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Thread: Four Constables - Return to the Capital City by Wen Rui'an

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    to continue....


    Gui Jingyuan suddenly leapt up and exclaimed, “Come if they want to, even that old devil Ba died in our hands. If his sons of turtles have the guts they can come out and see if I don’t kill them myself!”

    Everyone in the hall was quiet, no one dared to answer. Only his own booming voice resounded in the hall.

    Ling Yuxiang clutched the letter in his hand and added with a dry laugh, “Fine, descendants of Bashu, us ‘Five Dragons of the Martial Arts Realm’ are not so old yet that we cannot take out our swords. We can still have a duel to the death!”

    Liu Yiyan contemplated, “With the martial arts of the four of you, you’re already considered legendary so of course there’s no need to fear. But the problem is, the enemy is in hiding while we are in the open. We don’t even know who the descendants of Bashu are so I’m afraid we’ll be at a slight disadvantage.”

    Leng Xue said solemnly, “The most important thing is, once Ba Shuren’s ‘Flying Blood Sword’ is executed, the murderer may not be the match for four of you in terms of martial arts but if you are constantly not on the alert, even if your skills are the best in the world, you won’t be able to avoid the attack.”

    Liu Jiyan added, “So the most important thing right now for us is to find out who is the descendent of Ba Shuren. I feel that you should let those in the hall leave first to avoid alerting the enemy and make them hide themselves.”

    Ling Yuxiang nodded his head and turned to Murong Shuiyun, “Second Brother, please go and tell Fourth Brother Shen about this matter and ask him to come back here. At the same time, you can settle the matters in the hall as well.”

    Murong Shuiyun replied, “Sure.”, and flitted out of the room.

    Liu Jiyan heaved a long sigh and thought for a while before saying, “The attacker is very fast. Third Hero Jin only screamed once and all of you rushed here, yet he managed to escape.”

    Gui Jingyuan stared and curled his hands into a fist, roaring, “Damn, if I see him, I’ll…”

    The servant who delivered the letter suddenly spoke up fearfully, “Report… reporting to Master Ling…”

    Ling Yuxiang answered irritably, “What is it, speak quickly.”

    The servant replied fearfully, “Before I went to the hall, I seem, seem to see Ah Fu walking past with a pale look on his face. I was being a busybody so I asked… asked him what happened. He, he said, he saw who killed Master, but, but he dared not say it out…”

    Ling Yuxiang jumped up, “Did he say who it was?”

    The servant was even more panicky, “No… no… no. Later while passing by the garden on the way to the hall, I was…”

    Ling Yuxiang murmured, “No wonder when I dashed here, Ah Fu looks as if he wanted to tell me something… but I was in a hurry then and did not stop…”

    Liu Jiyan’s expression changed totally, “Great, this is a clue. Where is Ah Fu now?”

    The servant said, “He, he seems very afraid and went… went to the woodshed.”

    Liu Jiyan replied, “Good. Brother Ling, I’ll go with Fifth Hero Gui first to question Ah Fu who he had seen. Fifth Hero Gui is more familiar with the Jin residence and with him around, he’ll know who Ah Fu saw. Also, Brother Leng Xue, you’re good at pursuing and have never missed. Can I trouble you to follow that Liu Jiuru after the guests have dispersed, because he was once arrested in Liuzhou on suspicion of murder. He was later released due to lack of evidence so amongst all those people, he is the most suspicious. If he is indeed the murderer, you can follow him back and see if there are anything suspicious or maybe find the murder weapon… I’ll have to trouble Brother Leng to make a trip on this matter. Brother Ling, I’ll leave Madam Jin and the crime scene here for you to take care of.”

    Ling Yuxiang sighed, “I feel really bad that both of you have to work so hard over the affairs of us brothers.”

    Liu Jiyan brushed it off, “We definitely have to handle this matter of Third Hero Jin. Brother Leng Xue and I are both Third Hero Jin’s friends and this is also our job so of course we must handle this personally, there is no need to thank us. If this matter proves to be too difficult, I will seek the assistance of Zhuang Zhidong and Gao Shanqing. They are very familiar with Cangzhou so with them around, the case will definitely come to light very quickly. That’s settled then, let’s split up and get to work.”

    Ling Yuxiang was overjoyed and commented, “If we have the help of Elders Zhuang and Gao, even if Ba Shuren comes back to life, he cannot do anything to us.”

    Since this is a martial arts world with many troubles, a martial arts world with many highly skilled exponents, cases like robberies and murders are definitely numerous as well.

    Therefore there must be some highly skilled people in the Investigation Bureau in order to control the desperados in the martial arts realm.

    Over these years, a few highly skilled people indeed emerged from the magistrate courts and ‘Four Famed Constables of the World’ and ‘Divine Constable’ are among the best.

    In Cangzhou itself, the most problematic person for the bandits is the famous constable ‘Iron Awl’ Zhuang Zhidong. Zhuang Zhidong is only in his thirties but is outstanding both in martial arts and wits. He’s also on good terms with the officials and officers of the magistrate courts so he can be considered the leader of constables amongst the constables in Cangzhou.

    He has a close friend called Gao Shanqing.

    There are 100,000 imperial guards in Cangzhou and naturally the trainer of the 100,000 imperial guards must possess extremely fine martial arts skills. This trainer is changed every three years and ‘Divine Giant Staff’ Gao Shanqing has been the Head Trainer for three terms.

