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Thread: Above the Sky [青云之上] BY 莲花郎面 [Lian Hua Lang Mian]

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    Post Above the Sky [青云之上] BY 莲花郎面 [Lian Hua Lang Mian]

    Go through all the heavenly tribulation to be the immortal power.
    Who is above the Sky?
    She is the only one.


    If I have to choose one from being the strongest and being the love of the strongest, I will choose the former one without hesitation.
    This is not a romance story.
    The protagonist cultivates in the Devil’s Way and has no feelings or emotions at all.

    ************************************************** ****************************

    Hi everyone, I am Lucia. Up to now, I translate the novel all by my own, so feel free to leave comments on any mistake I make. Then I can improve. And if any group wants to take me, please contact me.

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    Chapter 1 Ancient Capital and Present Frontier

    Mirror Kingdom, the autumn of 144 in the new calendar.

    Autumn has come in a southern city across which some soldiers walked by. They wore thorn armor made by cheap tough straw, which showed that the military force here were not strong.

    To be honest, however, no southern city seemed to be rich in military strength.

    A hundred years ago, the former emperor fought all his way from the north and conquered the central plain in Southern Wind Continent. The Mirror Tribe became the Mirror Kingdom, with Fan City which is called Mirror City now as its capital. Most people enjoyed the peaceful life in the capital and its surrounding cities. Who would like to waste his life in the desolate city?

    An old man served the tea for the soldiers and himself in his tea booth near the city gate. He drank the tea and sighed, “The capital of God-blessing Country is now a desolate city in the frontier. The past has all gone. What a pity!”

    A young soldier with an imposing appearance seemed to be a commander. After hearing the sigh, the young soldier changed his expression slightly, “Don’t make discreet remarks, Uncle Tea. If the God-blessing City were not desolate, how could the Mirror City be prosperous?”

    “What a pity!” the old man turned a deaf ear to his words and said that again. Then he poured a cup of tea for himself again and drank up, his hands shaking.

    The young commander wanted to debate but stopped when he saw the old man’s shaking hands. It is said that the old man has experienced the war between the God-blessing Country and the Mirror Tribe. He used to be a hero, but now he was old and can only walk to the end of life with his tea booth.

    Those new soldiers were unhappy that an old man dare say the opposite of what their leader said. When a raw soldier stood up and was about to say something, a desperate cry came from outside of the city gate. The loud deafening noise sounded like a muffled waterfall.

    Is there a brawny man crying outside? Every soldier was shocked and they ran towards the wall at once, no attention for this old man.

    The young leader ran far ahead of the soldiers and climbed up the wall with his light body skill. Viewing from the wall, he saw a black spot running towards the wall at incredible speed in the vast sunny bright. It can disturb people in the city even if it was still far away. The leader was afraid that it cannot be normal people.

    The spot was nearer and nearer, the leader did not know whether he was friendly or not. He drew his bow and pointed at the spot, asking, “Who are you? We will spare you if you tell us your name!”

    But the burly man did not answer him, running with heavy dust and clearer cry.

    “Is that a lunatic?”

    “It seems that someone is chasing after him…”

    “He looks strong but he is as timid as a hare!”

    The soldiers discussed about him on the wall when he was only 100 meters away from the gate.

    The young leader found the burly man had something on his back when he was about to shoot. The man wore animal furs which covered the person on his back. He did not hold the person at all so that the young leader did not find the person a moment before.

    At that time, the huge man lifted his head and looked into the young leader’s eyes. The young leader felt like something running over his chest and he could not spit out a word. The burly man stopped at the gate and let out a long wail which resounded through the Nine Song City and frightened people’s heart. Other soldiers were all pressed down to the ground by the howl.

    The young leader pulled himself together and looked at the man whose eyes were filled with pain and entreaty. He turned round and round like a desperate beast, pointing at the person on his back for a moment and the gate later.

    The young leader wondered if he wanted to open the gate. Receiving no response, the burly man rushed towards the gate with a cry. The leader demanded the soldier to open the gate at once.

    The leader did this for some reasons. Although the strange man looked lunatic, he had incredible destructive power. They would lose more if they have him break the gate. On the other side, it was less difficult for them to catch him when he was in the city rather than in the jungle.

