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Thread: ATV to shoot Reincarnated soon!

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    Default ATV to shoot Reincarnated soon!

    I just read from newspapers that ATV is going to have a joint production with a mainland company to shoot Reincarnated. The actor as Wan Fei Yong will be Tsui Siu Keung's 26 year old son. Dunno how it will turn out to be. Can't wait for it to be out.

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    This is cool. I thought ATV wasn't producing any more tv series. Any word on who the other casts are? So this is another remake like the one with Jacky Wu not a sequel?

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    Not sure how Norman Tsui's son's acting is but wish ATV chose the main lead according to acting abilities instead of familial links to another actor. I am all in for ATV producing a series so those poor actors/actresses still stuck in ATV will have something to do other than dance in the streets. However, I think a modern series might be an easier attempt for ATV rather than an ancient wuxia, which is more expensive (costumes, sets) and needs more planning (dialogue, choreography).

    Whilst "The Reincarnated" is a great series, it has been adapted to death. ATV alone has three. Wish ATV redid a period one like "The Silver Tycoon" instead.
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    Quote Originally Posted by charbydis View Post
    Whilst "The Reincarnated" is a great series, it has been adapted to death. ATV alone has three.
    I agree. I am sick and tired of remake after remake.
    It's sad that pretty much all the adaptions are limited to Jin Yong's and few other popular novels from other authors that have been adapted many many times. To make things worse off, wuxia heroes and fighters are no longer martial artists. They have becomes either superman and/or magicians. I don't bother to watch wuxia serials no more because I already watched the earlier adaptions. I hope TVB and new company like HKTV will make serials based on wuxia novels that haven't adapted yet. There are hundred, if not thousand, of wuxia novels from other authors that haven't adapted into tv serials. And since they are not as popular, it should be a lot cheaper to adapt those novels into tv serials. I bet they charge way less than Jin Yong's. And please make wuxia heroes/fighters as martial artists, not superman/magicians.
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