    These two are both significant people in Cangzhou Prefecture’s political martial arts circle.

    Their reputation in the vast martial arts realm is of course still below that of Leng Xue and Liu Jiyan but within Cangzhou Prefecture itself, their names definitely ring louder than that of Leng Xue and Liu Jiyan.

    Leng Xue and Liu Jiyan, and on top of that Zhuang Zhidong and Gao Shanqing, would be just like what Ling Yuxiang has said. Even if ‘Flying Blood Sword Devil’ Ba Shuren was resurrected, the four of them together with the remaining four of ‘Five Dragons of the Martial Arts Realm’ is enough to kill Ba Shuren.

    But would things really be that simple?

    Things would not be that simple.

    ************************************************** *********
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    Thanks Jean - great antidote for monday blues

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    to continue.....

    ************************************************** *********

    Liu Jiyan and Gui Jingyuan went towards the woodshed. Gui Jingyuan walked in front while Liu Jiyan followed behind slowly and calmly. Gui Jingyuan was bellowing in front, “…at that time, after we killed Ba Shuren, I was determined to exterminate the problem by the roots and kill that devil Ba Shuren’s three disciples too but Eldest and Second Brother refused, saying that we should give them a chance! Chance! Chance! Now Third Brother has been killed, what chance is there to give!”

    Liu Jiyan made no reply at all. The sun was slowly setting and there is no one around. With the commotion in Jin residence, the guests all left with a sense of loss and those from the Jin residence were all grieving and gathered in the hall. As Gui Jingyuan walked, he pointed to a rundown building in front and shouted, “Ah Fu, Ah Fu, come out quickly, there are questions for you!”

    The person in the building gave an acknowledgement and opened the door. Gui Jingyuan said angrily, “What a cowardly lad, even closing the door, afraid that someone will kill him! Who dares to create trouble in Jin residence, this time I will definitely not let him off…”

    Liu Jiyan suddenly stooped down and said seriously, “Someone came over the wall!” Before he could finish his words, he suddenly leapt up into the sky, as if he is avoiding some secret weapon and counter attacked with his palm!

    This palm attack landed on the stone wall far away and there was a boom as the corner of the stone wall fell. Amidst the cloud of dust, they saw the shadow of a person suddenly disappear.

    Gui Jingyuan bellowed as he dashed out, “Liu, you go that side, I’ll pursue this side, let’s see where he can run!”

    In an instant, he was already out in the garden but the person in front is especially swift. Gui Jingyuan saw that he is not going to catch up so he shouted, “Thief, don’t run if you have the guts, have a fight with your grandfather here before you leave!” As he spoke, he attacked with his palm, which landed on the tree trunk. The tree collapsed with a boom and leaves were flying all over the place. Ling Yuxiang, Murong Shuiyun, Shen Cuogu in their yellow, white and black robes have already darted in upon hearing the noise!

    Ling Yuxiang shouted, “Number five, who is that!”

    Gui Jingyuan panted, ‘Someone tried to kill us secretly!”

    Murong Shuiyun hurriedly asked, “Where?”

    Gui Jingyuan took a closer look but there was only broken tree and branches and no one else. He cried out furiously, “Where did he escape! That thief doesn’t dare to fight with me!”

    Ling Yuxiang asked, “Number Five, did you find Ah Fu?”

    Gui Jingyuan replied, “No, he was about to step out of the building when we bumped into this person.”

    Ling Yuxiang asked in alarm, “Where’s Brother Liu?”

    Gui Jingyuan answered, “He went after that person too.”

    Ling Yuxiang anxiously replied, “Oh no, go and help him quickly!”

    Three silhouettes dressed in yellow, white and black leapt up like an eagle soaring in the sky, and was more than 100 feet away in an instant. Only Gui Jingyuan was befuddled and still standing there like a fool.

    Ling Yuxiang, Murong Shuiyun and Shen Cuogu all arrived at the door of the woodshed at the same time and the three of them all stopped at the same time, stunned!

    At the door of the woodshed, a person dressed in servant’s clothing was standing there and that person is Ah Fu.

    But when Ah Fu saw them, he did not bow or smile, just his eyes staring straight at them.

    Ah Fu was looking at them with wide open eyes. There was no reaction upon seeing his superiors, unless Ah Fu cannot see them. There is only a handful of situation when a person cannot see with eyes wide open. Being blind is one of them, and the other is those who died with their eyes open.

    Ah Fu is not blind.

    So he can only be dead.

    Shen Cuogu walked over with a somber expression. His finger lightly touched Ah Fu and Ah Fu collapsed.

    There is not a single trace of injury in front of Ah Fu at all but blood stained the whole of his black shirt behind. It looks as if a sharp weapon stabbed his heart, stopping just before the weapon came out from the chest!

    Ah Fu did not close his eyes, his mouth was wide open.

    His eyes was filled with terror, his mouth opened as if he was about to say something.
    Who did he saw, to fill him with such terror?

    Shen Cuogo said icily, “Number Five was wrong, he shouldn’t have left Ah Fu.”

    Murong Shuiyun sighed, “Ah Fu will never have the chance to talk again, what was it that he wanted to say?”

    Ling Yuxiang suddenly exclaimed, “I hope Constable Liu is fine.”

    Before he could finish his words, there was someone who jumped up to the roof of the woodshed and almost staggered and fell. Murong Shuiyun exclaimed in alarm, “Brother Liu!”