    The sturdy man intended to break the gate so he dropped to the ground when the gate was opened suddenly. The person on his back was thrown out. The young leader jumped down the wall and took a spear from a soldier, pointing at the person.

    The sturdy man stood up slowly and patted on his back, only to find that the person was not there. When he saw the leader pointed at the person he wanted to protect, he was frightened and let out a screech, which shocked everyone with its volume and painful feeling.

    The young leader was confused but he did not dare to move his spear. What if the sturdy man rips his head off when he moves his spear?

    They fell into a stalemate.

    “Hai…hai…” a weak cough came up between them.

    The young leader was startled. It was the person pointed by him who was talking. He could not distinguish whether the person in furs was old or young, man or woman.

    “Brother…haihai…please put down your spear.” The talker sounds young, “A Mang is not malicious.”

    Hearing the person’s voice, the burly man calmed down, staring at the leader silently. He looked totally different from the crazy state he was in a moment before.

    “Who are you? Why are you in Nine Song City?” the leader did not move his hand, asking seriously.

    “My name is Yun Qing, and he is A Mang. We met some bandits and lost our luggage.” The child was still coughing but he was organized, “A Mang was strong so we beat some of them and escaped.”

    Then he coughed for a while and finished their story intermittently. They lost their luggage and got lost in the mountains. A Mang was mentally disabled and did not know a little of attending others. The child was not strong and soon got sick. He told A Mang to find a doctor in a town and fell into coma. A Mang did not know the way, so he just tried his best to run north. That’s why the scene at the beginning happened.

    The young leader shouted without moving his spear, “Summon the military doctor!”

    The doctor was a looker-on in the crowds. He ran to the leader and wondered whether the leader wanted him to treat the child. And he was afraid that the big guy would kill him if he could not cure the child.

    “Examine his condition.”

    The short doctor had to put his hand in the furs, only to touch a cold hand. Doctor Liu got goose bumps and wondered whether the child was dead with such a cold temperature. Then he felt the child’s pulse was normal, he calmed down.

    “He seems to catch cold in the mountain. He looks so bad probably because he was frightened in the accident.”

    “Nothing abnormal?” the leader asked in a low voice.

    “No, Leader Song. It is just an ordinary cold.” Doctor Liu answered submissively.

    “Go and treat him.”

    “Yes, Sir. I’ll go now.” Doctor Liu shouldered the child with the furs together.

    A Mang uttered a howl, anxious.

    “Don’t worry, A Mang. It’s OK.” The child, who was called Yun Qing, comforted him.

    Doctor Liu took away the child whose background was unclear. Leader Song took charge of the burly man himself. Other on lookers took their own business and walked away.

    The Uncle Tea squinted at the chaos and drank a cup of water.

    The desolate city and the unenlightened people did not know it was long before the ending of the elder generation’s game.
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    Chapter 2 Blind but Clever, Dumb but Strong

    The autumn wind blew every cloud away in the sky.

    “Do you feel better?” Doctor Liu put the bowl with medicine on the table and looked at the boy curling up in the quilt.

    “Much better. Thank you.” Yun Qing sounded better. He lifted the quilt and sit up, asking, “Where is A Mang?”

    Doctor Liu looked at Yun Qing who was just as ordinary as any other child except his unopened eyes.

    “Your eyes…” Doctor Liu asked.

    “Those bad guys found A Mang was strong so they wanted to poison him in the water.” The child startled for a second and answered, “But A Mang was too strong to be influenced. As for me, I cannot hold the poison and become blind gradually.”

    Doctor Liu noticed that he talked about it in a peaceful way, which was quite weird. Who knew what was hidden in his peaceful expression and closed eyes? The burly man looked crazy all the time because he felt danger. In fact, the weak child was actually at the death’s door. But the child was totally the opposite of the burly man. He is not anxious at all. Everything he did was appropriate, from escape to seeking for help.

    When Doctor Liu was wondering, Yun Qing jumped down the bed and walked towards the door.

    “Wait! What are you doing?” Doctor Liu was shocked and stopped him.

    “I am going for A Mang.” Yun Qing said naturally with childishness.

    “You can’t go.”

    “Why?” Yun Qing raised his head confusedly, with his eyes closed.

