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Always and Ever (情逆三世缘)
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Thread: Always and Ever (情逆三世缘)

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    Default Always and Ever (情逆三世缘)

    Always and Ever

    Bobby Au Yeung
    Esther Kwan
    Pierre Ngo
    Benjamin Yuen
    Ben Wong
    Mandy Wong
    Rebecca Zhu
    Derek Kwok
    Hello,have anyone watch this drama already?

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    Honestly I didn't expect too much out of this drama but after watching the first few episodes it was pretty good. Bobby always makes a good crime scene investigator, solving mysteries and such like his role in Pillow Case Mystery and Forensic Heroes. I don't find Esther memorable in any old TVB dramas, but this is apparently her come back. As to her character, I preferred her as Phoenix as to the current Han Xiong Xiong. The drama is definitely one of the better dramas TVB has been airing recently. Keeps me entertained mostly because of Bobby

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