    Liu Jiyan managed to call out in reply and jumped down, his face pale and clutching his chest, looking as if he is in pain. Ling Yuxiang hurriedly went up to hold him and asked, “Brother Liu, what’s wrong with you?”

    Liu Jiyan rolled his eyes as he supported his back and gave a few deep coughs before he managed to speak up after a while, “I came here and realized there was someone so I gave chase together with Fifth Hero Gui. I saw that I was about to catch up when suddenly, at the cornering of the wall, a masked man came out. How formidable, his movements were so fast that I couldn’t avoid it in time so I had no choice but to meet him head on! I took a palm attack from him, cough, but he’s not that better off, he took a fist attack from me!”

    Ling Yuxiang sighed deeply, “Brother Liu almost lost your life over this matter, it’s really…”

    Liu Jiyan sighed, “It’s not your fault, the opponent is too strong.”

    Leng Cuogu asked coldly, “Does Brother Liu know what kind of palm attack that person used?”

    Liu Jiyan replied, “He was too fast, I have no idea what kind of palm attack he used but this palm attack is not enough to take my life! If I had not met him head on and exchanged an attack with him, I’m afraid the situation would have been worse. As the both of us had to use part of our energy to receive the blow from our opponent, so when we stuck we did not use all our strength.”

    Murong Shuiyun said, “Brother Liu, go and have a rest first.”

    Liu Jiyan shook his head, “No need, is Brother Leng still around?”

    Ling Yuxiang replied, “He is already following Liu Jiuru.”

    Liu Jiyan nodded his head, then suddenly seemed to have remembered something and exclaimed in alarm, “Where is Fifth Hero Gui?”

    Murong Shuiyun said with a smile, “You don’t have to worry, we just saw him earlier…” Suddenly his smile disappeared and Ling Yuxiang said gravely, “He’s alone, go and take a look quickly.”

    ************************************************** *******
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    Thank you very much for this update! And this is still Chapter 1? Like I said before: you take big bites :-)

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    WesY2K, this is a short story, only 3 chapters long... lol

    to continue....

    ************************************************** *******

    There was a broken tree in the garden; leaves were all over the ground.

    For such a lush growing tree to be chopped down forcefully is a very cruel matter.

    When Gui Jingyuan was pursuing the enemy, he cut down the tree with one palm attack.

    Now there is a person who had collapsed next to the tree.

    The fallen leaves nearby were all stained red by the blood flowing out from his body.

    A strong and vigor man, to have his life brutally extinguished like this, is an even more cruel matter.

    The person who has fallen is none other than the fifth person in the ‘Five Dragons of the Martial Arts Realm’ – Gui Jingyuan.

    He was the one who struck down the tree but, who was the one who struck him down?

    He should not have been stuck down. What he learnt was the impervious ‘Vajra Divine Protection Skill’ and ‘Thirteen Princes’ and he has reached a certain level in these skills. Besides, he was wearing his ‘Iron Shirt’ and learnt ‘Rejuvenation Skill’ since young, which has never failed him yet.

    But now he has fallen.

    Right at the moment when Ling Yuxiang, Murong Shuiyun and Shen Cuogu went to the woodshed, he was fallen. There weren’t even any sounds of fighting. Could it be that this person is so highly skilled he did not even have the chance to struggle?

    Liu Jiyan did not speak but lit up his pipe. In the twilight, it was flickering bright and red.

    Ling Yuxiang suddenly became a shrunken old man. No one has ever seen before, this once all mighty ‘Airborne Cross Sword’ Ling Yuxiang, has actually become so old, so scrawny.

    Murong Shuiyun’s body was trembling slightly, his face filled with tears in the twilight.

    Shen Cuogu’s black robes was shaking, his face livid.

    This is still dusk. This day is about to be over, but it is not yet over.

    Shen Cuogu’s voice was stangely calm, “Fifth Brother’s fatal injury, is when someone drove his fingers on the both side of his temples and killed him.”

    Liu Jiyan nodded his head, “This means that the person who killed Fifth Hero Gui is familiar with the martial arts that he practice so he knows that Fifth Hero Gui’s only weakness is his temples.”

    Ling Yuxiang said gravely, “No matter who he is, it’s impossible for him to succeed with one strike even if Fifth Brother Gui is unprepared.”

    Liu Jiyan nodded, “The temples are a person’s lethal point but it’s not so easily hit. Besides, with Fifth Hero Gui’s martial arts…”

    Shen Cuogu said icily, “Unless it’s a familiar person whom Fifth Brother will never be on guard against.”

    Murong Shuiyun said, “Correct, the murderer must be someone familiar!”

    Shen Cuogu added with an icy laugh, “But we still don’t know who that person is, and we’ve already lost two brothers.”

    Ling Yuxiang said seriously, “From now on, none of us should be alone and give our enemy a chance to strike. We can only take action if there are at least two people. We’re not afraid of death, but at least we can’t die so unjustly!”

    Liu Jiyan suddenly exclaimed. “Oh no.”

    Ling Yuxiang probed anxiously, “What’s the matter?”

    Liu Jiyan continued, “From what it seems, there’s more than one opponent. Brother Leng is following Liu Jiuru and if Fifth Hero Gui and Ah Fu’s death has something to do with Liu Jiuru, I’m afraid Brother Leng right now, right now is already…”

    Murong Shuiyun stamped his foot and said, “Let’s go after them immediately and take a look.”