    “Because…” Doctor Liu could not tell the reason. He had not got any instruction from Leader Song, so it is inappropriate for him to let Yun Qing go.

    “I will go find A Mang.” Yun Qing saw he could not tell the reason and ran outside without hesitation.

    But he dashed against someone.

    “What’s wrong?” Leader Song frowned, hit by Yun Qing.

    “I will go find A Mang.” Yun Qing rubbed his forehead and said, “We must continue our trip.”

    “Answer my questions first.” Leader Song looked up and down on Yun Qing and said seriously.

    Yun Qing nodded, “OK. What question?”

    “Where are you from? What are you doing?”

    Yun Qing answered without thinking, “I come from a little village in the southern Million Mountains. Its name is Yun’s Village. I went out to find my father.”

    “Your father?” Leader Song frowned.

    “My father works in an official’s house in the capital. I want to visit him so I took A Mang with me.” Yun Qing was still clam, which was weird but natural as well.

    “So did you run away from your home?”

    Yun Qing looked surprised, “of course not. My father is my only family. How can it count as running away?”

    Leader Song could not find any flaw in his expression so he had to let him go.

    Yun Qing went for A Mang happily. But the two men in the tent shared a worried look.

    “Isn’t the Million Mountain…? How can there be village?” Doctor Liu talked like it’s a taboo.

    “But he doesn’t look like lying. Maybe it’s a village near the mountains. After all, children know little about…” Leader Song ordered calmly, “Send them out and don’t get in this business again.”

    “Yes, yes.” Doctor Liu lowered his head. He knew that they should not get in touch with anything about the Million Mountains.

    After lunch, A Mang and Yun Qing left from the north gate with full stomach.

    The city was desolate and no one accompanied them. Yun Qing ride a mule sent by Leader Song privately, followed by A Mang.

    When they were about to reach the official road, they heard an old man’s voice, “wait a moment, little kid.”

    Yun Qing turned back and saw an old man in worn-out clothes waving to them, with a little tea pot on his hand. He is the Uncle Tea of the Nine Song City.

    “What’s wrong?” Yun Qing did not walk back. He only looked at the old man with his head tilted. A Mang repeated his behavior and tilted his head as well.

    “I’d like to ask you, is everything right in…the Million Mountains?” Uncle Tea walked to them, squeezing his eyes.

    Yun Qing smiled, “of course yes. Only the hunters hunt more for the winter, so the smell of blood is thicker.”

    The Uncle Tea sighed and shook his head. He looked at the smiling child and asked, “Don’t you worry about food shortage in winter?”

    “I will be in the capital in the winter. Why do I worry about the mountains?” Yun Qing kept smiling.

    “Ai…you are right.” Uncle Tea sighed again and handed the tiny tea pot, “One of you is blind and the other is dumb, it’s not easy for you to go there. I’ll send you this tea pot.”

    “How do you know that A Mang is dumb?” Yun Qing did not reach for the tea pot but asked.

    Although the burly man cried all the way, he did not say a complete sentence. The Uncle Tea now pointed out that he was dumb.

    “The capital is not a good place either. Be careful.” The Uncle Tea did not answer him. He put the tea pot in A Mang’s hand and left.

    “Hahaha, interesting.” Yun Qing touched A Mang’s head which was lowered because A Mang was much taller than Yun Qing who was sitting on a mule.

    “Let’s go, A Mang. Hang this pot on your neck.”

    A ten-year-old child, a silly man and a slow mule walked towards the north.

    The Nine Song City was like an isolate island in the south without any city or town around. Cities in the south were usually far away from each other. The northern cities were more prosperous. Yun Qing and A Mang walked on the mountain road, not seeing any flat official road.

    They were walking on a small mountain outside Flower City, with A Mang first and Yun Qing following.

    The autumn has come. The tips of leaves were turning red, while the leaf roots were still green. The red and green made the grove full of vigor.

    It only took a moment to replace the vigor with killing intension.

    A man in white stood on the branch and fell down towards Yun Qing. His expression was stiff without any intelligence but killing intent.

    Yun Qing seemed to be unaware of it, with smile on his face.

