Because Great Evil # 1 Deun Yin Hing's main objective for convening the Four Great Evils was to unseat Deun Jing Ming and Deun Jing Tsun's Dali regime and claim the throne of Dali for himself, the Four Great Evils' activities in DGSD tended to center around Dali. That said, were they mostly a Dali-based wulin group, or were they based in the Central Plains? Although the Deuns of Dali were the Four Great Evils' main enemy, they also got involved with Hsi Hsia's First Echelon Hall and fought against Kiu Fung and the Beggar's Union, as well as took part in the Heroes Conference at Shaolin. This suggests that the Evils weren't some Dali-oriented group like the Divine Farmer's Union, the Boundless Sword Sect, and Chung Man Sau (who seemed to keep their affairs within Dali's borders).