    Liu Jiyan answered calmly, “Third Hero Murong, don’t be rash. What the other party want are your lives… I think we need to seek the help of Zhuang Zhidong and Gao Shanqing urgently.”

    As he spoke, he took out two small homing pigeon from his clothes and tied two letters which was prewritten on the claws of the pigeons before releasing them in the sky. The two pigeons flew up and flapped their wings in the twilight as they flew towards the darkness, gradually disappearing.

    Liu Jiyan looked at the pigeons flying further away and mumbled, “Based on the level of friendship between me, Zhuang and Gao, they would rush here by tomorrow morning.”

    The forty odd year old Liu Jiuru looks extremely robust, as if he has infinite energy. Ever since he left the Jin residence, he didn’t look very sad. Leng Xue trailed him through a few streets, only to see him buy a bottle of wine and drank as he walked. He was already drunk way before he got home.

    Leng Xue furrowed his brows and almost doesn’t feel like following him anymore. But Leng Xue’s tolerance level has always been high so he switched his thinking around and continued following him. At least he has to know what he will do upon reaching home.

    This stalking of Liu Jiuru seems never-ending. After he finished drinking, he knocked on the door of another drunkard and the both of them argued for a long time, talking about inconsequential matters. In the end Liu Jiuru got upset with the conversation and hit the other person with a punch before staggering home.

    Twilight is ending, the night has formed a huge net and surrounded the area in darkness.

    Liu Jiuru turned around one street after another, one lane after another and walked past a few alleys where there were mostly abandoned houses and very little people in sight. Liu Jiuru found a house and went in.

    Turns out this area are full of kilns. The workers will be working in the kilns during the day and leave at night. Liu Jiuru doesn’t even own a house so he chose a rent-free place like this to live in.

    It is night, the brick houses around the kiln were falling apart and dilapidated, making the place looks even more depressing.

    The bright moon is up in the sky but it makes one feel miserable instead of soothing. In the distance, wild dogs were howling. Their continuous barks were long and jarring to the ears.

    Leng Xue walked quietly to the front of Liu Jiuru’s house. He was thinking: Since this is the case, might as well find Liu Jiuru and have a direct conversation.

    He was about to knock when suddenly, he realized the dogs nearby have stopped barking abruptly.

    He was stunned and instinctively went on his guard.

    Just at the slight moment when he was stunned, more than a dozen secret weapons were shot at him from within different houses.

    The secret weapons were accurate, fast and silent! These secret weapons were gleaming with strange dark glow under the bright moon, obviously they have all been dipped in poison!

    ************************************************** *****
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    A lot of 'who-dun-it' which makes it really interesting

    As he spoke, he took out two small homing pigeon from his clothes and tied two letters which was prewritten on the claws of the pigeons before releasing them in the sky. The two pigeons flew up and flapped their winds in the twilight as they flew towards the darkness, gradually disappearing.

    I've always wonder about this - don't pigeons sh!t? And if I carry more than 2, some would definitely go below the waist...

    Good thing I have my trusty samsung. I cannot imagine having tens of homing pigeons under my clothes just to text my colleagues...
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    to continue....

    ************************************************** *****

    Leng Xue suddenly grabbed in front, his hand which was about to knock switched to grabbing the door instead and with a loud bang, the door was pulled out by Leng Xue. Leng Xue used the door to shield his body and for a moment, only the continuous sounds of ‘tap, tap, tap’ were heard as the secret weapons struck the wooden door!

    He heard Liu Jiuru cry out in alarm from inside the house, “Who? Who’s that?”

    But right at that moment, from each of these houses jumped three to four people, wielding long sabres in their hands. They were dressed in black with heads and faces covered, their long sabres reflecting a chilling glow under the moonlight, coming straight at Leng Xue!

    Leng Xue now has neither the mood nor the time to answer. He exerted his strength and his palm aimed straight into the wooden door and for a moment ‘poof, poof, poof’, the secret weapons were forced out of the wooden door and shot back towards the group of masked men!

    The men in black were all shocked and they darted. Sabres swished! Three of the men in black howled in anguish as they fell. These secret weapons are indeed immediately fatal! The other masked men continued coming in droves towards Leng Xue. Leng Xue did not speak nore retreat. Instead he suddenly took his sword out and bolted straight towards the biggest group!

    Since he has been ambushed, he’ll have to kill his way out!

    This is Leng Xue’s principle! Never has there been anything that Leng Xue dare not do.

    The way he pulled out his sword is very strange; he pulled it out with a backhand, and the sword was at his waist, without a scabbard.

    A sword without a scabbard comes out the quickest.

    Swords are meant to kill, not meant to be admired.

    This is also Leng Xue’s principle.

    The sword is fine and thin, long and sharp, easy to attack with but difficult to defend with.

    But Leng Xue only attacks and never defends.

    Because he feels that the best defense is to counter-attack.

    This is also Leng Xue’s principle.

    It is rumored in the martial arts world that he has a total of 49 sword styles, all of them nameless but extremely powerful.

    Leng Xue dashed past, the masked men screamed, howled, flipped and attacked!

    Under the moonlight, blood splattered.

    The first wave which attached Leng Xue were struck down by the sword and collapsed. The second wave came up, their long sabres moving swiftly, each move meant to kill.

    The second wave fell as well, and the third wave continued.