    Along with a loud sound, the attacker was stopped by A Mang who was knocked out for a distance. After destroying several hundred-old trees, A Mang stood up blankly, uninjured.

    “Are you OK, A Mang?” Yun Qing jumped down from the mule and hid in the shadow of trees.

    The attacker’s neck was grabbed by A Mang. He could not get rid of A Mang’s hand who was trying to kill him. If he was an ordinary man, his neck might have been broken. However, without any change of expression, the man in white took out a little cup and rubbed it. After a flash, the attacker disappeared.

    “I will spare you if you give it back!” At the next moment, he showed up in front of Yun Qing and seized him by the throat. His plain tone made other’ hairs stand on end.

    Yun Qing coughed painfully but talked with smile, “do people from the Million Mountains only greet with the same sentence?”

    “I will spare you if you give it back!”

    The man in white strengthened his force. Yun Qing looked more painful, but he still smiled, “you stupid thing, do you know how many of your companions have been killed by me?”

    A glaze cup appeared in Yun Qing’s hand. Without much movement, he disappeared from the attacker’s hand in the same way as the attacker disappeared from A Mang’s hand.

    The attacker in white did not react in time. When he saw Yun Qing again, a huge figure stood in front of him. A Mang had angry expression on his foolish face. He shouted painfully and tore the man’s arms from his body with bare hands.

    “A Mang.” Yun Qing frowned when he smelt the blood.

    A Mang was flustered. He broke the cup and stepped on the attacker’s head heavily.

    “Let’s go.” Yun Qing rode on the stunned mule and covered his mouth, coughing, “or we will be caught again.”

    The body of the attacker disappeared bit by bit under the leaves.

    A Mang’s expression became peaceful gradually. He followed the mule quickly, foolish as usual. Not a hint of a killer’s expression could be found.
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    Thank you. Waiting for the next chapter.

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    Chapter 3 Autumn Come and Southern Song Go

    Although the temperature was lower in the north area, the bleak and chilly mode was thinner there.

    The Mirror Kingdom fought all its way from the north, where was more prosperous near Mirror City, the capital. The wars made those cities in the south more desolate than the north. Even the official road was not peaceful all the time.

    “Yu!” A whinny of horse broke the peace. A face-covered man got in the way on his horse. Other people on the road stopped and did not know what to do. It is the only official road from Nine Song City to north cities. Most of people travelling on the road were in caravans for business, others were citizens migrating from the south to the north. Those businessmen who had gone through robberies like this looked calmer than migrants who took all of their wealth with them.

    “What are they doing?” Yun Qing was in the crowd and asked curiously.

    He knew there was the Flower City ahead, so he took A Mang to the official road to visit it. Unexpectedly, they just walked on the road, the robbery happened to them.

    His sudden voice was clear in the silence. The family near him was scared and walked away from him. A pretty girl standing ahead of him turned around and answered with smile, “It’s called worship the road.”

    “Worship the road?” Yun Qing was curious. Although he could not see the tall and graceful girl in blue silk dress with his eyes, he thought her voice was so beautiful.

    The girl walked to him and explained, “Worshiping the road was the ceremony before the army march. But now, robberies on this road are called worship the road too. They are pretty the same. Pay money for safety.”

    Yun Qing nodded, “aren’t you afraid?”

    “Aren’t you afraid?” the girl asked back smartly.

    Yun Qing smiled, “My name is Yun Qing. What about you?” he seemed to be fond of this girl.

    “My name is Zhu Yu, style name Wu Xia. You may call me Sister Yu.”

    “You have such a good name, Zhu Yu Wu Xia (flawless pearl and jade).” Yun Qing could feel the girl’s eyesight even his eyes were closed.

    Something happened in the front of the line when they were talking.

    “The robber broke the rule here. He will be punished.” Zhu Yu smiled coldly.

    In general, robbers on this road only took money and would not kill passengers. But it seemed this one was a green hand. He was so nervous that he killed a man who wanted to escape subconsciously. When the robber was startled, screaming crowd rushed ahead and escaped. Seeing the situation was not good, the robber ride on his horse and wanted to run with money.

    “You kill people, people kill you.” He was stopped by a voice and a blade. What he saw last was his body without head sitting on the horse.

