking for it and I have no heart to say no to you, consider it my bad luck.”

    She had never expected that the first man that she took a liking to was a broken down wanderer and was a delusion fellow that had lost his mind. She had not really expected her first possible romance to be so screwed up.

    Yi Ping was overjoyed and he said, “Good, let us hurry now!” He immediately started to walk rapidly.

    Ji Lingfeng looked at his back view and sighed in her heart.

    She immediately said, “Hmph. That is the wrong way, you know…”

    Yi Ping immediately froze in his tracks and he looked awkwardly, “If that is the case, may maiden lead the way.”

    Ji Lingfeng said, “So I am your tour guide now?”

    Yi Ping was stunned by her question. He fumbled and said, “I don’t know the way…”

    Ji Lingfeng sighed, “Actually I don’t really remember the way very well too.”

    Yi Ping was startled, “You don’t remember?”

    Ji Lingfeng averted her eyes and said, “It somewhere in that direction. I don’t have a map and I was eager to travel to the main road. I didn’t really pause to observe my surroundings for any landmarks as I was traveling too rapidly.”

    Yi Ping asked, “You really don’t remember? Surely you can’t have forgotten the paths that you have taken. We can just back track. It is really a simple matter. We can look for your old tracks once we are there.”

    Yi Ping had been a wanderer for a long time. He was a superb pathfinder and had rarely lost his way even when he had no maps.

    Ji Lingfeng pondered for a while, “I don’t think we can find an easy path.”

    Yi Ping asked, “Explain?”

    Ji Lingfeng sighed as she pointed to the stretches of mountainous hills in front of them, “I…crossed at least seven hills and had jumped down at least twenty times on those steep cliffs. Jumping down is easy but can we fly up? Can you fly up?”

    Yi Ping blinked his eyes in astonishment. He finally said, “What can we do then?”

    Ji Lingfeng asked him, “You asking me what to do? It is you that want to go to that accursed place. I don’t even want to go there.”

    Ch8 End
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    Quote Originally Posted by Avidfan View Post
    Thanks too! =)

    It like homer classics, and the story is really about Yi Ping.

    As for the summary, i skip for now, not wanting to spoil surprises =) However the summary can also be written as something like the adventurers of Yi Ping as mentioned by Szfong and his interaction with the martial fraternity.

    It is a quasi-fantasy too, that why I am posting it here.

    Thanks again!
    Very happy you did not give a summary as that will destroy the whole tale, leaving nothing to enthrall and surprise the reader. keep it up.

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    Thanx for the update, enjoy reading it immensely. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Did Shui Yixian really died? She's a very interesting character. I hope she's just "pretending" to be dead, hibernating perhaps? She is supposedly all powerful, so she can't die this easily... Perhaps Yi Ping's 90 yr. old wife is just "testing" his fidelity... To be sure he is worthy of becoming her husband..... They became husband/wife after just meeting for less than a day... after all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by szfong View Post
    Thanx for the update, enjoy reading it immensely. Can't wait to read the next chapter. Did Shui Yixian really died? She's a very interesting character. I hope she's just "pretending" to be dead, hibernating perhaps? She is supposedly all powerful, so she can't die this easily... Perhaps Yi Ping's 90 yr. old wife is just "testing" his fidelity... To be sure he is worthy of becoming her husband..... They became husband/wife after just meeting for less than a day... after all...
    Grateful thanks!

    I post in a few days time. Hopefully, there would be more request for the translation to keep this going =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avidfan View Post
    Grateful thanks!

    I post in a few days time. Hopefully, there would be more request for the translation to keep this going =)
    When i saw your post i thought my cup runneth over - another chapter to read and enjoy. patience is very bad for the heart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avidfan View Post
    Grateful thanks!

    I post in a few days time. Hopefully, there would be more request for the translation to keep this going =)
    You've got over 338 unique views... That's surely means alot of people are reading it already, but just not commenting... like what I use to do on many forums...

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