    The third wave did not fight for long when amongst the killing cries, someone shouted loudly, “This fellow is formidable, we are not his match!”

    “Escape! Escape quickly!”

    “No, leader said he must be killed!”

    “We are not his match!”

    “This can’t go on, escape quickly!”

    Amidst the cries, three more fell and someone shouted, “He’s injured!”

    “Look, he took a slash from me!”

    “No, he’s even more ferocious than before!”

    “We better escape! He seems to be injured!”

    “He’s still bleeding!”

    The third wave of people fell. The fourth wave ran up and after a short fight, half of them ran away while the rest were in no mood to fight. They were escaping as they fought and another half of them died, the rest ran away.

    There is no fifth wave.

    The clear moon is high in the sky, is it alluring or evil?

    The bright moon illuminating on top, is it shining on sin or washing away sin?

    Leng Xue stood under the bright moon, his hand holding a thin and long sword. An injury caused by a blade on his shoulder, dripping blood.

    But he has never fallen because of an injury.

    Ever since he started work, injuries like this are considered very light.

    Beneath the moon, there is blood and lying randomly on the blood, are 43 people.

    43 dead.

    He had no choice but to kill.

    Once his sword comes out, whether or not his opponent lives or dies, is something that even he cannot control.

    After killing these people, he felt very empty inside. He really felt like throwing away his sword and kneel down on the ground to have a good cry under the moon.

    He doesn’t even know who these people are.

    Leng Xue suddenly thought of something and after making sure that it’s the same house earlier, went in.

    Only to see the chairs and tables inside all in a mess, obviously there was a fierce fight here as well.

    And Liu Jiuru is buried under a few tables and chairs.

    Leng Xue hurriedly moved the tables and chairs aside to help Liu Jiuru up, only to see Liu Jiuru still clutching his iron ruler in his hand. Obviously he had a fierce fight with someone. There is a wound in front of his chest, as if struck by an object very quickly and then retracted, and it happens to pierce through Liu Jiuru’s organs!

    Such method is obviously the result of that ‘Flying Blood Sword’ again.

    But there is still a breath left in Liu Jiuru.

    Leng Xue hurriedly force in a gush of internal energy into Liu Jiuru’s body. Liu Jiuru’s eyes rolled and more blood flowed out. Leng Xue knows that he does not have long to live, so he asked, “Did you kill Jin Shenghuang?”

    Liu Jiuru opened his eyes a little weakly, his throat gurgling but he was unable to speak. He just kept on shaking his head, kept on shaking his head.

    Leng Xue furrowed his brow and pressed on, “Do you know who killed you?”

    ************************************************** **

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    For some reason, I'm feelin' suspicious towards this Liu Jiuyan...
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    end of chapter 1.....

    ************************************************** **

    Liu Jiuru used all his might to nod his head, struggling to speak but blood kept spurting out from within his throat. Leng Xue quietly sighed, if not for the fact that Liu Jiuru is a robust man, he would have died long ago. That injury on his chest has in fact ruptured all his veins.

    Suddenly Liu Jiuru managed to hiss out, “The ones who killed me, two, two Gong…” He wanted to say more but blood came out in a rush and he breathed his last.

    Leng Xue put Liu Jiuru down slowly, his mind in a turmoil and worried.

    Who is it, would want to send so many people to ambush him?

    Who is it, would want to kill Liu Jiuru.

    If Liu Jiuru is the murderer who killed Jin Shenghuang, then this matter would have come to a close.

    But this matter is obviously not that simple.

    Not only does the other party want to silence Liu Jiuru, they also want to kill him.

    And the people who surrounded him tonight, the fighting styles, and the martial arts all seems like they are fellow disciples so obviously they are taught by the same teacher.

    Which sect would be so powerful?

    Seems that the person who killed Liu Jiuru used similar methods to the one who kuilled Jin Shenghuang so this is the descendent of ‘Flying Blood Sword Devil’ Ba Shuren.

    But who could be the descendent of Ba Shuren, who could be the teacher of these people. All these questions are like countless knots that cannot be unraveled.

    What was Liu Jiuru trying to say before he died.

    Those ‘two’, are they ‘workers’ or ‘public figure’, ‘Mister’ or ‘Gongsun’, is it a person’s name or the name of an organization?

    (Note: all the words begin with words sounding like ‘Gong’ - Gongren (工人) means workers, Gongren (公人) can mean public person, Gongzi (公子) means ‘Mister’ while Gongsun (公孙) is a surname.

    Leng Xue was stumped for quite a while before he suddenly tore open Liu Jiuru’s clothes, as if he is looking for something. He searched for a while before he went out and removed the masks of a few masked men. They are all unfamiliar men. Leng Xue tore open their clothes, as if he is trying to deduce something.

    Under the moonlight, Leng Xue seemed to have some understanding as he nodded his head.

    Zhuang Zhidong looks comparatively short but fearless, and a little younger than Liu Jiyan, He tied a chain hammer on his waist and looks very capable and smart.

    Gao Shanqing is very similar to Zhuang Zhidong but Gao Shanqing looks more impressive and heroic. So it looks as if Zhang Zhidong is short and courageous but Gao Shanqing is tall and stout. Gao Shanqing is holding a peach wood staff that looks like jade, the body of the staff thin and smooth but the tip sharp as a knife, with a length of seven foot and six inches.