    People only saw a blue flash and the robber was dead. When the blue light moved back, they saw the pretty girl blowing the blade.

    “Immortal!” One man dropped to his knees. Then other people followed him one by one.

    “Haha! Immortal?” Zhu Yu sneered.

    “Are they calling you?” Yun Qing was confused.

    “Yup! Oh! You are blind.” Zhu Yu was surprised. She did not look at the boy carefully.

    “Yes.” Yun Qing was not angry, “Why do they call you immortal?”

    “Hahaha, I am not them, how can I know why?” Zhu Yu laughed smartly and arrogantly.

    She looked at those kneeling people and the north, then said, “I am in a hurry so I will not go with you. See you in the Mirror City.”

    Yun Qing nodded.

    Zhu Yu stepped on her blue sword and flied to the north.

    “Be careful, Sister Yu!” Yun Qing shouted.

    Autumn rains fell in the Flower City continuously.

    In a remote alleyway, a burly man led a mule on which sit a boy.

    “Do you know what Sister Yu is, A Mang? I heard from those businessmen that she could fly!” Yun Qing touched the mule and said with desire.

    “A Mang, A Mang, will I fly to the sky if I have wings?”

    The burly man who was mentally disabled smiled to him without response.

    “Can you fly, A Mang?” Yun Qing touched A Mang’s face, who nodded and shook head later.

    “Hahaha, I don’t ask you.” Yun Qing tapped his head gently, “I want to fly like Sister Yu.”

    “Flawless pearl and jade, Sister Yu must be great!”

    Another voice broke the peace when Yun Qing was speaking to himself.

    “Zhu Wuxia? Little kid, are you talking about Fairy Wuxia from the Destroying Devil’s Sect?” The voice was weak but happy, with excitement.

    Yun Qing was shocked. He went through the alleyway on his mule, not finding anyone except A Mang and himself.

    “I am here! I am here! Little kid, no, little Sir, come here.”

    A walnut was thrown out from a wall. Hearing the crack, Yun Qing turned to the direction of the wall. A Mang led the mule to the wall.

    The stone wall was much solider than those brick walls. But there was a round hole on the wall now, where the voice came.

    “Little Sir?” the person in the wall reached the hole and said, “Have you met Fairy Wuxia?”

    “If you are talking about Sister Yu who smiles sweetly, yes, I have met her.” Yun Qing answered. He wanted to touch the source of the voice but he could not see. So he nearly poked into the man’s eye.

    “Aiyo!” The man said, “Don’t move! Tell me something about her.”

    “She killed a robber and flied away. I guess she is on her way now.” Yun Qing answered honestly.

    “What’s more?” the man asked anxiously.

    “Nothing.” Yun Qing thought for a while and could not find more in such a short-time acquaintance.

    The man was disappointed at his answer, he sighed, “Fairy Wuxia…”

    “Little Sir, I am Xie Yao, the seventh young master of Xie’s family…”

    Yun Qing broke into laughter before he finished his words, “Your name is Xieyao (luxative)? It is much worse than flawless pearl and jade.”

    The man’s sorrow was dispelled. He shouted angrily, “Shut up! You bad boy! I know I cannot match Fairy Wuxia…”

    Xie’s family was a family of scholars in God-blessing Country. But the late master of the house who seemed to be a wimp gave up to the Mirror Kingdom once it attacked. That’s how Xie’s family survived the war and developed in such a south city.

    Xie Yao is the seventh son of present master of Xie’s family. His story was as fantastic and old-fashioned as any other love story.

    Xie Yao first saw Zhu Yu at a gathering of rich people in spring. When she walked on the surface of the Lingering River towards them like a human goddess, every man was stunned by her beauty. Zhu Yu stood on the board of their ship, smiling in the dancing willows.

    At the next moment, she killed one of those young masters by cutting his head. The dead, the only son of Zhong’s family, was a bastard and had ripped many good girl. The blood splash scared all rich young masters who ran away except Xie Yao.

    Xie Yao was in a daze and created a poem subconsciously: spring willow dances above water, stunning sword wakes under sun.

    “Aren’t you afraid?” the beauty’s smile was innocent. Yun Qing remembered that she had asked the same sentence to him.