    It’s noon of the second day. It’s also the second day of the so called ‘descendants of Sword Devil’ referred to as “within three days, the ‘Five Dragons of the Martial Arts Realm’ will entirely perish”.

    In front of the hall there were two coffins and in front of the alter, sat the family members of the Jin residence as well as Ling Yuxiang, Murong Shuiyun, Shen Cuogu, Liu Jiyan and Leng Xue.

    Ling Yuxiang’s wife and son are here as well. They heard of the news yesterday and rushed to the Jin residence today, only finding out what is happening after seeing Ling Yuxiang.

    Because of the current situation, naturally Ling Yuxiang would not want to go home. Amongst the ‘Five Dragons of the Martial Arts Realm’, the only ones with wives and family are Ling Yuxiang, Murong Shuiyun and Jin Shenghuang. As for Shen Cuogu, he has been living almost like a Taoist priest and he is a loner by nature with no close relatives; Gui Jingyuan abhors evil and is very hot tempered so other than a few friends, he has no wife as well.

    For the safety of his wife and son, Ling Yuxiang is trying hard to persuade them to go back home in case they get implicated as well.

    Once Zhuang Zhidong and Gao Shanqing arrived, Liu Jiyan stood up. Leng Xue had met them before when he was working on something so they are considered acquaintances. After Liu Jiyan introduced them to Ling Yuxiang, Murong Shuiyun and Shen Cuogu, he dispensed with formalities and told both of them everything that has happened.

    Once Zhuang and Gao saw there was a funeral, they knew something is wrong. Upon hearing what happened, Zhuang Zhidong said gravely, “What a hateful monster, to actually bring harm to Heroes Jin and Gui. How detestable!”

    Gao Shanqing’s booming voice cried out in anger, “Old Hero Ling, do not be afraid, we will definitely ferret the murderer out for you!”

    Shen Cuogu gave a cold snort. As soon as Liu Jiyan saw that the situation was amiss, he jokingly rebuked Gao Shanqing and said, “Brother Gao, you better forget about it. If you are here to help us, that is the best but if you are talking about capturing the murderer alone, even if you leave me out of the equation, even Brother Leng Xue from the ‘Four Famed Constables of the World’ is equally at a loss here.”

    Zhuang Zhidong laughed as well, “Brother Gao is boasting too much. Besides, the three great heroes Ling, Murong and Shen are not to be trifled with either.”

    Murong Shuiyun suddenly replied with a smile, “Both of you, please don’t flatter us too much. What Brother Gao said may not be wrong. We really have to rely on Brother Gao and everyone else to capture the murderer. It’s great that both of you are here, I was too worried to leave before you came.”

    Leng Xue asked coldly, “Where is Second Hero Murong going to?”

    A look of concern flashed past Murong Shuiyun’s face as he said, “My wife and children lives outside the city and it’s not so convenient to relay information. Either I live or die, I still have to go back and make some arrangements. I’ll try to come back here by tonight; Us brothers may not be born on the same year and day but hopefully we can die on the same year and day.”

    Liu Jiyan said, “Second Hero Murong, isn’t it too unsafe for you to go back alone?”

    Murong Shuiyun laughed nonchalantly as he said, “Why should a man fear death, as long as it’s not a pointless death.”

    Ling Yuxiang looked at Murong Shuiyun straight in the face and uttered each word clearly, “Second Brother, we must stay alive to avenge Third and Fifth Brother. We cannot die.”

    Liu Jiyan said calmly, “Even if Second Hero wants to go back home, you should bring someone with you.”

    Zhuang Zhidong volunteered, “Why don’t I make the trip with Second Hero Murong.”

    Ling Yuxiang said, “Second Brother, we have Brother Liu, Brother Leng, Brother Gao and Fourth Brother here, it is better if you go with Brother Zhuang.”

    Leng Xue suddenly said, “If it’s only Second Hero Murong and Constable Zhuang, I’m afraid there’s not enough manpower. If Second Hero Murong must make this trip, I’ll go along as well. But I ask that Hero Ling and Hero Shen must not go away.”

    Liu Jiyan smiled, “Don’t worry, Brother Leng. Besides, Brother Gao and I are not to be trifled with as well.”

    Leng Xue stood up slowly, his ramrod straight body looks like it can withstand any blows and said quietly, “All right, everything here will have to depend on Brothers Liu and Gao.”

    ************************************************** ****
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    Thank you Lady Jean. Maybe ahead of ycb5959. Hehe.
    Bonus. A new day.

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    Thanks for the daily dose!

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    it's monday and chapter 2!

    ************************************************** ****

    Chapter 2 – To suspicion and seeking

    Getting closer to the outskirts of the city.

    Murong Shuiyun is walking in the middle with Leng Xue on the left and Zhuang Zhidong on the right.

    The summery green fields of the outskirts are indeed enchanting.

    Murong Shuiyun comes from a family of scholars and has always like to give graceful orations. If not because of the deaths of Jin Shenghuang and Gui Jingyuan, he wouldn’t be looking so gloomy now.

    But his character has always been more relaxed so he joked, “I did not expect that today I would be so afraid of death too, needing two martial arts experts more famous than me to be my bodyguards. Indeed death will not matter then!”

    Zhuang Zhidong laughed, “We’re government servants, how can we be considered experts? Brother Leng is one of the ‘Four Famed Constables of the World’ but what am I?” As he spoke, he laughed loudly.

    In the distance, a horse carriage is approaching them. A few old horses were pulling an old, tattered and heavy carriage and the riders are two youths. There were bags and bags of huge sacks, containing something that looks heavy.

    The youth was shouting as he rode the horse and approached the three of them. Because of the narrow road, Leng Xue and the rest stood to the side and heard the youth joking to his partner and one of the sentences said was “Begin!”

    The volume of that word was suddenly raised and once Leng Xue heard it, he was shocked. That voice is exactly the same as one of those involved in the killings last night, the one who said “Have to kill him even if we’re not his match!”

    One of the reasons Leng Xue can become one of the ‘Four Famed Constables of the World’ is because of his extraordinary ability.

    He’ll never forget what he sees and hears!

    These attributes often allows Leng Xue to escape death.

    Right at that instant when the carriage got close to Leng Xue, Murong Shuiyun was in front and even further ahead is Zhuang Zhidong. Because the road is narrow and the sides are all wet fields, they had to walk in a single file. Leng Xue suddenly exclaimed, “Be careful!”

    Right at that instant, the carriage suddenly turned direction and came straight towards Leng Xue!

    In this situation, Leng Xue cannot advance, he can only retreat!

    But Leng Xue won’t retreat!

    He flew up into the sky but the youth on the carriage flicked his whip straight at Leng Xue!

    His partner took out his sabre and slashed, not at Leng Xue but at the ropes tying the bags on the carriage!

    Once the rope is broken, the bags opened and 20 odd burly men jumped out from the bags holding their long sabres, aiming straight at Leng Xue!

    Leng Xue took the battle head on but his line of sight was blocked by the carriage and he could not see what’s happening on Murong Shuiyun’s side. But he knows that this group of people is the ones who escaped from his hands last night.

    As long as their stealth attack fails, Leng Xue is confident that he will be able to get rid of them.

    The question is: getting rid of these people requires some time too.

    He heard Murong Shuiyun and Zhuang Zhidong’s battle cries. Obviously there is a fierce fight going on at the other side of the carriage as well.

    Right at this time, he heard a shriek.

    This shriek was emitted by Murong Shuiyun.

    Leng Xue grew anxious and his attacks became even fiercer and among the dozen odd armed men, only four were left.

    Leng Xue was distracted because of his anxiety and he suddenly felt a cold air on his back. He had been slashed.

    But this slash is not considered a serious injury. That man thought he had the upper hand but instead Leng Xue’s sword swiftly pierced through his throat.

    The remaining three saw that the situation is not right and escaped in three different directions.

    Leng Xue did not go after them but jumped over the top of the carriage only to see the fight on this side is extremely intense as well. About eight or nine burly men with sabres had fallen to the ground, all dead. They must have been killed by Zhuang Zhidong and Murong Shuiyun.

    Now only two armed men were left and they were fighting in a tangled heap with Zhuang Zhidong and his chain hammer.

    And Murong Shuiyun is already on the ground.

    Leng Xue stamped his feet and flew over. He helped Murong Shuiyun up, only to see Murong Shuiyun’s face turning purple and his breathing faint. Leng Xue used his internal energy and let it flow over. Murong Shuiyun forced his eyes open and said, “Brother Leng, you… you’ll help me tell… tell… the killer took a stab from me, he is…” Suddenly his eyes shot open widely, looking behind Leng Xue. Leng Xue felt his heart suddenly turn cold and without even turning his body, his sword is already extended and a man immediately screamed and fell!

    Leng Xue turned his head around sharply and saw that the three men who escaped earlier had turned back and are trying to sneak an attack behind him! Leng Xue roared and attacked with 18 continuous moves!

    The burly man only saw the blurring of the sword towering over him and had no time to block. He felt his chest go numb and then fell!

    The man behind him turned back to run away again. Leng Xue gave a cold snort as his sword flew out of his hand, piercing through that person’s back. The impact threw the man another seven to eight steps away, colliding at the back of another man who was in a fierce fight with Zhuang Zhidong. The other man screamed and they both fell.

    The eyes of the last remaining man turned red and he made a few feint moves before turning around and tried to escape. Leng Xue leapt up, that man raised his sabre and slashed. With a flying kick, Leng Xue kicked the sabre out of his hand and it dropped back onto that man’s own head. That man shrieked and promptly dropped down.

    Zhuang Zhidong kept his chain hammer and panted, “Thanks for your help, let’s go and take a look at Second Hero Murong quickly!”

    ************************************************** *****
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    Think there is a minor error in names:

    Zhuang Zhidong laughed, “We’re government servants, how can we be considered experts? Brother Ling is one of the ‘Four Famed Constables of the World’ but what am I?” As he spoke, he laughed loudly.

    Should be "Leng"?
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    thanks Jean

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    How to stop the redirect hack.

    Mozilla Firefox
    1. Double-click the Mozilla Firefox icon to open it.
    2. Select "Tools," "Options," "Advanced" on the tab bar and then "General" on the sub-tab bar.
    3. Check "Warn me when websites try to redirect or reload the page."

    For those of you who are still using Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer
    1. Double-click the Internet Explorer icon to open it.
    2. Select "Tools," "Options," "Advanced."
    3. Check "SSL 2.0" and "SSL 3.0" under the section labeled "Security."

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    thanks ycb5959, made the changes.

    And to continue.....

    ************************************************** *****

    Leng Xue and Zhuang Zhidong went back to Murong Shuiyun but Murong Shuiyun has stopped breathing.