    Xia Yao nodded without moving his eyes. It took him a moment to react. He made a bow with hand folded in front and said, “My name is Xie Yao, style name Daoyuan. Can I know your name, immortal?”

    Zhu Yu grinned, “Immortal? I am a disciple of Destroying Devil’s Sect in charge of law enforcement. My style name is Wuxia. You are an ordinary person so you can call me Zhu Yu. I don’t like the man I just killed. If anyone asks you, tell them my name.”

    She seemed to be busy, so she fled on her sword after saying that.

    After that, Xie Yao was not interested in anything but seeking for cultivation. He wanted to meet Zhu Yu again. But his parents did not believe in such stories of immortals and devils. They only expected Xie Yao could work hard and rejuvenate their family. That’s why Xie Yao was restricted in the house. Let alone seeking for immortal cultivation, he could not see the views outside the wall.

    He spent the whole spring and summer inside the house. When he was going to give up, he heard someone talked about Fairy Wuxia he missed days and nights. So he called Yun Qing.

    “Ai…” Xie Yao sighed, “If I could get out of here…”

    “Are there really people seeking for Dao?” Yun Qing asked.

    “Of course!” Xie Yao was excited and moved his face to the hole.

    “Can they all fly like Sister Yu?” Yun Qing frowned curiously.

    “Well, cultivators are different in levels too. Experts can do that, like Fairy Wuxia.” To be honest, Xie Yao did not know much about seeking for Dao.

    Having fallen in love with Fairy Wuxia, he collected many classic books in the library and learn something about seeking for Dao. But ordinary people’s book always talked about Dao like fairy tales.

    “If I could get out of here, maybe I can find celestial’s mountains and become an expert Dao seeker like Fairy Wuxia.” Xia Yao sighed.

    “If I help you out, will you take me to see what Dao is?” Yun Qing said after a second.

    “Aha, save your effort. It took me half a year to make such a small hole. How can you get me out?” Xie Yao did not believe that Yun Qing can get him out.

    “Promise me first.” Yun Qing insisted.

    “OK, OK. I promise you…oh!”

    Before he finished his perfunctory answer, the wall fell towards him. He moved backward quickly and nearly fell on the ground. Then he saw a burly man in furs stand there. The man was much taller than normal people and handsome as well. However, you can’t see any wit in his eyes which is as fierce as beasts.

    “Let’s go.” A childish voice came from the back of the burly man.

    Xie Yao saw a ten-year-old child come out on a mule.

    “You…you!” Xie Yao pointed at him and could not say a complete sentence.

    “I am Yun Qing.” Yun Qing got down from the mule. The burly man held him and put him on his shoulder.

    Yun Qing pointed at the mule and said to Xie Yao, “Let’s go.”

    Xie Yao has never expected that the turning point of life would come like this. He wanted to escape, but he was confused when he had the opportunity. Is the unknown Dao worth abandoning his family and the secular world?

    He remembered the pretty girl standing on the board in the spring. She asked, “Aren’t you afraid?”

    “No, I am not afraid.” After saying this, he ride on the old mule.

    “Let’s go! I know where the celestial’s abode is!” He said to Yun Qing and went out of the dark alleyway.

    “Let’s go to the Mirror City. The Non-public Mountain, the last one of the Thirteen Barriers, is in the west of Mirror City. It is recorded that there are some sects of cultivators.” Xie Yao’s mind became clear. He explained to Yun Qing while going north on the mule, “We cannot go on the official road. My family has some informer there. We need to prepare for our trip and buy some supply in the north market, then go out from the north gate before Xie’s family reacting.”

    “We follow your arrangement. If you need to fight, A Mang can do that.” Yun Qing kept pace with the mule easily on A Mang’s shoulder.

    “By the way, I haven’t asked you yet. Why do you want to seek for Dao?” Xie Yao looked at the child who set him free and would take him to the way of seeking for Dao. He thought him strange, so he asked.

    “I want to see what is above the sky.” Yun Qing grinned.

    Xie Yao was astonished. He could not contradict his childish answer, but he felt that what is above the sky is different from its literal meaning.

    No one knew whether there were immortal Dao or not. No one knew whether they were exerting vain efforts either. However, once they steps ahead, no one will turn back.

    There began their long trip.

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