    Leng Xue did not speak.

    Zhuang Zhidong did not speak either.

    They were feeling the shame and pain of failure.

    They are famous constables that no one in the martial arts realm would dare to antagonize but now, the enemy actually killed someone under their close protection.

    Although the whole group of attackers were dead but their leader has yet to show his face.

    Leng Xue took a close look and saw that there was a wound on Murong Shuiyun’s back, as if a sharp weapon had pierced it swiftly in and out, enough to kill.

    There is also another wound on his chest, which looks like it was struck by something and then forcefully pulled out again so although the wound is small, the chest is a bloody mess of flesh and blood.

    Judging from these two wounds, they can be sure the wounds are not made with sabres.

    This also means that these burly men carrying long sabres are not the ones who killed Murong Shuiyun. He was attacked by two persons using two different weapons but with similar styles, striking him fatally in front and behind at the same time.

    Murong Shuiyun could not avoid in time, or maybe he did not avoid, that’s why he was hit so accurately right on the chest.
    This is obviously the masterpiece of the ‘Descendant of Sword Devil’.

    Leng Xue balled up his fists and asked through clutched teeth, “Did you see who did this?”

    Zhuang Zhidong sighed, “They came too suddenly, I had no time to take a good look and the killers were already upon me. I killed a few and I seem to see someone on the carriage stabbing Second Hero Murong’s back with a long spear. Sigh, after that, which is right before you came over, he screamed again but because I was still fighting those two here, I had no time to look closely. I only saw a shadow move across and Murong Brother… sigh.”

    Leng Xue inspected the bodies on the ground, as if he has thought of something and finally said, “We can only send Second Hero Murong’s body back.”

    The hall was silent.

    The women, children and family members were all sent back to their rooms.

    Six remained: Leng Xue, Zhuang Zhidong, Liu Jiyan, Ling Yuxiang, Shen Cuogu and one more who has fallen – Murong Shuiyun.

    If the two in the coffins are included as well: ‘36 Hands Centipede Whip’ Jin Shenghuang and ‘Indestructible’ Gui Jingyuan, there will be eight all together.

    Jin Shenghuang and Gui Jingyuan, together with ‘Seven Spinning Slashes’ Murong Shuiyun who is the third person dead.

    The ‘Five Dragons of the Martial Arts Realm’ is now left with only two.

    Anyone would be able to imagine the current mood of Ling Yuxiang and Shen Cuogu.

    The atmosphere in the hall feels like a frozen piece of ice.

    Ling Yuxiang said slowly, “Forget it, descendent of Sword Devil, just come! I, Ling Yuxiang, have already lived to such an age and the time will come anyway so you might as well finish me off!”

    Within these two days, his cheeks have sunken in and he has lost weight.

    Shen Cuogu still remained expressionless. But his unfeeling voice could not suppress the pain that he felt as he said, “Big Brother, we may not necessarily die. Second Brother is upright, Third Brother is honest, Fifth Brother is impulsive so they get tricked easily. If others want to try anything funny in front of me, they must first be able to subdue me!”

    Ling Yuxiang studied Shen Cuogu and said, “Fourth Brother, you have a surly disposition and too hotheaded in the way you handle matters. These are your weak points; you have to be more careful.”

    Shen Cuogu said quietly, “Big Brother, you’re too benevolent, you must be on your guard too!”

    The ‘Five Dragons of the Martial Arts Realm’, to be suddenly left with only two, naturally both of them will indescribably feel especially close.

    Leng Xue suddenly asked, “Hero Ling, can you please tell me about Second Hero Murong’s ‘Seven Spinning Slashes’, how is it executed?”

    Ling Yuxiang replied sorrowfully, “Second Brother’s ‘Seven Spinning Slashes’ uses the curved sabre he hangs on his waist. There are a total of seven styles and each style has seven different types of transformations. There are not a lot of people who can take on his 49 different moves.”

    Leng Xue pondered, “After one is struck by ‘Seven Spinning Slashes’, what happens?”

    Ling Yuxiang replied, “The sabre cuts the flesh up, the stomach opens and the intestines sliced, naturally the person would die immediately. Brother Leng, why are you asking this?”

    Leng Xue said offhandedly, “I’m just asking. Oh right, where is Instructor Gao?”

    Ling Yuxiang answered, “Oh, after Brother Zhuang and you left just now, Brother Liu had a suggestion. Since the descendants of Sword Devil are after us, why don’t we disguise ourselves so that the enemy won’t know where to strike. Therefore Brother Gao went outside to purchase items for the disguise. It seems that Brother Gao is an expert in the art of disguise.”

    Leng Xue was taken aback, “Oh?”

    Liu Jiyan asked with a smile, “What does Brother Leng think of this suggestion?”

    Leng Xue replied, “Splendid idea of course. But if the murderer is one of us, there’s no use in disguise too.”

    Suddenly footsteps were heard from outside the hall and Liu Jiyan said quietly, “It must be Instructor Gao returning.”

    Outside the hall, the sound of the moving and pausing footsteps was coming nearer and nearer and surprisingly a tall and huge beggar appeared. His facial features were so strange and horrifying that no one would want to take a second look. His clothes were tattered but he was holding a white jade staff which he is using to support his crippled leg as he grinned and looked at everyone.

    It’s a crippled old beggar.

    ************************************************** ****

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